5 more years! Roger Goodell set to re-up and Tom Brady has no comment.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, August 21st

Hour #1 and Dale and Michael (Keefe is out today) talked Patriots and the NFL, including a rumored contract extension for Comissioner Roger Goodell.


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It's the big question is beginning. Yes and let you know when you're told the story Friday effort that part sort of watched over yes you know many new Michael let me tell you how I knew my name. I may not delighted you look Nikki I don't I thought I could. I might I might question I didn't know I as the days they are the guys name and in particular director Corey rivers. Well or like football where they take your data plus apple. I you know I know my name. Out thank you so much Jacqui McMullen. Jackie McMullen put in a word for me. But in a good word for me when I was working at the globe. And so I remember before that celebrity game. The pacers had played the lakers. In the NBA finals and lakers won Corson and there was speculation about Larry Bird. If you've got to coach Egan is great coach was it too difficult for you. Well what a great coach for about a celebrity game I think they halo to Indiana Pacers he he really was he was great. Had Rick Carlisle as his assistant and let his assistants do woody what they needed to do and it was very direct and efficient but. When he was coaching the lakers always coaching against the lakers in finals they lost I think in six games. And of speculation about his coaching future since Jackie and it could work for me. I was able to kind of talk to him after the game night is able to whisper in my ear that likely he was gonna come back. So had a scope so yeah Mexican no. But nothing I did a vial of what I was I. You still out there bosh and listen I was sponsored by jacket that's what happened on sponsored by Jackie McFarland. And so. He he knew me a little bit and then when I was in that game he knew. My name he probably didn't know what a terrible basketball player I was pretty new so at some point right after he said Michael Cole in court. It killed might get a lot of these particular. At that point you know I was I was aghast deals that yeah why. Not because I was playing for the great Larry Bird. People are playing hard for Larry Bird. The thing they weren't they weren't important not playing hard like out patient they wore I can take heart for Larry Bird he made were not playing hard. That's embarrassing that is of bears a disappointment sides when doctor despite running around thirteen and any time it on the floor for no reason. You know just kind of scrambling after everybody crushed and violence by forty points solid Larry let you play a few minutes he said hey. A commitment America my head at what it is our right over here there are done my part over here. I establish that tone. I decided you know one watching social media listening. Today the big thing is people bitching about the eclipse really I guess that while I check ups was probably eclipse I don't know I don't quite get it here's an idea. If you don't like it don't outside. Yeah it's it's it's okay you don't have to. We sincerely about channels on these TVs they don't have the clips on you can find him if you want to we tuned into a good Albert. 'cause when I listen now Ben went and got some glasses yet and I went out and I was looking just start. So I'm out there they're set up for Kenny Chesney he's in here this weekend yet and it it rigors and construction guys. And all these guys with hard hat guys and gals with heart that's pay. Connect to each class is permanent and there'll taken turns their look in and I wanna see. Are we point now where. If I don't like something no one else can light PD sergeants and so now not OK guys I know let's go let's go somewhere and it is a pretty much lower at where if I. I have a final offended by something that dammit it should cease to exist. Yeah I'm sick of the eclipse so take off my TV I think we should penalize talk about it live a clips broadcasts. Outside there's no doubt about where where are goofy glasses which by the way if you're not looking at the sun with the glasses you can see nothing of anything. That's the way it should be yes. Very dangerous are your kids all excited about the they aren't. They're they're going to be out there about forty minutes it'll last as I got got the glasses ready to go up. Or vice pumpkins are gonna optimistic. Well depends on people sit here instead of us that the eclipse I get to talk to you all all of the very next best thing yet. Host a weakened all right not how good a good you know it's also football over the weekend and I don't know if you thought it was also took over the weekend and it's our baseball team that I'm wondering. If you're one of those people that has a body and yelled hi I bought it okay if you haven't bought and I'll wondering what will it take what is it this series against Cleveland. Is a four game series and do they need to split they need to sweep it. For for people to say all right the Red Sox are for real because I tell you dale. I was wrong about them in this sense. I thought they were very weak minded team. That's I am at an earlier. I don't know why it out what might have been well anyway today that basically no come from behind wins in the first half of their schedule now that solely due. Well update but what we were criticizing the team we're talking a lot about David Price in. If his issues and Dustin Pedroia had his issues they were still I don't know about Pedroia and where they weren't made they were officially first place but hanging around but. All the David Price of David Price and and can David Price and an avid relic they were in first place. We're talking about their leadership we're we're interviewing John Ferrell about how many leaders you have and his team except that we have 25 to decide which market which yet none right. They were the first place. So. Does this stuff even matter. The stuff that we brought up does it matter that much I hate to say it that way because it sounds like I'm taking. The player side over. We're players' side over a member of the media and it's not about taking sides it's. Something that gets our attention but ultimately in this in the course of a season does it matter if your players hate the media and scream at them. Well I and believe it or not I am gonna tie this back to the whole eclipse things like tickets because people bitch about everything yet some less than earlier today it Tallulah Christian is now is to drive around. And I'm less than this guy called them and he was just let it. About a base running gaffe in like Friday night's game limit. Maybe it was Saturday separate it which one so you argued Saturday. That the stolen base by Brock Coulter that the so you eat you take two of three from the Yankees to extend your lead in the American League east. The only game you lose by the waist Chris Sale and who to bet money on that. And what you wanna do when you call in his bitch about a base running blunder right yes. That's what we're at now yes so no matter what happens. All I wanna talk about his is what they did wrong. Well I I think it's bigger than well it's either bigger than that or more specific than that not talking about what they did wrong is talking about. Let us face it we danced around the manager. If the manager. That's the easy answer I was I was a bays by that I don't know what the official name of it is the that the poll in New England. Media poll what you knows what we tackler I saw that the cover she I had and you probably are on bears figure you can make it every year favorite broadcasters favorite player I don't but anyway I you're hearing and somehow somehow you're and tell cardinals involved somehow. And so I was surprised to see a couple of things. Like one of them was most admired coaches in the region. That would be pretty easy when that. And now I mean I what if Belichick doesn't win by a landslide and I don't know what we're Dallas fort went by a landslide but what percentage of the vote do you think most admired coaches like. 85% are certainly found a problem railing some five and one which I don't admire. I mean usually you win the Super Bowl he once the fifth Super Bowl in the franchises are history his fifth Super Bowl year. What is it you don't admire our toes Belichick line I'll Nazis Bret Stephens to add that that and and you know what I've always said yes. And I like them to you like anthrax is a wonderful guy. Bowl what's that the overwhelming adoration pace. Just taking a team that was left for dead. Or just that low expectations for team getting them organized. Running at turning. Turning them into a program and getting the most out of every player every player I ever played for Brad Stevens with the exception of David Lee. I'll say but every player has played for him has gotten better. And EE maximizes. The skill sets of players and then they move on my caddy Evan Turner's a perfect example Evan Turner. And it picked him up for nothing. Brad Stevens had had complaint point guard. During the I think 1516 season. And maybe yours but 14151516. Season. A huge contract with the blazers. Maximizing the Chris Humphries. Got him playing pretty good best productive basketball so Stevens a second. Cassidy was third as he gets Cassidy was there and and it's it's dumped just in terms of ten. And I like Bruce Cassidy you like Bruce Kennedy but you know he's been he's been head to head coach of the ruins like two months in John Burrell was fourth. But didn't they didn't count the red Saturn and its coach it may have been after is a yeah yeah yeah a game at an afternoon. I don't know but it is after fairly well are ugly garlic capital LL. Well. It was down to it was a single digits in terms of a coach being admired now. That that and sound like flattened when Bill Belichick is in your town. But that's assuming that Belichick took up 90% or seven an Intel hopefully I just wonder what the other 25 look at what they think it. I just think that it. And I don't know what it will I don't know what it is what with Ferrell it could have been honestly could be in the reference to his personal life. Before the 2016. Season that was a big story. And it it rub some people the wrong way in from that moment on. Was just that he came back in 2015 because after the 2000 picking season. Guess would vote against somebody who came back from cancer who would do in this so if you political story lines of story lines of what you you. He finished in last place. He has cancer. He beat cancer he's ready for the 2016 season at sixteen at the beginning of the sixteenth season dale. Before at the door there at the door knocking. I think the difference would have been if you'd won the World Series after he came back from cancer. He had to get out of jail free card for life. Sixteen yet last year if you want it and let you know you you go out you beat cancer you come back you win the World Series after you beat cancer. Yuri and Yuri you are over like row over the rest your life now he won the World Series is first year here. And they had a couple last place finish as many had cancer. And and let's be honest there was a fair chunk of folks in this town who wanted to fire even though he was fighting cancer there. Well be a tough thing to do but hey. You know business is business here. And there were folks wanted him fired wiley was being treated for cancer. Yeah okay but it will once I didn't happen I just felt like you know last year how many times last year that we hear. You hear about that was joppy in jeopardy we heard it this year. His job being in jeopardy all the time right after that interview and it is especially after that 25 leaders interview in. A whole organization apologized and Jackie he was refusing to apologize to activate David Price situation. I don't think it's gonna happen a I think Dave Dombrowski looks at them and in likes the job that he's doing. But the fans don't. According to that poll. They take it for what it's worth how many respondents are involved whether it's 50101000. I I honestly don't 500. He is not he is the least popular. Coach slash manager in all of New England. But don't we have that I don't think I mean you end but they got the Belichick being right right into it at but Michael they didn't get you know then all they did any get dollar check right. Not even close. As you said. How many people is down don't think duties that he's the right guy really I mean how could how could there be one out of ten who's got a beef would build ballot. I can tell you I can tell you how. Hey am I. How about how basketball fan. I hate NFL. I don't know who was coaching the patriots on was it Pete Carroll Bill Parcells I don't know the coach of the patriots is. But I tell you my guy is my guy is Bret Stephens. So that they have be put dollar check but. They just go in another direction we ethic about image it's an early in this country. And people don't like the NFL first. And it's a pretty small number in this guy's number one sport and and now in this area. How many people don't like the patriots. I mean they're the best thing you've ever had owned for you since the Bill Russell era Celtics. Mean this is as good as it's ever been if you're a sports fan Boston. The Bill Belichick Tom Brady New England Patriots. Dick can't be. It it if if they're a hundred if that the entire universe of sports fans in New England doing as a 198. Have to be patriots jets. How Katrina. Now I'm not saying you're not also Celtics fan are Bruins fan or a Sox fan. But how many people would say agonizing and really care about them yeah act and most people are mostly college all in on the patriots but I think here. Your point of hey dating get it right I don't know but they are he's got a target. He's got a target on his back. You'll have a target on his back and until he he went and theories they win the World Series this year than what target well to those folks in just caught myself saying he'll have a target on his back into the win the World Series but. Even after. So if he wins the World Series there will still be. A portion of the fan base is the wants him yes. So yes he he will of had as many. World Series titles carrier I thought. And you would still want and yes. Lot. I think part of it part of John Farrell saying and I'll say and I I hear people talk about his explanations. And how he describes certain game situations. He's a baseball manager. He would not be a very good sales manager. Salesman. You comes to your door and he's trying to sell a product you you know diapers what what the hell you salad out of it out of your. What what do you say in English here I don't know I don't know what you're selling here. But in terms of production. But it went 96 games last year. Lose David Ortiz in the offseason Hughes clubhouse presence huge lineup presents. I lose David Price. For the majority of the season and in half for spring training came back and now he's out again Dustin Pedroia has been out. And their first place in the American League five in August. In. Do we consider this mid August or we are we are really yet it certainly not a late when he first couple days days will be late. There reporting rumors so we'll see what how he stands after. This series against one of his best friends in baseball what is best friends and liked Terry Francona is that I theory to it went to his first chemotherapy session get him. Now they went. Three out of four here. Forget it. Forget I'm not that I don't think that's gonna have to think there's a portion of the Red Sox fan base out there. Who sits at home at night rooting against the Red Sox as they want John Farrell I fired. So I have a hard time believing that and I remember Jarrett robbers stuck with him on TV about about this a few weeks ago. He said I know people are rooting against David Price. I believe that they said when he pitches Q I have a hard time believing that a Red Sox fan. Would look at a game you look at your team even if he can't stand David Price you look at your team and you say. I want that guy to lose him if he loses that means my team loses all right. At least he struggles I can't imagine a Red Sox and rooting against his or her own team. Back to the original question had a heart. Are are you are you back down on John Farrell. That if they lose he gets fired I'm all good. Well but we don't know if they lose. No I mean it it the more they lose now the better the chances are this guy gets fired I can't imagine watching one of my teams. Hoping that they lose. I mean unless you're one of those situations like you do Bruins were in you know when they were gold for the first overall pick in the draft and you know the season was down the rapper and and Joseph importance that the price that the pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow at the embassy something can lose just lose more. But that's the only scenario which are just that you can understand people rooting against Dave price. You've eaten those people are out there and well armed but that was in your room from the lose one day fives if I didn't I think that John Farrell crowd I'm talking about it's written form to lose every night but root for your team to lose at all. I doubt it it is soul we could take this loss I I can bounce back tomorrow imagine. But I think I think that there are folks out there who think you know what if they lose I got a better chance to bounce and this guy out here. Here's a controversial statement Mick controversial state you ready for. John throws a good manager. As controversial statement Boston isn't. John Ferrell is a good baseball manager. Not the best of all time now cut at the best in the league. At the best in this series tonight. But you know what he's in the top half played good a manager. In Major League Baseball. What a World Series got a team in first place he's been the last place a couple of times. And he's got company there had not brought this up a while ago now a lot of people you wanna go with that championship count. No which manager has the most current championships in Major League Baseball right now. I believe now after the fact check me on this if I'm wrong but oblivious to release both chief Bruce boats got he's got three yup he's got three titles. Team this year is in last place so. Haven't done this checked lately it did about a week ago or two weeks ago it's about emperors goatee despite his three World Series titles. This team is so bad when it when this year is over his career record's going to be below 500. Something that three World Series titles. He's got a worst winning percentage. Than John Ferro. But are virtually everybody in this town would take boat you over delta law that's right. That's right so those guys it's not unusual to haven't the last place team and then bounced back and have 81 place team. We've seen of what with the Red Sox. Pampers votes he has seen it throughout his career he steadily he's danced with last place many times. And so he's gonna do it again this year. In historically won't be anybody in San Francisco calling for his at a historically Alley expect. Every hit me. They really terrible policy anabolic edit and that's right and I don't it landed at division with a historically great teammate that's part of the reason they historically great plains and division. As the giants to my doctors now so. It's just so it's it's a strange thing for where people. Director their minds around about a Red Sox manager being good Red Sox managers are used the appreciated when they're gone. Tito was so much more appreciated after your after the Bob Poehler piece yeah the minute the Bob Poehler peace at the Boston Globe. Folks around here outweigh him. Adding right none of Cindy was beloved again only Red Sox manager who is appreciated while he was here. GO toward. Right on the street was like oh that's right on the street Walpole Joseph. 6177797937. It is the patriots money we are done here to let we will talk to Bill Belichick. Timing and that's a little up in the air right now could be about 245 could be just after 3 o'clock. I depends on his scheduled on the hall here in meetings and all that stuff a double talks in baseball talks in football with you as well 6177797937. This hour the programme brought to buy find amass money dot com it's dale and Holley Nokia today he'll be back tomorrow Iran's. We're ready WEEI acts yeah. 7797937. This telephone protects minus 37937. I.'s Michael mentioned earlier pre season game number two in the books patriots lose in Houston 27 to 23. They can go on for an pre season I would not giving I wouldn't care and what matters to me. I mean you've got invites you remember the score and I don't even know why. You do remember little tiny little things you remember real nice pass from Brady Burkett for a touchdown real terrible pass audible drafts loans and reroute. You sought god where he's basically saying we'll have tried totally then throw the damn thing and elect. Make it forty feet over his head. But you know it it just sort of washes over you they'll play Friday night Detroit against the lions. I'll wrap up the pre season a week from Thursday here against the giants. And I don't care who had a policy you know seats and starters out there. Usually deceived god Brady out there and to seek rock crop for the first time shot maybe years shocked immediate field this this past week. And after the game and it's been talked about in Iraq is on board with the Alex Guerrero program and I don't know that's the reason. YE he's doing well right now I don't know what not what what kind of impact. Alex had on his on on his offseason but he seems to be fired up about it and so is Brady. Were girls Lannan Brady says you know Tom Brady but Brady about himself but also a background. I heard Brady this morning on you know as he has every patriots Monday. And I'm paraphrasing now but what he basically said is heat heat truly believes that the nutritional. You know stretching. Resistance type of program that he's on anything he says I think it's gonna be the norm. Within a certain period of time you've got a couple of quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers is now doing a couple of the said hey you know it's working for him let's let me try that out he's convinced that a whole bunch people are going to be there. That's why did he say that right now because this is his because is books coming out next month no no I don't know if an if is that an offensive with a book coming out. He's still playing with the plane please don't give it up to an early play into your 45. I'll say damn why. You know Ellis talked about it like like Pedro would help some pitcher this demon the Dominican in the offseason and you know even though the guy pitched for the Yankees are the reds or somebody and each on this pitch you throw like this. And and folksy with him two months. Athletes don't think that. You know it's not it's not like braced on on I got the secret I'm not telling but he does have the secret well lately note he thinks he has the secret is if what he did. If he believes that what he's doing right now is gonna be the norm and is not the norm. That you're doing something you're you're. This is that the vanguard of something and completely different he I proselytize and he's not yet keep minute okay but you don't. Maybe do that in a few years when your career or five years when your career is over. And you want to bring people voted to TB twelve TB twelve DB to a Boston TB twelve LA. TV twelve Chicago and had mauled one. So. If you if you buy into that but he quarterbacks look at this and say this is why Tom Brady is successful. Well I think was always get court I was gonna say it just what they're saying yes there have been a lot of really good quarterbacks Peyton Manning was really good quarterback. He wasn't playing like that at that stage of his life. That what Brady's doing is allowing him to keep this going longer. At a higher level may be than anybody in the history of the game. Mean Warren Moon was pretty good when he was forty the other grand some guys but. It's it's probably safe to say there has never been a quarterback who's played like this at this age. Where is H 39 season was as good as is 835 seasons something. Or aged 39 season. It on in the same neighborhood is as 2930 yeah. So. Well we'll see we'll see I'm just I'm just curious about that is that I would say when the critters over go ahead and spread the word tell everybody. Hal work quickly. Come on down. I'll be your advisor up yet. You know what it is healthier nutrition it's like Belichick trading you know Drew Bledsoe out of the Buffalo Bills. Time doesn't matter that matter don't let go ahead Aaron you do this stuff you go ahead. Here in fact I'll get a Alex is number you call Alex Guerrero is set job you go ahead. If you don't know what an awful and I guess Ewing go what I yes so. I this that it gets back to Belichick again and again you know the whole idea of coaches and managers and and you know what that the impact they have. We will never in our lifetime and our sports living lifetime. We will never see this happen again. You'll never see this combination of owner coach. Player superstar player. That doesn't just make the team good makes the team great for about a fifteen year period. You've already seen it though you've already seen in your lifetime. Haven't made those of you watched the OK maybe you don't remember ever the every big game of you know Russell read silly I said since since Russell and upset but it happened it happened it's the same won't I was watching basketball and it was and I liked and may take another. When may have to skip. 1015 years to get there and you can make your case I wouldn't but what if if somebody wanted to make case for. Popovich Tim Duncan. The same thing right now I might accepted a much. I wouldn't always the only thing that's just wouldn't dismiss it as. A legitimate argument. Those guys were together for a long time. And they want a fair number of championship status they were playing in a salary cap era there are a lot of teams in the league. A lot of great players and league and they still were able to. Consistently be in the conversation. I can never. I just like with the patriots. I don't care the patriots are playing in wild card game. Like they did against the ravens you don't say on the patriots are wild card they have no chance to win the Super Bowl whenever the patriots are in the playoffs they've got a chance to inseparable. And you can never look at the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs with a their one seat or five C announced today. All the spurs can't win it. Although I probably maybe I gave you that Haiti last year maybe last year. Because of what the warriors did but it's very rare that you look at the Popovich spurs especially when it when it dunk and a Duncan's gone out but. When it was Popovich as as as head coach and Duncan as a centerpiece. If you always give them a chance to went to lucky to with a victory. Other than the Brady injury year. I think most folks have thought they'd had a chance to win it every every single year every year. And you know some years of battered mothers obviously nobody wins at every year but to go into a season thinking that got Asia and it's one of the four best teams yes. And they're never anybody's underdog. You'll have got a dark horse team Korea fair the patriots. Are no nobody's picking a patriots and patriots have been the goat since who verbal. I heard one thing this weekend just cracked yeah. And it was while the action the fourth quarter was really something come back him 23 now. You know the seven quarters before that. Brady looked pretty bat you're hanging out the toll and household of one polian got got in I was dot. You know and am an analyst until and Angela okay. The four quarters before the got Super Bowl right they were good enough to win right they did win the AFC championship. And the three quarters that they played before the fourth quarter. They actually. Control the Fairmont among the football game the defense was was Evan issues. But offensively they were moved and now and then and it's like well yeah but sure the fourth quarter and they wanna look just like push that off the side forget fourth quarter. The other seven quarters before that it looked at good. I'm surprised to hear that from media members. I I was I'm surprised to hear that from the national media members because if it's if it's if it's your team. But it just sounds like an excuse you make it your team is. If your team gave up 25 point lead. He just trying to do is go cubs go over all the sequences of the game and try to figure out why. You didn't win the championship but a national medium or Burnett that's that's surprising to a bunch of excuses. It's it's the same Ed. The best thing to do. Is to be out in front be out there and they're proud of that player of the demise but what he looks like Atlanta and the demise happened today hey I told you. I was before anybody else I told what we're dealing with there at its holidays it's just. It click mate it's it's audio click bait but it clicked. Right habits I don't know I don't know I don't know if it's quick pay I think. Yeah I think Bill Polian was think about it is holy and even note click bait is. Probably now so glad he does them no I think he was saying it I think polian said it first though. If got leaves intention was to be out there and be the first one to say. Brady has fallen off what he's got to stand in lineman Max Kellerman pointed out here. Last year and then now polian picked it up. And now it's got to got leads late that party. But I think I think fully believed. Master and Max probably didn't believe that the polian does. Hey Gail Tom Brady had a great Super Bowl he was in BP and had a great season but he's not. But he's not infallible channel leaky leaky believes that I think he's hoping for not regularly I really. Bill Polian believes. Because most he's a former general manager and I think most most general managers whether they're patriots haters are not most general managers think that way. Because they're trained. They're trained to believe that a forty year old quarterback. Is not someone you should be investing a lot of resources. We will get calls that you guys coming up next at 6177797937. I I didn't see that the survey Michael you were talking about the guy that did include owners. Yes I'm assuming this one serie Pakistan how could not break that's up 7% might be a couple of things that might knocking down picked him. We'll talk about those welcome back just a couple of minutes it's Dele Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. We think before the break that in this recent survey. Robert Kraft Foods like by 75%. Sports fans around here far to win the most popular and again should be the number two behind. Jeremy Jacobs is that 1%. Again not surprise and wanted to perform so that's another question is two things have happened here over the last couple of days and I wonder if that's gonna. Knock it down picket we found out today two different things. One we found out from Anthony scare Moochie former communications director for the for the trump White House. That Robert Kraft gave Donald Trump the Super Bowl ring for this past super. Scare Monty said. And and I and I imagine there's going to be a fair game you know the folks around you didn't like the Brady had a hat in his locker that. And did like it did Bill Belichick wrote a letter for Donald Trump. So today we find out from at least caramel achieve that Robert Kraft made a Super Bowl ring. For Donald Trump. And the other thing we found out today is that. The commissioner of the National Football League Roger Goodell not to get it is about get a five year contract extension through the year 20/20 four. And one of the key voices. On the compensation committee for the National Football League that negotiated this deal and put in place. Robert Kraft. Yeah look they're all I don't care what they say. They're all on board. With the commissioner of football they're all important. Every single owner. And you can you can criticize. You in would you like god Jerry Jones and in line about how. Of accurately this happened happened to me to be like Robert Kraft and in line about you know to placate and said it. How how this shouldn't happen in the commissioner was unfair but ultimately. They're all silent when they should be talking. So they they have signed up. If they they have given a millions of dollars because he apparently represent them slash contract he made 215. Yes. He represented them there are all on board. Let's stop playing. You know and have a feel stupid for that are actually thinking that his job was in jeopardy job is never ever ever in jeopardy. Because Roger Goodell is he plays the villain in no owner wants to be that guy. Owners don't wanna be villains some players do. Players can can make money off of that but owners are gonna make money regardless. So. Roger Goodell is there villain who. He says there are ideas that nurtured needed to hand and not in not to then. Perfect. A Payer money lives their pocket to make sure. They got a lucrative sport. Lucrative business. Any time. NFL's in trouble people it to Roger Goodell make fun of him tournament to the punch to turn him into the punching bag. So you know that means that the shirt I he's got he's a woman to cloud shirt you noted means what that means the opener here at July. Roger good old Ian Robert Presley. You'll be in the suite of instead of in Dallas is zero chance of units and in the San women that about it you have vet nubians stance don't worry about it got zero note note in fact less than zero wealth less than zero. There is no chance he sickness to answer to and current stance just like you did the last time I was here. 2014 and that was no last name is here he did not fitness well pocket well. That the last regular see they've last meaningful game that he right here right he sat in the stands out as the ravens game. A divisional playoff. Where jobs are bosses clearly there was some deception going on from the patriots took it back in the stance. But well oh how do you do you do you blame Robert Kraft for negotiating the contract. I mean my assumption here is he's doing what the other owners wanting to deal right I mean. I don't think this is Robert Kraft decision hey fellas we're gonna give him and you can now a new deal OK I mean there's some sort of vote the owners decide yeah we're gonna extend the commissioner. They tell the compensation committee here you come up with a deal and get this thing done. And at that point that it wasn't just Robert Kraft he's a part of this committee but. He he helped put money into Roger Goodell spot. Camille lifetime job for him. Commission once he wants ya. At least 58 now it's been assigned a contract that takes them in the into the 2024. Season. So to my seven more years 65. So is retirement age isn't it at this point there that day. May be patriots fan to let this thing go. Now Tom Brady in the delicate give to Tom Brady crack it. And you heard the little cut and he had it in the open Thomas on this morning in it was side it was mutt with Andy heart. Filling in for Kirk Allen and Tom we'll get shot on this the report this morning that the commissioner Roger Goodell is gonna get a five year extension through 2020 for any thoughts on the commission. Being here long term purely. Pregnant pause no. Now Tom Brady isn't letting go. But the owner has. The owner has clearly you know what if it's passed it's it's in the past. We got our revenge. We won the Super Bowl he had to hand me. The Lombardi trophy at that stage in Houston and the minute he handed me the trophy it was over. I mean apparently that's how ownership deals solicited it at the point where fans have to say all right. Chris I am happy that I you know I don't know I don't know if it was never to that point has never really took a month he never took him on it directly. Never said and the commissioner. Did at that job. The commissioner. Is a joke. I get. If if you are if you're a position to say it anyway you wanna say it kick save them. If you if yeah he never took a lot like the fans Tacoma. I'm without the profanity. It was close element that no I never never called him out this is on hand all know that that San Francisco. Briefing with the breast there Alice is close is he was ever gonna get. He guarantees. He stepped down in San for Cisco stood. Up to one in the one when they landed in Arizona. Always acts wrecked an acknowledgment and apology. That was that was pretty blunt for an owner. I expected and I expected apology you know this this investigation. Shows that nothing happened but okay. But then that was before the wealth report wealth report comes out. And he said I'm not gonna have I'm not gonna penalize the league we're bad at 32 Brothers you know in nineteen not to. It's a yet you're band of guys who were all looking out for themselves. And so you get in trouble your Brothers won't be around and don't want Brothers like that. Now know to be found. Not publicly publish a word publicly. They got screwed they didn't say a word. Sorry. I'm glad that me. Well what would make patriots fans angrier the fact that. He helped negotiate a new five year deal for Goodell the fact that he gave Donald Trump a Super Bowl right. Good though. I think the super pull you really I think the Super Bowl ring ring no Donald Trump got Anderson. If this approach. I'm I'm waiting for a waiting for you say something that moment ago. With McDonald's I'm not surprised there there there this just business team trump. They've been on board since he announced and days I never backed away from it don't show up yeah they get the ring he's a member of the team. Well the adaptive and they give Vladimir pool during that didn't mean they didn't immediately and they had no intention given him one bit and evidently they. They had this would make for I'm not surprised I am but I would say the good deal thing would. With anger people more. 6177797937. Its telephone or this the clips are so cool and it's all over now. Here unfortunately yeah but yet we pacifier 63%. But that you should see all of hard hat construction guys are all out there Holden their glasses up watching the whole thing. But it was very cool I thought so too. 6177797937. We get calls do you Bill Belichick joins us next hour as well Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.