DHK - The catfishing of Ron Borges; Bob Lamont a dirty agent;  Keefer Madness - Week in Review

Dale & Keefe
Friday, February 9th

Hour 4: What if Nick from Boston is catfishing Kirk & Callahan? Michael cries hypocrisy over Mike Lombardi’s statement that Josh McDaniels did dirty by the Colts. Final Drive is the week in review for the week that just wouldn’t stop giving huge stories.


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There yeah. Fourth and final hour dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI. As we were saying last hour what we can spend. I mean it goes back to obviously what happened Sunday night in the loss in the Super Bowl but that every single day this week there's been something new wind different and out of the blue today well it actually appeared last night we first heard about Atlanta I Ron Borges post today a story on line. Basically saying that Tom Brady is gonna cash in. After re such a big problem get this gigantic 137 point five million dollar contract. He's not taken any less anymore he's gonna demand that he gets the same upfront money that rappel got an if he doesn't get it he's gonna sit out OT days. And yet it was a pretty big bombshell story. Tommy Curran was working with Michael last night NBC sports Boston and kind of debunked it almost immediately. Doug tied at NASA and did the same thing this was last night and sort of sit this that that's not what I'm hearing. And it was still it was the front and back page of your Boston Herald when you woke up this morning. Well that brought a call to perking Callahan. On nick from Boston called them and he had a scope. Somebody tweet your. On horses but number. And I felt good performance and I just you don't want to look there are you. And he does what performers. And you're texting him back and forth on and detection for a while you're talking about. Some other dating Taiwan in the hall of Famer Brady or something he did back toward the that Brady's arm as well back and forth. So you were doing this back and forth with gorgeous yesterday afternoon the stuff I just read correct. Yeah and Borges bought it hook line and sinker. We'll get his opponent part full well. Well at all on with the Atlanta portfolio partner all Mkapa called me I'd let them answer. Right for the just let whatever fruit of the Coleman who don't argue. I call the material earlier. And ultimately is going. Yes it's. And I we're gonna let them quote political. News yesterday. It was just last night if you read. You can't afford to go with their parents last in my house. Nick I say something you have assist other men often and love. That's why why did you do this to Borges this is incredible just hate him what did you want I want him. No I really don't care. Obama. And some are just other phone number and you want to screw around them. Did you ever consider doing this to someone the globe. Where there. Under the greatest error yet the shark. Yes it certainly does it certainly could be the biggest boar ever and you can be on the classic note maritimes one. Seoul. As the morning went on about 730 years so herald pulled the story off the website. So one thing at bottom so he called them three times he didn't answer I wondered does without a set off an alarm dollar tale no not in orgies as much now there's the off chance that he has one of those etching machines it's just like the phone number what do they say this is nick a Boston. It wouldn't out of maybe. And this is not done need. If you get to the answering machine if you let it got your get a good what I had to say what that does make leave blood like why. An area and at how about you that a factor for a text from a five await foam. Raids into teaching him and he doesn't leave here also how do you not remember that you weeded out your phone number if you want to Twitter right now and type in Borges phone you'll find his number. We edit it attacks the maverick wrong well. How do you how do you not be aware of that. The net change in number audit audit that's the obvious one but even Edwards used the steps that maybe doesn't get a lot of prank calls maybe a lot of pre tax. But he got a notes in the mix again you got another chance. It was tough just ridiculously lazy this afternoon here. Came out with a statement. They released a statement that probably what was it about three clockers somewhere else isn't very early in the show a short statement I can region the whole thing it's literally three lines quote. A column by Ron Borges in today's herald regarding patriot Tom Brady salary discussions. Was based on information which proved to be faults. The Herald apologizes to Brady is agent Don. Borges says column has been suspended. Pending further review. That they should've just said boy George's has Benz sport say he has he has this column printed it out and out inane. Wealth is there are yet he has he's been suspended. But even on a top although the phone numbers of you guys we have some good points or 50 wait number. You're you're talking to a guy via text when he calls that's another tipoff when when nick and Boston dissent. Hey Ron I literally have twenty seconds what you're twenty seconds I can't answer all the questions I have run for you and twenty seconds. But on top all that you have to go back to Tom Brady. Your hall of fame voter and Boston you are one of the most respected Pope all right nationally nationally he has there wasn't a respected football writer wouldn't be a hall of fame voters. Wouldn't be the guy who makes those are also pleased for our audit practice of I think Nashville so nationally and now one of most respected national football writers. Does this ring true to you that Tom Brady for the first time in this entire career. Guy has been here are starting quarterback in Foxborough since he was 24 years old. Now. On on the doorstep of 41. When he plays nick the 2018 season will be 41 years old finally at the age of 41 he says you don't want. I wouldn't be the highest paid player and football. Why would that how does that seem plausible. From Tom Brady without additional information which you didn't get any he's just mad. But he's so mad about what happened that's why he do when this or whatever if the cinematic it's worse. Tom Brady for the first time saying I want the bigger counter act that happened to Tom bradys they went through a lot of money to secure a mighty fine money not evil it's just the way you perceive it okay so it may be what a lot of money just to make himself feel a little bit better. But he didn't just say that if I don't get the contract albeit OTAs. And it did just say that also said. It made a personnel decision. Now all of a sudden you got shy yeah act the same guy. Who didn't go crazy when. Eight Randy Moss was traded. Deion Branch was traded. Welker went well generality I ever ever came out publicly didn't heated protests then and now now is. Something happens it does this vapid does it make sense just from me out of them sometimes as a columnist you take you got to take your columnist had off. Picture reporter had. Say wait a minute I'm on the beat writer again and Gonzaga and slug it sounds off. More most fans realize that if there are actually expand your totally right people don't get text sources just people you hear that right now. When I heard it last that's that in freak out about it like this this and I'll off and then. You just you wait and then Tommy current and others say it yet that was an opportunist and a different with Arafat. Aren't so nick in Boston told perking Callahan this morning that after not answering the phone on three different occasions he just does that Allah Allah all coal and solid call them. And our assumption and it that by the way I'm not even saying more right but our assumption is. You'd think one would have talked to Don. The effect on you refer to an old friend and they discovered correspondence back and forth. You'd think there would have been some sort of conversation the past so so you think that he know what the voices. So Andy. Took recordings we have of the real Don he. And nick from Boston. And mashed him up to kind of see if if you can tell the difference. I'm was you know giving. Explanations but yeah I think you do a whole lot what. Trigger reviews have not walked over to the cocoon more as his actions and they actually providing a tremendous amount of context about what happens in the locker room and pleading. Preparation compared with them one more here. Or any other matter. Try to hop. A woman that works a major in a question for Don you know salad on the first voice obviously what's the real Don he second voice has gone back and forth was with nick from Boston. But the Michael's point to even if they sounded the exact same and they know they don't but even even if they did use it let me ask you a couple questions I have two things where. Okay Don we'll at this hour I talked. Eckhard tomorrow when do you have time that you think shaft he's gonna have this next week and you read the beach Jeff the a couple of days are up front let's talk on Friday. Your time he's around LA. Does he isn't LA you would know that you did after your homered and oh by the way number in LA. Knowing them Pharmacia. It. It tomorrow can we talk. 10 AM. Your time. Whenever you can get what I'm used the dust Coopers out of an edit because I'll I'll I'll putted it to be in the Sunday herald. Nice but and Sunday just in time for the Sunday Harold and Al polo tweet this thing out notes RTs and on Saturday got a big wouldn't comment on. Sunday. Right. This contract negotiation and and Tom Brady wants to hold out this is a it would be a huge story. It almost loss. Yeah and up as we pointed out and look where it could've blown up here. Is it nick from Boston didn't confess to Kirk and Callahan. If the UV did what he did the story ran nick just goes and hiding and say anything to anybody. I promise you would have been all over ESPN and Bullock some places actually ran with a anyway and then they. Our reports say Brady is prepared to skip OT Angel as he receives a deal similar. I threw a rock for about forty niners report also and he tells Brady insisting Josh McDaniels remain with the team. As the coach in waiting a lot to digest there. DC what's your reaction time that. Landis is nice and juicy. That was attacked. There was Nathan do you feel more can you play more than that's what you were their distinctive by more of that that's from first things first right. Just Tom Brady. Four for so long I mean people didn't know. But people just thought man tambourine man Jesus and he's going go about it just do everything the right way Tom Brady get a little spicy here to in. Yeah trying to get everything out the door all don't know and I know there was something to him starting. A little over a year ago that I won the pleats on 45. This is like he's 3839. Is like we'll put them 45 I mean they've just like George both of the type mature light houses going to happen. But he continued with the momentum Vinny started giving us a sneak peek inside of his life Tom vs time. Food and a dispute with this trainer with New England is far as you know is he gonna work at the building access to the other players. Losing then some to go rob a little stuff came out with quiet afternoon cannot force single drop below out. Topper seemed pretty normal to me seem like a normal NFL player to me now. Because. Player's wife sold out and see in Jimmy drop below go often now become the highest paid. Quarterback with seven starts. Tom Brady into how many single wells sat 88 men to have an eight Super Bowls in his head start so I guess it got started. Our director Chris agritech please don't don't do that don't have that there's I don't like let's say there are picked up and what happens. I don't put this out nobody understands it he's got physiology as well as will rent their time. And the Yankees did a and Michael good did it nick in Boston. While that would balance quite that would happen all day. What I have because I guess they don't pay attention off like. Chris car's track checked all the dots for us. But you're saying there are doubts and got eighteen years yes and on those anyway north Eric's first year of my way let's just let's say well changed his mind. Let's say this is the year he's gonna do okay. Five days after the Super Bowl OTA's goals are for awhile and he got plenty of time here we got a drop this this bomb now. And what that at some alarm bell Beagle and off in your mind to it now. T that a negotiating a contract. Now tell man as it does he wanna be here. Looking toward trade god on. We're winning goal. Reading about Belichick and the Belichick Brady relationship. Our system that's. Tough position BN. It's a mask let's give you one other thing this is Mike Lombardi like us as a podcast. And he was talking about ringer that yes and he doesn't eat meat he was talking about the other huge story this week with about nine of which others you guys are without a night on the road it was it was that Josh McDaniels do you turn. Where he's going to Indianapolis going to be the head coach. Some assistant coaches Marty and hired all of that Mollison not notably us I don't think so he stays here. Supposedly the crafts both Jonathan Robert and and Bill Belichick got together with a long meetings sweeten the pot they convinced him to stay. All Mike Lombardi talked about. What exactly Josh McDaniels has done here. I think about a month so distraught and Bob LaMont try to think it's professional suicide I think John just it's something that you know we can go is to work your word I wanna quote Marleau here remember Marleau from the wire word my name my name's my name you know and so. Which you keep your work to somebody blocked I have you can't say well my family didn't wanna go you you can't say that because. That's not fair. That after you agree that's not fair that as demand you're not teaching your kids. That you weren't sure were. Right would you say I am all win and you shake on it and they walk out your house and you have a deal. You can't turn around and say well I changed my mind there's no changing your mind to impact other people's lives. And I think it's horrible message and Bob LaMont as a client base and there's a lot of coaches in the NFL that are really angry with with. With Josh McDaniels right now for his behavior port what he's done to those coaches who were sick and they're working. We believe that there are a lot of coaches in the NFL or upset when I began its bigger their sum in Detroit. It is yeah there's up and an Indianapolis is a bunch and anabolic coaches care rising it's when owners GMs have to take a look at the year to worth the read there oh look at that and say well why don't want this guy I can't take the end of the impact their lives comet just drives me nuts. Yet it I actually think the one part of this debate that drove me nuts was. The three assistant coaches who signed deals thinking okay I'm going to work with Josh. I'm I'm moving my family a movement are looking for a house in Dallas and it's so the new head coach Tauziat of anything goes to the general manager says it is I don't want umpire. I would be fine with that argument I would be actually vomit the dale I'd be with you. At the same people were criticizing. Impacting lives haven't done the same thing themselves. Into some type away but somehow they think what they're doing is more. Honorable what John's regain did you tell me Mike and Mike Lombardi. Who has been a general manager and hope. In Cleveland is part of a front office in Philadelphia. He's consulted in New England you don't think that god has. Sat down with somebody signed a contract with somebody and then bailed on the proper angle or lack absolutely no pork fat. They cut players Axl I don't know what he has done and he knows it. He knows that he got up in the low dirtier then they'll wet which got three games. Like I don't mind that you don't upset about the holy at all now they actually did it also fair to say yes there are three coaches in three families. Who'll move right now are on what the hell happened here yes. Yes that that that is true. But there is that a lot of the personal judgment in what kind of guy would deal a truck I don't know I don't know a lot of tickets are set to fit I think they don't they stop looking for head coach is he agrees that the job they can't officially hired after the Super Bowl. That there about the higher of their opposite the plane up or music obfuscating about that I don't jump and more that what. That's about the person I want us to personally thought. I respect that you wouldn't trust him because of you don't know it's that there's some unpredictability. From a corporate perspective shore if it if any general manager says I don't wanna hire me again. More power to you that's not a fan got to be cautious yet but now I just I kind of I hesitate with a personal part what kind of person he is we don't know what kind of person he has. I don't know if he if you and that says a lot about your character and I think it says a lot about what's what he probably was going back and forth. Tossing and turning why they don't commit what what that one day one day he decide that hey hey it now on hand cavalierly Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Democrats. Then next started on that one bit then the next day what to get another job. You know the job. I don't think about someone but I bet it did the first of his left belts and I doubled our vision no event or almost backgrounds additional rings and they want a well. And the family has grown and but then the next they may be number three pick in the draft it blew a lot comes back will be armed 85 million dollars in cap space. You go back and forth I think you make that decision. And then new information comes up. Any make another decision but without signing a contract. I I can understand in my heart as a bond or respond to whatever it can't work without. But word is about what's what's stronger your word your verbal agreement or written agreement. Would you sign a contract and controversial Michigan this thing and it cannot and a look at an unusual NFL teams break. Contracts on the time. They are not the people it we have spans say we don't like what Jon Daniels yeah sure we have the right to do it nobody in that league. Can talk about words and contract how you do people that they do people wrong on a daily doing all they can't weekend I don't we. We came right back I don't I don't argue department. NF LP departed head up almost and his wife Chris Ballard and all that all the self righteousness you guys need to sit down each shot up because you don't honor contracts. Ever. Get back to the call some final drive with our week in review was coming on just few minutes as well dale and Holley with teeth. Sports Radio WEEI. They thought Obama had which was because while Obama has spent time they're sending jobs to other people government for the giants to an interview. The government brought up in front of that the Chicago Bears for that you're this or go to the fire that. I thought was about to board his car. Jimmy sexton represented Josh at one time and Josh. Archived section because she felt like. He didn't help we'll get it Janet but she evidently didn't get a head coaching interview you can't have a both ways you don't wanna be a head coach you wanna feed off. Michael Marty on the the rigor podcasts and just say these guys there's only one way. This whole board this story could get weirder than authorities. Here's the only way from up. Nick from Boston lied to curtain Callahan that. Well why would The Herald spend borders because they don't know yet though wouldn't all they have when they ask him good with a sense all of it initially my tax than ever attacks in the skies. I'm gonna need it could be ate it in a minute it's a pretty simple things to fake how techs look at text chain and I would all the time yeah. It's the only way this could get weirder. Is it ultimately it's determined that nick and Boston. Catfish perking Callahan. And not Ron Borges. I don't think there's a great chance that understand that's the only gets Winger. And I also a month month and a purpose. Yeah right if the guy I gotta I gotta sit on the guy who did it. And he's not a guy who did it like any any didn't even do that that there wasn't anything done like like what he's playing weight so. But but then doesn't get re eight writers there's already thought somebody told somebody did orders that I get it on hold out but that hasn't won that still doesn't make it out. Even if he's vying. Somebody somebody who was not Don Yee. Told him something that he did not follow up on it doesn't change the story altogether is at the different wrinkle you still wrong place Iraq. About it's I mentioned this about. Bob LaMont Bob a lot of the other self serving agent who came out and said. Hey. Right of fellow man jacket guy and hit in the helmet. You know I feel like I don't it's don't like. Agents like as an agent of record this would agents are. Agents are people. Who are there they're middlemen. I happen to have one. But but but I'm saying but I. They work for you on my own agent hey we're probably or why I probably fit and I probably should be and I probably and Kiefer at Yankee. I publicity and a bit more with the Bob LaMont the margins when it you know does represent myself but. So. Bob LaMont came out and said hey I've moved on from Josh McDaniels they've worked for you. Eight you don't do. What they want you to do. You tell them what you want and they try to make it happen that's that's their job. So LaMont as wanted to point out who we represent the team he represents from an executive level executive not a doctor and this is why he made it public. About Josh regain your that he told that was professional suicide one in the into that he. He cut I don't want level of the and in my word is my bond and it might be true here's the other here's the other reason you said that he made a public Bob LaMont represents. Executives. Who are associated with the colts Crist out about it salaries of the Buccaneers. Rejects. The vikings. Chargers. Chiefs the patriot he represented the considered. The Broncos. Steelers. The jaguars. And the Packers those are executives and Eagles. And they are heroes and Eagles. Now head coaches he represented. Former John John Fox Jay gruden. Formerly a former head coach been back to do Sean McVeigh Doug Peterson shot Andy Reid. He represents Charlie Weis did represent Josh McDaniels and Denver rep if he'll represent Jack derailed and I'm just. I cannot point out though that he also represented Jon Gruden. I was negotiating on behalf of gruden while while the other high client Jack Del Rio thank you held the job they tell him now holding guys. Hell no we he has he has fraught with Compaq actress had throw it there then all of those people. Other especially and how especially how can you represented GM and a compass on the coach's idea. It is easy for him to please do you know I everybody else is by not just for day of heavy pollen too you've got these relationships to protect protect and even mention the coordinators. He represented in the league and the broadcasters had it represents north Vietnam. Yes he he's got his own issue. I keep if you think your mind isn't a pretzel now that's a result from wait till you get into our week in review that's coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. Final drive cosponsored by heiress restoration specialists. If you manager facility and did not receive the frozen weather service you need it for pipes or floods. Become an heiress restoration specialist priority service client today. Learn more they are served dot com also cosponsored by cars for kids don't make heart healthy child today. Schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. You can imagine yes you make it cheaper madness. Rack that when up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like keeper Matt. Good deal of rebuild of the men and nothing I hate hate. It's got so it's just gotten a lot. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. Keefe. Army the end Keefe. The maid of honor hit the bottle hard holes that the best man wins his own car. Of the changes some of the ultra nationalism deals soon I hope you die in a flyer. There no way action packed week in review on key for mad at a higher outfit that's all we got something from every day this week and it just about every show on the station let's start with the Monday. And we are trying to make heads details of these Super Bowl loss and why Malcolm Butler didn't place in the gay head scratching decision. By coach Bill Belichick and dale and Michael. Disagree I'm not saying he's infallible nobody is right but. Most of the time don't you think his decision making is pretty strong panel about last night was a bad decision but they don't like I don't really see I don't know that one yes you'd. Don't go home I don't how you know wasn't a bad decision on the bottom of the deal yet. Those are for people I like to play and you don't like the explanation that. And explain that I did well I got a good explanation it's not in a note all the Michael Holley says that actually won't tell you don't I'm I don't doubt that you like at yelled at somebody an hour before they don't know he's a wide was on the Internet if it's not a good they only had three quarterbacks so they only have that's why it's not a good explanation that they only have three quarterbacks. And you take away a good one it's stupid. You've got Michael I don't know what he got to say it's Jupiter not a right it was still okay what he I don't okay. So you don't know what the client money whatever we'll leave Belichick whatever Butler whenever he did it did not keep him away from US bank field US may ask can I explain our back. So so. If he's at it as if the if he's allowed to be at the stadium these a lot of B in the locker room he's a lot of in the sideline. It only appeal or eight. I don't think I got it. Let's go out there. The back has started a nice note apparently has a fire start of the week their bodies pretty fired up after what happened in the suitable. And then we got a very interesting call. I think what was supposed to be informative call from John Matta pan although he didn't necessarily bring. The most that the longer call it and dense this. But years. Here's John out of Penn Johnson had a pen and lots. That's the law we stop that way that that's a pretty good response from an in their credit they. You're actually wrong. Think back to hurt frogs there. I don't know we know we're at and agreement on this honestly when we're all of the government like economic independence yes really I think we get a lot of wealth and terrible and I don't don't. Act. About they kept this on the roster create laid up off. And attention to job this city I think everybody now dumber for having the days I don't think I know back. And our as there are you can't. This guy and I'm not a horrible I'm so that we can review. Yeah all of us. Knowing you're dead argues there didn't need to re live goal but it would take my now forward I've an awesome and it out of him trying to tell us that the patriots so. Don't spend money that a third lowest spending team the lead to the calf and he was saying was the other one that also knew that dale and these days I'll tell a guy is about the Butler is they get the same thing is Jim Jones Jamie come. Those guys to get that. It turns out they're like number number eleven Heidi is spent as business that's the wrong way off it's it's very Robin. He didn't give it that it back and still calling the station pounding us on an all sorts. So proud of the worst calls of the day then on that's sick they got into one of the best calls all of the week this guy sound a little bit like mad dog Russo and he was also very fired up though that Malcolm Butler. Was not playing in the Super Bowl deficits and Hyde Park hate genocide on I. Don't want that's okay. It's not about it didn't the guy that saved Slobodan yes that was. Not about what talking about it yeah that's right. 100% right the only two Atlantis. How could you do about your team on Super Bowl Sunday I don't build up 56 and another way you would block. It. He's fired up Dennis was fired up right you didn't do a little mad down a little bit like mad about it as part great. When you weaker morning tee shot was a sensible last month's. Let this is like the only that's weaken them on the but it you know 8050 pounds a lattice if you want tricks that accident that I don't know actually odd salesman. Of the Portland at of they relate it. We got eight key spears the on Tuesday and I didn't David Pettit that we keep on these all week long bathroom because again we don't know we don't know enough boat didn't play. On Tuesday. Political or open system Kristen Norton hey Chris. I have a friend who is pretty. Tied it in the organization of the patriots president historic. That was actually an altercation did come back late from curfew. Would keep indulgent. It we'll kind of altercation what you got until at the coach's son. Gotta do it with a coach's son actually get his hands put on. Telecheck when I understand. Was. Very very aggressive towards that left other snapped Adams Adams didn't go out didn't go very gruesome neck. You that you fought Stephen bell and I think at our. And there and hold them as a hostage student college Bill Caldwell. Drawn I have to say this is a good day. We start we don't we're going to start original corporate. Although we we've heard that they rumored deadly and well and he said it was I think a lot of curfew yet got back late from but it got too much though Stephen Belichick beatable right now I think that we heard that on Tuesday we heard it. We're litigant in a lot of guys don't they fought the sun went in the back I had Borges is number. I. I wrote a column every Mets or red I would still be talking about it so on Wednesday. John from out of hand the other previous call that no I forgot all about it and again called back him. What a year when you're not here when all day carriers out matin I was I didn't know that it was him right away but anyway he'd be called back. Well gentlemen I called money you know shouted out the ball by mr. cleaning your feeling whatever his name is there. I think that I can't give me a chance to apologize or be absolute. AJ feeling you get the name right person that we haven't talked about it being rich your body where you know now we know we don't have anybody without last night talent mean rich. He called globe though. Not. All the other guy okay. The guys bond. What's the problem there I call and I told you what I told you what did tell us what's so not everybody we don't vote I don't know if somebody wants to hear screaming at me. I've no idea what you're talking about served. The concern is there I don't know I'm apprehended in sincerity in the surrounding. He. He kept rambler and and we we had a compass or to get rest and saying what it just kicked you voice. It was that he kept wanted to only talk development built upon the patriots are cheap and they were that's a Multi Color so and would leave but we were trying to get him to say. But news stats were wrong they're not the third lowest spending and would come on the subject Heatley I mean. You're guaranteed meaning car. And we had a mr. PDs delighted that he's still alive appointed world principle in neighbor is we were concerned we are rolling out the insult enough. I think it's apparently hasn't been active. You insult I got Atlanta yeah ultimate. Phillips ultimately POD you know tactic. You're right about the reverend willow road pillow. Under I really think he is late. He close Feeney and yet the quality and keep the government or win with which. So that also on Wednesday might we missed this gem Michael Irvin who. I don't know and make us feel better no he did not. There's something more on spiritual thing going on there Arum tell you you're you guys you know whatever it is going out over our own. Tom you are Gordon like I don't give all the credit in Los Eckerd know what the situation. I don't it would go. About it. Where Robert. And accord her. Three. Who because we are never. Going to hurt her. That they'd be peeled back like on us and Michael. Yeah he's just tall Wednesday that it is now particular selected I'd make anybody feel better know how you did get news though that Josh McDaniels who's going to be back. Mike Reid's. Had a report as to why Josh McDaniels was going to be there. And the big question is what is this and they were two things I'm told it really made Josh McDaniels shift here number one. Bill Belichick said to him. I want you to be by my side on when I opened my world to you show you how I view roster building. How I look at financials and the salary cap likes David the patriots were to write. He says it's only words. I can show you the world how do you turn that down now this is simple this is easy that's the smoking gun. I'll show you the world. Shining. Shimmering please blunders don't Iverson again OK and just sent out spoken word and thank god. And it easier films were almost worth I I'm I'm a lot on a limb and suggest that that was some editorial license on the part of my crease. That at no point nobody checked every pitch. Josh I will tell you my world shining shimmering jobs are there were concerns that a that was the catch bows on Wednesday. And a Thursday. Ord where reloaded for you had a a very original idea. Did anybody really believe this is just taken out of context this is the quote. I don't telecheck. I'm going to open my Warhol's studio does anybody really believe that well. Michelle holds the world I think the last hole there. At the end it turned victims like a musical variety I'd hate meant to deter the elegant didn't musical in many areas thank you I think. Come on my magic carpet gosh I'm glad I was shown that. It's ours is but I get a free rides just to make all the is just and then here I Robert crafty like us look at this and it's. How low numbers does look. I hope the court. Yeah. Anything in stone. That. Do. I mean they. Clinton Lou Christian so's on from 263 she idolized and such auditor. They created Paul wouldn't surprise oh lives in a Latin song has already in the system wow I doubt that that is the system probably is it is a bumper I didn't have one of those guys think the real play along the rebound on board the senate bill. So we're it would pick up balls all American Muslim and Christian. And this great ideas and dad and even thought about it and I've heard it's a imposed Thursday and I did a very high level radio interview about seeing you this is how we introduce me he's got he is cat door podcast going on on iTunes you fall on Twitter at key 21 rich key. And it. And at the act. Have to act ads time in addition of that game. But they want a god or podcast I mean you're of the race like they're did you win that dork stuff you know what I could of waited for the question about Star Wars or something alleged that tells them that Daniel he's very yeah. If you're already slated relatives of its radio until Monday through Friday afternoon drive Boston once a week where we are a door podcast on iTunes once a week for twelve hours a week yeah every day that's true but about it that we really good hour every week on the door by film YouTube through growing national and I don't give up from Deng Rong pop. Yes I totally bring it I aggregate you know why it and you put this together at San Diego comic con is the ultimate con I gotta go next you maybe they'll have me there are two correspondent. It is not logical back and say it another way it's not written for minor accident. To put into the guys are beyond talking about doesn't that's an old story now we don't. Aren't last thing from the days of course nick in Boston made a lot of news and he was on with perking Callahan earlier this morning what are. We we actually we got to throw three guys we got to put punitive because we have signal four where well and ever Keefe at this point put known advocate for the united Kristol I'm Lonnie in the hall lines crystallized on an announcement about its former cold coworker how much lost Horry changed by Monday. We'll have we'll let down eighteen other things that happen by Monday. I heard somebody say the stories about the surgery for them they know. I don't care. I agree. You know The Herald that. We've taken it down like that all the 25% that got it taken off the web sites and got rock. Suspect if if I thought about that what had Iverson got to get larger and that's the costs it. For center. I guess them love the apparently die with you guys next week by. And Armenia clearly whatever name has there three innings which clearly your body there still. He's got his act or podcast going on on iTunes you valmont Twitter and keep 21 risky. Shining. Shimmering these London don't ever since yeah okay to say well spoken word thank god. Org or.