DHK - Ron Borges breaks fake news on Brady; Who is worse Borges or Tomase?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, February 9th

Hour 1: There’s been no shortage of stories this week, as Boston Herald columnist Ron Borges was duped by “Nick from Boston”, who planted a fake story with Borges while impersonating Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee. The Eagles claim to have faked their walkthrough in US Bank stadium.


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Yeah yeah yeah. One of the people in this building late Ron Borges. We've always had a an amicable relationship in the past Pulitzer pals late. Occur among others but but well but I'm not one who else hates and and and and yet. I say with all humility and and and you know to trying to help as Mike is my friend Mike Woodson helped brother out. How are you thinking I'm Ron low was that about how law I'm what happened. Block out what happened. That's he'd. Yeah. Has the president wait hey yeah all I'm Oprah. Eight and a few hundred is the definition of fake news must surely the most wrong part of why there's so many rely on milk it'll be lying well I'd say sources have it all about that's what's about the most wrong and I don't know that it happened not on its saying when you lie in apiece that's probably like editor at in our editors. You little touchy when that new cartel interest that part of the lie does that is just made up. And it's it's lazy and it's not rejecting outside throughout through all these things but at least it's what he was to hold. Where's and you say sources that actually alive. You you're literally lying about that you may you know made that part up the guy be creative guy and the other part opt out but it presents. Both the. A problem. Hall is likely UN YouTube and in the newspaper business okay you got a scoop here love it love you if any do you talk look at other Levitt and and you say to your to your editor I listen I got a big one here. Tom's gonna Tom's tenants about OTAs unless they unless they so. So now you're the editor the Russians say Paula who resources. Got audio I send a message. Now you say who are your sources you would say a short wait a minute wedeman let's talk this through here. Let's work this out we wish we don't have to we don't have to do is make a splash here. You've got this by yourself I know your source told you that shift the other guys that show us show you shot you'll probably have it and I'll check he's not gonna happen tomorrow. Either Shakira Peter King apparently based ad attacks chef he if he's got he's got. It'll be no tomorrow in short he has that you probably early to the party been beat yet. So but anyway that beyond that. Let's talk this thing pru. Tom Brady why why why would Tom Brady's never been like this and it's Corey what is the source what is your source or what are your sources. Say about his motivation. Is he upset with somebody why he's drawn the line in the sand at the age of forty and it Ed before his age 41 season if he wanted to do that and he's a Smart man. What why would he do that after 2007. MVP fifty touchdown pass as. Ever done it before now and got a lot of everybody's want I don't know why now I need some days yeah they set him off to an atom bomb apparently it to you taught when you talk to your source well I didn't talk to blow. When he talked to them. You were texting him which column. And so they better and so do I detect the you have this. From IA analyst between us on your agent allowed a minimum your editor here to help you between us I'm I'm assuming you've got his agent. I'll be talked to the Brady anybody else from the Brady camp talked any other executives. You talk to the patriots. She's a feat that's why I'm asked him wooden and editors say. I got an old bull what are we deal with it another way of putting up front and back page of the paper updates are if you just look if you're a patriots fans. I don't want to be an energy you don't have to be. This is not the posts OK okay you don't have to be some grizzled veteran journalist. Are patriots fan. Another patriots day comes you and says. I just heard Tom Brady. Is gonna hold out because he wants to be the highest paid apparently. Think complete body here yet says I'm great. And I. Why that's why today it doesn't sound like Brady you don't have to know great at the age of forty. Winning the age of twenty I heard it you don't have an though Tom Brady the man. All you have to do is beat the patriots fans and you know that this smells. This is that this the same rights is not right here. I don't want to debate or not but I'm pretty Alan I don't if you got it done this before putting 97. Point 5% of it on rob board. And then I put an annual I want Friday night when Austin but I'm 99 point 5% of an importance in any higher. Then but then there's. There's a gatekeeper. To gatekeepers say. There are several gatekeepers. Does it look medical errors that you see this is gonna get reads is going to click this is going to do everything that this is somebody who. Let's that is debated and make sure that I make sure the comets are in the right place. Are to make sure that there and I don't know about so you do an audit of that contacts they're culpable multiple people looking at it. I'm thinking through. A two you'll friend shipped it'll probably have it by next week. Actually. I'm next week average after. Old Brett because you don't put them on number one the number one football reporter you know business he'd be a probably have a next week the number one guy. So this came out last night we're on the air. And current I'd already gone to bed sliding get a till this morning I'll I'll I'll give current. Give current credit Karen. May I saw this happen. I imagine it. Made a couple of girls. All of you suggesting he called somebody hurt their voice Currie at not an after tax be and how little I was coming up. I. Threat that's out there eagerly director made a couple phone calls. Two minutes later he's a that's not for two minutes later admitted that he shaking his head saying while. We vote for mr. This is not true when it. I think that's just not true. Into the embarrassing currently added it's what I tell wondered current sources say this is off the reservation. That. This is quote on the reservation that it sounds made up can I can just ask the simple question. You get a text. From a Massachusetts phone number. Is this who says he's Don yeah. You thought it. And well rather I thought he. And he doesn't at a Massachusetts. Visit a series got a client or to lobby harder ball boys go to our out of our enterprise are on Obama because you know. I don't want a day. Warcraft in nova and number he gave Brady engine yeah that's remembered for here at different numbers I mean about a long way East Coast already. I don't know. Wouldn't set off an alarm dollar to win a Massachusetts number appears on your phone I figured should. The figure probably should so the guy who set up Ron Borges is a a caller to the radio station on a nick from Boston. And nick from Boston couldn't white. To tell perking Callahan how this went. Somebody either. Number. I sort of stock or I think we know who did right. A couple years ago Ron Borges himself his manager reply to a direct message I believe we need his own home he says Wii does my phone number is the hole holds its seven. XX XX that's OK and he did he he's got a phone numbers so they're adding that any. You know critics out there it's among patriots fans he'd I think his lead in perpetuity it's been screen capture of the heart of fine everywhere so he hasn't changed is members yeah I don't get it's a great day maybe now I'll let it while. It's fun and take calls I'll go back to neck well. And I just felt good performance and has just got to go out technically at war he's. And he does what performers. And you attaching him back and forth on and latex in for a while you're talking about. Some ought to get in Taiwan in the hall of Famer Brady or something and he came back toward the that Brady's arm as well back and forth. So you were doing this back and forth with Borges yesterday afternoon the stuff he's right correct. Yeah and Borges bought it hook line and sinker. What hit his opponent park full. Well at all on into hopefully a partner home to the call me I'm looking for an answer. All the ultra slick that is true artist Coleman and don't argue. I call the material earlier. And. Like we talked and he yes. And I served would that let them quote we are so this is yesterday. It was a last night in the red. You can't afford. Their current slept in my house. Nick I say some did you ever since other men often I love. It's why why did you do this to Borges this is incredible just hate him what did you want I want him. No I really don't care and support Obama are. Treated as some are just other phone number and you won this around them. Yes did you ever consider doing this to someone the globe. If you're the offensive line under the greatest error yet the shot. Yes it's certainly done. So as a funny like arguments that's true. I. It it is take it is a dolls a legitimate question while that Callahan asked so he did and talk football. They are into that yeah it's. Great religious promissory or not he's done an open. Have you talked Don you before. I don't know and if not why did you text you a story of the blow wilds of the text made it sound like they've communicated. Yeah all millennial long gone over the longer there they thought they have been created it hasn't been done me. This is like taking fate Twitter to the next level I love fate would -- people fault fix we're solid Lamar joys in life there and this is taken to the next foe now impersonating somebody else. It's probably not that that's going to have figured it to another level it really is but it's still on board is for phones for office. It actually is and how they run and and storied hasn't figured hey did you time this guy the guy did and. In this is when you've got. A sorts. Everybody I've ever reporter I don't care who would is everybody out of chapter RB whoa what's even woes. Every reporter has been beaten on a story. Every reporter has gotten something wrong I'm not here to tell you that all of never got a rock I have yet every every reporter has that how how how the okay. But. One of the reasons you have sources is because they know stuff that you don't know they have expertise that you don't have. So if I'm in it if if nick and Boston slash Don Yee say hey Tom Brady what's new contract. Asked him some questions that I don't know as he reporter for example. Out what the deal to be structure. One of the before. I are so use it like Jimmy grapples do you think Jimmy's deal with Jimmy deal for a second. If you Don you know line. Yeah and technical problem just may nose or related property you know what it was yeah it was yeah you get the Brady thing I've got you now such about how this deal come together. With with with. Would Jimmy drop on the 49ers and if you start asking those questions. Nick in Boston won't be able to answer them sufficiently don't know elevated our got reported as we get that you know until we don't get a -- can we just you this real quick I just Google Don the interview okay and I came up with a Mike and Mike interview from during the placate and instantly play this from. There just according to a report reports needed when. Right rates and distinctive voice that office differences and heated there's a political a lot of the disease we. Jack thank you do all blocked our regular gruden. Now want ultra critical more things at. Off that's 12 round grew at its enemies further proves what reporting is not all reporting again well some good reporters out there are altar and offered a lot of good reporters out there but there are these as you know what it further proves. Well patriots fans have felt all along. Ron Borges has an agenda against the patriots and it just looking aching for an opportunity there to enforce that agenda. And and he thought he was being handed look at this story were true would be a huge deal be a big deal they'd end up having to pay him whatever was that'd be a big deal. And he so desperately wanted to to be true but he let it cloud his judgment. He was desperate that this be real. It's it's a match you want this diplomats. Have an agenda this Long Will mess you up. He has been on this thing. And years you think almost. Noted really here's a crazy part of it the crazy part if you wanna read one of the best. Articles on Bill Belichick. Beginning of his patriots tenure. Ron Borges wrote it. In the Boston Globe is like around 2000 but this thing up it was good Boston Globe magazine. Great story Belichick talked to him the real well the real Bill Belichick here half hour we are okay and then. The relationship soured. And it's been sour. Orton are nonexistent. Since say 2001. So. In 2018. For anybody rob boards or anybody else if you out there have a seventeen year grudge if partly due traumatic well. Well because it is nothing you what Andy is. Best I don't know why I got I got a definite flurry of the year got a graduate Zambrano judged against Roddick god let it go. You don't have to Andy eat all of it helping you got a garage has built an athletic column because why else are you mad the first place that you can't be met for the rest your life what's the pointed out originally got a good don't ever been Adamson hit that mad and be mad to the point you're not collusion mine I'm gonna fall for some comments offensive and he wanted to leave me alone I'm Sean McDonough on the not your continent you know figure out is yes on a lot. Lot and I leave it alone while her matter to the test run about it to register there don't I don't know how I don't know if as you don't know either I don't even know if it got me that's too bad. It's. It's it's this is all from. Hatred. Dissolves. And bitterness. Toward Bill Belichick get the blinders are on your old this is I wanted to hear something like this summer rated at forty after you take. It Borges and set aside for a minute okay. It's a larger question one we've asked here in the past. What's the lore. For the fake Twitter account who catches people are and I and I they're not part of our Ivan caught players and what's your lower a clarity and what is it what's the war of of ruling Ron Borges his career and that's if that's what you're trying to you are trying to do this that I did I don't know yeah. I don't know a lot of rumors I hear it I don't think that's what his goal was at least make him look stupid okay let's say that's that's at all yeah got to watch. What in what do you like that here was the jerky boy I tell my god that's it I was gonna say I don't go Odom as a go back in time what's important Jerky Boys. I areas now people still it's a different era. We need and what they would like different right now calls. Ripple I'll take the whole area on the called the funeral home and say gotten somewhat this body or whatever right barometer notes talk about it what all right tryout bad temper my dogs and all of those things that they did what's the fun of it paid just does that shake people up loaded the Dalai. In the the high and might be the high minded. Does bring him down a notch and just this mass of people. All Americans to Twitter was some of these reporters I think film do you take themselves really seriously not all home but I Ingraham do a minute you get them. Responding to these fake accounts or did it'd that's doing it passed around Jerry made a great point late in the program and their in their shouted we're global and not helped elect that was I don't know I made a great point. What if Kirk had this. And sat on till Monday. You know to be watching all over ESPN and fox and there any what we be talking about today. It that's the same the incident Tommy John l.'s last and is it look you know what can happen tomorrow first eight. Colin Cowherd. Around the Warren PTI. They'll all be talking about Tom Brady. And how he wants his contract. And then when it doesn't happen or Brady doesn't get the contract it would be like is Brady disappointed he's got an angry and a lack of Tehran they're more dysfunction. I thought this story was really got to just like take off even though I do and you patriots and you knew it wasn't true. But I out of. I think audit that was on the front and back page of the Boston Herald dammit it's got a real and it just like it it's on the front and back page of the Boston Herald that the patriots take a walk throughs. No results lipstick is on many people off I think the front and back page was an apology. While back and I had to fight back and the apology that was my point is it that it does a lot on the on the accusations you to this day. And we heard a lot when we were in Minneapolis last week in this day out right that lips it's gonna insulin and again this week this gives it more than where. From perfect is it I mean I've I'm telling you I'm and you. About judge what to believe I believe god you don't have to but just amazing isn't at a in the same day the story comes out. Tom Brady had the gratitude post if they Graham post it took the opposite of the guy yeah. Always portrayed in the gorgeous piece of I never whatever I love doll that this guy saying. Hey thank you coaches. Thank you players in Philadelphia. They say he did so far down that much so that guy fell that that guy who we've known we've seen just this close is at the privilege of watching these games. Since 2000. So he knows what Tom Brady's about at least publicly we never know these guys and when a sale an element of about four McCord I was so. But as a as an athlete knows who he is as an athlete. And what he wrote is the complete opposite. What Tom Brady has been about his entire patriots career he has never not one time and talked about his contract publically is never whisper to a source as saying. Hey Peyton Manning is making that I need to make a dollar more in Peyton Manning never. Horror in fact it's been just the opposite in its what's pissed a lot of people off in the NFL he's in a situation that not everybody's in. He can afford to take much less than market value which gives the patriots competitive advantage because they're not throw 130 million dollars at the quarterback at the starting quarterback that thrown fourteen. And it got sixteen million to spend elsewhere but he could be the highest paid guy in the league each of the last ten years. Right easily and it if you want to be stamped his feet and sent on to the highest paid player really since 07 I don't see why the patriots or even another team wouldn't that. Not been humbled you like a mistake I'm I've made on you guys and they don't. If you acknowledge it just taken on. Do wonders. You know what I missed them. Again take me I think Isiah Thomas Benedict Carey who have missed that one will. Michael take inside the newspaper business again they they took it down on the web site at 730. So it at about 730 or southern and all. This it now that you can't you can't our lives aren't yet on print the pay overtime what a terribly what Thomas nick in Boston like 630 okay. So yeah well are now seven inch I don't know I'm trying to it was before 730 so. What's going on within the building at the Boston Herald right now. Who believed. It that's what's going on site ability not to try to figure out who know how to address it. Publicly and now and now you're atop the Borges. Well what are you gonna do what are you gonna do about this is very. It's very sloppy this this this is reckless. This is reckless reporting. And probably send Borges to Pyongyang gave him two weeks for some Olympics is Gatti I don't know I violated the because he's kind of covered it in play. Now they are set him down the odds on the man. Will they just suspend humorous works. Well they're also it's also a different time for them business and they're going through a lot themselves probably trying to figure out who's going to be on the staff who isn't he hasn't weeded. Between five hours ago about the Charles Haley podcasts. That this so there's no my dad there's no you've got to Walt's meth and now. Say they would like but it's hard it's hard at it I understand. When you make mistakes in your job and it's harder for anybody who's made a mistake and at a job name not public. It's harder and admitted mistake but public. Very high profile position. Yeah sometimes you've got to think at it it's got it wrong. We have a problem if you tell the pair that fairness you know how to had 200 club the Detroit parents if you. But yeah I told him he will get around he's all around. It's the same thing like mortenson. At some point. Shouldn't Morton's and had said. I'm sorry. I screwed it up to and yeah I'm dancing around the source told me this somebody told me I screwed it up. I don't know if that's enough I may not be enough may not be enough for some fans because you really you're you're working for. You work for the fans and a lot of reporting. Sources are necessary. Sometimes anonymous sources are necessary so you as a reader you're out there and you all have your favorite reporters you know and reporters that you don't trust it's a trust game. You if you have a reporter. And you've been role with them for ten years fifteen years they give you an anonymous source you say yes and no. I know her body of work I know his body of work and I trust them as a reporter you just don't trust. So has that trust just eroded is it. Is it irreparable. Yeah I think for a lot of pictures sent to Horry didn't like him is how negative slant laws efforts you know so successful at least that was just an opinion and wives but this season they already Horry didn't like it is outrageous now it's easy sentence of. Our work with Ron. At the globe. For let's see you know he was there of army was there when I got there all of their 2004. I can say I pay and and we'll talk in a cart about this last night to. Use. For awhile man he was that he was he was the top dog he get undertook in the hall of fame basically got Tippett and hall of fame. And Ty Law gets into the hall of fame he'll be responsible for it. Can put words together very well. Knows his football. But yeah route a hollow man rough this is. If you can't defend it it's hard. You come back from. I asked Hamas. Egypt he got he came back now if baseball. Yeah he had to throttle in the most sports alt right doesn't really I mean he well kind of all over the play boxing is boxing. I don't know I he's got every right of the patriots. And they they actually really tell the editor of The Herald the let him write anything that has the word patriots and now. Tom Brady patriots now I don't beat him. I wouldn't. And so I don't. On Shia upon how this even happens is habit. As he wanted it to be true. And he's talked to Gagne before has any. Well again I would think effect after a it sounded like the way he was texting back to. Quotation fingers on the info and it sounded like he knew what yeah okay what makes somebody would never ever talked to text you I don't know. When you think some of whom will off with a 50 wait telephone number. Passion and you have never talked to the person. And America just take what they're what they're Texans and read and write a story about. The away. Can deal with them one more here. Or anything other than that it will. Right up a rough that the works of major in a question for Don you know selling Gagne. There. The worst one I had and I did it on the air here. Idea I'd I'd read the list of player names who were on the idea the Mitchell report all I remember I was little and I frozen and I don't read to Jason Varitek name. Off a ia a list on the Internet yet they did good in America and he didn't belong on there. He should have been on the list he wasn't on the actual list it was someone who'd made a mistake and I read it. And at some point I had a look Jason Varitek in the guy in the Red Sox clubhouse and say I'm sorry. I screwed up ansari. Was not a lot of fun. No America though is that they said Mitchell report comes out whatever the day was ended dated it took forever and then one website I think. Under I don't know where they got that from there they list the whole bunch of names might most of whom are wrong. I read and I read it. And then had to go talk to look a mini then apologized so you can hide from a human. That went through what you read it. I remember that day like yesterday Marjorie. It's wise it was news no whining and built his wife say epic 99 point five. On. Board Jews but there are other parts the process did you ask the higher out there we go with a I don't know I don't know is worse now higher ups. We told you ran into the studio and handed it to home. And it but that's still on me now you know an outlet well all but there's a there's a process. Your boss at the time to. Aim it handed to you. Hey I had read it's go go go read our government. Remember the picture one with you in line with. Was Rondo being treated or something and we almost got there yet almost and then the last thing we have we'd better go check to Kansas. Today and didn't go. A guy but that the vast difference from dale that's difference of you are taking somebody else is reporting so they like you take responsibility. For getting this. Gorgeous piece you get the boards fees and you had been on the air if you read the more you read it I don't think that's no longer there or is your reading somebody else's right. Missed reporting. As opposed to your make. You have yet that added that one is worse I mean yea your ignore the reporter. Who puts it out there that's why ask. The do you move on from here. And at what point does that herald have to put the apology on Saturday. It lives up to the fans took to the fans to. To determine if he's if he's they think he's trustworthy enough. They've they've made the call and it because that's. That's why we're here I mean if if the fans say no not good enough then it's not good enough. And lonely feeling. And hang out Roemer mystery. Both 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Were also gonna talk about Rob Gronkowski today. Actually thinking about hang in a month -- I know it's thinking about hanging them up will he actually hang a month we'll get it that's the afternoon goes on as well but we'll get to the calls are you coming up just a couple of minutes it's dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio W media. And Harold Ron barges. The boards dishes done and he got that done. All I gotta. At one point I'm listening palm tree got a hold out on the patriots. Don't. In more money and Jimmy cheek you're dumped sang. And Bill Belichick lost the locker room they all Hingis got this special three. I know you're gonna put that right Bob cars don't bother checking. Never did. I tipster brings up an interesting point here at the difference between forgettable and unforgivable. But the difference here is that Ron Borges didn't create this story out of thin air. Someone troll. Like if he had just thrown maybe he didn't do that easy gone completely right now what he got when he got stroll the got full irresponsible is valued the emirates between forgive noble and unforgivable. Maybe I mean ever risen to view it differently if some people hate him just as these negative on the team right at the very don't like him and now you throw away in 8080 false story. And also will lie in there getting says multiple sources. It was so easy to verify those that did this stuff or is borderline making. While ED definitely made up these sources part and parcel lie or. Agents say it's. Okay lecture after get a first of chuck there's gonna do this. Lender for it doesn't make sense to me maybe eight may be shocked chapter should be more susceptible. There Borges. Because he's a national guy. If you're you're Ron Borges you're seeing pretty much every snap of Tom Brady's career. You've interviewed him many times you've been through contract negotiations with him many times you've seen how they played out. They've never ever been nasty never a doubt that was a. Are heated row with a snap her in fact we usually don't even know they're engaged in them till the rover right. All of a sudden well Maria got a country. So it's just out of character doesn't that doesn't mean it can't happen. But this would be this is bigger than OK. Let me just go with it. It's bigger than that that an amicable I'll make a phone caller cute isn't big. Support for these huge story. A slow it down a little bit. Can't get the shaft to get that next week then more more to older king yeah. My battle more questionable more question and console. Why now and and did you know how long's this been going on what was happening here. And so what lies Brady like this new. Why is he going through that's been a crazy week rob Lowe's during his press conference right now sciences monster contract with the same guy though. The same guy who put it together grapples contract. Is the same guy you are supposedly thought to that same agent Don user agent for we are talking to him yet talking over guys supposedly while you text and tells vocal numbers don't ask him about. Ask him questions that nobody else can answer. But him. I asked him specific what's the middle name it picture. Your last night. We all of us who we get a call from an athlete or somebody in the business and they sent an economic these guys we we grab the ball in there we ask them questions and the only they can answer. It's only with the money it's on going have to edit anything that. Says an announcement were you born. What what what's your birthday. Bloated Google that a problem 500 words on these from and how old is everything else. Though it is just it is late goes out to be in lazy but also. Hoping so much that it would be true. They just really seeing is that yes this is this is perfect. You know dealing. Explanations Jack thank you all blocked a little further review. Not walk over to the code more as his actions and they actually providing a tremendous amount of context about what happens in the locker room and beating. Preparation compared with them one more here. Yeah I'd never want to die knees so rough stuff. Well yeah but you're also not the don't know it on just I can't I don't handle the name of the boy and public voice also not the hall of fame football reporter. In Boston. Any patriot who's up for the hall of fame. Ron Borges has been in the business for a long time who's been reporting for a long time. Well I'm man I hit at NIC in both. So there's the the radio host and he says made a couple of. And then journalists from recess across awful. What did their gadget guy what do what that now you know you've got to editor I love yeah I love newspapers I love the business I love journalist. It you know people wanna I wanna invest in journalism and loving loving I've always sent. Since I was little kid he may have just killed newspapers had missed it and this is what a blow what a bellow out. Cut out completely idiotic is just delete. Does the lead off the website those newspapers still up there and you look at Allen right out of office like nobody actually like and copied it down or anything when it ran this morning I can't find anywhere in all like I haven't been able to read the whole thing. Like over on the desk over there. Sent. I let's get to the calls are you guys Nixon Connecticut hey nick. Yeah well I don't have tickets house speaker yet lighter than his neck they're better off. Quick question you guys brought up to mop which got on the adjustment because I draw the parallels between borders and mocked yeah I mean I think their crimes that are. I mean you really can't compare it to a surprise. You know to mop he's not you know coverage that she got the at a funeral home in poker on. And I'm just try to figure out if I was the advanced. You do it if I really don't I don't see how does one undermine their with a record but it is not a partner apparently Dick how easy you don't see how what. How or call out my job. Yeah out we'll both have jobs. And what tell me why you think god Tomas uses word on to listen I'm not I'm not disagreements when you're high you see it. He took a local team down be wanting to these jobs and new York at the bit we just take down a local team. I mean what port it was just spread that rumor. The really important taken brilliant perhaps now commodity it was basically saying that the patriots are cheaters and adult now report. I mean I gotta tell you I understand your point about the team and and what it done to the team the Philadelphia Eagles said yesterday. That for their Saturday walk through they ran fake place. Because they were concerned the patriots were watching now where do you think that started hasn't gone away. The point and when I brought up both names the point and it was both guys did the exact same thing I really well in terms of they took a single source. And ran what. They are legitimate with that made up guy but here don't I don't know originated in Borges is chaos obviously it was a troll and it was a made up guy. In in tomorrow c.'s case you know it was somebody with a our connection to the team. It's where is different. And that's where. You know it's bosh is already apologized for The Herald has apologized for it. So I'm you know I'm just talking about what happened in the past. What happened in 2008. It's Hamas uses worse. His wife's monsters is worse. His report came out before the Super Bowl the Saturday before the Super Bowl so that would be February 2008. The apology didn't run until I believe it was may. Now why why was I I didn't remember that big gap but I'm I take your word for get I didn't remember what was the gap for. Waiting for Roger Goodell to rule on it waiting for was the gods name matters modest fellow was the name may sixteenth 2008 and as what they tell who's a guy the guy with the patriots kind of kind of he's I got something. And you know arm Arlen Specter talk with them Goodell talked whom I talked to on me and he got immunity on Nasrallah not Estrada. So waiting for him what Xeon Hawaii yourself like that golf pro. So. I think he was waiting. To see if something would happen to confirm his report but if you really wanna go with that you reported in February and say this is what happened. Patriots c'mon deny it. There's February. Or march. There's April. As the beginning of may. At some point. You keep reporting and working on it. And you don't necessarily have the way. He did not hit it if you have the patriots telling you this is BS that did not happen I guarantee you it didn't happen. The patriots are telling you that. Calls from other people. If they can corroborate that report and then you can come back and apologize for but it just wait it out they're just kind of hung there. For a long time so you can make the argument and I would I would say tomorrow she's worse. Well I agreed with the caller that that what happened is much worse. As I said that the reputation for the patriots continues to this day torch yesterday the idol is talking about why Brad doesn't play tortilla is the patriots were world look and then it was torture was it was damaged. And these days there's still there's still affects of that. Nobody thought that we are as well ignorance that is the ignorance and still out there about the patriot that's much much worse than ever that you say are elves are one home was wrong. Pulitzer alas I'm achieving and holders so it two weeks ago that if somebody still believes all Britain Brady wanted to you know he's gonna sit out and then when he doesn't sit out. What do you say that already does that. Audio changed his mind over the OK and then it's not as big a deal like it's still you know again I go back to it being very easy it just ridiculous that you run that story but it's not as damning. As as to Moscow by the when Matt Walsh was the name where we're searching for was not a guy. All's Matt Walsh on so Matt Walsh was the. Castro on the envelope a stroller with the moment the camera yes and Matt law and our basketball with the disgruntled employee right. He went out and and I don't know why you went and Hawaii is working out like a golf club or something like that. And he was saying he had some tapes and he had some information and everybody was kind of roll with him remember that times the New York Times this story on. Friday. And in so that got people buzzing during Super Bowl week because they had come up. First of patriots giants perfect season had come up suddenly on Friday. Times drops the story Friday morning. Same day as the commissioner's press conference people start talking about by Canadian. Saturday Boston Herald. Big report. Bill Belichick winds up taking it to his team does before the Super Bowl. He goes through that he goes that team goes the captains and says. Should I bring this up I mentioned this to the team. Captains that now. We think we've we've gone through it all year already we've been through the fire here we are on the doorstep of the Super Bowl we should be talking about this let's just go play the game. But the NFL to make sure it wasn't true wound up meeting with the patriots patriots executives. Are not one not two a three shot four. Five dollars follow Colin on a Saturday book or the Super Bowl they're meeting with the patriots make sure that this story was not true. Not NFL. They love investigation featured you know they figured out not true. So this is all. And yet it lives in this day. Yes. To this day it lives. And in some people's minds it is the God's honest truth. Six point 77797. ID 37 as telephone number bailout Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Tom Brady's one. Mac app we'll play less than truthful games and green and here's the New England came to Birmingham man. Last night Jimmy problem. Just became the highest paid player in the NFL. When he 49ers signed into a five year. 138. Million dollar deal since 84 million dollars guaranteed. Now reports say Brady is prepared just get on T eight Atlanta he receives a deal similar. Throughout rubble about forty niners report also and he tells Brady insisting Josh McDaniels remain with the team. As the coach in waiting home. MS one got caught not just as I said before just imagine. If it from Boston. Doesn't call perking Callahan. Doesn't tell. First of all perking gala dinner and talk about this story today. All and that's gonna talk about this story today we're gonna talk about this story today we got saved because nick from Boston that he. May. I did thinks there were some though there are certain to. Sniff it out. By Tommy turn last night ago or other patriots reporters that saw sales are probably a little odd about how well we haven't talked about it but who would have believed it. Okay that that that keep his right on the money. You know I don't wanna hurt anybody I want I don't want anybody to. Does lose their job would root for anybody I don't care what you do for a living I wouldn't group you'd lose your job. Even either as even as a manager now they make that decision. John Farrell they make that this is the rise and go ahead and direct but I'm not rooting for. Now that being said. We wouldn't have been caught. We wouldn't have been caught because. We would consider everything. That Ron Borges spring through table. And how it's got to be truthful I gotta be truthful. He has been accused of plagiarism before. He has an agenda. Against Bill Belichick at least at least based on its may be deeper than that I don't know but I know you know it as a patriots fan. There's something and I he he's got. He's got a Eric process. For the patriots. So if he's coming up but this report. They just doesn't ring true you'd say. I don't believe it. If it absolutely does it you know this doesn't ring truly and found. I don't know I don't know I don't know I would like I did it's they came out last night and before. That sources confirmed what article I had my iPad mama mama mama I was made up I laughed out this is not true. This is not a true story sorry. You probably wouldn't on spending bill. You would've been roped into the paper there's good and have it in the paper doesn't make it literally you wouldn't advocate that go to radio yeah. How is that nick didn't Collins today you would have had between the two radio stations and the and the TV stations those that want to believe that taking it as YE a PR would've cannot unless that rides in the papers this is obviously surveillance of the go that. And then you have people to kind of look at their art so why's he doing this now lady explaining the timing like who wrote this let there be a lot more people. What and that's why I think when you make a mistake like that's just my opinion you make a mistake like this you've got to get in front of it just say I screwed up and its powers Korea. Because you're you're you're in a business. It's a trust business. You got it the relationship. That you have with your sources in the relationship that you have with the readers from a newspaper or perspectives you've got to let them know I screwed this up and here's why. So the next time you see my byline don't think this is just some jokes there. Who's just throw it out there. And I think he's got to be good at the very least. He's got to do that. But he also has to acknowledge that Jack got our channels open I got a little edge. When it comes to New England Patriots and that's why I just being real with you guys when he did that thing on Rolling Stone. Would Aaron Hernandez up. I don't believe it. I don't believe it because I know it's history with the team. And an hour. I think I do believer redemption and I believe that. You know forgiveness and all is that what you put part of it is you've got to do your part you've got to own it you gotta components again. I was that was problematic. I made mistakes but he hasn't done so I don't believe it. Texture a lot of fans that I consider anyway. And then this is just like okay. That is such an obvious example even it was in the plagiarism suck even wasn't the story out there and and his whatever was there I don't think people are. That's why I don't know if you're that through The Herald do you have them cover something else like. We grew weary compared to John mossy old Ozzie can also over the Red Sox and so he does that. You also you know he's he calls the show on the weekend on the radio and Gary does an adrenaline. I feel obligated here to the saints because it symbolic to text messages you say yeah you guys employed a mossy. You should never be able to work again really. Mean did you honestly truly feel text or not you guys that that's it he should never have a job again the rest well. Well at at alpha mom but but well maybe and that that could happen that could be that does happen that some people. Depending on the mistake that you make. Some people never get a get a second job. I think what's true though is that I think they're to play a lot of listeners readers out there that. When they hear the name that's the first thing they think of all positively all the time. Michael in and then when there's times like this the last week. When John Richie bringing it up incorrectly. Or two weeks ago I guess we start talking about it again and now this week at all. Boston Herald got something wrong we're talking about it again so with a that's something that I was at the decade old. Again he's not going to be able to shake. And by the way do we. Three of us at least I've been hired anybody else I think maybe maybe other people to action. Iron fire I don't get I don't I don't take interns here. Don't hire anybody don't fire anybody. Don't have that kind of power. Thank god. I don't want that can you don't know ell no you wanna be in charge you know whole hog and it stinks and kind of walk around like a becomes they'll need to look out not the jungles wag. Chris it was odd jobs at a crusade on. Able. I have a questionable situation. Couple of their subordinates then. Fall. Look who is quoted you if you get it on its own likeness and the folks would say it loud and they did it. Wouldn't be so lightly over the application platform for. Great question. It's great question that I don't know the answer to why. Yeah I don't I don't know really good question I'd I act on it wouldn't it is and it's fairly obvious based on the conversation nick had this morning with Kirk and Callahan. That there was some malicious intent on his part. Yeah because you gotta you you've got approved I think in some of these cases Lisa defamation suit you got to prove that there was malice that's part of it. I don't know what the other other parts of it are but you're identified himself. Yeah he's so it's not there it's not some anonymous guy. He's not done he was found out yet though that he and we know that Ron Borges has his phone number I think it meant he does. Although he may be quicker to change his number of them Rama dead in general purpose to you know turn our effort and her or not he's now he's set on number on the air didn't do what I heard him. It just want to mess around with the new that'll help. And I don't know I don't know how that how that works out maybe also but he had a hard but he also wanted to trick of a detailed what happens to Borges when there are more a case yeah hey that's great questionnaire if Ron Artest got fired. I would think there would maybe be a case. I don't know what that means I don't know what I have no idea about play out. Paralyze a lawyer terrorize a lawyer doctor gives me and give us one only when they won one good lawyer one good lawyer tell us. Would rob gorgeous advocates. Somebody. Told them they don't them. Wanted to make him look bad. And they wanted to see how far it would go and it went pretty far made it made the paper. Impersonating somebody else lawyers does Ron bourses have a case against that impersonator. I'm working on it even as we speak Mike's on the cellphone I might. I don't think you're a lawyer Mike is the back and that's a I don't. Play one on TV itself. But you know there's two other people here that I think out besides Ron Ron can get out and you know. It's bad reporting obviously and plagiarism are not plagiarism by just. How they can well you know I have to wonder about what happened at the editorial board that Harold. My understanding is that you always ask for a couple of sources from your reporter and shake. You know. Let's check itself its sound like you read by the editor and they say it's fine though the editor bears some responsibility. Drop in the ball and other. And I'll watch it also lets you go with that and then the other thing it. You look at a consciences this guy next I mean it's an interest in joke if you're sort of drunken your call up the guy and then afterwards you're realizing. You know this guys buying amnesty. How do you not call back how do you how you go back our witness I mean it seems to me that there is. You know there's some lack of conscience on this guy's part and here we shouldn't be like just making a joke I wouldn't say it's radical practical joke. I mean he's wrecked this guys career who may have deserved to get wrecked but still this is what you played at a game and I joke is to do this to somebody I mean it. Like get rid of the point where Mike you bring a good point and nobody's career deserves to be wrecked. Now serves no Iraq are also say he wrecked his own career if you think all if you think this. Story was what Rex his career you'd be taken everything else is on his career repeating this is the thing wrecked his career he did that to himself. I do think what the guy did was. Was kind of funny rated some of at least messing with a guy may be several bit too far but there is there's a fine line right between it being a joke a man impersonating somebody too much like I don't know what it is. I do think it's funny that. He Texan out of the blue efforts heats weeded out his phone number of the world to see tiger got out a couple of years coming up yet but but that is the long comments he says it's a lot coddled and then he said you know. You know where trolls are in the elbow screen shot this stuff in that if he's tweet about some than they've people post in the replies his phone number it's hard to find at so this guys started to see you you know David I get a for a story that he didn't. That's that's the ultimate getting some rates are reits we epic story and he wrote the entire article about this it's it's ridiculous. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line it's 37937. Its Dillon Hollywood Kieft. Sports Radio W media.