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Saturday, January 20th

Thumbs up or thumbs down... will Brady be good to go Sunday? Patrick Gilroy has all the answers heading into Championship weekend.


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Please he's late night. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for a Sunday X in the graveyard fact let's get it going with Patrick Gilroy. College Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night right here and Sports Radio the WUPI. Patrick Gilroy here with the guys until mid. Night tonight. Excited to be here because a bit on sort of the receiving end of this. First time back in the studio since Monday and listening and watching. Everything that's taken place this week surrounding. Tom Brady and hand injury in its. Put it this way it's got me excited to be here. Because it's something different to talk about I wanna talk about it with you guys. At 617779793. Said he takes the program at 37937. You find you on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy. On hoops so. I've listened for the last 4448 hours pretty intently to everybody's opinion. Everybody's take on this and that's essentially all you're gonna get is people's opinions and takes because nobody really knows. And that's the brilliance of what the patriots do that's the brilliance of their operation. When things are going great. They don't talk about it when things are going poorly they don't talk about it when you go back to the whole set wicker sham article from three weeks ago now that nobody's talking about it anymore. Mean it was a bombshell report because people generally. Don't talk around patriot place right so. This whole injury thing happens to Tom Brady and people don't know what to make of it. And yesterday there were some reports are coming in and out of practice coming in out of about patriot place Dana this isn't this isn't a good thing here Tom Brady's out there. But he's not participating. And everybody's intent as went up and everybody decided that you know that there's something really really wrong here. And then Brady did the thing that spooked everybody Andy he stayed away from the press conference he stayed away from the media. Nobody's talking about it. And his teammates are making jokes about it sorted deflecting and doing what they do best mean nobody's better than and then into in the patriots when it comes to. Deflecting and and avoiding the big question from the media right that's all yesterday and then today. Was that it really spooked everybody. Because. We're all waiting for Brady to show open practice and he does and there is. A small amounts of video of him out there but not much not much all you'll see him really throwing the ball at all you don't see much there was one picture floating around Twitter. With Tom Brady making a fist which is his injured hand and Twitter sort of blew out because that was the first time we saw anything physical happening. With that hand. And then Brady goes and gives that really mysterious press conference in this is really what convinced me that there's something else going on here. I beat the patriots are playing games I think the patriots are doing what they've always done there manipulating the media to their benefit. Which is what the patriots do it's part of their philosophy it's part of their game plan of what they've always done a not saying Tom Brady's not hurt. Not saying something didn't happen to his hand because clearly something did happen to his hand. But at this point in the process this point in the week. They certainly could be more forthcoming. With the information especially when we talk about what started happening post press conference today so here's where my intent is when. Press conference happens. I don't know half dozen reporters dozen reporters try asking Tom questions about his hand. And Tom deflects each and every time I'm not talking about it not talking about it not talking about it. He's got his hands in the gloves indoors clearly he had just come out of the shower he was dressed and ready to go home to put the gloves back on. Really spooking the media spooking the fans and then his refusal to talk about it really. Drove up everybody's. Everybody's antennas were just at an all time high at that point now what happens within a half an hour 45 minutes that press conference ending. We started to get the media reports trickling out that not only to Tom Brady participate. In practice today he participated and he looked good. Right so how do you go from. I'm not talking about it not talking about it not talking about it covering it up with a glove like ultra secret. We can't look at this Secret Service type action here right. It to a half an hour later forty minutes later. Respected. New resources respected. Sources that we all trust your New England not note Tom Brady played he practiced. Any look damn good out there. I believe one of the quotes was he was in pretty good so again not saying that Tom Brady isn't hurt what I'm saying is. Would have killed him to go out there today and say you know I I hurt my thumb and I'm all good I'm gonna play. He couldn't even definitively say that he was playing this weekend that is taking it too far for me because that to mean just reeks of the patriots doing what they do that messing with the media. Tom Brady's play. We Tom Brady he would take. It would take something a lot more than an injured thumb I don't know what it would take the heat to get him off the field but you look at Philip Rivers Philip Rivers played. What they're 2008 playoffs with a forty CO I mean these guys are as tough as nails plus they've got the world's greatest painkillers. And that that combination. Is gonna get him out there on the field. But if the reports are true that Tom Brady not only did he practice. But he practice in the good out there. And then he goes he delivers that. Press conference. After looking good after supposedly feeling pretty good out there if you look good supposedly he must've felt pretty well out there right. Why could an eagle out there and deliver the news but then he watched his facial expressions and you watch the way that he toyed with the media. This was a happy man to meet looking at Tom Brady's face. It was a sigh of relief on his face and he enjoyed himself messing with the media so again maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. But there was had to be something else to it now media reports had come out after the press conference said you know what. Same as yesterday Tom Brady didn't practice Tom Brady was not an active participant. 100% of the snaps went to Hoyer then we got a problem. But those weren't the reports that we got word that. The reports that we got or Tom Brady practiced and he looked good. So something is amiss. You either believe the reports coming out of the media that watched Tom Brady on the field or you believed Tom Brady. Getting up there messing with the media something the patriots have done for a decade and a half. My money's on Tom Brady playing and looking pretty damn close to what we've seen Tom Brady V over the course of the last fifteen years at a Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night I am Patrick Gilroy root for you guys tonight at 6177797. 937 he takes the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy. On who so head out to the phone's gonna Blair Blair is in main player your first appearance Sports Radio W yeah. Scored on Patrick your or Blair almost. Get a kick. Talking he is the best guy. Oh lives. On. That the I agent is the most attention. On there. This side then Mallard. Well we appreciate you are you listening we you know we appreciate you listening calling in so what's it reminds neglect. The one thing on my mind is hit it and celebrated. He's still at best quarterback alive in. Stay alive lit him and his wife rate now are probably. Strategy is trying to get restaurant now at home with the kids and his wife. He really does is they get some rest and I'm seeing here. It's you know getting a little bit chewed up right. And go out there and get a Super Bowl somehow. After this week. So he's you know it's going to be like where he needs to think well. We got a cup team not these AG job very easy to be. No they're not they're good defensive team edit Brady but Blair Brady were a 100%. It wasn't gonna be easy game I was on a Monday night here saying the same thing. That and this is before the injury news broke. That people were taking the Jack were too lightly bit their damn good defensive team. They've made it as far as the patriots have made it for a reason a final four team right so you have to respect them and the patriots. I don't think would ever be guilty of what the Steelers were guilty of last week I don't think that's what the patriots are are all about here so win there without the injury though. I always thought that this is going to be more of a dog fight that a lot of people sort of give credit for. Yeah because well they get to pitched very. Jetliners look what they did exactly the Pittsburg without its where it can be played. And all of sudden everybody's a what I have stated that they are. And are then now that the jaguars. Well let me know some everything from news. Yeah you guys all in low. People are. You know. You know fans out here for nearly lit you a big game coming up on Sunday. Benedict layered glass earth and I appreciate the focal it is going to be a heck of a game you before minutes had the best I could there does that he had to begin right and again. This whole thing would Brady has. Take it over any talk about the game itself and what good reason I mean Tom Brady is the biggest are left playing in the playoffs. He's the biggest star in the NFL today. He is the greatest of all time there's no doubt about any of those things and when you've got a player that's that. Important would that many eyes on one person. Of course it's gonna be the biggest story. Remember Michael Jordan played the flu game and it was all this talk about whether he was gonna play or not and he went out there he scored forty some odd points fifty some odd points up a look at up. And I regret it Scottie Pippen carrying him off the court. At the end of that game so much drama was built up. In the previous 24 hours leading up to that game of course Michael Jordan was me loaded up with fluids and go all their play because that's what these guys do. Tom Brady. Whether this thing's a major injury or not he won't be feeling any pain when cut when game time comes. On Sunday he that if the people out there think that we've got access to good narcotics. We haven't seen anything yet. I mean it Tom Brady wants to not feel anything the patriots can make it so he can't feel anything I'm not sure that's what he wants to do but that's an option for each and every one of these guys but to me. It's as simple as this. Tom Brady jam that finger something happened that finger there was absolutely blood. It was an absolutely cut and I think that if you are following the story along I think the one that makes sense the most is. It was probably and in the webbing between Islam and his index finger. We talk about how much blood. There was and that's one consistent part of this report. No matter who you read is that with a bloody mess and that's the quote. So I believe there was an injury I believe there was stitches but I also believe that in the last 48 hours Tom Brady started to feel much better and he practiced very well today. Eddie he wanted to he could've told the media that he practiced well today but instead. He left this incredibly vague. Not even guaranteeing that he's gonna go while there and play and if you don't think that that. Tom Brady being vague wasn't directly out of the patriots playbook that you haven't been paying attention for the last fifteen years. That's exactly what this team does that's exactly what Bill Belichick does he's gonna think that he's got some sort of tactical advantage now because it out to the jags to get ready for Brady or reporter it that's as silly as that sounds because pointers that you non factor. I think we know one thing about Bill Belichick is that if he can find point. 00000001%. Of an advantage in his mind over somebody else over other team he's gonna take advantage of that. So I think that's part of what was taking place today what was it for Belichick and Brady. If they went out there and say note Tom went out there responded pretty well today you look at practice. What do they get out of that and every single thing this patriots team does every single time Tom Brady and Bill Belichick meet the media. It's their goal to accomplish something. And whether that accomplishment is giving no information away and that's an accomplishment for them or be accomplishment is what took place today. Continuing this story as a guessing game because that's exactly what they accomplished this thing became even more of a guessing game. Following that strange press conference today. But they're guessing game got blown up when the media came out and sort of dispelled every single thing that Tom Brady said Tom Brady said that. Boy did say much but he said that he was you know questionable for this game on Sunday he didn't know if he was going to play or not meanwhile. All of the reports coming out of box grocer that now Tom Brady he practiced he participated. Any looked like Tom Brady. Well he's looking like Tom Brady on Friday. With 48 hours to go before the game of course he's going to play and of course he's gonna look like Tom Brady come game time it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy let's go back out to the phones go to sunny sunny and Providence Sonny next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. La hay what doesn't. Wondering. You think they should get Tom Brady a little more. Doubt. Police say when you say they would you mean I did that dammit. You think that you should get Humber it would more benefit of the doubt that you're ripping into him pretty hard on. A common ripping him I don't Britain not ripping Tom Brady at all actually give him credit he went out thirty practiced and practiced well today at the this credit deserve there. What a erecting what I'm ripping Sonny is that the laughable press conference. Because that's what it was to me he's out there you gotta think of it like this if Tom Brady was that. Upset over an injury right if you were that it and believe it. You were real possibility that Tom Brady couldn't play in what could be his last AFC championship game and he's forty years old nobody wants to note that that either but. If there was even a small chance a fraction of a chance that Tom Brady was going to have to miss and sit out. What could be his final AFC championship game. You think that he'd be out there laughing it up and with a big smile on his face when he met the media today I don't think so. You'd be out there ready bugle solid a little bit I think. You put out there he looked as young and youthful in the golden boy big smile and it's based head up with the media. That's what he was doing. Meanwhile the words that were coming out of his mouth. Or that of somebody that was confident in the fact that he was going to play right that's not what he was saying he was trying to leave as much doubt. On the table as possible. But at the end of the day here. Tom Brady was smiling ham it up with the media and then within half an hour of that press conference ending all the media reports come out that's a Tom Brady practiced. Any look good so what do you make of it. Mean those two things in my opinion in my mind maybe it just dumb but in my mind those two things don't go hand in hand. They don't go together something is amiss there. Again and maybe I'm just the dummy. At lake site clearly thinks I am keeping some ripping into Tom Brady and not all Tom Brady did was follow the playbook is what the patriots have done for ever. They've always done is they don't go out and tell the media the full story why would they do that that is against everything that this team believes in so it's up to the media and it's up to the fans to read between the lines. So that's what I'm doing here may be you and I are reading different stories between the lines but I'm reading between the lines of what I'm seeing here between the lines is a Tom Brady's fine. He got injured yes but the injury is not nearly what has been made out to be it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy join us on the program tonight at 61777979237. If you know that Brady's got a banged up hand do you target the handy try to hit the handy trick step on the hand. Yet all of that an outsider of time you know 1234 undeclared thumb war on offense and put it into bang on a step on it by Heidi I don't hear what I had to do lizards I'm surprised somebody heads as it greatly if flammable was it like you know it. I just can't take it over or by me whatever their name Mikey give illegal exits to crack. Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio telling. I don't get the feeling from who I'm talking to in the locker room that it's a serious injury is it an issue if it discomfort. Probably yes yes that's something he may feel while he's storing the Walt Walt probably yes that is not enough to even start to consider. Any backup quarterback that would be there right now so. I'm not really worried about. Tedy Bruschi now lowering. A Teddy Bruschi is now worried should we be worried what's funny about that Bruce keep it there. Is about an hour before he said he wasn't worried he was spinning a completely different tune on sports and this morning. So he goes and ESP in the morning and he says he's legit worried about Brady being hurt and within an hour he's three B he's back on TV. Saying that he. Spoke with his people at Foxboro and suddenly he's not. So worried anymore so if you have a chance go back in listened to. Both cuts and listen to what Bruschi said first thing this morning and then listen you his self correction. That happened an hour or two later it's it's really interesting to see his change in tune listen to his change in tune. Is changing his story it's clear that he spoke with somebody. But he still connected with a over their Foxboro and he his entire opinion. About the Brady situation changed entirely it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy taking your phone calls at 617. 7797937. Text the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy on who is continuing to talk about this Brady hand injury. Trying to make sense out of the conflicting information coming out of Foxboro today. I didn't wanna sit here for two hours. And play doctor because that's what I've listened to for the majority of the day here in Boston no matter what station I tuned to. Everybody's playing doctor tried to understand. What's happening with a hand on look at a seed here and pretend you have a full understanding of exactly what happened it was hand. But what I can do is do what I did today and read every dated information that I could digest at all. And for my own opinions and their are some common themes some common threads between respected reporters and what they've had set. So I took those common themes and threads and I sort of made my own opinion here and get my own opinion is everything that I believe. Flies in the face of what Tom Brady said in his press conference. And I think that was done. Absolutely. Deliberately. Because again if Brady's gonna go up there and meet the media he's gonna do with a purpose he's not gonna go up there and say hey everything is fine I felt great practice today because that accomplishes. Nothing sodas Sports Radio. WEEI guys load him up at 61777979837. Back to the phones we go let's go to Scots guards and a car Scott connects up here on late night. Yale I have not been what that does not not my agony I got a different take on reg yeah I mean like every eight years. We've been listening to the same type oppressed competent to current crop to polygamy you witty very well neutral and polo. Not a lot of information we all expect that change but I thought I don't. I might take you is this sport clean wet now so while I on fourteen. And when it comes to injuries. In injury reports. It very easy just what are they get caught in some kind of a web I'm kind of a rap where you say. Something would one thing but then it turned out to be another very kind of you know you created some and ought. Walt pulled the wool over somebody dies now he's cited questionable on that blog girl. I mean that what I tried. And okay say it and that it OK and tell them have been okay ready to play but we're all we all understand me quite some bad. Like Patrick along the lines of what you have interim report. And referee would have controlling all medical nature and stuck like out at reunion between the lines. Look at our greatest smile. I mean we know going on Sunday. Timmy got to NATO and tibia I'm listening to the words coming out of his mouth. And I'm that I'm watching his body language in his demeanor I hate being the guy that that that brings a body language because. Eight Julie laughed at the host to bring it up but his body language was that of somebody that didn't have a care in the world. And to me he had a real sense of relief out there which goes. Perfectly with the reports that were coming out of fox were from all the reporters. You know about a half an hour that pres or did Scott what happened all the reporters said Brady was out there and he was throwing the ball around good he looked like Tom Brady. Well so you take that information and then you look at the way that Tom Brady appeared in that press conference in me a lot more sense to. Right now so I think I think it just kind of they wanna play along those lines of injury court state court that income that you hated every idea I think the day. Each state gets closer to the game the guidelines change what your record what you can't report so I stated the question of that. And the question of us wanting more information warning all the information. And we never get it we are we make seven Kenya have been recalled between the lines and work pretty good at it. You know we usually 80% of the time we end up with the right answer written in India in the long run. It has got I appreciate the -- although you straight into the program and he's right you know everybody not just the reporters not just the radio show host not just the fans that everybody role in the same boat together here. There's a select few. Reporters on the etiquette they have access to a small amount of information. But. Usually the information that they're getting is stuff that they've witnessed with a drone eyes but they're not sitting down in a room with a Bill Belichick and and getting. You know the juicy bits of information that we all want. That doesn't happen and if anybody on Belichick's staff. Does that and then gets caught doing that there are no longer on his staff so. We all know with the M always over their patriot place it's. Give the media nothing right and sort of played this game with a B and I think it was laughable today listening to. The media that assembled on their night I felt bad for them a better at that position before. I am a guy that that covered the Celtics game inning game out for fifteen years. Was that every post game press conference but I guess I was lucky because the Celtics at that time whether it was Jim O'Brien entered Doc Rivers. Mean these guys went out there and they like to talk even Celtics owner we crossed that we have much to show quite a bit he loves to talk they'll give you too much information. It's a complete opposite. What you get over their patriot place and it's really frustrating if you're reporter you've got to put a story together. There's questions that everybody wants answered so you have to ask the question if you don't ask them you're not doing your job right so these guys ask the questions. But they know what they're gonna get. Everybody knew. Best of Greek question today. Nobody raised their hand and thought that this is gonna be the time I'm gonna be the guy that's gonna break Tom Brady Tom's gonna give media information. Everybody that had a question today new inevitably what the answer was going to be in it was gonna be a lack of information a lack of detail. And that's why Tom Wear the gloves he didn't want anybody warming their own opinion the patriots didn't want anybody forming their own opinion on what happened. What the injury really is and what the prognosis really use they left everything. Vary ambiguity is up get up in the air. That's and that's what the patriots do it's what they've always done. Today was no different. And any other time we've encountered something like this over the course of last fifteen years it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy repeat tonight at 617. 7797937. Backed up to the phones go to Nate Nate in New Hampshire may next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. They Patrick them big band Bruce I'm long time they need to appreciate that. Let there I got to the theory here number one. Belichick scroll the jags. In gonna try to make them say it's all day. Number true. He'd be twelve. You don't as well it was actual gloves around this what did you notice the TV twelve logo on all love. I did in the end drummer logo but he knows somebody somebody called under armour to see if those gloves were for sale. And under armour said no that those gloves are made exclusively for quarterbacks so like you couldn't buy a pair today if you wanted to. All I'm sure couldn't get legs that you drive up demand yet lie. A row on a company that on himself on T lenient gloves but a. I love it I love that name yet on ceiling and those other two I'm gonna hop in on. If somebody could offer me an investment opportunity. What do you think yeah and grants when anyone throw something in here protons healing gloves and a B goes out there and he has a phenomenal game. Wonder yards four touchdowns no interceptions. There might be something to. In my piece I would by the gloves at that point I can't pro football like me but I think I would even by the close it is Sports Radio WEEI continuing with your your theories here. On what is taken place. At patriot place because again the information that we're getting tonight the information we got all afternoon. Coming out of patriot place from the reporters that are down there each and every day is. Conflicting let's just say conflicting to say the least from what we saw and heard from Tom Brady during his press conference that. And I've got to believe. The guys that have nothing to it to gain here by by not being truthful right each and every one of these reporters that are out there are saying that Tom Brady looked good. Looked healthy. Slinging the ball around looking healthy out there they've got nothing to lose and you know. They don't they did got a job to do in their all their doing reporting what they saw with the doughnuts. And for Tom Brady to assume that they weren't gonna go out there and say that I don't know if that's what he was speaking general what Tom was thinking. But Thomas probably just doing what the patriots have always done and that's give as little information as possible in get off the stage as quickly as possible. He's got those gloves on and that funky smile on his face giving nothing. And every one of my sort of antenna went up. Immediately following that press conference when a half an hour later. All the stories are to Britain on Twitter about how Tom looked at practice and I fully expected. After it was sitting and watching Tom I fully expected her to be stories that we're similar to what we heard and saw yesterday. Which is that Tom Brady did not participate in practice and Porter got 100% of the snaps. That's exactly what I thought it was gonna yurigan today following that press conference that press conference put everybody. In a more negative mood and everybody that was optimistic. You could see the optimism sort of deflate. Out of people if you're if you're following along on Twitter on FaceBook and social media you could see you could hear it was palpable. That what happens half an hour later. Stories of the concerts are coming out by respected sources that say our public great publicly come out there. So the question is what you believe and what's in it for the patriots why are they out there. Being less than truthful or if you don't wanna say that. Why are they not giving me information that that Tom Brady practiced it and look like robbery they trying to make you sweat they're credit Jack were sweat. Or is it all deemed them a bit to me. All time had to say was that he practiced he did at the ball they're given a big company secrets away. He could've said that he practiced. But he he even left that up in the year he didn't. Say anything it was seven minutes of pure awkwardness he did it confirm anything he did it say anything. And to me. To meet Tom could've done a little bit better that's up he could've done a little bit better it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Diane Patrick Gilroy continuing would your phone calls 6177797937. Let's go to Tom Toms and found that Tom Euronext up here on Sports Radio WB. Kilpatrick has done its job is an amendment that lasted about what you are saying about the press conference based might out. I agree you know you're a 100% accurate as I. Can see odd you know that Brady did it deliberately. And you know that he was messing with the media are I think the second part of it was stock they came out later is also. Open that you said that. It's part of Belichick game to mass lists ought to try and get a perceived advantage that they. And so it's ready conduct parents as you look everything's fine there was a couple pitches I figured well I can't I'm in at least aren't aware about it. Like back thousands of patriots at all. But it is I'm. Vagueness. Press conference and then. The reports come on out to the contrary that bind or it does on the jet lies I mean what you believe what beliefs. You know you're not sure as Brady was just playing games onion archer of the reports are correct so you really have no information. You know so I think it's just Biotech plan the jag has not really plain immediate using. Using the media to play the jaguars right that's a good way to put it Tom I I I like that I appreciate the ball caught on and use that tonight Belichick and Brady using. The media. To play the jaguars and I think some of that is what was taking place today. You know Brady didn't have to Wear the gloves he did at the same thing but he didn't have to Wear the gloves. But it at that point he was all in this was all a big game to him and he was all in at that point and I think him wearing the gloves really solidified defected he was all. But again you know the the reaction it was palpable and people were really deflated they were they were. Torn up if you read people's Twitter timeline today. Following that press conference of you listen to Sports Radio WEEI today following that press conference you could feel. The excitement of late from the atmosphere here people were legitimately freaked out at that point I think up until today people are willing to. Except the fact that Tom Brady was Superman it was gonna come back can be great because that's what he's always done. It's what he's always been it's what we expect him to do and then he here Tom go out there and essentially say that he's questionable for the game. And give zero information on the injury. I think that confirm everybody's worst fears. And then this big week gets lifted all of the sudden and a half an hour later giant weight off everybody's shoulders that want to see the patriots exceed. Because what happens all these conflicting reports come out not only did they say I think people would have been happy with reports that said that Tom Brady practiced today. But not only did they say he practiced they city practice that he looked good. They say he was slinging the ball around really well out there Edson zip on the ball these are all quotes there'll out there on Twitter check yourself. So all these things are true. And Brady still hasn't of the 48 hours to go for the game. One would think that any healing that has taken place since the injury will continue to heal. Will continue to get better as the patriots approach game time so I think a lot of this war this week was for not. But ultimately. It may have actually helped the patriots and the patriots use this to their advantage because you know during the commercial here and I'm talking to Mike my producer deputy who brings a great point. What happened this week as soon as the injury happened. Not one word about set quicker sham and all the other PS that was taken place here on the ice for the last ten days. That dominated our programming not won a single word about that because. All of a sudden things got very real. All of a sudden the the thought of watching York hall of fame greatest quarterback of all time have to stand on the sideline. With a clipboard as Hoyer goes out there and tries to get you to the Super Bowl became a very real thought a very real vision in people's heads. And suddenly the wet the British and stuff didn't mean so much anymore. Because at this point it was a real it was no longer fantasyland that is Sports Radio WEEI did Patrick Gilroy taking your phone calls at 617. 7797937. Eighths or. Patrick Gilroy. Fox Sports Radio. You guys. It is Sports Radio. WB ya it's Patrick Kilroy here would you guys taking your calls until midnight tonight short show. We could go to 2 AM I'm telling him this one of those nights we could take calls all my long. All morning long on this Tom Brady injury it really nothing gets people fired up like good Tom Brady injury. And unfortunately for the people that are all fired up over the Tom Brady injury I really don't think. It's nearly as bad as we all thought it was maybe six or seven hours ago. I don't know what you guys personally. I agree the large sigh of relief when I started reading and listening to the multiple media reports coming out that Tom Brady looked pretty good practice today. Because again you know you went from one extreme to the other listening to Tom Brady's press conference he said one thing. The information coming out of Foxboro. From the guys that watched him practice today was wildly different. So I'll take what they had to say media says the optimist in me but after watching and covering this team and new England sports here for as long as I have. I've seen this team manipulate the media time and time again even if you think that it's the smallest. The smallest of advantages that. The patriots may receive by. By not giving that the media what they're looking for eight in no matter what the but the baseline is for that in this case it happens to be the Tom Brady injury whether it was the flea gate whether it was in injury that say hightower didn't make a difference what. The story was or what that you know with a baseline was. The game has always been the same with the patriots they are not gonna go up there be forthcoming. With the information it's just how they operate. So again what we saw today was. Patriots MO it's what they've always done. So for people to be all up in arms and surprised about the lack of information coming out of Foxboro today it's just eight. It should be a surprise you guys have all watched this team and watch how they operate for a very long time. As have all of us here right. And today was no different it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night there's room for you would 6177797. 937 back out to the phones we go let's go to Ben bands in Connecticut Ben you're next up here on Sports Radio WEI. Hey Patrick oriented than its own on them. I do what nick 3.2 one about the element about the actual scheme to get tricking you got to retreat at school yeah let's element. All yeah I completely agree that you lucky I hope they re equally this. Doesn't come to lighted and took a bad karma I don't think it will affect you get wired and all a little bit charity. You know he received guard caught and Welker patriots had a gas and while I don't think it's gonna make a difference at all attracted they're gonna come. Whether it's in deterred or not I don't I don't think it's an hour. I don't think it will affect the gamblers planned well the armed creek nuclear point gonna wanted to be true opinions on work. Even if Brady's hand water curtain it was perfect. I think that it is either going to be worn Bible with an acting perk it's going to be the expected to finish up the ball on their go anyway. Because it didn't run heavy offense even without the injured. Definitely I think it's going to be out. It ought to market could be the X-Factor mini note before he got hurt it is that in the Pittsburgh game and he you know Google pretty big you can be expected that it would you know. You know it's going to be a national coming out party and it actually was to put. On the other lightly about that the last thing before I shut up since he is. What you think about the patriots front four in what about them having it coming out party. What last week of duke or could be tried for the patriots. Actually get bored look on the ground for five. You know I'm glad I'm glad you brought that up then because it's been something that nobody's talked about this week unfortunately the whole Brady injury happened and and all the sudden people start talking. About the game but you're right the Patriots defense. Specifically their front four. Or awesome last week and the question really becomes at this point is that something that they can repeat I mean I think it is because if you look at with the patriots have done all season long defensively. They've gotten better as the season's gone along right and here they are peaking at the right time so. Personally I think the patriots front four. Has got a real shot here to be difference makers in this game. Don't forget though I mean the Jackson got an incredible offensive line so they can have their work cut out for them there's zero doubt about that. But that's something we can do here as well I mean I know got the full phone lines right now talk more Brady's hand is the dominant story here. But if you're done with the conversation about Brady's hand by all means. We can talk about the game two it seemed to me that. Patriots fans were. A little bit too optimistic this week prior to the greedy hand injury I mean I listen to call after call after call it took them here. On Monday night let's hear from 10 PM to 2 AM on Monday and we took calls all all night long from people that are. Already planning their trip to the soup double. And overlooking. This Jacksonville team and to me just you cannot do that for a multitude of reasons but. It's NFL football we've seen stranger things happen I continue to go back to the 2010. Game against the jets. I mean that that was a game where everything goes all laughable game everybody thought for sure the patriots but the jets are just going to be another steppingstone for the patriots and what happened. We all know what happened patriots lose that jets of all teams in rule would have fourteen and two season so stranger things have happened before. So even before this whole injury to Brady's hand happen. Yet but the patriots for. We're gonna win this thing and Iraq home again and they're clearly the superior team. But for people that were picking this this is going to be a laugher. Amendment of the line came out immediately following the patriots game last week that the first line was nine and a half points I thought that was awfully high. This jags team is built to be a great defensive team this jags team is built to give quarterbacks like Tom Brady fits it's what they've. It's why they'd been successful this year. They certainly haven't been successful because of their offense they certainly haven't been successful because of their quarterback. They've been successful because their defense is elite. In the patriots at times have struggled against the lead defense is so it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night is room for you at 617. 7797937. Back out to the phones we go to go to Tim Tim's and break it Tim you're next up here on Sports Radio W yet. Eight what a couple of our wounded or get to a couple picked weights and that is get like you had mentioned 2010. Talk radio across the city was saying about the Broncos let her go only to a Denver I mean what Google apple open goes looking past decade. It was it was a foregone conclusion as I remember at all is pretty much convinced that there and Europe are located mini. Yeah because netting about they're throwing ducks in and people thought that he was a joke and what happened. That the Broncos played stout elite defense and and really gave the patriots fits. Exactly so that being said in order to a couple of record that is. If you put any stock. You belly check you know set of votes having to trade. Jeanne EG. Then you rate the way you look at. More apt to mentioning. Britney being injured you're right you little. Quicker to mention things like that. Then in the past year to needy. Ever little bitter about Catholic a slight little pig navy to anyone. That important in. You know hey look you know at EG we might be looking at on the terrible considering there are other quarterbacks. In the playoff. Well to him yet I don't know you finish but that's gonna be real interesting if the patriots are to lose this thing this weekend right. It'll be real interesting to see and hear what Belichick has to say that because at that point that's gonna be when he says that if he wants to give. A slight to Robert Kraft. For forcing and that's what happened. That's when it's gonna come out I think Belichick is disciplined enough. Not to lead to a distraction like that get in the way of preparation for the AFC championship game but in this and it's this thing is over the patriots come out of losing end and he feels like they wouldn't have lost. If they still had grapple oh. Watch out that's what I can get explosive. I I would love it great you're but I think that we're not gonna hear anything till Belichick is retired because. You always. Reached you know distractions that would stretch and even in the opting to I think we're gonna hear tell law until it's also a bit because that would go against pretty much. Is art career saying you know distractions distractions. Get him out of the way so that instead of having ordered an agent is. The attention. That this quadruple injury is getting right now it would spoke it's. His hand in glove work on that club. There is branding right there aren't a problem. Yeah is birdie latched in need breaking down and and they met in my arms. Stock of percentage and the arts a loner not look so. It may need everyone is seen here he would enact a problem bet that logo. Try the last 72 hours so any advertising strike. Sneaking. In the last three days or are they in the last three years. He's got money or animal doctor and even you know you don't guard privately you know what he cracked mr. inside out that Nike emblem. So nick there. Even at it no injury. At a little bit. Thinking about life after football so that's you know this ordinance and Nat and back great show I also like in the kitchen light you get sort of what sort shows there. It's all it's a Friday night shipped here it only goes to midnight and listed is Davis Jose about don't you McCall tweet him email him at you want to show to go to I'll go to. I don't wanna get suckered out at two more hours but I'll take what I can get. The fact is I'm very grateful person I'm grateful to be here but if they wanna throw another couple hours at me on Friday nights by Al means I'd be happy to take them. I've let go of the need for sleep along time ago. And every time I come in here it's like a dream come true for me and I am a DD little kid so. By Al means wanna have you know 2 o'clock wanna have murals 6 o'clock I don't care also yes each. And every single time it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I like. That conspiracy theory I did I I don't know it's true I don't I can buy into it I don't know Tom Brady is that. I just don't know he's that deep when it comes to. His own branding and OP takes that seriously but maybe he does. Maybe the gloves at this point or overkill today just to get his brand and under armour a little bit more TV time. I can believe a lot of stuff when it comes to the patriots they really can't because. Every single thing that we have learned about how professional teams operate here in Boston here in New England the patriots operate differently. And they win so nobody questions. But could you imagine but the Celtics of the ninety's when they were just god awful if Rick Pitino and out there and he operated the same way that Bill Belichick operates. The reason might Rick Pitino got such a long leash around here. Was because he knew how to ham it up with the with the media and the immediate feel special. You played that game as well as any. But could you imagine during the down period for the Bruins or the toppled down periods the Red Sox if they went out there and they treated the media the way the patriots do. It would never fly because the patriots are perennial winners they can get away with it it's it's kind of cool to think about it because they really push the envelope. I just not sure that they push it back for where it's more about the branding more about the TB twelve emblem the under Robert emblem on the glove. That would take a serious set of stones from Tom Brady and from Guerrero put. Who knows maybe that's the case it's Sports Radio WEEI it is late night let's squeeze one more in here before the break. Let's go to Dennis Dennis is an ass Sarasota Venice you wanna talk about something that we talked about last week on the show. Yes I was a human and record in this study out there. Yup in prison bulk quantity to miss I know many many times and I have printed a they get at it it didn't have. And and then at that doctors are Tacoma. I'm gonna write that down yeah. Yeah I and you see the act in a teapot in the dark diplomatic grain grain. Clone. And that that he'll come up. Take and it and it talks about. At a lot of people don't have the quote they have LEX Susie. Well I will lie. I'll check it out Dennis you know and I appreciate the phone call unfortunately you know right now I'm up against it because of the break but that's something I will check out. And on and I were a mural 2 o'clock well means we go back to the crohn's thing from one to two. And I I do appreciate you taking the time to let me know a look at the study. This Sports Radio WEEI one powered down on late night one hour ago we come back I want to take more these calls on Tom Brady's hand and I do want to get into towards the end of the program. The whole thing whether Isiah Thomas and Paul Pierce came to a head this week and nobody paid attention to it. But Isiah Thomas backed out of the whole tribute at the Boston guarded during Paul Pierce's retirement ceremony I. He went on Twitter he said you know what Tomas you aren't you attribute because the way too much noise and attention and I don't want to get attention away from Paul Pierce. The question really becomes now. Jalen Rose went on TV any call Paul Pierce heady to his face. DePaul peers come out on the losing end this thing palatable that would you guys coming up as well it is Sports Radio W yeah. Peace he's late night. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard fact let's get it going would Patrick Gilroy. College Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night right here on Sports Radio. WEP guys Patrick Gilroy here would you for the next ourself. Still about the 6177797. To 937 it takes the program 379. B 37 you found me on Twitter Matt Gilroy. On hoops at. Gilroy on who is continuing to talk about the patriots and jaguars coming up this Sunday the AFC championship game I think a lot of that has got lost. In the Brady news over the course last 444872. Hours and by all means that's been the dominant story. Over the week. This game really does come down to the Patriots offense immerses the jaguars defense. If the patriots the biggest rate of their team of course is their offense and if that offense is neutralized. Does that then give the jags. That much more an opportunity to commit here and do what they do best. And I think some of the conversations been lost this week because of the Brady hand injury the over analyst Haitian of the Brady hand injury but it's something I'm guilty of as well. Guilty to the point where I mean I got my own conspiracy theories and welcome yours but today it's as simple as this. Tom Brady injured his hand in practice or really cheered his hand in practice I think that is that a key part of this whole story that we're really leading out. Clearly and we talked about it here on WB EI for the last five or six weeks clearly Brady did not look right the last 56 weeks of the season. And now these reports stories coming out that may be he had an injury to that finger at that hand. For the last five or six weeks of the season and then during the the bye week he had enough time it started to heal up and and he re aggravated it in practice this week. Hence the need for the MRI is indeed additional. I'd taken the additional pictures just to confirm that. There wasn't something structural wrong there so I think there's a lot that goes into the story. But for me everything that I needed to see it here today happened. Our letter of 3 o'clock 4 o'clock this afternoon whenever that press conference was we're Tom Brady went out there and he had the gloves on. But he's full of smiles but he says he's not sure he's playing. Seemed a little bit off to me. And and a half an hour 45 minutes later the reports start coming out that Tom Brady practiced today. All those reports are wildly different from the reports that we got yesterday right yesterday Tom Brady couldn't practice so in 24 hours he went from unable to practice. Non participants in yesterday's practice to what not only did he participate but the reports were pretty universal that he looked good he looked like Tom Brady. So yeah I understand. That someone out there he met the media. He did his his duty because he's obligated to do that. But ultimately he gave the media he gave the jaguars he gave us nothing right. Ed he actually said that he wasn't a 100% sure he was gonna play on Sunday he gave people nothing. Then the reports came out and gave us something and to meet those reports made a lot more sense it all comes back down to it Brady was really that hurt. And the patriots would have known this yesterday today this is not late breaking information right what we know. Vs what the patriots though are two entirely. Different things we think we know what's going on but we've got no idea. The patriots do and if they thought that Tom was that hurt where there was a real possibility that he might not play in this game or maybe that might not be able to finish a game that he starts. Then they would have had to have gone. And picked up. Another backup quarterback off the scrappy somebody that's capable of going in there and at least throwing the ball occasionally. You don't could go down to the AFC championship game with one healthy quarterback on your roster that doesn't. Speak to me as something the patriots would do this that team that has prided itself on preparation. Over the course of this dynasty run that they've been on. Right preparation has been the one constant theme of one common thread between this patriots team year over year over year we've got personnel changes. You've got people coming going players coming in going. But you've got Brady belly check and their philosophy. And their philosophy has always been centered in what in preparation. And if anything. Bill Belichick would feel this need to be ultra prepared. If he thought that there was even a chance a small chance that Tom Brady wasn't going to be able to play in this game. But Didi go up there and pick up another quarterback that eagle up beneath it was even any talk about the patriots bring in quarterbacks for workouts there was none of that. Because ultimately I think in Belichick's mind in Brady's mind. Brady's availability to play in this game was never seriously. In doubt it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night is room for you at 617. 7797937. Back out to the phones we go to Brian Price and Turner's falls. Brian you're next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. And how the corridor was a run. Sorry you're. Door in the report and on the bottom on the broken hand the two weeks ago yeah I I did read on the way here today yet. Okay so. They were saying how are like we six weeks seven. That's where my. Brady started. You know having issues or might. Falling differently in getting up differently. Which you know it's a late. Something we're looking at issue with a hand. Yet OK so the fact make any sense when you think about. Don't dollar check trading. Away garrote blow at least eight. Yes and all right because then it goes back to. Was that the trade of grapple with something that was mandated from a top. Right because if topic at Kraft told Belichick you've got no choice well then they're gonna do it anyways I'm not sure that's what happened but. This whole grapple O trade the timing of it and then when you take it into that the conversation the timeline laid out. By four and and by the way it is video evidence of what importance talking about because you can see Brady pushing up with a forearm. And it and not a not a hand anymore so there is something to it. But ultimately ultimately doesn't it give credence to the story that may be that the trade came. Let's talk. No actually it dotted black at the same time. If you think about which are shared source. Its story and his source. If you got their sword that's so in tune with the patriots. Why wait what why did we sham have nothing to say about this broken hand. It's a great question it's a great question you'd you'd at that point that would have been the bombshell in the story. Right and that would tie everything together it would see it it makes you question everything Brian it absolutely does. Right and I'll lacks saying. C average out yesterday. The average out with pretty average yet an opportunity to go out there and and really lead his team and he didn't and that I was thinking about Lou Maloney well I was watching the game it was a bad night. I appreciate the call Bryant they'll be as straight to the program via I found myself. Watching the game really you know. Anytime you lose to Philly and a Phillies have better team this year I don't care carries playing or not. You should loosen the sixers in the number one seeded Boston Celtics were reason and you've got to be able to overcome the loss of your best player occasionally. Right and what really made me sick about that game last night and I can't talk about the Celtics sixers during AFC championship week again. What made me sick was the last 34 minutes. The Celtics decided to put him. This great effort on the offense and defense event and what happened they came back up within seven had an opportunity to get within four with a minute ago. They were able to go out there and look like the Celtics for the short period of time. They should've won that game going away instead. They they lose to Philly and it's disheartening. And Al Horford had an opportunity to step up and be great and lead the team and he didn't take advantage of that. And that really puts me in a bad light and people that support Al Horford it hates us and a badly. Because it lends credence though. Guys like the baloney they call on average and sometimes Al Horford is his own worst enemy. Because he doesn't take advantage of the opportunities that are given to. The Celtics tried to force feed Al Horford the ball he wanted no part of it. So you have to think that if your Celtics then you your best hope here this is an you know some great. NBA analysis. You just you can't afford to lose. Carrier ring because he's the engine it makes an entire thing Ron. And you get a different Al Horford when carries on the floor because carries energy in the style in which he plays is infectious and if you don't have that out there that I'm sorry Al style becomes infectious and everybody sort of slows it down out there and the mirror now and that is not a recipe for success for the Boston Celtics it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Ryan Patrick Gilroy 617. 7797. 937 back out to the phones Eagles got a mark marks in New Hampshire market next up here on Sports Radio. W thank you let's them mark. Element to comment and I'll hang up and what your response. I don't think it's anything wrong with radiate all has anybody seen a picture of it. Thumb hurts and. They've been really cool way about that haven't they there's not much I run out there. You know he each other up in the press conference he would two loans non I don't demanding Harlem. All right thank you. That's they're not here yeah winter I'm all for twenty minutes it has nothing wrong without clearly you know there's something something happened. Clearly I think we should all be able to agree that there's something happened to Tom Brady this week otherwise he would have practiced yesterday he didn't practice. On Thursday of AFC championship week for a reason. Because clearly he was either injured or re injured and I I do think it was more re injury that just straight injury. It would make sense though that. It was this cut with the massive amounts of blood is the quote that I read today. That would make sense with him not play yesterday because you wanna give that cut time to heal and give those stitches time to heal. And if the stories are true that he got the stitches yesterday and today he was able to go out there and perform all that that would make the story's true that it was a cut that was the issue not so much. You know muscle damage or ligament damage because to me. That would take longer to heal but if you stitch that thing up. And you Wear the gloves to protect the skin. You should be good to go and I think that was what we saw today at practice that's what the reporter saw today at practice. That I even a couple of the patriots players I think DR Lewis said that Tom Brady looked great today so even some of the players went out there in this sort of broke code. And they reported on on Tom Brady looking good and and looking like lumbering. And ultimately that's all we want. We just want to hear about Tom Brady looking like Tom Green he doesn't have to do anything else to go be yourself. And that's more than enough for the patriots to get out of there with a victory that he gets two weeks off without opportunity for what ever went wrong without hands. To heal itself and that's what the patriots are in the mindset of doing they wanna go out there and bide their time and by Tom Brady some time. To Tom's gonna get out there and find a way to play and play very well and after the reports that came out of practice today I am very confident that that's. Ultimately what will see from Tom Brady is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night let's squeeze one more in before the break. Let's go to Paul Paul's in Westfield call your next up here on Sports Radio. W yeah. Mean you you could call an amendment. I wanna give us this year and Brittany. I compliment and thank you to the girl that stood today it written that. Apple Larry that's of course. And there's a special place you know for people like him girls and what you happens world championship dignity and pride and published aren't huge are geared siding with distracting the college certainly complained they told the girl. Are you medically going to be on the team to back out there I have two quick comments. Some people get so angry as they get old traditional bitter they. Have a realistic expectations. And a bitter dissatisfaction. With depletion light. Sometimes it's classic motion carries over to where they are looking used in generating energy as. Grow ocean jumped and they didn't. Had initially moved away we never seen or rapists this for a decade it. That baffles me well that's a part of. Sort bottle only finish and that's the part of story that just blows my mind it wasn't like. This pervert got caught on the first or second attempt here right the heat he did he did it for a decade and found a way to get away we detected its mind blowing to me. And that billionaire guy that hardy guy achieve what I have to explain what went. When people would religions say bless your work you've been here at the earth. Alleged begins of people at a sense of love Italy camaraderie they actually have to work you get by these people that show well he is a good doctor Patrick with a broad mind and so internally bankrupted so what we'd. Look at that the I don't mind is that devil's workshop and we shouldn't sit idly by and allowed happened. Listen volley appreciate the phone call bringing a sense of real reality to the program tonight and it if you didn't see it today encourage everybody to. To read about its watch the video Alley rise men in the rest of her Olympic team the gym this. Really laid into their doctor publicly today told them where to go on how to go there it was inspiring and it was a touch of real life. It in a world it where everything seems a little bit more broken than it used to be. And in a week here in New England will Roth sort of focus in on Tom Brady and the importance of his hand being right. And the importance of this patriots team making their way to another Super Bowl in short it's all ultra important to us. When were thinking about it at any given moment. Right but it was nothing compared to. What Allie did today what her teammates did today we're talking about a decade's worth of abuse to these girls. And the worst parties this guy represented the country this guy was that the doctor and trainer for the country's team. And this didn't happen in some Third World country happen right here in her own backyard for some reason he was allowed to get away with it for over a decade. So for all the trouble that Tom Brady's hand has given us for all the the worry that we felt here in the last 4448 hours. Over Tom Brady over the injured and the injured finger which version of Tom Brady will we get this weekend. I think that what happened today. And watching and listening to to Alley and her teammates really began tell that trade or where to go how to go there and seeing. How inspiring they were because of their strength really. With something that that I needed to see today because it brought everything back to reality for me and really showed us how. Unimportant this weekend's game is in the grand scheme of things sodas Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. Continuing what your phone calls when we come back at 6177797937. You do realize now that week this group of women you so heartless if he is ever such a long period of time. Are now sports and you like nothing. The tables have turned Larry we are here we have hardly says and we are not going anywhere. And now Larry it's your turn to listen to me. There is no map that shows you the pathway to healing. Realizing that you're survivor at sexually abuse it's really hard to put into arts and magic feeling like he had no power and no place. Well EL Larry I have both power and blazed and I only beginning to guess he's that in. All these great women have power and you will use their places to make sure you deadly heat is there a light that's suffering spent weeks playing the words delivered. But this powerful army that's that I had to. We Gilroy is talking pack Sox b.s and c.s right now. EI. It is Sports Radio. WEEI Patrick Gilroy here. Fight the problems that tough and pats these. Red Sox and sees bright but we've done so much football here the last few weeks and it's been so much fun. And I really hope that. We get to continue doing this for the next three or four weeks I really do we've got plenty of time to talk about the Celtics and believe me we will every Friday night that I am here. And that's my schedule shift I always get some other stuff along the way but you guys can count on me to be here on Fridays and we will do some really cool stuff when it comes to the Celtics. After the Super Bowl and that's when the Celtics season is really gonna get started in earnest anyways because at that point we'll have the trade deadline to talk about. Post all star break going into march and April the playoffs it's going to be so much fun right now. The patriots are what really it is driving the train here in new England and unfortunately. We're stuck talking about Tom Brady's hand instead of which talking about Tom Brady and how great he is. At forty years old and you know the MVP season that he had and his return to form last week which was. Needed and refreshing to see right we didn't. Get a chance to talk about all that this week we really had to get going in earnest talking about that hands. And it's not gonna stop so he got sick of hand talked today your hand Todd yesterday it's gonna continue all day tomorrow and all day on Sunday leading up to. And Peru. The AFC championship game is just it is the reality of the situation Tom Brady's hand is the most famous hand on the planet right now and everybody. We they camera is gonna try to be the first one to get again good up close picture of that injured hand. So at some point we can talk about what's happening to Tom with some baseline of facts because right now. It's all based in speculation. And it's all based in you know depending on who you read who you believe. And what reports are true. Because if you believe Tom Brady. From Tom Brady's press conference today then you know he did it sound all that optimistic that he was gonna even play this weekend. Right that's how he made it sound so here you coming in. From another planet and you don't over the patriots are and you haven't watched them for the last 1517 years whatever it's bad. If you don't know their MO and all you do is trust the player. Who speak to part of the might it get you gotta they're right out. What. Is it. Will seek he couldn't even commit to you know all of the start the game we'll see how I do. I got to play in the game will see couldn't. It's a bunch of answers island hole basically all. There's nothing he did it it was not one complete sentence from country that's sick and that was all done by design. But again you get. What Tom gave you which was nothing and then you get. Stories completely contradicting. What was coming out of that Brady press conference today and those are all the stories that we've talked about tonight the media reporting that. Tom ready practice today which is a definite improvement over yesterday yesterday he did not practice and in the media reporting that you practice and he looked like Tom Brady. It than zip on the ball. Those of their words not mine I wasn't there so at this point. I'm feeling a little bit better as a patriots fan I'm feeling a little better right now that I was 24 hours ago and certainly better than I was twelve hours ago we'll see how good I feel as the weekend moves along here and hand talk and Sports Radio. WEEI. Continue sort of Sports Radio WEEI. There's room for you guys up until midnight tonight at 6177797. To 937 it is late night he takes the program at 37. 937 you found me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy who have to go back out to the phones let's go to Steve Steve's in Florida Stevie next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Our catcher how good Steve what's on your mind them. Well it's like and everything else you want to get Smart or more out when it got quiet at. Crowds all on top add I am. I even though like adults tablet I've been reimbursed all ten years I eat pot or nightmares she tied it. If you are ever meet anybody. Ask questions are not a each search. But I am Qichen Micah. Our meals only one or you want literacy. Side are you on Twitter. Are not. My FaceBook I'm not the most no person in the social media. We hang out what we what we hang up call that indeed Jeff you're information and I'll I'll I'll see a message and we'll talk about it and I appreciate that. I closure. And lucky. Something at the end. In the end so so. I mean I don't a degree so I had surgery. I couldn't be better now and I don't take medication. Now I like it. I eat out all right in law and I appreciate that the man once adamant about the game. What about the game and then I want to bring one shall. Make by a slow game I just love the fact that. If it was not. The jets talked about ears or they think at the story which. They are you so much on a mine and I think that works in the patriots. Without a doubt I mean yeah so bad in my church each are not especially with this I mean they're thinking at all. The short and not that I just think it at all wondering and we all know that that's actually helps pitchers Sherlund another initial focused on. Something that it should be focused on they should be focused on getting ready and that our judgment that adage. Interest in running out. There's some bank and yet I think new at some point. And that dimensional in. It's not it's not me now you know clearly something happened. I have a guest on the Charlie idyllic and and you look at what you want it to the best law the on the travel agent I and they get. Yesterday. From Connecticut. Strict all the salt and. Now that he thought that the church where I can you not need to make it. It's its own and how people. That the pictures always. And that is just cringe. There was something there because of that doubt he would Sacha. Competitor without a doubt he'd want to be octave track and not playing games with the jag is media. Of course and of course it you know they had to adjust on the fly this weekend now this is this is the way they're handling it. But you know Thursday is a very important day of practice and I'm sure killed the competitor in Tom Brady not to practice yesterday Steve real quick what's your Celtics thought. Well my Celtic tiger is not boats Paul Pierce who I don't think our children. To go there cold by. The Celtics as rich yet but I want a lot of people talk about and I'm not hold you I think some are shoot forty. Not this past week one the great chocolate afterwards or lightly hurt. Anything about it being if you were alive watching shout action just Wear it scavenge. It was a late sixties into the seventies and and it was he was we were usually gentleman he was a great Celtics in every. Where the word and this week in of course with this eight C championship and other even when people could talk tropics. I have not heard item acute and which I have not heard anything about the great Joseph Joseph like you came from cancer won a national championship. An endless search it's fantastic. So again I think if I am much use one of spread are actually the players and a chat that's a the direction of young yeah every one but nowadays that. It's sort of injured young though sometimes the cricket brain cancer and all people who remember watching your age. He was just it sure to watch. And the center of it Steve it and I'll tell you what if you could if he could be in the studio right now when you look at my notebook I'd planned on closing the show and I still will talk about Jo-Jo in the last segment because you're right nobody thought about Jo-Jo white adult and you know it it's tough. It's AFC championship week end. The best football player on the planet. Has got a major injury that we have to talk about the thing is the end at you know I too appreciate the call and of course reminding everybody about Jo-Jo but. Here's the thing when it comes to general. The paper that the Celtics that are really classy thing they put. His Jersey. On his seat and a dozen white roses on his seat they say what do you mean his seat. Took a light up until the very end. Was that every single Celtics home game he was one of these Celtics ambassadors and he was the nicest guy you could ever imagine. When I first started working over there consistently. 2001. Inch and tojo was a fixture there then the Celtics were all that good eight EU remained a picture up until last season. I ate each and every home game and as an ambassador it it's your job to be personable and to be willing to. Take pictures with the fans and he sat out there amongst the fans know seats were really good. But he set out there amongst the fans and took pictures with the fans. Talked all time basketball with the fans but was was really cool about it I don't. Was that he also showed up. At practice quite a bit. And was one of these links to Celtics past that I think helps guys like Isiah Thomas and his short two and a half years here. Isaiah with one of these guys that wanted to soak up. All of the Celtic board that he could. And Jo-Jo is a guy that helped deliver that lower to him when you look at a guy like Paul Pierce and he'll mention this I'm short on February 11 when they raised its banner. Paul Pierce is all kinds of great video calls a youngster. 98992000. With him and ran out back soaking up everything that he could from red. Called delta of very strong friendship almost a father son type friendship with Tommy Heintz and over the years because Tom is one of these guys that would. Travel with Paul quite a bit and you know sort of inflicts on his knowledge about the game and about the Celtics franchise. On DePaul and it becomes such a part of who these players are where they finish their careers here in Boston they go on elsewhere it's such a key important part. Of the Boston Celtic experience because now these players go. And they can explain its few other guys potential free agents trade targets and it keeps the history of the Celtics lore alive. And it's really a very cool thing you'd go yet. In other franchises and it was very sad this week siege Odeo passing away. We knew we had brain cancer. Last year the last we heard was that he was fighting it. And there hasn't been many updates this year up until the news that he did pass away and 71 Steve by the way is very young. Is very young especially for a guy that up until the last year looked like he could still get up their play if he wanted to he looked like you was in phenomenal shape and he was somebody that. Physically and mentally I don't know what what happened the last six months but I saw him at guard and a few times last year physically and mentally he was still. Every bit of Joseph Joseph like. Up until last year so his Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night when we come back we've still got twenty minutes for you so don't worry John innate it'll take your phone calls and your calls as well at 6177797. And 93760. More with Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio tell you. Guy. Final segment. Late night here. To turn things overdue that ESPN radio. At midnight tonight I'm sure our friends at ESPN will continue to keep you updated on the Brady and injured. And whatever else the guy coming appeared in an all weekend long here in Sports Radio WEEI it is wall to wall coverage. Of this patriots AFC championship game. Look. I started the show by saying this and I'll close the show by saying as well. With that without this hand injury right we've talked a lot. Over the last 34 weeks here about Tom Brady about Jimmy drop below about whether it was the right. Move to trade grapple we're not with the reasons are for trading route low who was the person that was driving the drop below train. To be to be traded out of here wasn't just a matter of finances and timing yeah idea do you rate and it the reason why grapple continues to come up. Reasons like this. Now this injury has nothing to do with Tom's age. He can cut your finger hurt your finger whether you're twenty or forty doesn't matter. But we've talked a lot this year about Tom Brady's age about how incredible. He's been all season playing at an MVP level for the majority of the season and by the way if this whole story pans out. That that Brady played with a broken finger for a considerable period of time this season and still put forth a and BP effort his legend only grows right. But. He's forty years old healthy or not TB twelve method or not. We're not gonna get. As patriots fans that many more ticks that we can't hear AFC championship game with a chance to go to the Super Bowl. So gate yacht is sit back and enjoy whatever happens on Sunday. And of course we all shared the same hope that the patriots come out and we'll click the patriots and punch another ticket to the super ball. If only because the morning shall be held a lot of fun the whole story with you Marie Martin who's going who's not going. Who still went six to ten I just hope on the recipient of some more ten to two shows that's on terror and I don't care who hosts what shift. As long as it means that there's a ship opened for me at the end of the day I don't care who goes where. But. We've taken this team for granted over the course of last fifteen years because it goes by enabling. And now Tom Brady's forty years old healthy or not injured hand or not. Whether it's one more year or two more years three more years whatever it may be. These kicks the can to put yourself in a position to be and another Super Bowl. He makes this one it will be eight Super Bowls that's just a staggering number. And I don't think that will have wherever gonna see this level of dominance in the NFL or especially here in New England for the remainder of our lifetimes. And it's all coming to an end sooner rather than later so just you know it's all done by an oblique take a step back this weekend. You're one of the final four teams left playing kind of a big deal. And you got a real opportunity injured hander not you are the superior team you're playing at home. The patriots should be able to punch their ticket. To another Super Bowl it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night there's still some room for you 617. 7797937. Back out of the phones ago. Let's go to Nathan eakins and Coventry at the Unix up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Hey Angela what's a bit. I want you won't like this week and could well the first on. A black reached. What was going on in the world. You know how to import export is one thing and they all update by your side. It's nice to hear you reaching out and you know made sure everything is actually going. Can appreciate that. Two. Ability of these I. On the CNN personal and I mean I'd love the pictures sanitized and I think everything they'd lose. I think he's definitely out of warriors. The hand injury doesn't worry me too much. I think they're still gonna probably go to the Super Bowl if not a limit. Com. But if they come into play. And we only have 34 more years are greedy. Maybe. Bomb. We need to bring another court Beckett well you're right and that's the key here is gonna take years with hung. With the first thing we do I mean honestly for the team but specially the one of their biggest pickup points and the next harassed it's not that next week. Well it will be date it was and I appreciate the kind words and the phone call on the up against it here at the patriots will absolutely. Address their need for another legitimate backup quarterback in the draft. But the be plenty of time to talk about that and I think that you're right if Brady's got let's say two or three years left. Wald and suddenly you're timing works out perfectly where the timing didn't work out perfectly. With problem unfortunately ages didn't I think that. Bill Belichick said as much when they drafted drop low remember that night they talked about Brady's agent his contract situation is he 3637 at the time. And at that point. I don't think anybody could have envisioned Tom Brady playing in an MBP level at forty years old. So you figure you got to three years of tutelage under Tom Brady and you hand the reins over to grapple low if he panned out the way that Bill Belichick thought he would lo and behold. Rob Lowe seems to have panned out. The way that Belichick thought and hoped he would and fortunately for Belichick or fortunately no matter how you look at it here. Brady is also continued to perform at a Tom Brady level and for as long as Tom Brady's able to perform. And perform this incredibly high level there is no room for. Jimmy ground below or anybody else for that matter you know it's Tom Brady's job. To lose it a Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy room for you at 6177797937. Back out to the phones. Let's go to John John's in Maine and John next appearance Sports Radio. WEEI. I I let ER IR RE. Patriots go Portman. I though jaguar EE alert and that you were are better. At. It jag I had better uniform and the age. And I quiet have a better home record in London that age. You really reach you know just. But yeah I like that they're gonna go to war that they were gonna win back the call the okay. You got and it didn't edit those series and I encourage you John to take whatever you have in your savings account eagle laid on the jags you know people that call in with a with a hot take. I like that you gotta I take mean okay going to go there. They can all outstrip an LLC to get some sort of a loan against your house some sort of home equity line. And put all the jaguars and then called meet next week. And tell me how that worked out for its Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night still room for you at 6177797937. Back out to the phones. Let's go to Brian Brian in South Boston Brian units appear on Sports Radio W yeah. Pretty good evening Brian. I've wanted to thank you can view. Feel great routes you about that truck through. Now he runs and in the other. Women that came out and yeah. They just all got together. And put that. Oh yeah I know you wanna say we always like this and unfortunately the FCC won't let us and I think we all share this and I know put in but do you wish could. In board rooms preview schools to do. Put into and so I think you can you were. You. You would. Can you were kind of late night and you'll chew. At another good candidate correct yes yet you know what is so I mean you are a very good role model for. Men and that's. Really don't need. And I also. Try to be that we as well let's listen. When should be you know. Times queens true. You know and not not. They do feel like some O'Brien I listen about. Against that I appreciated I appreciate the kind words and your right who women are these should be you know thought of this as queens and respected and I hope if he had a honest moment when my wife for my daughter they would say nice things about the way that I treat them as well let's squeeze in one more here before the break let's go to Brendan Britons and Fall River Reynolds and in my meant. Quick question did. You pick a number one defense that we that. We're locked down qualifier into your lawn he lit them up it is. Yet even though Tom Brady out of pocket and do we get to compare it to quarterback like I'm pretty Biggio. It's kind of tough it's it's tough because when you look at the situation the 49ers were in write that win ground below got there. They were so god awful they had nothing to lose so we say good he'd go up their play free and easy. And I know that the jaguars are playing for something in that game they're still playing that to make the playoffs so matter to them. But it's I wanted to do this I wanted to have this conversation tonight I actually wrote on a list. Of reasons why should reasons why I shouldn't it's just hard for me to compare the two and an even level. When ultimately. He had the advantage of going out there in just throwing the ball around but nothing to lose. I want to know like. I want it operated period. It is eat healthy and like. I'm the least amount of terrible that it was possible or at least. Debate between the Q quarterback or Richard what's one. And I appreciate it right I got to get out of here it's time ago enjoy the weekend here enjoy the game Sports Radio W guys gutsy guys covered all weekend long. And don't forget we've got the game coming up right here Sunday right here Sports Radio W ya.