Are Gronk's retirement comments strategic, and does Josh McDaniels word mean anything in the NFL now?

Mut at Night
Wednesday, February 7th

Mut takes calls and reaction on Josh McDaniels surprise decision to stay with the Patriots as their offensive coordinator, and also is Rob Gronkowski angling for more money from the Patriots with his retirement comments?


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Rivalry is back baby according Chris Ballard. Exactly comparable to patent that we've played this year bought at night rolls on Sports Radio. WEEI your phone calls up until ten at the end it'll be patriots patriots. And more patriots rob raffle join us at 8 o'clock we'll probably do. Half of baseball segment at some point there that I o'clock hour just to get an update on this Judy Martinez crap that's been going on a and assail the Red Sox now what two weeks out from all things spring training but early football football more football with your calls at 617779. 7937. As for the patriots tied him for your back these calls. I I rolled the judge the Rob Gronkowski thing. When it came out I still believe at its highest level acted as its core. Rob Gronkowski wants more money from the patriots he made the maximum dollars could have made this year thanks to. Some extra incentives they added in next series got a base our eight million dollars he is supremely Segovia underpaid. And he's coming off a year we're got banged up he got suspended he got can cost. And then he had a huge huge Super Bowl and a 2829. Going on thirty. He's looking to get paid and I'll blame them. I don't play a huge supremely underpaid. For what he does in the NFL. And so I still think. That this is just a leverage play to get paid more. Mike Florio pro football talk has a different angle on this Mike Florio is convinced. That crawled might just walk away go do different things as Florio today on his website with his opinion of these Doug wrong rumors and what's next for the patriots tight end. So pick your side and Robert cast you won't commit to playing another year in the National Football League and there there has been some chatter that maybe he's going to retire now. The next level genius in that formulation would be pretending he's thinking about retiring. In the hopes of getting more money from the team last year he fanatical five point five million dollar incentive package and earned every dollar this year as a base salary of eight million. Underpaid. As star tight ends go as arguably the best non quarterback in the NFL a guy who can record game single handedly in a good way badly for the defense good way for the offense badly for the patriots if he does retire. I don't know that he's capable of the kind of dial necessary to pretend he wants to retire stop hopes of getting a better car. He is. He's a pro athlete will play it on second. I know Guile has to do with it's a leverage play by the second most important player on the patriots. Getting towards thirty. Underpaid worries right now. As a family that and wanted to make three maximize every dollar vile counties taking care raise money only spends his marketing money. I was got a lot over his career keeps his salary money so. Thank you know is that the value of the dollar and knows he's vastly underpaid so when when he's Guile there. It's Argyle its leverage. Its leverage or course you recognize that in court of course wrong ink recognize that. Continue to Mike Florio. To pretend he wants to retire in the hopes of getting a better contract. I just think he's genuinely thinking about retiring I think that hit from jaguars safety very church. Gave him a surprise. Gave him something to really think about it as a relates to as long term health. And look the guy's never spent a dollar of his football money he's been living off of marketing dollars in he can make a lot of money just being wrong is a very specific niche that no one else can smell. And it's called being grown up and he can be dropped and he can get paid a lot of money if you think of creative ways to be wrong. I'm not saying be an hour. Actor who is wrong or comedian who has grown just be wrong who has grown. And you don't put your body at risk if you don't then let's become a professional wrestler which I don't think he wants to do to speed growth get paid protect yourself. And what else you have to prove that he's already potential hall of Famer to know he's not 29 yet and that I guess that would be a one thing that would keep him going. To cement his hall of fame credentials but again he already may have enough may take awhile to get there. But you ask yourself. 2030 years from now would rather have. A spot a hall of fame or your health and I think that hit that he took some very church. May have been thinking about it in May having having listening to family members are telling him now's the time to walk away so Florio. Is really really good at his job he's awesome and breaking news he doesn't united a big bull crap I eat eat eat cuts for the chief welcomes the news thing. In this case Aggies compromised he's had that the back of many forwards rosenhaus clients. I'm proxy Drew Rosenhaus guy and it felt like that two minute video today. Was right out rose announcing K wears elaborate putts really let's let's really promote the crawled is thinking about the very church here and the retirement. I I don't believe that for a second. I believe you wants to get paid any if he retires it's not really because it's about itself is gonna be about the money. He wants more money so and this and so on patriot like the deal I don't think they will do it. Why did better consider what the alternative is. Because the one point that Florio's right about raw gold make money doing other stuff it's not gonna be eight million dollars a year. Go get millions of dollars as it millions plural. Being part of it the WW we are picked your wrestling company. That's is avenue and everything else. He can do that he can be a star for 3456. Years than mid thirties. Make 81012 million bucks of that timeframe in a B save all this money that should matter how much he makes. He won't be deal with the likely concussions when will football. Annual going get paid and do you do movies and view wrestling everything else. Big rock can he said and go get paid I don't think he's doing it but he could if he wanted to. Absolutely could. It's Obama the patriots I am really looking at. Is it worth watching that guy walked away to wrestling. Be convinced by family members rob it's not worth your time. And then add the trump card they don't grunt as wanna do is all being tight end and he had it at the potential is there I don't think he will. But the potential is there or not he's worked so much to this team. And they have zero chance to replace him next year. That it if V if he wants to talk more another incentive kick in for this year the patriots you have to do. Essentially saying is do not play hardball Rob Gronkowski. It goes against what you deal. But this is not a guy right now the state your organization after what just happened the super bulletin how he played. In biggest game of the year coupled touchdown passes was a beast. Against the Eagles I would not play hardball with crawl can no patriot fans love the patriot way. And love that these dollar yet to sign a contract you better stick to it and when most players I'd agree. But where they are right now. They should not play hard ball Rob Gronkowski. You wanna get another incentive kick in where he database debate but an egg it escalated the way to this past year if indeed he hits certain markers. Touchdowns yards game played all pro. Why the hell would you do it. Find a way to make that happen he made the extra five point 75 this year and that's really looking for do that again. Do not treat this guy like he's type one Underwood. Not to this guy like Malcolm Butler. Is there is no way your place in next year in these final couple years at Tom Brady's career. Every single piece of offense can put around him to maximize Brady. In these final years of his career you do and that means pain Rob Gronkowski more money if he wants it. Tell your thoughts on that as well you'd be if you with the patriots should be on patriot like and pay that man is money. At 6177797937. Jays in a truck waiting patiently hijacked. There right durable goods. All right it would wreck get off of it to spread and I'm glad we lost. It will Belichick greeted. Alcohol but not okay are you grateful about Butler got to help you out when this all by any rate outlook pointed. I think what I think shocked that it mcgetrick came back. It because. I called Brady coaching. The patriots in three and possibly. But what Nader. To be the head coach. I don't know that the court made helping dark material. Where it's at every set that you can cut off for a second Jay what what's the reasoning Daniels came back. I think that without the I'm ready retired he could probably get. It's become idea as to what NATO. Yea you're your cut and now Jay thanks for the call I think what he said as he thinks that Tom Brady is going to be the offensive coordinator. In three years. If he's saying that I and and apologized at the Tommy's and figure out your mind. I don't think Tom Brady's going into coaching when he's done playing. I'll he's gonna be a coordinator. Like frank Reich and in Philly and he's be head coach on the he's going to be in management I don't think he's gonna have anything to do with organized NFL football. I he's gonna coach his kids go with kids games door and his wife at home and run TB twelve. And open a TB twelve and downtown Boston TB twelve and Providence then western then at Manchester then Burlington. Then Philly then New York that LA that's that's what's happening folks. Forget the coach. It is TB twelve for Tom it is TB twelve protein it's liability. And it's out of vibrating roller balls that help massager back. To make it more pliable. I Belichick has nothing to do mcginnis is any need to do with. Tom Brady coaching. Bob's a small groan about. He might. Act which says but we don't. Bobby got a call back bog your phone Lilly were to bad folds all right now Bob you folds on the bike which on hold I would it. Hopefully Bob can go back he does we'll get to Barrett's up in Maine I bear. They were going on my immaculate and good mayor up. I'm so quick side point I went public just yet but these people culled. Wow we really need its intellectual and Jamie Colin cook realized. They would have been needed signed a contract this year and have them try to explain how are those who plastered on Elmore. Plus doctor hightower looks more money for relatives that idea is just ridiculous we need to make space and they had to go because of. See it's funny dare I say it I'm with you you could say that I would just say this they won last year without those who act like you you won the Super Bowl a year ago. No Collins or Chandler Jones they're very good players that would help this year but it some what you have to stop hammering on trade actually I could keep saying year after year. They passed on Keenan Allen two or three different times in the draft and it took. I forget and of Malcolm Mitchell is somebody else and set a Keenan Allen but at some point you've got to move on from the transaction they made years ago. And so about judgment you know I think he's a I hope he's not going to be the coach Easter in the future I really a couple of I think they're slide it into an argument mark. Actually a lot of it mistake if you'll practicing all wanting that was that's not working best technology and I know they doc as a problems all. But he terror you're in the same words what it means that one out wide in there the no huddle saying what not working. Against the Eagles and he kept plunging down an outlet announcement memory might keep beautiful and likely keep him in this malcontent particularly important for running back. I don't know why it went out with two running backs in there to take you know. But Malcolm Jenkins who decides that another running back and move on. And stuff like that either I don't come to replace and it didn't come from the left a lot of stock. So I just think you patent in that. He'd also pretty in the sir I think pattern that you're currently Iraq are kicking job. Yet there's up with their immaturity there and so wishy washy ness but. You know I'd just go back to the court what happened in the suitable for a lot of people like myself with the realization that. If given a choice now going for between the quarterback and head coach. I'm not talking Brady and Belichick specifically because of that or the casing you knew each guy had five years slept probably pick Belichick. But the importance of that position. And what means more in today's NFL. I Brady showed you on Sunday it's the quarterback. And so I have wait a guy Josh McDaniels. Who worked well with the best quarterback of all time. A guy who swears by does Tom Brady Josh McDaniels and additionally Wallace is going on. Had a part in developing Jimmy drop. I can't say for sure how much it was Josh or bill. But Josh ran the offense Josh was there and so I have to give him some form of credit. For developing that player me coordinating games are grapple played really well a year ago. And he coach about the plumber showed up at San Francisco Kyle Shanahan took an offense that is really really hard to learn. And was able to play Saturday high level relatively quickly for the 49ers. Some of that credit has to go to Josh so I believe quarterbacks the key. They have a guy Josh regain as I am pretty confident I'm not confident in the that he's gonna be a great guy. Or is getting game make every call the field right. What is gonna unit not back out on coach he tries to hire. But that guy can coach quarterbacks man. Look at the guys on his dad and I know I should like him craft purged over percent at some level. Third quarterback on the roster goes to Indy. Nobody says boo about it here and he was a decent quarterback it wasn't greatly managed games for them. You can win games in the NFL outscored percent. Wish I should throw him into the fold as well. There's the quarterbacks on this roster. Everything else. Guys might be right at the quarterbacks I know he can handle. 61777979237. Full balls talk mcdaniels talking crawled talking do you. It is money at night Sports Radio to be media. Thought at night on this so Wednesday Sports Radio WEP I'm rob Bradford joins us in about half an hour. Thought some Red Sox 9 o'clock hour rot piled up feed your usual historic. Our long hot stove show there is little with a baseball tonight mostly football. Was hoping 24 hours after we got the action after news we got last exactly this time. We have some more patriot breaking news but debt as of right now nothing out there are no official word about McCain else contract we'll probably never get that no official word on it. Any new Malcolm Butler Bill Belichick stuff so locked away we go 617779. 7937. David revered on the patriots tied it. Keep everybody wants. A lot like not hi Dana like they started out like yelled the defense that's a good start to the all the friends and beat. Like an icon not probably bought it and Hitler that I want. Act god showed a call back or I'm not rob great round great. That Jolie turned out cold every show yesterday I had no idea that more on call to the crack. The crabs don't spend money in this about crap talking about eight. All right so you got there and what. Are you a young man young men and young man. All and all that is why the check our our. All. I thought you you it's great go. Well. I you can't be a quarterback. Lit up like. Tap. A 80. Absolutely not and you'll be a problem I got. I hope all black church nobody went out it's quite quiet despite an apple. Now they they won't but I'm sure there are lions fans tonight David thanks for the call their lions fans who. Are not as happy with the map to show hiring is they would have been prior to the Super Bowl and Patricia absolutely today's point. Deserved criticism much like the rest of the patriots roster does. When it's this it's this simple thing that did I and other people I can't seem to get past I'm not the only one who still. I'm fixated on Malcolm Butler not playing in this game. I heard little way say probably 101000 times today. It's okay not to start Butler bought. He should employment at some point although kidding Glenn I think by now we all agree on that there is no patriot fan who doesn't agree. There was no discipline there was no issue with this team. It was about the plan the field so they should've been an adjustment made with the play on the field by putting Butler and at some point. That's on bill and and today's point if you wanna dig deeper. It's on now Patricia. The one adjustment they seem to make. Was they finally play. Stephon Gilmore on I'll show on Jeffrey once they did they neutralized him and making. My question to start the game of why did you have them on our shot Jeffrey. What made you think Eric roll who was told three minutes prior to him starting. What made you think back I can go cover the beat tallest most physical receiver. Of the Eagles receivers. Add Allard Torrey Smith our speed slot guys Torrey Smith has more red outside. Speed guy but add a large a slot receiver. Kurtz is a a shifting tide and Al Jon judge them big beastie wide receiver. Throw Gilmore on him take him out of the game. It didn't do that. So just from that planning standpoint that's on them what it Dijjer wise blind sixth maps in this game. After playing twenty possibly in the AFC title game and the FC divisional game against Jacksonville Tennessee respectively. I album from Jeff pals reporting that there were there were players that were questioned why heating get as much playing time in that game. So just overall a bad defensive game plan. Was zero adjustments at all by the way he sat you second best offensive players saw I am all for people still want a couple days later. Blasted defense of coaches for that job. Johnson rocketed 6177797937. Hi John. I hate don't you try right adequate to the patriots had an unfortunate good chance to explain. Happened what you should do that so grateful that about two hours discussion about a group. You know I'm glad to calamity that sponsor back to Obama because right now. She looked and that's built to allow people to know that Obama and the like you know we're all about and out of most like cheap. I let my next one yeah and a I want your opinion. Do you talk to our ability to be twelve yeah I wish locations now let it happen. Hypothetically if on election suffered a concussion. But the heat and it didn't do it. Just important for the average because at the crude they wouldn't show up at the moment they're the ones. That was that would compel action don't you think. No I did I thought that was me John action though that was a bad pass by damn it Danny Amendola. Upon the minority but you'd Danny and a dole is is trying to acute in the lead Tom Brady as a receiver just had a right to chest. He's not a receiver. He's 40s40 years old. Make it easier on him. As for the injury thing yeah I guess would be gets hurt it's probably knock on TB twelve he stayed relatively healthy this year. Yeah actually an Achilles injury that he managed. It would MVP season. And it took some pretty good shots in the super ball. And may plays downfield. But no I didn't think that was embarrassing library and meet you probably could or should I would had it. But I am a dole let's not try to lead a forty year old guy downfield. Looks like he's done. If Chris Hogan. Getting open in the flat. 61777979837. Go to the Cape Wind is there hi Linda. How are you are at that and Kate Connally and on the K you're on the air how are you. A pet I had a couple of things that I want to center and market Malcolm pop or saying I actually think it probably put that team and it that way. You know they all belts separate it it didn't feel like it came and I think you know age. It he'd get this not a tactic that got about eighteen picnic a joke. Now I mean when they saw on that the team was it would pot and eat that yeah Asia accordion and because he had a chip on shall. It we have got the truth out and keep you tripping. And he can tackle and make plays and they'll make stops some of the guys in the field can't do I wouldn't call ugly act he's better than the guys bail out the window no doubt about. How was horrible it was just it was back when I thought out. In the out which erupted between stock that are. I would agree that defensively and the offense had to do too much at the end I want mistake analysis. College and got caught wind up with Jen and cooking it's like how more and that's had economic parent may well the change something tell the. He was they consider a runner and and because of the contact is not considered a penalty my guess that at some point. That will be a fifteen yard penalty in the NFL. It's not right now because he's not considered a defenseless receiver he caught the ball only spinning around I I would actually go the other way Linda. And as somebody who is and invested. Heavily. In branding coach winning the MVP. And going over catches and going over yardage. And a bunch of other match up props. That was dumb by Britney if too dumb plays in that game. The first downplay. Was branding coach trying to hurdle a defender. Instead of running to the out of bounds and got the stick to get a first down that was dumb play number one. Dump it number two is the awareness on that catch we get knocked I haven't. Kid NASA awareness. Head honest with all it's about tickets out there it's Chris Long you do you cannot run around and not pay pension. Go to the ground like you Troy brown and get out of there so by the day don't worry about the extra two yards trying to pick up. Get the first down. Going to callers back which acutely I'm gonna do but as of the of the caller John from Brockton said is still sticking with me here. Do picture of friends with John that that we need some sort explanation rebelled I'll check. We had the explanation at this point he was not competent in his guys play. So we didn't play that game. You played him on one stupid special teams play. Like did you did you need Dan Quinn to explain last year why they threw the football and running it. The Atlanta fans need that dated Seattle fans two years ago. Need to heal from Pete Carroll tapie why just thrown out on the ball marsh on the maybe they didn't. I made this point what what's he gonna say. He's gonna say what he always said I did what's best for the team. I'm not in the I'm not in the explanation -- bill. I'm also not considered I had a key to make mistake he made a huge mistake goes back down as one of you know here it is the biggest mistake he's made on a big stage. It is coaching group two other giants Super Bowls there's not this one simple. Singular moment that stands out. Where say that's on bill this is on bill for me made up for something but it's on bail out the irony entered explain himself he's the coach he screwed up. Even the best coaches screw up at times and this was a screw up. Not playing knuckleballer not having the foresight to. While the game was going on. Put Malcolm Butler and Becky even if he had no confidence in him and he subway Aric role played early on and the reality of playing Johnson data most seen Jordan Richards. You saw fourteen missed tackles all the in this first half. Pebble is that it. But I its acronym and they patriots fans feel better. It still holds up a season ending press conference call bill holing it says yeah ice they screwed up. Kevin and Franklin iCAD. Bateman look on what's up two quick points number one but watching Harrison showed a lot of our. I felt like the only one that actually I thought the Gilmore or a pass rush. The second thing it I think a lot of people are overlooking. The whole adjustment thing but Belichick because. You know. Going into the half it was 22 to twelve I believe and I think from college text perspective. But it wasn't for that trick where that old caught in that it work. You're really looking at a fifteen to twelve game and acting at that point they already had noticed that Gil Morgan shut down jet pre. Now where I courted by both checked. Is going into the fourth quarter I caddie gave him three quarters of leeway for not putting Butler at the moment all that beat all of our key aspect to comment on the yet. And it understood but. Now connect on that club well Colette was the wall or that should have been called a touchdown he direct control of the world and yet. The moment that occurred. Especially on the final rides. I think nation above where it. Orcas butler's then on out Allard and Patrick Chung is on Zach hurts me everything looks at it bit bold wrote this last night everything the trickle down effect. Everything was affected by Butler not being in there it meant that Eric rose on guys you shouldn't cover it means that that should pat Patrick Chung is attending in the slighted in messed up. Which should have been a a decent set of match ups of the patriots. In the last thing I'll say that there are Belichick. You have to take this publicly but you need to talk to the locker room and some. What you address that because going into the off season now you interpret many picture and craft and Brady and spoil the Super Bowl. And yeah last year that rate in place so he needs to address that to air out that they go Nazis in it and clear the air and go god culture you don't numbers six. Yang Kevin I would say this is Jerod Mayo was on with the guys and NBC sports they did the did the quick slant podcasts of Phil Perry Tommy current worth a listen. Where he's asked the makes him mad reference he's asked about playing killed by brigades out of most the guys in 91. They as a 72 on play in the 91. Are you also said that the players who asked we'll get some sort of answer from bill. These exit interviews when they ask about. You know what happened there what Malcolm he'll tell them. That's one step on it got a double locker room he's he's got got to tell. The captains right so they can disseminate the information. Among the players if it bit block permits as divided. As Kirk many and reported it was. As the ins to Gramm likes on Malcolm butler's Inkster Graham post. Seemed to allude to to that same sort division. They've got to find a way to address those players. And I would say individually spine of the captains are fine. But get that word out at some level. Continue with these balls at 6177797. ID 37 or three days after the breakdown of the patriots. In the civil we're still talking about we're talking about mcdaniels we're talking about the colts were talking gronkowski were talking Brady talking bella check. Of course Malcolm Butler Mott at night rolls off. The. Few Americans. And exactly what's going on here have felt to some people from Indianapolis Colts organization and then they do. You don't like they've been hoodwinked. You know they wouldn't that you guys made them you know do settle for 4 o'clock PM those cards from our device just vengeance and all of a sudden. You know if this duplex aren't comfortable and so everybody war very narrow it and optimization of colts fans all calls pointed their fault too. It basically are like totally uncontrollable. I was former COLT the former patriots about three seconds Reggie Wayne. Talking about Josh McDaniels he's not the only former coal. Ripping mcdaniels tonight it's one at night Sports Radio WEEI. Tony Dungy took to Twitter. To Berry Josh quota can tell you there is no excuse big enough to justify it is dungy wrote. It's one thing to go back on your word to an organization. But adding assisting coaches leave jobs to go with you then leave them out to dry it indefensible. I dungy said the fact the mcdaniels had signed a contract doesn't change the fact that he gave his ward another tweet from Tony Dungy. You make those decisions before you say I do. Don't get married. Start a family then say well they change my mind. It's on a contract but he did say I do. That is common decency and integrity you don't do that the families of your peers. Finally back to Bob Kraft know the new Bob Kraft dungy wrote. Is all on Josh McDaniels he's a grown man he can take responsibility for decisions. I can tell you the football coaching community it's not even close to being acceptable. And I think Tony Dungy. Is a clown. I'm not a huge fan of you know his work. On out the truth in this case. I mean you had guys you've had guys leave their current jobs. Take new jobs of the colts inside their deals you inside your DeLia accuser being an complaining go to the next day. NC bury those guys. It doesn't change the fact just The Beatles that he'd handled the situation very poorly. He seems very mature it doesn't change the fact that we started the show tonight. I am still OK with them taking over from a Bill Belichick in 2018 or 2019. And that seems very likely right now. Oh get awarded apple we've we've not a lot of people have agreed to meet tonight for the calls have been mostly. You guys don't want mcdaniels here. And I wonder how long that'll take two. Calm down a month patriot fans or this is gonna be the feeling now that you eight year you're okay with this for now believed to Josh every elevated. You are not gonna be okay with that coach the patriots. I'm okay with a disease appears to be really really good quarterbacks. See Tom Brady sees Jimmy Rob Lowe and even to some extent C Jacoby percent in quarterback is king in the NFL. So he's a dink he lied to the coaching staff we screwed their family all that stuff. I'm still okay what he's in the head coach the patriots on a five days after the season 2019. 6177797937. Your thoughts on that are you OK with it as patriots fan I David Bridgewater hiding. Able to go to richer thanks to a couple went to the patriots for with regard to mcdaniels it was recorded right. Our Phil told craft Belichick should be is next guy. So Kraft may Belichick that you could refute them back from the jets job and we speculated. That Belichick has told crowds McCain doesn't the next guy. And that's why it would be it I. I Belichick signed off on a that's the question I don't think bella check. Fought bringing back Josh McDaniels they don't think so. Well I just thinking maybe has told him as well more highly of him than any other coordinator. Craft a Smart business guys summoned recognizes talent that he trusts he got there right. You say that clinic at that clinic want him here when you're now that's just my speculation. Yeah and and that that. Might be true I don't quite envision how that went down that way the way and vision and is. You know Brady the out about the Super Bowl you EO we or in before the Super Bowl Brady was lamenting into the crass about losing Josh. And I like Chad O'Shea but no new coordinator at 41 love Josh it's day. Crass he got the job should say is there any chance okay maybe there is that Sunday night. You get the pro football dot com Bob pro football talk dot com Florio site. Reports not a done deal yet. Gain as the patriots could still happen. And then from Eric turns into once the game is over. The Kraft says bella checksum went on Monday you ready sit down talk about your future. Is if you are we have aid IAEA coordinator wants to come back here if he gets some clarity. And they sit down and either Belichick says here's the year retiring or you know on get a coach X amount more years. And from there mcdaniels is a timeline. And the coach commit and the ownership commits still. Well poorly for five year deal topple what he has that's five or six years for an assistant coach a guarantee money that's insane you did the one into your deals in the NFL. Five or six years unheard of that is essentially head coach in waiting though polian head coach in waiting. And I don't think necessarily Bill Belichick had to tell the craps. Paid this is the guy I want to replace me. To get the deal I don't think necessarily went down that way. But I am delighted issue at this. It probably doesn't happen or bill was not open what the craps about what it's time analyst retired. This probably doesn't happen. Marking Connecticut on welcome Butler remark. Very much tension critical anytime you what do you. All. About the Malcolm Butler situation not a significant that it since Sunday makes zero sense and public just. An Election Day. Correct me along. I'm Linda Greer put into ought to done on fourteen league would introduce it. Malcolm Butler went pa area conjecture at this signal absolutely yes there. Or Johnson missed a greatest you know Medicare talent. Bill Belichick. Tired you know better than ever roll. Out of mostly. What I mean to him that is taking certain. Couldn't put out from Auburn. You can try finger to secretly gay anchor it is. Greater respect and understand. I it's a pride thing mark could have been a personal thing against Butler and along seem like a long. Standing listed issues with him from contract to. Being Lee referred to 2015 mini camp to you know a bunch of different things on and on on could have an act could have been. Really he thought you lost Faith Evans had recognized. That he's a great tackler and and and and ended that you would help them on the field. I think all those things are possible because if you just went by football standards mark and you said who's a better football player force right now. Malcolm Butler Johnson data most see Jordan Richards in a close its stockholders. I agree with you it's not at all. And I don't mean and it now because he's serious about this answers a lot Belichick wanted to they're often the coach put its industry. Q when there. Between the grapple decision and the other thing about. Spite or anger all that betting legitimate grounds slightly. Because how can go to the whole picture to your truck market pulled the yen. Null Indiana or Kirk say today and at a patriots dynasty sabotage fireball fences. And if they found out that's the way it went down. And they found out that he ignored the best offers for Jimmy Rob Lowe and they felt like he sabotaged the team and they had every right to fire. And now they got to replace ready to go I don't I get I don't think that's the case. I don't think is Kirk said today it is that the beginning of this to the end of the patriots. Diocese all he's Brady's still here. I think they're they're. They're still gonna be okay. And it feels like it's Brady embellish checked again next year anyway maybe it'll be a last minute switcheroo and Belichick is out. But it feels like all three your back next year. I don't debate that second part it is fireball and again not I'm Phillip Nolan minority tonight I'm OK we Josh taking over. He made mistakes in Denver and Saint Louis there's no doubt about that but when it comes to quarterbacks this guy can coach. The quarterbacks on this team on the roster this year. And two of which ended up on different roster using drop loan percent proved that. I also think these guys are better the second time around anyway. Belichick was much better the second time around. Of course that wasn't until Brady can do for Bledsoe he was what five and thirteen. Before bowl Lewis knocked Bledsoe out of the hospital. So that took a little bit a doing. So I'm not gonna hold all the Denver stop against Josh the gain on a look at a guy that can develop quarterbacks coach quarterbacks and a I'm score points of the offense in in in the 20192020. When every Jiri in the taking over that and FL. And like this NFL it's gonna be on offense a quarterbacks. Go to cape again rob is there rob your Ron Mott at night's on Wednesday. My how I had a great show I would really just simple want jobs went into a breathless what the ballot shall there on the appellate Jack we all. Appreciate having he'd gotten a lot over the it and made over the past he has. If they when they went awry but you know what he made the decision we like it was good he made a bad decision it happens. Number two would talk again I'm pulling out what would you have it's important sickness came Lola and they said in the and the club and so why do you make caught some people have got to take it wouldn't vote came into this as sort of looking at the other coaches were going to be up voluntarily. Or does he think tank and then it got off to. Stay and they did the job again you would say instead thanks so let them bottom of the shop. Rob that last part I don't know I I I even. Given this scenario ice double think every coach. Does what Josh did. Because they are there other coaches that are probably concerned about the reputation Josh reputations terrible. In the NFL right now. He apparently does not care about that. I had that to me that have to be tied into the confidence of he's taking over this team. Relatively soon 95 or six years but a year or two or theory. Just have to be you're that confident about your job and you're not worried. About Europe. Standing in the NFL. It's probably likely because you feel pretty confident you'll get the job here. We thank I have to believe that out the Bruins play tonight this is the only place thought patriots and make Daniels. No hockey here it is up patriots up until 10 o'clock and following that with our guide that amount 617. 77979837. Josh his head coach Belichick's move. Butler brought all that. Only jitters this Boston Globe story tonight. Going after the patriots as arrogant and going out to their fans as well. Ironically the Boston global people calling other people arrogant. Do that all of our good friend rob Bradford he joins us next here on Sports Radio W media.