DHK - Holley: Gronk will retire; WTF: Boston Herald suspends the Borges article

Dale & Keefe
Friday, February 9th

Hour 2: As the wild week of stories continues, the Boston Herald releases a statement on Ron Borges. The Boston Herald releases a statement suspending the Ron Borges article, Dale, Holley and Keefe question how an article that has been printed can be suspended what types of roles Gronk could take should he retire, and actors similar to Gronk.


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Yeah it's. He. Sports Radio WEEI. And the Boston Herald which. Pulled the the column awfully online edition of the newspaper early this morning at about 730. Has now issued a statement. And that this has appeared on the the Boston Herald website and it's not very long fall read it to you. And then we'll figure out exactly what they mean quote a column by Ron Borges in today's herald regarding patriot Tom Brady's salary discussions. Was based on information which proved to be faults. Harold apologizes to Brady. His agent Don knee and the patriots into our readers for this erroneous report. Borges says column has been suspended pending further review. He's a columnist for The Herald IR I believe what that means is he's been suspended his column him has again suspended. Are you won't be seeing around Borges column maybe they'll come work to copy desk I don't know it. Maybe they'll have me do other things but you go to luge scores writing a column is something you and you won't hear Ron Borges column. For awhile further review and I wonder what they're doing. When it comes to. Our nick in Boston. We shut him up. At a local law you know it was Biden he allowed himself to needed to be set up an ugly day. The business where you got out. You know make that second third fourth phone call you gotta check one more time we got to be very careful. Make sure you have everything lined up that's just the way it is. And that's why a lot of people. A lot of people are not insiders so a lot of people are not getting that big scoop it's not easy to silently thought. And did you do. So already in and get it right there. Especially if you're. In gotta you gotta be without okay could you. But as our armor one guy. Telling me awhile ago that. Can you explain your story. And one paragraph. So if you can't explain your story and one paragraph some business. Ed tell somebody just wondered if that could distort this is the essence I've written a nut graph I guess I'll tell ya I could do it can you explain in one paragraph and an I have a sense of what's happening. You made a one paragraph on Tom Brady is gonna hold out. Any what's Jimmy grapple contract for commercial approach the eighth I have about 45 followed questions. I attempt to. Throw and everything it just it. And by the way the other starter question the other part of the column which is being under played at the moment. Is that according to Iran's column sources. Well known that too is that Tom Brady is the one who made the patriots keep Josh McDaniels. Colin says that. It Tom Brady insisted that they keep nick in nick say that. And that's what column set on that but that it is that all Ortiz make that up was that. American Bob Dudley orange iron on hard to keep track of the sources. There is I I I I presume that information was from nick quote unquote nick from Boston. Tom Tom Brady made him. Made mcdaniels day I heard a lot about the exit interviews and I saw Mike Reese. Who went talk about trust cadets are important reported trojans in this area history not a hot taker. Not a about the scorched this team needs a solid two solid every single day doing the job. So my Reese wrote that. And he gave the on espn.com today that that story on Sunday the rumors were flying in this is what happened again step by step. But on Tuesday he mentioned Josh McDaniels having his exit interviews with the Robert Kraft Jonathan crap Bill Belichick. And then bella checked and and the crabs came back had to get at him again more aggressively Tom Brady was never mention. Mean Tom Brady guy came to pick up a first down and Atlantic as you know I've automatic skill. And she felt. That would limited at all now. We are bad. This is weird. And Ron Borges says column has been suspended pending further review. Match for what further reviews needed are harder to recycle what else what else is going out this column and and some we already know what's going on the column I have to do you let you you accepted a single source of that did you forget that part of it but that's part of it it sold you're the editor and publisher whatever you're asking gateway the other sources. Has this happened you before this you know what are your practices. What's gone on to we need to know anything announcement there's a lot their Lotta questions. So exiting its gonna be difficult for him to write another pitcher story yes because number is gonna nevertheless that unless he starts with. Many of us it's I apologize again after that if people don't even read the policy. People don't remember that mossy issues involved had no idea remember that. It's the fact that he and back and not be in a swan island I don't know the answer the heat issue an apology or did Harold. Why are unheralded but he's he's got some work to do you know but I'm saying the heat in the paper. Saying look I got it wrong I apologize that I think it was just the paper and don't ever try Ahram newspaper. I'm not that I but I don't matter they also the answer but either way organized the NC. Unsavory take any agency patriots aren't robot hamsters. 6177797937. Is telephone number are riches in West Springfield had rich. Let's average. Rates are rich okay all right ready for let's Friday. Rob in swan skip hey rob I don't know where. Robert how are you rewards. So. This is very interesting because Borges you know he's been so. Critical historically critical and has that rap on him. From previous you know and articles he's written and he doesn't like Belichick and I. This all comes down to two words journalistic integrity. And how you are batting. The information comes to view by whatever means it comes to yeah I would just that Michael days ago rich. It's 130 in the afternoon to have a novel what you're getting ready to go on and somebody texts. When it comes from a number that you don't recognize and it's not your address book so now. Anybody individually. And they announce themselves. It's. Don Sweeney and they're letting you know that Zdeno Chara just rolled his SUV on ninety's where. 25 minutes later you guys opening your show without information. Without betting without making another phone call to just checked and it doesn't seem like it will also mentions it doesn't seem right. Borges said this. In relation with anybody other than some knucklehead editor. At. And it was just Iran. So and I wanted to just answered those questions are used you posed the hypothetical or. Asked if that means network means you can never work again. No urgency definitely be able to work. Okay absolutely should and should be able to work and how unfortunately. I think he's only going to be able qualified to drive the delivery trucks. In about may be. I texted Michael McCann. Our sport's long to extract it it. What he's I said would Ron Borges have a legal case against the guy who set him up he jump or foreign shores Mike McCann if I am elderly we texted before they I at all I got to face time or Fred based ice that would Ron Borges have a legal case against the guy who set him up if he were to get fired. He said quote I don't see a winnable case cents a journalist. As a professional duty to checks sources and buddy in theory. He could sue for fraud or intentional infliction of emotional distress and it peace Suze. I think it would only make it worse. America works for had hernia Soledad it would make it worse although so make it worse but you could win that one. You get married at CE said in theory and now he said in theory he could sue for fraud or intentional infliction of emotional distress. Yeah on with the but the percentages on our on those. They product Martin and nick is going to be OK here on south I just feel pretty good about this legal opinion you know when we were asking about looking for a legal opinion out there about us. Throughout their of listener. Oval thing Mike McCann you can. You can hang up esoteric contrary I don't know habitat that. Another source can go one sourced and other legal source do you agree with with Michael the candidate would only make Ron Borges look worse defeated. I don't know though argue if it let's play it out if he loses his job. One out there right already lost your job go for that at all. What he's petty who cares. This guy like this guy helped me lose my job is I mean I still think it's mostly if not all his fault but. If you want to spend it somewhere else he and he could do something there it's unbelievable it's an eight you know it is. What are biggest stories about what you did you every day this week said a statement Sutton and predicted to we have the week it was today that's what we do. Are over there we started now so what did you think. Up the week that was sent patriot loses Super Bowl thrilling Super Bowl if you're in national football fan just looking at it. The entertaining most overload your patrons are adhered devastated Tom Brady throws a 500 yards three touchdowns no picks. He's not a super ruin MVP nick fall back a quarter that polls. Malcolm Butler built on dresses in the game doesn't play a single. Defensive snap after the game Rob Gronkowski is asked about retirement. Is it and that's about it then run away from it about all the rumors that were thrown out there about Malcolm Butler speaking about bad reporting. Yeah this curfew at a concert we'd everywhere we don't doubt that Al Ross welcome back. There and to Graham. On Tuesday Tuesday morning. The colts say Josh McDaniels is going to be our next I head coach breaking. Bad to me I meant Tuesday night called announce now he's staying in New England. Got a dinner between Kraft felt probably olives public dinner crafted balancing act that if you want your balances the cavaliers trade cavalier team raise their entire lives are very and Jae Crowder. Dwyane Wade going back to Miami while it's not really that didn't make the week that one that'd make it at that that just best not even went that the shot of him and GAAP real union coming off the private jet and did nothing on the runway and Miami and then yeah whenever you have got back that it made it an -- out and Al Borges. At this time tonight they're united boards but without their coach universal form all right all right largest contract. What about it in the history. The national football league for the next five weeks should take over couples used it and then it was like problem then later that night Thursday night we're talking about. Tom Brady got a missile two days until he gets that Jimmy drop below contract nor that South Korea are shaken hands yeah. Friday Friday morning we get nick in Boston saying hey it was may has Beatles on. I'm done you can. And in some respects. This all favor by coming forward to usually go to waste if we don't miss anything I probably would we define something else as Jersey. Once played well. Ruins confuse others don't want and then as it was hard when an overtime or whatever is on an order now bridge when it on time Greg Monroe okay nice. First firstly does what he touches the ball is get attack. Elegant I know on the phone up pats of Walpole PayPal site on. How would you guys what's great. Which one to say a big fan and actually AS subscriber of the try to force. Oh nice thank you very much past that door our our guys are at work fairly podcasts you know editor and I had to say pat and I spent. Text of an outlet we forgot robs gronkowski house got robbed anybody yeah I'm rob rob sounds like iPad. Keepers on the San Diego and they they know about the door podcast there's other sort of everybody does right I don't know about WEEI did you know I'm happy at. Of course they do what the good news visit that. Tort part guess is the official part get up every so by door getting out their dirty guys off. Great point way way way your point that there're other podcast well you're gonna I don't by the target for zero o'clock given us nothing actually no obvious. Grace archer called analyses and in my back. Delighted that it was kind of interesting with Borges. You know he's such kind of noted Petri eater. Just wonder if if this were a role Petri story would he have washed to get it out a friend like he did where it was kind of look at it tightly to its story. Not only that but I mean just common sense would have said that there's no way that this story could park good tournament what the heck is black eye and Brady ever talked about when he taken they got a that they get that they cut. And now all of a sudden gonna turnaround and say why all this money and I'm not all of out of just eats. He's forty years old yeah I know you're absolutely right there but I but I'll say this I want my lifetime achievement award right now if if nick from Boston. It catfish Ron Borges advising him dungy. You know just to see you know body. We are we wrapped up a four year deal for Brady yeah it's it's also yes he would've rushed to print with a active it would have. Tomorrow the paid yeah I would have a press conference well we know Jimmy's is tomorrow so we'll probably announce that on Monday. On Monday at 2 o'clock Monday. I act yet they run would've rushed that too doesn't it well I think there's something to the negative spin now. Making a hundred or more and maybe not you know checking all the way out not getting that second source I think I think. It was just as before appetizing for him for to be an eagle right yet but but that the caller said it if it was a positive thing what do you Bruntlett yes. It if we just an effective clearly what we just talked about where your deal here's guaranteed money we got one more dollar Jimmy drop below. So it's by 75000007. Fahrenheit and a dozen more are Kenny Britt going to be back and a two year deal. Even care now. And care and without Brady image other stories all of the positive but it did for Brady and it's something less life like air. Watch account contact my colleague Geoff Pollard hit him out when did you forgot to note that brits. And I'll tweet out Jeffs number four you know. I don't need Allen and Rossi about open that we missed in the week. Everybody wanted to talk about the parenting of does that now. All of I write for it'll. That will pay yet whoopee whoopee. What we played won't be on the show Whoopi Whoopi and we can't do it anymore or doubt no doubt we thought we ordinary dagger that we are it and we voted the other thing to the other show which you know. Vision and I told them that we're done without giving. Did Tom Brady was outside the studio or did that duty to make a phone call that led duke about media what he's he get them. Diageo that dot TI yet a what would that be funny and yet you beat him up. Right when he called into the radio thanks to he was called from out right up by. I think he do when he can now. That would be the best so that's not a brilliant it would be Brady has been accused of being. It's opens jerk who works every single dollar and may be. I don't worry outside the studio and like you want to do yet marketability content type to go to sleep. Outrage story. Or just below that I'm into my left here because my relatives that I practice involves this doesn't I don't wanna reopen detonate you've got stitches and this week it is so jam packed ridiculous that a man eating horse pulled doesn't make the list did it and let's not even barely out of alleged lack. Michael Lombardi got caught out and care to don't moderate Sunni Eagles possible repairs football player and a mummers outfit calling you out in front of everybody just does make the list. Friends and New Hampshire and a threat. Tail Michael with the brought up after them. Bruins are on our society. And they play if you do gains they've only blocked eleven in regulation. Kate. They scenes. Got a 124 goals against which is below it certainly. Only thing I did look for rentals. Did you just keep gold Fred builders up Brian Michael yeah yeah eczema. And it's a plus 49 overall yeah. They act there. Would have been in first place happened. They played two less games that at least they're not first place right now I was wrong exit and when you first place Eugene bird let's say a night to overtake Tampa Bay. Dale and apart while we slept mean I. Well ultimately I'm not a hell yeah Fred did. There's a very well freestyle Friday and everything and let Fred go for a little bit like anything else. There's a lot going on like anything else in the world out mad grizzly to heck of a story that's no way away and I play. Her. C'mon if you like anything else about all the day's. We're gonna need that call it a month and a half we got beat that man has the Culpepper got your back you don't read it now now she's on. Asked about mcdaniels asked about Belichick as cooperating even as that I courtside reports. Rock. We got like ten things to choose from it because it would macro is the talk about well tonight inspire euthanized by 6177797937. It's Dele Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Ask your question doggy drugs Brady's. What is the guy situation right now with Brady acknowledge other ways also grappled to correct. We'll correct graduation which is what seven days of August 3% right is the highest it's clear where only job your great agent I mean god. What is the situation between Brady and Belichick just I write I write whatever you tell me so you just tell me you know I all right. Jack thank you who well lost art appraiser please do not want to Alter the coach Moore who and a okay go ahead. Can do them one more here already and are. Striking up a lot. That the works of major in her cause she's not you know. Does that tell everybody Julius at this point. Yeah. I've exiles and he's probably not through words. Annika repercussions for. And we had someone that you are asking for legal rights now I I tech and as well area legal I don't know why only texted Mike McCann about. Does Ron Borges have a lawsuit against right I didn't ask about anything else according to a text here. It is a violation of federal law to miss identify yourself as representative for another person. Simply the texture. I don't know the answer. I spent an argument coming edited in the eyes that everywhere I can't leave it you know he made his lawyer may be down. Asked for a I don't know you know I I think that call to arms and asked for a lawyer call. All fake guy taxes by that figure that if that if a fake I calls. Should be a we can you fake it that well can you pretend to be a lawyer. I got stuck under under cross examination. I'd try to love being criminal impersonation law. Yeah not I'm swimming and yeah. That'd be free long haul I was not I was about it. I've no idea. I Johnson way imitate John. Hey Al cone gets. I'm not the biggest sport is fan but the fact that many hand that got back catching up to that it has gloating just a nation that I mean. Yeah I did well what do you have to do that it wouldn't do I think he's taking credit for I don't know if he did and. That debt key will want you know got nick kind of like just beat it sounded like. Bet you're the one that quite cute also pick two nick. He I don't think yeah ever spoken to nick and so I think that I think he likes the results and because nick as a listener bears he's taking credit for the good parts of it but I don't think. He had anything to do that. I mean it'll Roddick is a guy like I was what I used to call dale backward he added he's from Winfield will permit. On the I would wrong Tom Brady is we've gotten through it okay. It'll protect the well. Birdie eagle Ottawa blocked and and I mean we're on it yet incredible when it comes to block them but you know ultimately it I mean I don't know. It'll escalate there and say it will put out like. Why wouldn't it checked out. Quick question for Michael. Michael my friend you seem to get a lot of love and respect from the seller list at ESPN. Neatly like a rock pocket and Max Kellerman. They need I'd just go on and on that particular cheated I talked a little bit let me put it straight reference to how the Dietrich TNG in that. That accusation that is spewing are not. Back to. I think a lot of these guys. I. Thought I would think a lot of them. Are just performing. On on here there'll fans of the Michael polish you know that's for first of form. So yeah you don't think Kellerman really needed it all Brady believes what he says is great for him this is great for him is great for their show. You know skip in Stephen A you know bill first take it is something. That was pretty good as a powerhouse. And so when skip left. In Mexico from sorters and skip fans have met a man you're breaking up the band was what happens is to crack. Like Michael Holly's radio show I think there's nothing. I'm not having that problem. Thank you but so but so when Max Max started saying that. Given an identity came the following and so even suggest it off the air you mail outs on the latency that off the air traffic. It all off on the air it is to his benefit to keep this thing going as long as we can get right. They'll probably keep changing the rules on the cliff you know I'm sure you will. Completion percentage is down by. Percentage point that Scott has marred the yards for a time yeah America or attempt to change the dynamics but. A lot of is a lot of people radio TV newspapers are not the same in real life. As they are when there doing their thing Allen's on the cell phone hey Alan. Hey guys you know Michael that you wrote the globe. In my opinion and I will attended by saying I'm not a great gorgeous and I goalies. An excellent boxing right. In my opinion. It is almost incomprehensible. As somebody to do what he did I mean if he is incited. I'd be totally shocked I mean I don't know what happened that the global he went from the world that are alleged to be is kind of a compulsion. But I market. Who'd Gerry Gerry Callahan to hear that oh man. Shots fired gunshots fired. So they're having an option to assail whatever. I mean I just can't imagine. I mean and did that just no words to describe what he did he should not escapee. Who had a Borough go to you know Poughkeepsie but I should never be allowed to right. Another article in the Boston newspaper I mean I think it's a disgrace a total disgrace he HL. Let me. You know we really what is by this is bias is so bad that he broke it. All are writing. And. And I think except like if I. Alan I never to standards. I wanna celebrate anybody's Israel was celebrated by you and your your point of what an agenda can do do you misses that is vintage classic right here just this is something that you know students will study. One day I tell you how do you make sure that your sources are. They say they are hot jacket but if that he's written other origami really that that's something that's violently as witness statements from norm. But the statement from The Herald and delegates that is not very long it's not. But that last line of it is. His column has been suspended. Pending further review and this is part of the further review. It means they wanna go back and look at other colleges and there was they had to Iran member when you wrote this. What what was the sourcing on this that when you wrote that. So bad place to be like that the good news is if you're columnists and somebody just says. This sucks well thank you. At least at least you're not saying okay I made it up I got its motto don't like it's my own opinion. It was that bad opinion may be. You know the it may be eligible to sleeping when our road count I don't know. But if you just say I haven't picked you. You don't like the opinion that opened up their Fareed. That's okay. But this is just wrong in this is really hard to recover for less. I I agree with everything you eat the you to set but in the in the larger picture in the larger scheme. Because nick came on the radio this morning and basically it was me. Is it that the I'm talking about overall it is for Ron what I'm saying is if Nicki just left. Let it go away and everybody. The country's talking about it worse it would have been a much bigger story then yeah right and then now the patriots is not I think Brady will get an extension and they're probably a timely. They get even clear that opulent and what was that cement or they can even believe each other than that that's going to be a weird situation. If he did that so it's not that big of a deal I don't think. Party's gonna be there for routier's I would imagine present either week long and and that. Times Gannett to heal that as far as Borges is reputations concerned that if that's the biggest hit here. But it exposes the flaws in and this whole process and what we do and this is what we do but it just talk about these reports in and talk about things that are happening. So. To your point dale if this story goes out there there's no nick and Boston to kind of slowed down. Every dope body is saying oh wait a minute. This doesn't ring true and don't expect that hasn't happened ESPN and run and an all day long after everybody it's a it's eight at the wherever agent said we're talking about it all day long now we all. Have little more context and a national people because we're here. So if Mike Reese writes the article. It hasn't Ike Reese right to work on at all bad it's true. It's likely true. And so win it now we're really here oh boy. Tom Brady. Is not going to be around this this is this is ugly. But nobody says the talking head business of work but what work like that and as there were report posed as reporter odds even governor the patriots. What's he now quotes a source that has happened is just what do you think about this opinion give your hot take now cocoa cocoa. And then it just. It rages a lot faster than the whole re is it out runs reason. It out runs. Logic and common sense. Wasn't it Hannah Storm. Well last summer was talking about. Well I would say taping practices is probably yeah and to have long rambling apology and like 2 o'clock in the morning right I think that it just keeps going and trust me if if nick hadn't confessed. This morning. Egypt wanted to hiding. You're looking at a 24 hour crawl on ESPN all dated or Horry lately he said the timing of it you know even if he did confess and and try to. Our own views taking creditor victory lap or whatever I was doing if you did that next week. Now all these shows that have done it for two days straight. That's very remembers the rock and do a show on they might mention it I have by the way that was. Turns out of the hoax but it's so it people's minds at all Tom Brady. No he wanted he we who wants more money man holed out which it was never the case 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Its Dillon Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. I mean that's the and my future. We'll sit down next couple. When did you retire. I'm not a news. It's like let's. Just look as of now. Like this season. My teammates. We fought all year long. It all work. I'm just won't replace the season. The boys. Do you. Rob Gronkowski post game I mean literally minutes after the game ended the the Eagles were still out on the field I think went wrong with speaking. And and we talked about it on Monday. It it certainly gave everybody pause speakers none of us had any inkling that. Retirement was even an option for Rob Gronkowski. I've talked a couple people about this who sailed on him he'd be was dead serious with what he said. Now he is gonna take a look at that you know his all of his options and decide if he's gonna go forward he was serious he was just thrown it out there. The question is I think ultimately he's gonna end up playing. Michael I know you're not quite sure. Yeah I mean I I'm not. I'm not sure because I think it was an easy way to knock this thing down. Any did knock it down and the excuse well as emotional as right after the Super Bowl at that was Bill Belichick today. Well it was right at right preferable is emotional. Right he said he said you know I don't know if under it this was on the conference call the next there I don't know fast and somebody question ten minutes after you lose the Super Bowl is. Well unless it's a question about retirement. I think he was talking about Bronx answer and I think that might not be the time to get you know a true feel for an alternate candidates can also say that. But it got a lot of logical thought I think at this is not the first everything. Let's say why doesn't fly me one. That rumor was not there before the suitable. Rumor was on out there numbers are out there have been usable and to ask him I think it and two. It's not like. He said. I just want out of respect for my teammates are talk about the game right now wanna talk about the future incentive. Actually addressed it. Well don't want to right so if anything I'll politics on the take a couple of weeks reflect and see where a match. Not hey take a week's take a couple weeks to reflect it back to training. And try to get get this team back here next year. What are one or reactionary BI that I am or norm not the better player next year he didn't say it was ridiculous he kept alive. Well shouldn't be ridiculous he's played eight years in the league and he's had how many surgeries and you just end up looking car cancer drugs I got here. All right I'm saying just injuries and is now I feel it's been. A ton so if he didn't if he retired. I don't think it should be a shocking as ads are still would have been like a two weeks ago if yesterday of rock will be back next year it's of course he has. Why why would you be. Then the way he answered that I think he's definitely thinking about it and it makes all the sense in the world wants to think about it. And the most recent Andrea is a concussion. And that's where so many these guys are retiring early it's more because the concussions sure there are guys retirement back issues but. How many guys have a baloney CL says about that for me they come back and less than a year now that's that's I even edit the concussion is is the scariest one now I'd. And ironically. That was really the only injury had this year. He was suspended for game that that he couldn't play in but he was remarkably healthy he was a devoted. Advocate for TB twelve this year. He he went all in. And had one of his healthiest years ever and and I do have to say. You go back to that catch he made that the shoe tops and in Pittsburgh alt well what do ground and you think air he probably can't do that. In in a past season just because he's so big and sold muscle bound. And you know he he what with a whole liability ruled he was healthy he felt great until you get ahead shot. And nobody there's nothing you can do. They just when it comes down to you if he retires or won't be shocked. Actually. Carries it through it would be surprising. To me. Because the conversation has been had we we we've talked about this with older players. Once you mentioned retirement. Or what you don't just knock it down then you're on that path your RD on that track to. And it's crossed your mind it's it's like it's crossed his mind. If he's mentioning it. Well maybe he's serious about it I saw one report he can't believe any report believe that's our lesson today now dumplings and are less than today at our forward. They don't always believe ever report the top of one of the reports that. It if the patriots had won the Super Bowl he definitely would have retired. Well we. You're you can't always script the ending the way he wanted to be. Yeah I'm gonna walk up the field I'll be Super Bowl MVP won't win any game and now that's higher than that fit that's going to be my ending what you can always. And I always played out that way so if you thought it. That it is the difference between Gradkowski retiring and not. Was a result of that game you battle over. All we joked earlier in the year. I forget how it came up or figure who's gonna play longer Brady you're wrong I think we all kind of the Brady. I even though he's he's so much older but just the way that they play in the injuries piling up but I'm not saying he hit it every time drop every kind of injury through every time like that the fluke injury the high you know impact injury late eighties that he's had a ball like literally head to toe. Crop has been hurt. And eight years is they good NFL career. Well I don't forget about the stats things that's agreed and thought river just of the length of time in the is that a hall of Famer that is getting kings said he never played another down he would vote for him first ballot for the won't have to you have to you have to. Yeah he's definitely often especially if you wanna get into your guys that's real davis' the curt Warner's. For the length thank you keep these lines longer than all those guys intervention or is it more good seasons that and those guys. I still think if I did make a prediction right now I think he is back for another year but I certainly would commit to a I think next year potentially could could be as life. He's got he's got the rock and money Ares got sly Stallone in the out there hey do this do that by the way this time I don't think that's an option. I think it's an option. I I I don't I don't. I've you know a lot of thanks you know is an awkward sometimes happens you know let's say that it's full time job he's our wondered acting as awkward as a football player who's trying to act sometimes. What if he becomes quit play for all of a sudden become an actor yes tell us what it. If he if he works amateur hour that's his job. That's his career he's legitimately wants it was awful and I don't know football player in a movie yet it you're gives you just. It's your your freezing him as just take Rockies are always going to be rock football player can do anything else in his life the rock was always a great actor. He was always great poster noted that great actor woody is at when he was a wrestler I mean he was associate what was probably don't before it was not a thing. Laughable. Now I'm sort of her and I you know I think it worked at it he probably where he has gotten better you can't tell me. That he's the same now as he was taking a I'm not bill but but when rock when and how does that with guy gets it. And and well I don't know I did a. And it's certainly we are not that Arnold Schwarzenegger first. All of his movies for that and buried other related to talk once straight these as the looked really good. Dario he looks it was Arnold it's Arnold doing great acting in the terminator but he's never denigrate and there but the reason the right roles you're right and it robs in the right movies maybe could do something but. I don't know I don't know of I don't know why did this they rushed for that though some say in two years you on the go same opportunities either for you. There was this is Jim Brown situation where ever gonna make more money in acting as a lot less to get around him. Different area yet her for Jim Brown but. Perk for ground yeah you could same thing you do the same thing in two years been two years what were your body have to say about that will there be another injury. Will there be another concussion. You're you're trying to get out. At the right time so your thirties who will be all about. Making money and being an entertainer as opposed human body just trying to get my body back to the way it should feel that don't feel right right now take got eating a foot. I think his body is is actually pretty good this year up until the can contract and it was about I mean there was no doubt about you could see it. Weigh in I got off the field but you could tell immediately. And and as we said at the time if of if the Super Bowl had been the following weekend at the way he him out apply in no way. Thankfully with the two weeks he was able to look fine you know the fact a great the second half. How much do you think his his ambivalence. At the moment about whether he's gonna player not. As to who this frustrations just with the game. The officiating an game know the hacking the holding the grabbing their I mean every time he goes off the line of scrimmage he's getting mugged because they got. No other option one and we suffer surely wasn't against buffalo like that and that wasn't just from that game men know those guys were were pulled him and hold them everything else but. Those also the whole season and what was going on there so he finally let loose yet suspended for game but. I'm sure that's right back I'm sure is frustrated that. I think this is the opportunities that he has in front of them and he enjoys. He enjoys the camera. He enjoyed we're not going enjoys the celebrity life and I think he enjoys being healthy. Yes I don't I don't go to that part more so because. If you can walk away right now and he's feeling as good as he's ever felt than. The great because there's no guarantees the automobile to get through another season healthy. But if he wanted to become an actor or comedian Horry wrestler. In 22 when he compared its when he team on some of the differences. Just two more years of an L and also not sure that that there'd would be any less physical Paul on his body he wanted to wrestling. That's true of Saudi middle class and what can I gentlemen good movies I think every movies they're crock no way I think isn't going direct to dvd entitled will be he'll be in there are record high thirty is going to be in this is now got an agent right so having so if if rock Gandhi if the rockets this effort and it just printed don't go to Jack. There are just got a phone the rocket's restaurants will be about how much money to make like our rock and you put me in your next couple movies they see it everywhere and I started during rock salary. Not that that that salary dismal BZ dollar. He's like a colossal idiot cameo on a daily. He'd be without Anders a Honda and you know I wouldn't be an extra. Wouldn't impact yet he well known I think you like shark NATO that he needs to be he's not going to be in one of the rocks Rampage. Of the of the rock takes him under his wing. Is are you going to be you know be that guy going to be the next guy wanna make sure that guy you gotta be that guy ground that would shock. I've got this 111 of them to a distant to the big yeah urgency. The big dumb football play yet that's what has that I said political ball polar. Don't know at this at Donaldson who are you don't know said dom so what's the update so you don't think he's down. And I don't think he's down and he's 28 years old and I don't think any predominantly due to be an actor an adult and I am and I don't think so we've got that's the difference of the majority of you thought you could you people are that you can I cannot think you can't I and I think I could be a great actor. But I know that I won't right I have I have not all right. I would pursue it I know I can't but for crop you guys don't think he's done. He's 28 years old is a big guy he has been in. Entertainment things before a silly commercials and alien movies knowledge to have. Why can't he make us a career switched and a. You know I don't think he's on the he has a desire to do it wanna. I think I think realistically it would it would be up. It would be a process that would take him several years now that international wanted to do it but people have to wanna watch you do people have to wanna hire you to do and by the way I didn't wanna see the rock when he started to and so why scorpion king was not is all they see so I guess that makes my point even more then wanna see him then but now. He's a worldwide superstar. Is the biggest star in in that you'll I say it and why do you think their talking to. It's you know it is an eating basically if they don't think he can do it all day Tuesday to talk about the rockets line they don't think you can do the talking to fly. Like them. Columns fly. I don't I don't pretty well. Just I got here about British FI. So I would take all of they don't aviator and being created three by the time they rolled out around the because he'd be a graduate boxer I think he could beat without her lips because his son that because. I think it did Iron Man. He could not be an Ira I don't want him anywhere near my marvel cinematic humor don't I don't. Don't it could be your rate right now I don't need him in there to be and one of the upcoming 27 Star Wars movies that are out there have been there for the rest of our lifetime but he storm trooper. Yes that Barack Obama or you're against all the orchards are performed earlier word of garden. When the DC shows on the CW 20. Wouldn't terrible actors on the Russian gas so it is good look being bad actors yet admitted he starred on TV that's about it and so tomorrow in order to put. Among I could tell you this is super into this when I was covering the very terrible Boston Celtics. And I covered them during one of the worst seasons in franchise history if not the worst teams in the printer that's ridiculous 1567. I imagine rental car imagine Brett Szabo make drinkers okay. I imagine Mardi com David Wesley the government team. Very good looking guy by the name of Rick Fox all very handsome and I remember Rick Fox crash actor I was talking to him and I said. Are are you gonna do any because there every NBA city he'd have they were terrible I think if it dies. Every basic he had tons of people coming up so a question I'm Sherri did just I'm not sure I you know I said Rick you're gonna do anything with this. Yeah people have mentioned it to me maybe. And he went out to LA good looking guy enters into the lakers. And he still has an acting career now is it terrible I. It's a worker at the bit and humidity in in running not up. Arguments you know lower clock you don't use a year about Omar OK now use that library. Coffee and run out of luck in the a lot of people in the DH can run down and I. At the government are. If you look them up though he's still an active actor and he's an active theater he would lose the game. He's created that you've got the ball great so called shameless. I he realizes he will be part of coming out this year called morning should this mortal enemy out. 818 in will be he was in eight at TV series last year called Greenleaf good luck finding any of these they want. I'm not always well he still he is a black he did appear ebony shark they don't 30 hell no. Exactly Rio LibriVox Herbert when he years after that 67 losses in 21 years later is still thought this thing beat them work and hot weather. Yeah and a great actor he's not go on any case originally football offer then he didn't have it in and Rick Fox it had the profile gras I did more with them now. Yes more hands or ransom but not the star power in the athletic world the ground has never had no doubt its true. 6177797937. We get right back to your calls coming up next Sports Radio WE EO.