DHK - Gronk’s best option outside of football; Gotham Chopra and Tom Brady expected to win the Super Bowl for Tom vs Time chapter 6

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Friday, February 9th

Hour 3: Gronk’s done a bit of stand up comedy in his days, and it’s exactly the kind of humor you’d expect from Gronk. “Tom vs. Time” creator Gotham Chopra has released a statement regarding episode six of the acclaimed series.


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Yeah yeah to. Outnumbered three gala Hollywood heat Sports Radio WEEI. We've come a little more respect their boxer a book about that is right now I am deeply doesn't dazzle me I gotta be honest on underwhelming. So he's he's given there are better players than it was that's got a twenty. Year career that he has he has been able to and find acting work for twenty years yes he's an actor yes. He's a legitimate actor. Or found here's a thought he cared away pay and we can't you better remember that line when he first started acting. They have a line from Rick Arafat and off of that I hosted here in that line. A great line from Rick Fox when he first started his acting career I'm guessing you can't say that I can't. On the air ready. Think if it weren't for Ehrlich is perplexed as yet this is gonna be large and second gap communities and that word anymore so I'm not I'm just gonna oh lead to a than. I'll tell I don't yet and I'll backward but no he was then. That was the HBO series odds are right of the success prison prisons and I'll ask the issues yet was. Re in prison rape on every other decently as Rick Fox innocent looking fresh faced Rick Fox pretty boy. It was an eleven episodes of law and American first line. But I have to bleed to get drugs for example if you Rick and his career was set and then that outfit but it. And I thought that I don't know like you guys but for me my favorite Rick Fox role of all time. Was his vice president Bentley in Navy SEALs vs zombies like now on highways just dot that sank so. It is you hate this guy I got this guy his name is let's see he was I would say we're close at fifty. Fox or Xbox or forty old act melody so for according it some 49 years old. You can't play is on the TV twelve program so it's not gonna play in the NBA until it was 49 or even 39. But he has fashioned a nice career for himself. I taking advantage of his god given gifts that is his Pena left yeah this though his height. And as and his good looks is good he got game and mile recruit them around yes he did Hitler's doing adapter got a great way to greatly is that sort of so like a result I wouldn't put it past crock I'm not gonna dismiss. Was married to Vanessa Williams which was a pretty high career achievement at my pretty raised it to hear the one example of suitors acting out well Brock acting let's go through appeared. It's is seen moving into the beams called you can't have it. And Seagram model two winner group. He has put these IG models that she's more than just on our let's hear what else she's an actress in a Twitter she's an art. Donate miles. Topic has two lines in the movie news. It's my name. Once we're running. Out there and it's more than that man. It or you. Had time to get this. No ma'am. My god and captain can get on doing my job. Are you you win Michael idea of where we're at this point on was 2006. And as this sounds like a worst act and the reason is that and say to an equipment is necessarily end and our teeth either more. Probably good match for each other yes. Yeah I'd just I don't know my I don't know I don't know if you go to turn on he got on the right roll. The street at solid that's when it comes down because there's a lot of bad actors make on ammonium that are. Man. The charismatic UV yours I do. But it was great organized commercial but. But who currently we're great example were you like Dekker who's the most successful goof ball. Stifel. Well as an aptly stiff. Are you into an apple announced they're I don't know if it was lately at the box office guys Leslie Nielsen. But he knows that he was serious actor before he won this series four. That he went to the straight man Ozzy and other goof ball but he was just he played at those rate that is hysterical. I don't know I mean I wouldn't include rule it out but not nearly as opposed if you didn't care. You know yeah than than what happened was he tried to get anything that serious it's a mistake on these. Have you seen the the Netflix special about him doing the the Andy Kaufman movie. It's like the behind the scenes of that he's that the worst guy in the world in cared he is it a method actor so he stayed in character the whole time. It's always just like rating these people there trying to work on the movie he seems more like just terrible last. And musical while. Glaus the group all liquidate all of very seriously yet because you know Saturday Crimea in the right Jim Carrey I don't think about that everybody everybody loves loves the by the group lawns is that a minute I don't know. In answer. They Lewis opened here in the front how you have now call me officer run out and every what's the third Robert not here right now I often that we putted. Our listeners what he's done some stand up to an instance. Right I've got a bit and laughed about you while I'm really glad that you are out Friday I'm in a good mover here from. Jokes and growth trust me. I'm all pro football and all her own goalie. A you can deploy for Brady in the unsound. And I'll catch a smoking hot model right off the DJ Booth baby. I've apparently fearing might just look at Jack in the gym there's no doubt on when Ronaldo and ourselves are shooting origin were I hated that he's on the ball skills that come in handy in my life now. At the break my football skills into the club wants while. Passing attacks coming at me I'm running post pattern right into that list. Oh here comes this way should my mouth. We looked at that and this. You know something tackle all will get out of here in the Michael who don't have I. I don't. Like I bought all that bad. I hated that I yeah movement it is I'm looking projectors and MC. That's a tough race workout plan now. It we don't on the clock. All of that's not done onsite or is higher yeah and the lives they can be a comedian and give a damn about. Ari he write those abs and he's at where. I play they felt like it very personal what did you want there yeah. Automated data plan will Wear your Opel. Everybody that you better be wrote that I thought you as you light up their duty I'll get cell pension rights I didn't do it but yeah I'm sure that it. After the gulf brides on the cell phone hey Brian I don't. Hey guys happy Friday to us it is. A lot. He's grown or you've played earlier and I think a very interesting you know I don't like you know to look at things but clearly saint everyone on offense. And you're not saying anyone on defense. Or. And so they're all much of Brothers and everything you know I'll rent but I didn't spend too much luck but yet but eat and numbers in media with that you know obviously. Defense wasn't as strong during the game but. I mean he's not gonna sit there and take shots at the guys on the so yeah right and the guys that you work with every single day are the guys on offense as he said the receivers the backs alignment. Those are the guys here and you know you're in the meeting rooms let them. Not that the on the defense isn't on your team and teammates they are. But what's he gonna say positive about and it's on the defense and yeah. The math of that game. Yeah I go to bat and he can't control of defense good or bad so I think he's just gonna focuses comments from them on the office and that's who's up there. Random figure out those outlets and I think that's. I'm blown away I brought Michael Lewis posing as always have for them that's so awkward to and that's my point so that when you're when you're acting like he keep it the awkward mostly a magical super go through it appears dynamite and you wanna do it that way. I don't get the usual hate ground to take a pitcher they can we take itself me now I'm in the take ground and my wife. Art Shell out some quick. You know some of the great. He's yeah per day is now the Indy community can put post pattern into a joke get laughs and I thought. Don't talk matter actually I don't think he did a post pattern in that one -- go deep with the and they post Saturday that a vacancy at the level of care to Iraq he might life. Okay. Right it might why. So we can be best buddies forever man please please. When it. I don't like yeah. Where's the joke yeah there's positive there's limits we'll have the slick but you know since since that was the journal and I and I print and city Providence say Brandon. It would look good layouts one. Was that I have to agree. On my eight. I can't say I'm 110 agree it would keep on this one wrong. Like I amputee who can beat any guy in credit. Yeah that's you know you could do it like that I live action movie a lot of big cast you know Brandon a lot of callers and Texans are saying fast and furious. Well yeah oh absolutely wet it was Stallone you. Definitely could've played strike goes on we do. Al Broncos don't yet maybe particularly are going to have real boxes around the around it exactly the look for. That's an easy or easier easy casting. It is is there. I I I think we're gonna see him back one lawyer. I hope so I I really I think at least another year and and look I I as I said before I think he was dead serious. I think he's he is thinking about you know the wild wanna keep put myself through this physically. Because who takes more punishment on a football field and he dies at the Michael's. Once you start talking about retirement aren't you almost there anyway but I wonder how long he's been talking about it just got out recently and heard for the suitable. But I wondered this on the net he was discussing before this season halfway through the season. And whatever was he'd. Had a great year right here grace Super Bowl first that is very quite figure out he was incredible so either. Retirements on his mind didn't seem to slow down and do it this year at all. Well getting more jokes I hear it anymore endeared her to reality we exhausted and. There are thoughts into that globe. Will be used no was Bjork he's terrorists and we get the respect that but that's good because somebody wrote those form. There had those actually had. Like a punch line somebody write these. Somebody repeats. How about it or he might have. They're very auto biographical. And is going nowhere. These terrorists yes terrible yet that she's. Set at 6177797937. Is telephone number Tex minus 37937. I keep their madness 545 or so the week and respect in in. Review it we might have to take you know like a lot longer than normal start now that we could we could start the week in review now I don't know about that 6177797937. Its telephone number Sports Radio W media. It's great that over. Do they solve all. It's. Just like. Not so. Rob Gronkowski. I'll play better. The material was better. There about a merger could shout outs in the book though Michael is slowly going then you are so self deprecating humor is always good people like that very much. Aren't as we get back to the call to let the good news the bad news back to his birthplace of bad news is we don't yet know. When episode six of Tom vs time is gonna come out because. Gotham Chopra said. They've had to redo the whole thing. Oh boy Chopra. Put data released today. Says he doesn't know what exact release date said the sixth chapter though is quote unquote coming soon he says quote. Everyone keeps asking me about chapter six of Tom vs time and when it's gonna be ready the truth is we had a plan. Yeah winning but unconsciously. It was tied to the pats winning the super dad that's right and when that didn't happen. Congrats Eagles he puts in parentheses I felt like we needed to pause and recalibrate. While we have amazing stuff from the playoff run Tom's hand injury in the great comeback in the AFC championship. Once the Super Bowl played out I started to wonder the relevance of all that other stuff. And determined that we really needed one final exit interview with our guy before we could figure out what chapter six was truly going to be about. This morning we did that interview. It ran over an hour we talked about a lot of things I'm not gonna give anything away but for curious minds Tom was both reflective and upbeat. Very present and disappointed in last Sunday's loss while also gracious towards the Eagles for their impressive victory. And already unpacking everything to find the lesson and it. As a fan I can say I got some great closure. And I hope Tom did two in just talking about it. I can tell you he's burning up still inside but I'm also reminded by the guy is the gold in its all gonna be okay so chapter six. Coming soon on while. Yes I thought they were gonna win yet. And out rating go ask the hand injury stuff I still wanna see the stitches the lawsuit and dead into Q and everything right out of the originals on on this is that god awful movie fever pitch over again because they've. The plane the end of that movie for the Sox to deliver a little gas war when they won they had a re shoot the envy parable ground combat and that. Yes he was deficits that I had sex. If the if we definitely have been an elderly to reach out my list by the way I always on your list I get let's for a long time makes cents. So he had he had an hour long interview with Tom this morning. To kind of put closure to this whole project I'm you'd think more thing or two Josh McDaniels was a part of this just regain your news the rock news out of that unstable that the thought. Episode six I Denver on Kamal there's some news. I Josh does probably goes. Maybe there will have them filming Josh and Tom talking buster especially said he felt that today in the mcdaniels thought probably go for him yet you think they'll have Tom Colin Dunn needs to be high speed all yes I don't know we I don't know what to think that's on there. Speaking of well known and he's asking first for go there and I wanted to know and I know you're both superstitious correct correct. And honest and all of this is it's a little not super not stupid little. How about do you believe in karma. Yes yes is live garment yesterday yeah well. What you think is just karma we have talked about this that and I love it I love how. The story has been played out how it's been discussed. Imagine you're an NFL franchise. You're in a city for a long time. People are relying on you in that city. And you are you employ a lot of people fulltime and part time and that the people and a part time your bureau member of the community. Oh on game gains in 08 times a year more if you make the playoffs. The people come out whether it's partying or restaurants. Its businesses. It's good for them that you're in that town. Let's just say one day about time anybody you pack up and you leave town and you leave Baltimore. And you go to Indianapolis. And you say that to the business baby. But this is how we do this area as well as our United States of America we can go wherever we wanna go do whatever we wanted to do. Are you Baltimore colts were keep in the logo. Or keep in the uniform but now we're in the Indianapolis Colts. So sorry you have Pimlico and it makes sense that your the Indianapolis Colts let you know I don't care we're going to the Hoosier state going to be the colts. So it. It's it's really funny to me took awhile they did take awhile right they got a little while back for a while the general organization of all organizations. To talk about patient you know got commitment and loyalty you don't do that the people. But more than that and that's kind of tongue into got to believe that that we you know Josh McDaniels getting them back. Has something to do with them leaving ball in the arm but I thought that was it a dirty thing for them to do. That this story would mcdaniels who really takes a lot of people off is that they don't want you to do things on your terms. If you do it on your terms it's dirty. If it happens on your terms it's just business. I NFL players who do have contracts. If they lose their contracts it's what you thought that I happens to sign it is not even know he signed contracts for years we knew. It really wasn't for your contract with two year contract and probably over thirty so what to expect. Josh McDaniels who didn't have a contract had an agreement page to honor your word now that you may have worked would door. Can't walk away from that NFL NFL coaches. Say that's unacceptable Tony Dungy inexcusable. It'll never cut anybody. Ever got anybody ever promised somebody that the going to be an Indianapolis when you were coaching and then all of a sudden plans changed. There you don't Anna and then a pack up their wife and their kids and move out of their mouth about that and move all of the families so they all. Only coaches after somebody else does when plants laying down. Employees don't. Pay the same people who called. Our Josh McDaniels a snake. And we're talking about families of the assistant coaches republic some of the same people look at upgrade to oil did you write that chuck but I don't you get fired. Upon his family. I have because he gets fired and his staff gets fired. It's not just him being affected a lot of people being effective so how does that if you're making excuses from it and I am not making excuses I'm just pointing out the pockets he looked he did it. And he had bad look on it's it is definitely a burqa is definitely a bad look. I think there are several bad looks that we we highlight some in the and while the cesspool what I think business I think both bids for business overall I think the lead. And it is really no honor among thieves the whole league there's some dirty business and all the time I think its interest that we. We highlight others we highlight some just totally ignore others. And if for this it just kind of stands out that this coach David he reversed. He reversed course and these executives don't like that he hired coaches rather then left and it sucks that that really got into debt that's a bad I thought about that too I'd I'd like that initially I thought about it what's the guy's name not ever. Ever applause I can think whatever flaws or less. Thought he he went from linebacker coach in Dallas. Defensive coordinator in Indianapolis. But for how long because now the new head coach as it down the flag say what he did he probably double the salary if not more. Because average coordinator makes about a million dollars. An average linebackers coach does not. We don't have to I think she's anywhere from one guiding me work for a guy who may work out and got also might be a guy who was awful he's got he's got more money. And he's an Indianapolis not working for Josh McDaniels but I think he wanted to be a defensive coordinator. And Dallas was not gonna give that job they got the guy from Seattle I think. As a. There was a couple of guys though that he had spoken they had spoken to they hadn't signed contracts yet guys who thought they were getting jobs in Indianapolis. The guys who signed contracts at least you're gonna get paid yeah aren't the guys who eat they have talked to hadn't signed deals yet while sorry your Cadillac now. I effort for Josh McDaniels and just his situation coaching in the league and as can be hard for people to trust them but does say like that the commentary. Of you know families and also so now we talk about families how families are affected families are always affected. When contracts are not honored or people are traded or something happens unexpected always. But it also failed with the brunt of the has meant the angels used that as one of the main reasons for and stay well I think that was one of the things that was mentioned about him in what he has instead dance that they in the stories IK IR likes the idea of civility who knows if that's true that every kid who don't know how god got hurt but I'm not sure what I believe and market black and I. It is I think it was a factor in the decision that you know he's got four kids in the oldest one is twelve. And and dale you you know how does better than all of us and he got a twelve year old a thirteen year old and you say. RE Hayward removing. We're not as moving to another part of town. We're moving out of state. Down. Without your reaction would be terrible when you first tell them that and then when you get down to it then. You can't then I would use as an excuse later on why I think there I don't know if they just lets you just told them for the first time which would be pretty bad. Did you tell him I think the kids were continually and dale you gotta be our if I don't have a twelve real put. You tell me it's hard yet I mean it is if you if you I think if you tellem initially you first what can ask him they wanna move most economists say no right. That all my friends are here I'll bet is that my school is here so you tell them initially they'll have a reaction and I think that reaction. We'll just kind of play itself out in different ways over the course of three weeks four weeks satellite payload or your kids you'll just we say that as adults but. However that our house went up for sale we're supposed to move to a New York widows and much school hated it was I hit it from jump street users are removed hated it so I was like all the sudden two months goes by it and there's a call like this is this is good now or on even more upset about it and I think you're gonna be just is upset you maybe more of some first year about it and so graduate moved to New York to have the record jets the terms of the awful terrible it would seem yes giants and you New Year's jets head span. Did that span of a human being just in math how sad is it that the Yankees have a better quarterback and needed the jets the giants. All the Russell Wilson yeah I got a better quarterback Tony the other two. Haven't drew Hansen they are well there always have been a giant they had John Elway or Jon Elway throws that back in the day to Brian's on the cell phone Iran. Bad guys what's going on exactly comment on the congress' time and Childress statement. Outlet and you guys stop this kind of bat we'll search operatives say that they expect it and take all IMAP sort of mean. Obviously it pats fans we all expect that in the land but for all the heat organization has been catching here and last week I ordered the guys are out the bad luck. Well I wasn't great that now that wasn't Brady saying while we are expecting that this was this was the filmmaker who said you know is they're going along. The other win the AFC championship a big they were favored by Vegas I thought they were gonna win these guys that they were gonna win right and you probably thought they were gonna win. There are so you know they were planning the film hits the other working on it here we're gonna use this stuff about the hand injury guys come back from the hand injury any. He wins the AFC championship and now you know we're it would go through this I mean I can see where the film this is sort of falling into place and his head. And then everything gets thrown out the window when they lose the Super Bowl wait a minute now we go back and re rethink how we're gonna shoot this thing. Because laying the film about the way they were talking about would sound stupid after they lost. I think he was right to scrap it. Yeah I lost so now changes it changes things and you also have to focus on what happened. So if you win a game that's a storybook ending storybook. Yeah okay great one game and told TB twelve that the works on your loss you have to talk about. Talk about the games he got one. Incredible support sliding it did do a final interview with the Brady today it's going to be tough to rest and see it this way now because as though. Think it about Malcolm Butler now playing in the game when he talks about Malcolm Butler all the and I zone all the missed opportunities but if you out of our very admirable but there's a rumor he might. He might be good if you're the other guys in this. Funny if it. Tom. Brady when he called into the radio station he was called from outsider right up basic change out of that do I would make up. Out of debt Dudack has no idea that would be cool though way if you look back. What you say is one of the top entertainment value top five super balls. All it if you if you didn't have a team. If you warning Eagles while yearning to stand at the greatest Super Bowl I don't believe in order patriots fan it was a an unbelievable men mine game minus the halftime show is crap but the game get a I think it was as bad as he's crap. Yeah no I did about it it was real about. Wasn't a game was great though Williams show. I thought. He was that that he just felt it was going to be much better now. Those terrible I thought it was going to be much better and I thought it was a good and I went and I didn't run wanted to myself you know expectations than. Just watched what was and it was awful. Although the audio in the beginning couldn't really hear him. The -- going on TV at first the difference. After prince's said he didn't like that passed we're doing anyway. After a unit to a Super Bowl shall in Minneapolis and Lee prints out because I don't have that his audience that had to do it that way and do a duet with a dead person. Let's rent on dead got a guy very tolerant of it like to pot of liars and the flyers do it every every league hates America. Eight Smith and Lauren Hart to a day when all the time and Natalie Cole the whole album. Do this yeah I felt like I unforgettable. 6177797. ID 37 all IQ wait to hear our week in review it's coming about 54545. Dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI. Harold Ron barges yeah the bullets or I got I. I'm listening and Josh McDaniels six days. He's got that took a cold stone yet don't champagne. It doesn't even know where box forward yeah sure I. Shop but how could you gonna bring that right of cartons. Don't bother checking. The average. Good jokes never died and they ended. Forty years of he just did and got back they're gonna. Called. 6177797. ID three sevenths telephone number. People are defending. Just seeding people are defending the whole what. What Justin Timberlake it. Supposedly the piece of arts supposedly they had a whole prince holograms setup yet but then they found out that prince hated that idea right so they hand the baton and put the debate cheek thing up there in the it would Janet and thanks. By an anti autos awful rock and I'm behind them by Benoit and I could you why they did and I like it it's not a good so this LT kid from paying them. Was on the Ellen show yesterday. Where earnest Tom Brady tears in everything and he said they're talking Allen about take himself he with Justin Timberlake and Alan sizzle by the way somebody wants to talk to. And it's Timberlake on the phone. Saying out on coming of the garden TD garden. I wanna invite you and your entire family to be my guests. In this case this kid is gonna fifties and you always seventh grade is off that's. Cities a he's not just get a picture with GT like pals with the embodies them. 6177797. ID 37 colts up and maintain a call. I think I. Well up on I want the U purple and I think about the work but aren't you beyond that I follow him at that I think. Lull that. You know like Iran are actually. And my parents won't hear a little and you you're pregnant WWE. And we cannot hear the air and I hadn't heard rumors that. Burke we're going to be joining WW. Heat which kind enemy. Without question crackling. Org or call 8 o'clock is that sort of you you said. You agree that. Who UN who agree that grumpy smoking. I said I was here. Every girl right now I isn't. He could be an actor but at home. Okay yeah let's go back to drop in hot that would what is it about a justice just curious what would it. It turns red like you are talking to her Elliott her. It Jack hand them my Enid. I only has Sox land the call you all you also just figured big fan of bronze but you don't think he could be an actor. I can't act. I think he would be better at sticking with trash leave kids show our WW eagle I I agree you act I think he hit it. I appreciate your lesson lesson. That's true well. Yes there to be re sure you do that Pennsylvania I'm tired I don't pictured wrong becoming a full time wrestler known but I realized that he had to take a hell of a pay cut. Yeah Nicole I also think so feel what it's and I will tell as an outsider I felt. The size and his charisma and B if yes size and career charisma and hot news. At the leading man material yes hey man she loved the clouds could you not read for him to act. You know what if people paid it seems that they're in a movie and watch somebody pretend to be someone else because just like look at now. You that you're dependent somewhere else yes. Officer if he hadn't and that allows a senator. The aftermath I don't know about that he pretend to be a comedian. I don't think so a lot of communion at Al that united and our dramatic work great actor though. Dramas chiller Biotech series went to serious work him. It's a serious enough for me since series like the real at a film noir yet how a Rob Gronkowski really are on golden. Man as a memoir inside the actor's studio very. Rob Gronkowski and and he told that that great joke on stage about would put women ask you to do to them and how did you think about what your preparation. Inspector preparations when you get a secret that's Rob Gronkowski and you hand what's your favorite number. Car out there right in the front seriousness it. I mean I anything's possible and I do think he was dead serious with what he said Sunday night. I just think ultimately what's gonna happen here is that. He'll think about it he'll reassess he'll do all those things and go you know what I'm really good at this football thing in and now only 28 years old and I think and play and. You know let's at all. Well Peter said I'm not sure everybody agrees I don't agree with them right now but they will. The same body goalie Ron Borges the top commander policy there and I had my hey why not the least will be doing that then I don't know. The same body that puts Floyd Little in the whole thing also put Rob Gronkowski I just don't worry about it. Carlyle filled with. And builds on the cell phone Ayodele. Beg beg beg etc. but in my corner. Blair look at that you on the Super Bowl portable light which I I I believe that you go to. The coach Belichick and his wife. Welcome Butler the directly to us what is written by 90% of the place. And I'm sure you so during practice and gaming at all act that he would be out there for 98% of the time. And or coach to come up within two hours of game aren't at all. Armed. Act that Morse code yeah yeah yeah it's not an earlier call your phones driving us crazy but according to. A couple of Twitter reports yesterday I think it was Mike Duffy and arm will be what's puppies for the bills and Mike GRD. That day the the reduction of playing time had actually begun. The bye week. Now it wasn't that he wasn't gonna play you his role was gonna be reduced his quote unquote demotion. So I don't think this just suddenly appeared now what did change was you were gone from a reduced role to no role yet and don't. But the two question what that time what time to do it even if even if you say that timing. Let's say let's they make that decision in week thirteen. You don't have that kind of team where you can do that. Regular guys your guys aren't good enough for that. It's one thing if you bench Mike Teel asleep halfway through the season because you have Berkett Lewis and white about options you've got it when you're benching Malcolm Butler for road about a most. Yea and you survived. Even at eighteen Angel even if you look at wide receiver unit you know Julian cattlemen. How for the year unit it had Malcolm Mitchell this year which is still survived that you had enough. Right what the weather was Danny Amendola stepping up or Hogan cooks you know crock obviously you can filter that that. One on every now and then here they catch it don't forget about Derrick here and there don't sleep obsolete but I don't honor that promise you don't yeah of course that a sleeping on the president have intended what he just didn't have this at corner it's it's. It is the string is one of the stranger decisions that Bill Belichick has made in in all of the eight through troubles he's been. I miss this this goes above fourth and thirteen. Yeah I mean to you you look back on the two losses because the wins who cared if you did a bad decision who cares if they wanted to matter related to losses and try to think of what what did he do that you'd question there may be what are kicked a field goal or Florida and Atlanta Georgia Atlanta 07. Also unfortunately playing that warrior. Ellis Hobbs out here and again Plaxico Burress they blitz. They don't Narnia analysts and listening on an double movie calf have written a column in a position to be special magic and I didn't you know they're blitzing him and plaques defensive end jobs as they can it's a slam okay let's let Paul the second one of the most beautiful start I flipped by I completely different route completely different. Can't knock out. Hezbollah dialogue back off of the back coaching rhetoric and evidence is the most had a fairly regular many. Outright terrible call hot they do that. Mrs. until one. Breads and Annapolis Maryland head Brad. Hey guys. Had a maintenance and on Monday come back from Minneapolis. Now. I ran into mr. Gulf Coast. On Gordy and now. We're not expecting. Him to be attacked first never got. Him an article control and people. But to dale your point well. In rob being serious about our own. That was not order. I've picked up at all you. Mr. gronkowski and there's a lot of these are in our share but one in particular when. You sit there who the heck asks. A player fifteen minutes there and search question. So he he says it was more frustration chemical lies about him retiring. Now I I will say. That could we got talking about Glenn Detroit wants to sign he's gonna retire smallest does. Say that I can see father's side. They act sooner rock walk away. He would not be in the least upset IQ he wanted to be father. You know we talked about the collisions. Yeah yeah it's. I mean I can see where any father especially considering that his son had had just come off this gigantic. Collision and they have discussion around. As seen I'd prefer to believe him I said thanks for the school I I didn't sense sincerity here this list some that he won't share and our stuff. I don't know Tivoli and I can't get there today that's a Bill Belichick said as well you know you can ask again after but he did give us a great. Glenn might sound Detroit. Jesse when that happens all right now you're gonna set off a hot dog are you possibly Gambill you gotta fill us with some you know useless crap Batman Christian since the of all the people that I've that I work habit. We got to get playing run count the headlines Patricia sirens are cows these Sadler our our houses. That's going to be bad guys since it is going to be terrible thick there. 617779793. Sound I can't wait to hear the week in review that's coming up in their god what a week this has been. That'll be our final drive and keeper madness a little bit later on Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.