The 1972 Bruins.

Boston Bruins Hockey
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Every once a season. The sandwich dance until the wee hours of the morning. The show ended after a seven month run claim to a record breaking crowds everywhere. Yeah drama. Kate plus even the impression it's like this one by Wayne Cashman brought the house down there though it wouldn't. But let's begin at the beginning it wasn't an auspicious debut the date was October 10 the place Boston Garden. And a Swash buckling Bruins opened their season against the arch rivals from New York's west side. The story was sad but this was it goes scored his first goal and what what 65 more into enemy nets before the season ended. Three days later the bronze and Rangers ever showdown in the zoo New York's Madison Square Garden. And about from a far place and you. Resolved over the liquid form or John Cusick trying to get out in front feet. It's back to the point of robbery or Orange Park you can feel overdraft with the government bond market. All walk. I. The quarterback development of the Blue Line and it falls it very effective. Pop up on the web all backed out and feel left fallen on after. Right fallen standard and hope you'll probably want for breakfast libel laws in line to walk along with. That's right 5% of moving into stores. Not even though forest Rangers were going to stop the Bruins in that confrontation. The badly mauled New Yorkers retreated to lick their change. It was up. Up on the way is the Bruins made their first pilgrimage to the West Coast. Touching down first of Vancouver and before the jet engines school or have scored his third goal of the season. Music slam one and a par blood. And as we scored the winner. Airborne again the wrong zoomed in a Montreal but should have stayed aboard the plane. All expense paid trip journey continues over the mountains and through the woods into Minnesota. Where or Sanders and Ahmad plucked from north stars from a haven't November 10. Chicago. Jerry chambers as the hottest thing to hit town since mrs. O'Leary's cow. They Chicago stadium is jammed to capacity and all around the loop 6000 fans of crowded movie theaters to catch the game on closed circuit TV. That's that we'll start to play out from behind this is brought on that coming out of the left side it's better to kind of follow the rough off on a plane dropped back. Circling around the but these three people marvelously kind of public or private capital won't start. It was the last time Jerry chambers would lose in the next 33 games. Violate November the wrongs had a seven game winning streak and moved in the Saint Louis for what appeared to be an exhibition of a man like art of self defense. That's what hospitalized with a golf that's the way that. Okay want to. They're. It's. Although I have. OK I can get their loved him and I can't remember at the gun battle not go back on can't let that love can get those. LA up doorbell laughed and I'd probably pick it. It's got them back out again and again I don't know like Jackman. The game also ended in a tie with a total of twelve gold showing on the scoreboard. A few days later in Toronto the wrongs give a performance where it was beautifully orchestrated and brilliantly executed. Fans to get around McKinney and told him let's just say drive. Where's the blackboard byproduct water. Me hey. Bob involved I'd like 120000. Leaped. Okay. Wolf. A the top ten dollars for the event. All of that. It's. The. I. How wars starts about right drive the infield broken up by Keon get it back and do look better across the Red Line. It was a little across the throttle wide right five definitely. It's. He. Imagine first game to people. Great goals in a minute and 53 seconds and the Bruins won another 15. Victory. Cobra like quickness of the alert Bruins remained as they faced off against Los Angeles and struck quickly and often. Racking up three goals in three minutes. They dogs coming to the right of the goaltender about John the Los Angeles long as you go with the draw hot weather over on the left side about a golf swing bladed it. It's. Just looked up as the hot and god throughout the last label. Specter compromise they have been haven't gone all the with the normal right wing at quarterback candidate then got its head to NN. It's. Fast can they run on the edge of that parade rolled up front in the event. At the wrong to have the latest Florida through. Or with the clock all the revelers Java web site Edmunds about the Bailey Bailey fabric of what the infield across the line voltage dot wounded it's. Bet they'll double play I've backed. By mid December. Visions of sugar plums dancing through Phil Esposito said as he was zeroing in McConnell milestone. Do you just scored goal number 298. Then. Operated five to one victory with a puck in the war zone right up on the right out of Dallas met at the Red Line confident on Jackman in the morning. Battling it right back toward the line but the fact that Dallas met in front but few. He didn't make it on medication. But he gave himself a Christmas presents the very next day. Privately in the Oakland songs and we'll have that. At the point me in the district of a left wing corner back office and field looking arrest but the Cohen brought across or on the right side factors and my father passed away in big that a product and coach you. You know 43. And I show evicted the Bruins from the garden and they were traveling the icy highway is stopping first in Chicago. I'm sorry I didn't go over and over on the big in the Chicago Blackhawk. At Chicago's stadium for the first time. End of life off in 1970. When they want more and again vision goggle like. The final goal and vision goggles India and dance and on. 50752. Fans. The largest ever in the history of the Mets center retreated to one of the great goaltending goals of the season. You know whether the point over normal life life or rifles were bad. Barry hit yet we'll withdraw from the other side anyway we'll work. Are for the Bruins still weren't in first place despite their winning ways they trailed New York. Strains of dialogue part those old lines timers still being heard by some in the big beautiful Romans invaded buffalo. Theaters in the west ball across the linebacker at standard and quick shot saved by Croshere just. They'll go to bed at some battles and you had a lot of I want probably. What Bob from Vanderbilt and undrawn credit score go on air bubble ball. Two seconds one black and me and with the Blackberry phone I'm not he gave it over as governor on burns told possession of first place in the east. Division the National Hockey League leading New York Rangers 51 point. And Darren do. Knew then that they have had. Negative. And that is if you and you. Can be. Ordered ten and fifteen. The highlight of the social season in Burlington Vermont was shaping up as the Canadian air controllers went on strike. The bronze with a makeshift travel arrangements took a chartered flight to new England's northern most metropolis boarded a bus and continue the journey along route seven to Montreal. Over a thousand fans shivering in the fifteen degree temperature greater than in Burlington. Fans hundreds of them were waiting in the mount royal hotel in Montreal to greet the hottest it attraction on any sort. Oh yes most of them wanted tickets to sit in on another rematch between David and Goliath. The end of the first period lake committee have led to the ones then the octave voice Ken Dryden just didn't have enough Barnes. Anderson we'll take patrol with a woman there. Just inside the face off circle abroad right wing. Brought brought that back door of the circle in front that they haven't been standard and a lot more. I've attended and I've got better. Okay. They haven't done it all are not reported backlog of a second area of the game has. Do. I've got to do my best. Okay. You know. It's. Made its billing and thought they don't. It. Can feel it on the wrong with regard Stansfield music can be up front for Boston baseball patrol Feyerick jarred. He lost about to go to the board took an opportunity to go away good. Then failed to match play at Villanova the most good people out of Baghdad that's an okay. It's. Okay to. I. Our goals in four minutes and sixteen seconds. Thanks mr. trident it was a pleasure to. The matinee idols of the NHL center court as for zero dollars Smith McKenzie and lady bing trophy winner John just. All star game at a Mets center in Bloomington Minnesota. And neither sleet nor snow we're going to keep them off the arts. After an early morning flight was trapped in a sleet storms in Milwaukee the players settled on the friendly game of guards particularly the time. John OK Jack yeah. It's been below zero in Minnesota and there's no snow all kinds of snow. All star game the east won it 32 and has been vetoed the low scoring the winning goal and assists from war and Smith. And for a superb performance body or it was voted number one star of the game. We're back in Madison Square Garden for another showdown with the Rangers and it's been a nip and tuck battle for two periods. The announcement dark about important off across the line. Apart right fielder you'll perfect puck away we've got on the right wing Cashman into the wrong that's the going around the metal jacket back. Yes they're I've read parts of the South Park have to look at the horrible. I'm on the right. Mike Walton won't. Sparkling fruit Federer lost the Blue Line of defense and we'll line or drive wide event we can't back off back to or not. I'd fire Rangers the runs are unbeaten in eleven games and lost just two of their last 36 the Minnesota north stars come to town. And they lead to one in the second period. Oliver did find if we'll bring it up that's all over you can never. Turn that. It's. Left point. Put that behind the network okay. Okay. Okay. Now get a lot of lists. Or vale do all of that kept government entities that I got the right Bobby your. I'll read lines or the involved Florida give it going down a spot right side ticket for the I. Talk like gold it's. It's. Yeah. That long would actually did it. Oh yeah Tom Johnson's marauders here in the buffalo river savers neatly picked them apart. And back to Boston. Undefeated in 41 home games there growing settled for a tie with the Canadians and Derek Jeter's stances unbeaten streak but when he wanted to. Phil Esposito of my hands record of hockey's that was zooming toward its third scoring championship. In Philadelphia's spectrum before on an ice shell of his own which were sheer magnificence we'll hardly be matched in any ice palace. As they would have tried the fact that it went all the athletes that if we get that back up. You know broke into the upper left hand corner. We'll practice for. God talk and wanted to. No problems look it's. Proven all did you get it back boot camp would be OK okay. But then I got the problem I don't know what I'd go to the final at bat his 49 this stay here. And AMP got a fair. International travelers are on their way again chambers is still hot 22 games without a loss. And in Minnesota again. It's. You Tylenol right right. Okay. All of the gallery gods dug it again. Warren we talk about why do we have to leave it there for good long. All wheel drive the Floyd. Sean do you go to war. Okay. Thank you all I do believe he could be air it. All all of it's. Sunday February 20 as the scheduled afternoon game with Chicago for national television. The Bruins arrive at their hotel at 3 AM and are up eleven. Most of the players go about preferences then they asked was it a Brothers squared off for another episode. Of all in the family. I'll ever vetoed aren't gonna have a right. That's all the roads that are done in the middle knocked away advised that we'll look at whether in front lost it. Where not to belied by Chapman shot priority broad range good good ten aren't. Evolved and I don't they have but did object of the puck and fired about George that I. I looked up. Yeah I've ever vetoed any. Edwards running mate and I always. It won't be haven't. Hurricane Taiwanese government I oriented they're gonna they don't fit it first call one month ago the countdown the playoffs has started. The throngs of metal long sought after deals not all bad neck from the California seals in exchange for Rick Smith regularly and Bob Stewart. Fifth that made its first game as a ruined the game is against the CU what's more the seals are waiting to six to one. Navigator Tom Johnson started the course and the bomb squad went into action. One. On the right side walk on the left point and after that pretty good car. To. Or whether you like point quiet days can't help. Three let's all weather in the quarter through the back or the Blue Line or drive. Ward on our. On the left wing of the Blue Line fire that in front and he'll have to can't do much littler rationalize our I reporters shot. And I'm. Reform with a lot of that fact that analysts have been put that in time left all across. Oh yeah. Six but it. Three minutes left in the period last fall within the cash and over on the right wing blog about it I have an acute since. LeBron one that. Eight to six. But after it was becoming old hat for the magician. It was almost like pulling rabbits from Manhattan repel the press to bigoted. I'm common was becoming common and before they ides of march he did it again racking up his 56. 57. And fifth. The eight goals. We all laughed letter was raising the electric bill at an alarming rate. And any child knows too and to our four and that's just what it takes to governor Bobby York. Listen my children is probably gets his quota march date against Minnesota. Phil was presented a silver hockey stick before the game but the Bruins needed more than that they needed Bobby. Doug Roberts was up on an emergency call from the Braves the Bruins were trailing ported to. That line road about winning form lately I've prepared for the behind the jumper. I'll with a gold where they left by the parade they've given way to west ball peddling bad government with the elite status. The hate to say. Daryn. At last fall at the drones have been very good all went back to within one again. Gore picked up with a red line over the Donald Rory Rory basketball fans feel about me or crossed the line drive died or got away from next golf. Okay just fire at the night's game that David and the ball over on Good Friday. Until dark about the little big the last we've brought a lot of good golf before or. Maybe five were playing a pro. They are proud of that fact there have gone on ward ladies bed and gave the rebound came out to be a bit got the call. Yeah wave government or get to the gate. Long hard court season is drawing to a close. Hundreds of thousands of fans are awaiting the final whistle for the final regular season game and the start of a Stanley Cup Playoffs. But the decisive game has not yet been one. Once more Chicago where it raised tomahawks invade Boston. This time I was not playing against his brother but he is playing against his buddy Bobby hall. As they did great knocking off his 63 and 64 goal. And the great Bobby Rahal slap in his 600. Lifetime goal the fans reacted. Boston fans fans who appreciate excellent. Fit. The moves away from standard and rights by the market. Led by the tenant all the equipment installed get to the Bobby's got. It's. And the whole ball into the back of my brother didn't. I think topple apple right now on our policy and the sand beginning to realize that Bobby hall itself becomes. A second layer and it. The national hockey and aid to deploy it on good golf and there are riding with the for the parade lap later. And they hope they can do about it at all. That was very cool. They've got very important want it tied the game at five. Read the minute and 46 seconds left. Reporting there's gold it's. And so it was one game ago to win the prince of Wales trophy one game to go to clinch first place. One game to go to be number one bad. They start to back did you go to prevent Iraq. If you don't up by the wall and shot. West wolf we do over there there's going to be tough to get the angle walked. We'll we'll lines kept in by a point shot blocked by. Coming out have been god gave people like to. I. Yeah it's. A blue line. As scooby don't start throughout on the right side from the middle invited online's digital war. Ford of Europe the middle fact dad who do with the Canadian line has been moving in dropped that for McCain and beat backdoor or. Good and field and field that I can't get. Right okay. But that's Bennett and turned quiet and they eat that they've been. Winning uplift the world will pay it back thank. Am. Been a long and hard. Tough grind to this point Bruins coach Thomas Frist and Johnson has traveled this route before. As an all star Norris trophy winner and hall of Famer for the Montreal Canadiens. Valley's leading his team into the big series. The fight for the cup this is what pro hockey is all about. And the Bruins are team with a cause. Redemption and all season long they live with a bad dream or rather on nightmare of a season that it's. A lot of aggravation from. People that are supposedly your friends and and they start really given it to you that they don't like we knew. But this is 1972. And the Stanley Cup face off is about to take when it. The Bruins are played with the injuries or in stand field and Sanderson and Escondido. First let's talk about the media how does it feel amount real good Bob that's. Loosen it up and just ten as it was and you know I say I think it would be really great for the playoff speeches and a listen in a penalty interest aside now because it's do or die right now. But you don't control or have we have a right wing diehard battery. Or gold mine mark got MacKenzie and stand field and the Bruins won me over an hour five and up and for the leafs when interim coach frank King Clancy have a record to up their sleeves and beat the Bruins in a second game sudden death overtime. Now it's on the Toronto for two games and Derek that are suffering from alternative colitis is along for the trip. In TV like fashion and what might have been a script right out of medical center he commuted the first two games between Boston garden and Massachusetts General Hospital. Beliefs were putting up a good struggle in a penalty filled game number three when. Ford did better brought the red light goes to the right side going on February 4 pulled out fired up the road going off. Fact or over on the left side the wolf wolf the shots it's. It's the Oakland from the front about oracle off went with the 15 voted. I'll lay that one wonder about it. Then in the third period. Hours you don't take it from war comes up a little across the Red Line longshot blog today by Crosby tried to burn out. I'm not just good good to all of the front door shut its. Bronze went to an announcement and Bobby had logged 34 minutes and 24 seconds in the game just not bad. Not bad at all for a guy with a bad left me. Other rivers toward you or your injury your how serious is it. Our other sister Bruce suddenly there was sore it's just conversed again and it's hard. While politicians were out on their circuit making the customary campaign promises. Young man from parry sound was out doing himself if that's possible in game number four. Sport tropical circle program a little to go out there about Verizon called red line. Our president of the lightweight quarterly bumped Bart Bryant bloody dog vendors and have it in the corner and hide from plumbing Cashman would put Bucky ball flight Brian running. Or people over to the corner as we don't have. It's okay. Then steady Eddy Westphal made his presence known. Forget that a little better than one man back it and there's a lot when bad things about. I'll be bitter about the ball back and. Bruins kept up the attack and goals by the old lamp lighter and Kenny Haj turned the falling leaves into actions. Sorry to report progress would be okay. OK okay. I want a quiet about Baylor. I believe that in mind I've got to why nor a couple rebound right in front got to watch I think and I've been an off night and I didn't want to let. We didn't. You're. Mean really in front page brought back the bad guys Whipple was shot deflected by all of that deflected by talk that you know has been at fault that a factor. Okay. Okay. We'll have a moment. It was three down and one day ago the clincher. But it wasn't easy and King Clancy was making like a local ward boss promoting a favorite son and hopelessly lost fall. Cannot wiped out any aspirations but kindly mister Clancy had quit this performance. For buffalo who quite know what another product I couldn't get to work out and got a frontal shot blocked by. Hold on I thought that Barbara was game over. One a ball on downs and two days ago who would be Minnesota Faris Saint Louis. Throngs have a week to wait and most of them along with many thousands of loyal followers. Virtually glued to their television sets as governor or should pay a fine brought for the lad. Did the job and in overtime port Saint Louis into the semifinals. It was Eddie Johnston verses shot carrion. But it was Freddie stand field show. You could. Overall the left wing toward the fans feel shot through. It's got five right. Infield back in the upper right hand corner. Bruntlett at Florida won the infield in front of Bob it's. All are into the bottom dropped out were they picked yet they've had a lot of Afghan ruled that and I've got. Yeah. I think and didn't. Be sure the blues had trouble in game number one but game number two was a massacre and the best thing to say about massacres is nothing at all. The bronze devastated their opponents tended to. Tying a playoff record they set April 2 1969. When they beat Toronto ten to nothing. Game number three Bruins seven to two. Game number four Bruins 53. Plus week. Next the Broadway blue shirts in the finals. This is the nitty gritty of full season and everything hinges on the best four out of seven games everyone knows New York will be stuck. Those series opened in Boston. I didn't talk to the point of origin or didn't know. Golf detective mark tougher for the French it's the only thing. I always. Okay. Yeah. Brett Clark recovered the vehicle lines parks to golf and had a few little left wins. It's got broken up I want ball quite tall man. It took shots it's. About flag. As he did a couple of around feeling out whether long. Let me open you can. Okay. Okay. The Rangers were not without courage and fight back they did goals by Joseph Bair Hatfield good sharp and McGregor mated a tense 55. Games. Where the Bruins going to lose it. Well wolf that's not a total Walt Walt stability across the line going on park Baylor got. Catherine bond. I. Village pick up the crowd going got the left wing. Got a little bit of a Belmont park against her out toward those that provided product got commodity backed him you know. Shaking took a couple of them and I'm glad. I think guys seek big plus golden gave me the blog I just come front and I looked up and goalie gunned down so I just flipped it over. They says played well in. Since he has been playing in the series and and it was an exceptional play for the winning goal but it the odd thing happened in the workout on Friday we're scrimmage eating any dread the same play wasn't successful but he tried to save him minutes. The same. Style of the play just cutting and on the other side. Okay game number two. The Rangers changed goal keepers. It feel Bellamy or vs Eddie Johnston and the game is tied 11 minute after early goals by Johnny get sick and rod Joseph bit. It's the middle of the third period from the Rangers take some penalties. Jump out into infield almost brought a left of it Johnson. Both anticipate could draw the big drug dropped the puck control the. It took filled with a walk the line of god force of the backdrop to penalize. We'll fight Cashman field the ball to guys who feel like man. Okay. It's not good then why it happened. While a good job. We've gone off for pulling down they'll have put it out a broad have a two man advantage for ten seconds and. The Bruins are president with a 53 advantage. They thought controlled Walt. Voted about quarter left side Walters okay. I. A look at the end. It's. And he came as surprise situation is out of power play and it. You got to talk back do Waldman wall moved in down the left wing and although as I did was try to back up through the front of the net and caused little interference in Mike found me wide open so he. But the puck towards me an idea attempted pass to deliver. The bronze won 22 out of 49 face offs in the third period. Our hats off to New York for game number three where 171250. Fans. And all of the animals are ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus which were also in the building. We're quickly made aware that three ranger power play goals in the first period. We're all that were necessary to win that one. And number four was something else. Mr. wonderful took control. How behind give glory handled the bucks for the first time guards the left side by defeated the repelled the films the oracle red lines or with a check Baruch they'll get the ball to Walton. Will development develop their Walton back only the good it. And it's. All about when at all and how that got promoted abroad grated ones and update. Happily get it back at him and then whether he could get away back into them again gave me put it away our goal of the line for a shot. Then you probably circle right by the or become independent wolf for a lot of wars Russian good afternoon to speak about by the guilty for the players off by talking more about it. Its. Vital as an uncomfortable. About OK. Okay. What other guys that. But they are up ended Brad Clark people picked up in the black jacket off. The clincher is that developed was just fly in the second period with a war who else playing the key role. Bruins have been playing crash hockey. Although intended to go to got a remark got locked at all we're better than you are twelve got bad or about the book I've got good. I can't. With a minute left I'm Mike Walton I don't know they've got bought out and try to. Are always there expanded going to be big oil on the blood saved got a shorthanded goal. I gets voted for it. Rangers blue line that can run across his back to me you know roll on them I just took over. Technically he was laying down runs. She's proven losers so far. Well Bob. So other series of engraved. We didn't think we could take a four straight. We have to go to new York and win one game which we've done and we've got served backs Brian Rowland. We want to finish it off Tuesday and we're going to go all out. Game five was played in Boston and the fans were on a winning move. All arrangements were made for a festive celebration. But the Rangers little Bob Beirut so couldn't care less if there was going to be any celebrating it was going to be somewhere else. At some other time at someone else's expense. Backhander I can't feel locked away viability or. We'll all be good Obama rightly have a brighter McGregor is best left side too far from afar picked up off the board thought throughout linebacker Rico shot. It's bad. The I double hockey game for New York Johnson back to into the mirror cornered him other than the last group on television talk. No but it's. And number six New York Thursday may eleventh 1972. Jerry chambers gets the net minding assignment. It's been a tough series in the keen rivalry between the two teams is clearly evident. Hard crash bang hockey is being played in the game is scoreless until 1118 of the first period when the Conn smythe winner as Manning the right point. On the whole blood. Feeling in my battle for progression the product line loads are dead yet but he can't get away from feeling. Pulled out of boot it'll come up when it got predictable evident to give it off the fugitive they're bought about five of that but I got a blackboard if you have the Blue Line. Formal gold club a little. Double move. All the grown daughter brought one been updated at one. The fainthearted wanted more assurance the second period produced probably the greatest period of hockey ever play it. On both livable exhaustive skating by both teams left the crowd breathless. But there was to be more scoring. The deal on the draw one of the robots or the right point. Force bill whether we'll begin quick shop locally and. Although originally credited to war it was tipped in by Wayne Cashman. Now it's minutes ago. The final stages of the game the bronze only moments away from their second cup in three years and their fifth. In history. I'll withdraw as you go of control developed bit behind the ball and that around the Hodge and knock at 5 o'clock at which it already great import only really go back. Actually that Madonna's wealth that's the judgment shot. Oh okay. Wayne Cashman not have that amount but Nadal at the box it is expected bullet. The god though there aren't boom. The dead but it trickled between the blacked out all over the goal line. It got called ever vote tantalizingly. Out of it all live and roll game. I've ever on blade that brave enough thing with a better than 49 seconds left the blockade. Like that the body is about a minute and want 1522. Weapon or some unknown but it Bobbitt did what you get it and kill a plot to. You know that's telling him that but you don't often they had killed I think. Talk a little blog about our 2001000. I want America like golf. How about run up golf good gallery people. Blowout on the the rangers' third congratulated. Golf. I've been coveted little. He beat them how to embed web can't light up Brooklyn thing though flops big. Not a good fit well thanks but can't let up for the Belmont Bill Gates allowed the Madison Square Garden. Let for the eighth and that they. That goes into 1970. Food and played golf at age. This could inning allowed out of them where Biden. With the panelists up and not all of the above all of that in Rome where about Hulu will be consumed from the top of that family got. What they how did you feel I don't quite a lot of data except that you've got to have a lock to win these and they got eking out there tonight and it was just a matter. Which team we've got to get a couple more break in the other one now we manage tonight and our goaltending was who has tremendous event. I've got to give all the credit to Jerry cheers Eddie Johnston just let fantastic event that we got a great game out of my my partner it played Credo here and are you happy that it. But the big effort night and ended up playing just great getting. How does it feel caught just fantastic record could you describe Jerry achievers I think that is great they've been great though you believe me. Tricky congratulations. Bobby. For BB radio in Boston talk about the the two golden won the game tonight. Lives. Live there that this assists must again let me get my are piling up my shots are hard to return to get a shot true unless they've got terrific. And an effect on cash to collect that I am trying to deflect for the talking about. John McCain big congratulations and thank you very much ligament out loud into. Greatly okay congratulations dollars. I have a lot of billowing again. How are better than I thank you know we're playing a better gravano had to play better club dog here. I'm mark got a good series because. And I can wait. But that it didn't that we could be number. Call and get ready here in New York. You've got to go bad they'd rather do remember it was fairly government decision Benadryl I mean you know I think Iowa yeah. What I want to let go out of a different way different desolate plain membership and early Sunday. I'm so happy that I didn't get extremist element Donna congratulations. Could very well Obama home I'll figure and well nonchalant and I have great yeah great. OK. Okay. It's. You know the OK. Okay. And I've read already forgotten due to Derek Anderson. Is doing right now good very good I haven't we did their job. Came through wanted to make up for that down and I think about it on the right. Bring that cup back to Boston we didn't back to Boston I'd get a Fosamax and I'm not a good question always cared. Quite a big part in this series of very big part. Your graduation from bulatovic girl. Bob hey. Just overloaded. I didn't think it would aren't going to be on that all the blood are having diarrhea and that's. Those celebrating continues the noise gets father and I have loved Logan Airport. Eastern airlines charter flight makes its abroad it's 230 in the on it in the wrong little realize what wives before. Thousands of fans acting more like a demolition crew and a welcoming committee for the returning heroes stormed the terminal. A whole lot here Bristol Bay hill again. God it's. He's he's never. In that. There. Okay. I. Don't. First time in my life I was frightened to death by a company behind the hallmark you know writes the American home and eat. Young men but he's not an old and that he was being pushed around like unbelievably guess I made the mistake is well above New York. I should've done that and I couldn't believe that. I guess they did a lot of damage at the airport I don't know what I walked almost always has some at all. Through eastern hangars and everything and then came back around to get my car. And then they started pounding on my car and punching it and and punching me as somebody's going like this large in my suede coat. It was well I I appreciate the offense being. Well evidently enjoying the victory is such as we we in the yard but. To that extent I think. It was too much of the day skid I think there was an Atlanta team that was so afraid last night. Were your reactions dirt I understand of course very connect through what you've got out of there I relativity I was on a plane as a last night time again denied the Motorola. I think that I'll make an advantage rather get all of the state troopers and get me out it took this fight go ahead fight and I'm not gonna. I still listed on the plane right they close the door. Lot of the catering truck opens up the other guards that I changed clothes that just because he's an airline's maintenance mechanics of that. On the eastern airlines stepped up development of over those bad luck for the club a few people have right. And I have been an eastern airlines thought that if there were about for the hangar it didn't hand have a vote and I'll Leno left the airport. Go home. We have no trouble at all rumored well not I never touched all. And the beat goes they're frivolity continue. The charisma of a causeway street crusaders carries over into the office of the mayor of Boston. We just want one moment of we put your first second I want to percent. On a serious note. Just like if we thought would do three symbolically for the team. But there is a serious moment while this and we had special medallions. Made up. Or that team. That that. We'll never be given again in this city because these men have done something that's Cingular. And a distinct gonna. And we've lost three players to accept them and I'd just ask your attention but these three presentations and then you can go all the want. But I don't go on the dessert first I'd like to present to. Is to John. Captain of the team with a great leadership that he gave up. Look don't. Who's been a friend of mine and so much reliably. Okay. McCain being okay. And from the City Hall balcony safe from the crowds more thousands of them are stout hearted men talked to their subject. Okay. OK okay. Solano. Crowds cheered and the bands played. And Stanley it was handled. The avengers. At trial. A.