OMF - Christian sets the record straight with Ben Volin, 2-9-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, February 9th

HOUR 2 - Ben Volin tweeted that the station is “out for blood” because he thinks someone fromWEEI tried to plant a fake story on him. Christian explains this tweet is about him and a conversation he had with Volin but he was not trying to plant a fake story on him.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty in the scope championship Beth and it is being in good out there. A lot of football left lot of football left. I tell you a false spice them up if you go back and look at the game ever grow played a pretty good game what you Israeli control I think control I don't ever seek mutual good run the same page run the same page sounds good if we go we got punched out. Rat and with Glenn doing Christian John Boehner ruin someone's alive today. AA. Good. Five on board says single sourced wood or do what it take you are your life is over I own you your going to lose your job. Okay. A. Company leader brought horses all the number. And good performance and I just I go back there are. And it doesn't work now. On Sports Radio WEEI. First minute and a musical begins off Broadway run if anything if they pay their. Unbelievable. Textures you obviously remember where this board just awful began. Kind of refresh my memory really goes back to like 1986. And yeah he came up with his whole drug scandal thing that happened after 86 and it has been an ongoing thing over the years when was the whole plagiarism thing. That was. One of Shandon and the other defense that was after that I was a pattern that no no no later than that. I would say the plagiarism stuff was 2005 some more than two regular on the conservative look at all the phone going off. Was that your phone call on mine now this is a month. We look for your routine that you have mine on vibrate you re still regrets. With your outlook already does it did not my look over it yeah don't you grab my phone never won a conflict like this call. Us. Here in this calls on all of our all of its feet and you add the missed call but I don't have one so Christmas can't help themselves Christian goes into the into the other room in the control room watching his credit goes we attention. And I. And on and I'm less widgets are some of sexual sections it yes sexual and watch it together don't want attention real super isn't happening on one's opinion used to it it can be now that the sensible thing to remember the excitement that you did you moonlighting that old yet so definitely I know what's her name yet mackerel mackerel and that Tim from the thing that diehard that guys athletes it's it's smoking hot I didn't smell this. All that and I don't think kids out there. A that's when I went in there as well isn't that the program let's I wanna know I don't really care do on your time as long as it's not affecting the program's lead on number one and watch yeah she's a she's a little bit of work. And he's done he's played he's playing the wrong bits and went wrong now she's at any easy way I heard that he's blaming her. Or messing up the sound and that she scolding him and then he's her boss he's letting her do it I don't ask why not yeah. Well on her boss is in that room and I don't know what to do. Yes of course if your boss and how will I know you are in charge of rabbit out. Excellent surprise if it is a fact not anything has that. But you are called like you are I don't daddy I dollar yeah bicycle once you. Why don't you poppy. What was that about losing what is it about the the old blood oozing with that'll implement these aren't that I'm not going to have a young single married. No I don't mind you he told no. Mom where you know I am thing. A looks at those affected program I don't give a rats as we have almost three hours ago we all get your act together a deficit or office. My thought was never wrong I don't know it was O line you know the big local Vietnam and anonymously. And one note it was Edward week. You we please and he got fired so he's sensitive about the food boards you know we don't have an what do you what do you look at as I want. Mover shaker and everything they go to a vote all outlook it's Angela Edward. Just read because the U retreated have been all the eyes felt from bluntly no. Pretty sure they tried the planet extort mean last week the suitable Edward re tweet it's a world that seems interesting considering similar events taking place today. And I'm going to beat the one that bolt is full of crap. Okay and now Edward is buying them when you so don't and I thought we beat the bad guy and this morning yes yes we hope you IE is going to be the bad guys because Ron Borges completely screwed up. They're calling via got to listen that that the morning show because it just happens fills in the Shirley price listens to the station don't try to says Colin throws out irresponsible. Accusation that's inaccurate and it wouldn't go on the air to talk about it. Nice guy and each. What I let me try to tell you what happened. I told him yeah yeah I mean Canada's it was convoluted bowl you know I regret it very quickly and brought back to joy standards don't wreck. I told you I had equations and I have a question I wanna do the work. I asked Ben to original works for you digging because we're a little bit all right and he gets an aggregate and dirty boots on the ground type guy and not like over there which is good. So it's a good so it's social life social US what you asked him do you think that was affixed or. Oh not even close not even Romney never somebody close enough to verify. And he he he did some digging. And he he heard com. Odyssey item he's hurt something. It didn't balk when I was questioning by it wasn't necessarily. Complete you know admission. Right so I think our mind now was it. And and I went in and and and the thing I told I told I told mr. Bullard. That's where addressed some missed I said listen I don't know if this is this is hundreds and accurate or not. But he ago. Just let me know it's too because I would like this year with my Brothers in arms yes my cum in my mind my home usually odd quirks that crap might click OK my game right I want to find out there and trust. Them so that that in and and discipline ago but to me that's. What do toilet water here and we're orderly and order a keyboardist with. 15100 miles away right and he's gonna sit there and don't think that this whole thing is WEE ideals that the Ron Borges didn't screw up yes. Good kid this is going to be portray. So also socially and edited by Louise we had better take the sweet yeah. Think now you should clarify questions I think eventually it is clarified and said it had nothing to do eleven anybody any. Left eleven at twelve most. Station. That's all right that's what they should know I'm actually surprised right now this is like now that this is its of their circling the wagons. Right so regardless it's always weather although it doesn't matter. If Ron Borges you know please write stories and you know got duped. It's now our collective yes station to station phone and now let's start out more information more bad. This is a Walter and it's as Massachusetts can't give you say to your town Walter skiers like going to scare. Yeah courage and a yes at Walter. Right and good morning yeah just a couple questions back and I don't know when the blue route Dustin has we're all done with the players it's we don't want it any real. You know really. I have the age today but don't you offer a monthly data generally typical into the calls and we're talking about the story all day. And you wanna recap falls constant eagled that if you guys understood how the business and yes it was on so that you can sit there and say it's as well as on of the game touchdown I can't I get loans as low I can read actually and let me get down on illegal global nation Walter. Thank you very much and I thank you very problem for she recently in the the underdog candidate to Seattle and I was on it stares at it then and I don't just all. Absolutely certain items like oil you know when you. Get back on mastery. To put your hopes. We feel can only hope it's gonna patent cars out of they would use them we've known that hours out of it and business cycle but I like I want you to be able to look what he calls a little unseen is all eyes. And I didn't call you. Eagles are they and makes. The Celtics deadlines topical guide that has where there's been guys judges to. Afternoon gentlemen. But I mean Portis I don't have a bailout or evaluate this and a boat or just unreal out Edgar can box and every deadbeat now. You've got other quote unquote journalist. Now think twice about error anonymous sources and actually find and in some were Ernie Kent. Have a second so many times over the years I'm not sure of course cleanup the business that may have heard about it. It's unsure appeared done yet maybe maybe this market shaken up a little bit little reminder muted below more diligent you know again this wasn't unnamed sources that he thought I was on each good duped he didn't check in and verify. But yeah it does Ravalomanana. You were held more than ten out yelled at all balled where you are little horse. And detail about why he wanted to such hard and we moved on. So at that point they need to scroll over it eat you just yet time and time again it's not even sport in just. In general which everybody wants I take every one. But that story by. It's actually become real detriment how many times you see on Twitter I say torque same sort and so a lot but the story goes away. Well this is even worse because he said sources say that was plural. And it turns out I don't think anybody else skated in the store has no there was no post war. So it was one prankster who gave it to. So it makes wrong even look worse and he did not know he's claiming it sources its what does it and by the way I think this happens more often and people sign. Well it's kind of just there was some irony because last do TV with without Tommy current. And we would he was just saying and I agree with them that. The local media in Boston you know in radio we're talking about topics very withdrawn on every single scenario but as far as the beat reporters go. Nobody nobody ran with the Malcolm Butler story. Nobody did you Rappaport nationally was the only guy doing at a and that it was a pro football fantasy guy. And people re tweeting and ended it we were discussing it. But nobody thorough way this stuff out there's fires yes I can I have a source Jack I'll band ball and you all these guys you know I've a source that he did indeed missed practice O curfew went to a concert or whatever what's. They also sat back. And open outside the city were talking about it and of course were discussing a radio. And so that was discussion last night in the what do an hour later he just comes out with this when he jumps all over. But don't you believe that people do at times make stuff up out there and make stuff up and in this case Borges was duped in I think the reason the story came to light so quickly. Strong wanted it to be true. This is his agenda that led effort that's what it came down yeah you really want Georges in Manhattan what's up short. You guys say yeah good. The idea that don't put any blame on this guy number one she's calling from Boston area code that is the key is based in California California phone number and I haven't listened to dot he speak a lot of sort of on a couple interviews. I know for a fact that not his waist. So I didn't do anything out of his way to try to light it and he's got he's you know what I mean like. Literally lost and so that is when I did want accident and the boss Eric tell people not the way. And I mean. People who are more critical signals he's trying to get the art art world you know like you are tired of the news and if you look at lake. What other way is here to order these reporters reporting besides keeping them strong and seeing if they report there's no what ways and that's why. And it is nervous. Because he knows he could be next in Egypt as well with some these stories anymore it has to think twice would reduce future quote we are squalor. That you know. Be careful now he knows that. And so I ain't gonna do whatever that everybody that's what you should do you should do that you should you would I would be. So cautious and so skeptical. Of any person who brought you some random I would I would check and find out ask around it is that. Part of like your job is like journalism one a one okay. Yeah Lucy did you did you on the conference call your saying you go to you notice yes and schooling right Iowa yesterday and education what to journalism school. This just infuriates me well that's what line you check your sources you verify everything that did you say sources sources or me all right let them. Golden I don't know I don't it was a golden. And then and a. Birds I'm I'm I'm. Then. A grand final play me. It is in store you don't need sources it's done you what was you're source I don't need some of the sun and on so why does just what that aren't what we know what we're. Is this true but you have to make sure Don that's got to make sure the obviously I. All the candidates like that he's ever had not ever listen to I want Don Wright is this he knows exactly what Don I don't know passing I don't know what Idaho and believe me. All of say how you view the relation of the if you if you talk to Josh Daniels about him turning down in the job. You need to verify the need to call the colts say hey I just talked can you verify because he says he's not there in my opening verified the best buddies and I want let's. What's the point all the that the point you're missing is. If you get it from Dunn you used that you need sources a second source you do not have not on the court why did Borges right in the story that there were multiple source close the issue but he I don't know but he also was too gullible. Than a you know to realize that note Don he doesn't have an Asian accent. I don't know somebody here alive and well on the earlier but I'm so I think at. This practical about it. It's gonna be the over driver guide me. I got it matter. You'll. I am a couple quick point it it would irritated about it back in the day. The way I went to school or in journalism classes or whatever cartilage. You talk to reassert the story get your sources. He objective. And present the sport. What's happening now with social media and orders it reporters have agendas and they want to be this war. When war is not you know negative. You know that's being put the patriot he can't be objective. I agree. Yes you want it to be true I wanted to try and nobody is our unit what was the other thing that happens the but this is totally different thing. He was duped by a prankster. He was duped. By somebody that looks up to Christian Fauria in the prank call I call now to radiate trial fired your UN UV OK I credited. To commit phone calls across the country that's even worse that's even worse he thought. He was talking he was finished he thought he was brought into Gagne. You know about it it's ironic and so how what were in to be Tupelo mimicked what reports we're. Whatever quickness is it going back my original point is reporters. New media oral or radio personalities wanna be the story in his. Roemer is a 25 year old kid who wants to make an April. You eat these social anything against the wall. Which stick to beat him in the but not a bit in the act because he would noble board. And that white that epic story could you ought to mine the same way Tom Brady at the extorted for happened in his walk of well I. If people had an agenda yet there were people that could stay in trump and they wanted Tom to vote for the same candidate that he'd like. It's all about what people the individual agenda is these days you talked about objective. Good luck trying to find an objective reporter out there people blow 300 bleed and how they had to really emotionally feel. That's the difference retreat that you know having a source trusting a source in being wrong the source you and you realize violated the guy had an agenda and he got you right then somebody. Accuse it kept fishing mean to somebody ranking U. And make you look at a full and possibly get you fired because. But like I I know people want to raise this guy at the altar for doing that you know because they hate Ron Borges a much I can't. I think it's weak and it's forcefully with the Q did assault. Yeah I am I'm with you I think you know you try to destroy something slightly from Ronnie skewed. But that's where people are are taking this sports stuff and thinking hey take it seriously it's emotional to them if he he's been a thorn in the side of the patriots in your mind in the thing in mind though that the laundry wears out there for 1718 does that affect. As if one of text is pointed out really inspecting 86. And their people patriot fans. Who feel that he is constantly tried to do throne tried to model it and again. Don't know whether guys are older when he says I don't one care about his feelings I didn't try to destroy rob. Fully value its yes do you usually lucky what the guys at the nick again you don't think they got. She blew an acorn will might accept a month and April and it did but I'll you know the guys if somebody else. If our work Reese do you think he's doing at the Mike Reese. Now it if they might be better prepared to vote and I do want to Mike all Montague has not talking about as Greece is that just as I agree. With you he doesn't he will just the its ugly head I was trying to do you avoid what it now legally avoid that he's only got more this is foam down everybody's numbered any reporters number comes up there it's Mike Reese who would have done the same thing to Mike Reese. He said he thought. You know the guy people yes no yes no late long term. You know grudge that he's holding about some article rob Borges wrote he got lucky his number was out there are. He took advantage of it is that a good column to Massa got. Marble just a bit of hope that he is kept playing with them but yet they would have been the same thing to Mike Reese or any Chris Gasper our park any more. I don't want for your hair is unbelievable is Danny Ainge. I think it's a real passion is there any change in Saxony right now instead of eight major offseason deal the reason we did not deal markets Smart. Is we're going to acquire one's a ball in the house yeah okay it's funny it's a Lithuanian number that's one right there that there and that's. You'll read their sources. There are no jacket or you're on I'll just turn off. All ocean and it organized hate them I don't doubt these are penalized it dummies I don't know who Austria yeah attitude at all in its odds are out of gate. A strip sort of pain at the airport shut my iPod enjoyed decades Abbas and uncle and a decade you're welcome everybody right at that it's an hour and a you don't believe insecure you think it that you haven't heard a big terror coincidence that you're the only person added the cavity search at the airport I think he had ball. And everybody else who just happen to be their recording everything and bones has called me told me that you call in advance I do the one that's. I would back to your phone calls it 61777. On seven under through seven. Who is rocking Twitter before during and after the show at bloomer Loney. We're back tomorrow or wade were blowing at 48 right now fox Sports Radio. Kansas' this is purely a blind a quorum of stock. What's the what's he would take a good look at a butcher's asked by sticking your head up there what would you rather take his word for it. You ought. Sexual tension. You know any other. I'm with your mind today. Let's watch CEO little video parade last night and watch some of the highlights of the bridge yesterday and another celebrated film I tell you what it was. It was one of the the best displays of celebration seasonal long custody L customs where did you ever were asked him for a is television like that corner three on the county speech I mean it was it was phenomenal yeah. The one part that stood out to me he was when he called out Lee Johnson for steep competition side. And of the dock. I think it don't you one guy on steroids I would do. Well I just. Apparently helped to. Yeah they are young and he's well that's WW he's rushing and I don't limit people it's hard to lose their right. Yeah and it didn't pick up that you. Some alcohol involved the start of the day was the Eagles launched a long snapper by the way if you're a long snapper. He should never should you should never be quotas is for you should just launched do what you do best and he claims that the Eagles ran a fake watcher. Because they were fearful that the New England Patriots were doing what apparently they claim they always do which is videotaped those practices. It is just idiotic or is this idiotic. Rick LaBeouf. Said that the Eagles specifically didn't run plays like the Phillies special so you guys purposely did not money in practice. In Minnesota was that for feared that you'd the patriots might be one. Yeah we didn't want. Are legal or walk through was just. Police. And walk through. Did you ever hear that you know who is you know for people walking well. Ladies and everything. And he does it for you know. A loss ever does when when the real player practicing you know that's. The play cards with each mortgage don't his taxes to do more balanced obsessed island medical sales. Have that yeah. Didn't why he was doing a year and you know big. Little I don't really know a guy did to us and our. If you would Georgie don't the picture he's been winning games you could can laugh and say why did you waste all your time it's. Does anybody believe the story probably no I don't I don't know I don't want I don't know I don't know I do because we really meant the practice like. All teams do that if they they Salt Lake if you have a walk through. This adds to global water or the only place you'll see a lot of teams this is for anyone not just the pages you'll have like twelve guys out there with an eleventh hour right you have one guy that his job is specifically just to Atlanta wherever you want. Just to disguise the plate to walk through that makes isolated do that all the time and you don't run your special plays. You just don't and it does nothing to do my own issues a fact it's on slap. Long snapper it act like he knows what to help the op at the deepens is doing. Public done a lot of it was. We've heard overheard somewhere in a lot of ways of running or or you played was in the playbook for. He's on the team and I don't need it I thought I believe I overheard Saturdays and it doesn't even know forever friend that friend and now friend told me on this or this I was reading this article linked to all of this article from mom DJ done. DJ Johnson writes for Yahoo! Sports and TJ's yeah Yahoo! Sports arts there's some sloppy little website parent works for Yahoo! Sports not like the like the Boston Herald where no gorges is and it's only to hold a headline Eagles made health fixable walk through before the spy gate tactics on Regis the first. Regis first two sentences. Paranoia is doll is a dominant genes among NFL coaching ranks in plane into England patriots multiplies that nervousness and now. And forward. Ever since the patriots were caught filming the jets walk through during the 2002. Cecil went with the jets wore jeans have been wary about facing them. Ever since the patriots were caught filming the jets walked through it was a regular she's there in 2000 substance east's first and we don't watch her for our regulars. Using game what we are showing off. The goal garnish of studios. The Google machine they'll walk throughs of 2007. Now you join meetings in hotel were also you're here as a four point Sheridan. And educated and middle if it's in a way against the jets coming. They walked around here it it it credit waited Norton Norton. They're going down it to delay an apple walk through so they didn't figure. Clocks are no. Eagles to re out of two they'll tell you do it's it's that to me out of again it just it doesn't matter it doesn't matter who it's here to stay. It used to it you don't have to be right you just have to be. The tennis I guess she wrote I don't know what it is. Yeah Canada yes cute but he's really cute rabbit DGA's review we handsome. It doesn't it doesn't matter who's the one on ESP in the hand to apologize to everybody like at 2:30 in the morning who was that. That was. And let's not forget the defeat notre Michael was him. As noted author of know where millions and millions and at 130 Charlie is here I'm sorry and apologize older and not to boulder on the ruse she is an old and it's handsomely she's bush anthem it's a woman had elements from ranked third safely at saint handsome. You think that for went into right sure. At some. Yeah I think that it only fitting model that's my snowstorm with a man on a minute family you know handsome one nobody told him a storm. Head of storms that originally Steve Levy apologize to yes and sell. Everybody keeps some remembers why and a storm set and a storms that. It's to a Peter in Jamaica Plain apparently wants to defend Ron Borges is that IP. I guess. Yeah Robertson has been an institutional and 35 years. Say he's been in an institution that. There is no exit. Yeah mountains as a sports writer for my thirty years. This is my problem I don't he had it set up and crank caller. He did do. On that you know he did he didn't chicken. And swords okay. You know the meat and shoddy journalism. But I don't send it's you law. They've done this guy get torn down. I don't get it at all. I only have you guys that I am the agreement happy ending at one guy that's taking. That's loving it that's Kirk. Nobody else is nobody else at all thought you're wrong there are no sir I don't know I think what do you and seven in my name better than. Here here this edition yes well one guy that's hot blood eat in new wing. Does the numbers close to Tomas he's number okay of steroids users in the NFL it's just it's so high now sort and football summer it. Data out this I agree I don't I don't plot is going to from Boston and you know and I understand people but you understand why because people don't like rock. And and I and I get it they don't like them that that's fine and I think that he was lazy I think he screwed this thing up he said he news sources you need sources he just need to verify the the it was done you don't need more than one source rehab on V in my mind but he screwed this thing out. Man he doesn't like them they get it's it's personal. Silly Manning is ultimately men and out of that did Ron Borges screw up royally. It's easy yeah yeah yeah I don't know how sad about it dead. What are you so you know. Screwed up any lied to everybody. So what he did is he got duped by somebody he thought was done he that he writes a column when multiple shorts is laurel. So he thinks the whole article I wrote after he knows that. Dungy was the one guy that pulled him and it turns out that I was not even done and it was. Christian Fauria wanna be right now that's what is that vortex so Brit is gonna get money we know Brittany money's gonna get like all about it Appleton is not gonna go to the it's been real tragedy last night did go through retracting go to Carl's outside and spread retract it is no longer just can't really does dropping hammered doesn't show but OTAs Rahm pop tactic. Joseph Joseph hot now tell us just a soldier. But you know. No and it paid a little frustrated this story did you look at this that this is just pretty easy. Yeah Brady why would you morning I did this morning because. Agree producers sends us some information boy that's for when I was really just a comfortable with Texas I think and now he's he's very that he didn't grow up well with you you nobody every now and you know sometimes it's terrible and to encourage people brigades are out of them and does the beat them down like you do. I wanted to do you like I you'd like I usually they yelled at him more than you do I don't yell and more importantly we have given up for the like like this get a moments though you haven't had that opportunity. To but the whole idea I think he was through but it just in. Out of all out of all the years he's been yearning to ease their contracts they always kind of handled him two years before anything needs to happen there are probably inevitable. This is totally different we talked about the shows that so he tried to give him money big huge money what is he wore. I think lucid when you're 72 million similar to what she wore when you look at what drop was getting for seven African games he's worked a fortune but you can't do it. In a way that you can not hurt yourself down the road is as I would bet money because eventually dig us out blender gonna give. And what to do it didn't keep where he's now 22 in no way fourteen I don't know why I like to more. Yes and you spread out too don't they don't take that or Theres gonna be huge captain yet. It takes another dead or not right he may be gone and you may be hit with huge. Debt cap money. But you're gonna have to door because he's at you you need him but it's not easy to do in a Christian. It helped you what he did you would allow you to redo his deal Eddie low cap number for him and be able to well get all these other players. Well it can't just announce as an associate and a big part of the dynasty is his ability to control that cap and immediately and shouldn't be on the side of the players. And the fact of the matter is that I saw formed. I mean I mean give me and grapple hit the hit it right right square right in the bullseye and he's gonna benefit from it and you know late. Is is Brady worth more yes so if you wanna go you're you're doing new deal every single year based on past performance and may you get some work there about it. It's never gonna make up what do you. And all the red flag here's another red flag for Borges and should picked up okay. And that's why you don't go right away with a story you need a little bit more information he could Brady's never done. What Brady does is he pulls. You know Kraft decided that using crack probably they do it behind the scenes they deal with that quietly in the U find out about it after the fact this is not on his way of doing business. I'm gonna use. The media. I'm gonna give you my handling agent all of the media people and throw it out there that I'm threatening them and by the way you're threatening them how many months before. You that's a guilty until he's for so I'll say this. Rock is not the only one possibly the story Bono I think a lot of people wanna believe this right this other part of it though not necessarily the Brady contract by the Brady. Pressured. Crafted to keep being. I mean it was Brady's pressuring crafting keeping. You know Josh McDaniels. Or he would walk stupid or he would walk site to me on the contracts government that doesn't sound right but we really say that. If Josh leads are gone that Brady were blocking the opposite. Well known as Josh is in the air I know when my career mic from Boston told them that no. Australian and possibly our classes on it and there there's there's some of the issues that. I am talking I don't Soto a fan would thing. So you sit there you wonder why why people like you run the United States hit the patriots and also does not yet have they serpents got up from from Yahoo! to anticipate it'll start back to 2007. Imitate the practices did it happen so now you you delete the story that rob boards put up there. And oddly you you don't delete a part version. And the stories out there. It's fake. It's not even real. But yet there's this new mayor of just rolled into the pot of all things operating off he's he's so he so he's such a jerk he's this he's that he's greedy. You know he's by an and that feeds just never you know that this was not a I'm now mining doesn't matter of that's the point it doesn't matter it's out there imperatives of bush in and out erred from that out on the West Coast it's it's everywhere now and end in notes listening to. You know to us right now it did balky and fixing it you're right it's gonna live for ever write him a storm court break right back to your phone calls. Christian rants about the pat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hacked Christian Fauria. Right now we return to more of or way Maloney and Fauria fox Sports Radio go. And if it's at 6177797937. Celtics. Last night pretty impressive when life. You think the question we keep on talking about them when. Definitely. Nobody had a ten point lead late they blew it went to overtime is no John Walsh could win but now. They can't Greg Monroe which I did not think was even though and played last night based on. What Stevens was saying before the game begin twenty minutes five point six rebounds two assists two steals forget about the numbers. He gave them a presidency physical presence inside CNET. Period of time but if you had beings slash Monroe. It gives you would two headed monster that you could put out the you can bang you can be physical he can create personal file screws you got you know twelve albums the gift of and it takes your guy average Al all the way from that position I was Christ it played a position in the javelin. Like I mean I haven't seen a lot of Greg Monroe basketball. But initially I was like oh man has got stiffer laws are the only little guy Williams won in the practice with the team right he went straight. To the game no practice whatsoever you're spreading the minutes he was that no he was that he was in Georgetown working out. Before the game it was it not been there yet to be before a Wednesday. Obviously to trade deadline knowing that you know who's got that kind of had to hold on they may have but maybe possibly trade him. And you just waiting so locate Thursday at 3 o'clock came and went OK you're playing. But no I think I think when when I was watching everybody has got to have a clue what he's doing it looks stiff he looks lost but obviously first game but these guys that'll get better. Got to get a lot better hormonal tests are now so let me know I'm not. I think it's on I like the fact that they did add a lot. I'd like this team the way it is unhappy with the team the way it is a bigger and go along way when they get to this NBA finals I'm not sure yet. But ultimately is we got. In and and I'm glad I'm out of like to see him at Tyreke Evans you know maybe not lose market Smart in the process I just think if you. The you can go on and win the Eastern Conference and get the finals. I think markets must type of role players that every team that thinks they can win a championship needs to have right kind of pick shut down defender. Seoul and moving for William and give them seventeen million dollars and eighteen million they think he's been again. But this year I'm glad it and move on but Tyreke Evans I know it's a rental. Allegheny journalist I was gal talking about the importance of of first round picks in futures. In on I just image maybe as Cilic he's there right now as Danny said in the guarantees me to put me over topics Tyreke Evans. Now when a championship. What did he beat Golden State well let me ask you this seat video and a position and he thinks that they can actually if if you Haywood was healthy I think they can actually beat Golden State. That you give up a first round pick our rental Tyreke Evans in my mind nominated data of the seat. Talked about doesn't agree but. I hope you do or to try to help you self may be win the east. Sees the here that was it was like I was less I was less concerned really with what the Celtics were they didn't do anything. House or they don't want the moral thing is Solomon wrote yeah. Disney empire it was an impaired are on everybody else was doing it all sorted the leading cavs were doing. Because under is you know can I just saw right now. Is that now based on all the moves that the cavs made that. The cavs and Toronto are now. Favorite to win the ECR Charles Barkley bite them less than you thought cavaliers now. There's no way they're gonna lose the in these they're gonna get to that to the finals and I'm not sure what he's patient that I first though we don't know what they're gonna look like on the floor I think what people are doing is they're saying. Well their loss once once Connery Irving was traded to took to Boston. Then they suddenly became lost the became lost because Isaiah Thomas is the same player right now he's probably six or eight months away. From being that player he was last year with Boston so that it met Rebecca and George Hill is probably your guy that will be some serve it he will let. LeBron do what LeBron wants to do whatever. And they're looking at some of that. But they all would think that brought him a lot like there. Third I would say they're more based on who they got rid of the blue guys aren't doing anything nothing they were doing anything you want them dead weight yet so I mean they obviously upgraded and I saw the same thing you sauce on Charles Barkley and them like they're shining over you know love Rodney hood love George Hill who love the two younger guys that he got from the lakers and that's just what they need it right. And I would say okay. If anyone can do it but it could bring it is basically a new team it's like it's like in opening night all over again. And and no okay now need you mess with all these other guys. But they wanted to its policy LeBron James has the best you have to take. This movement guys with a list with this little time before that blast actually start to actually turned into a. Rid of figured it dead weight none of those guys are doing anything but there was still. The ceiling of Isiah Thomas that's circle back to a given they still haven't replaced pat re your. Which wasn't good enough to chant teacher so I don't know if they're close to winning a championship. You know they got good players but and I think they're be better right now. It because obviously wasn't working and they felt like it was never going to war they had to Paula but my biggest fear was always. The only reason why worry about Cleveland was that I say it would turn at the guy that we saw. And you figure a way to play with LeBron and Kevin Love to come back healthy and I would say while they've got they've got peace deal. Players are all called stars. Mentally think of Isaiah and and Kevin Love but now I look at him syndicate young players unproven players who would have a bed and it kind of spotlight before. Well George kills cuts and you know. He spent the league for awhile did you play yet any any device that so I think they had better right now but I don't know all I worry about them so much. Does the lack of exe stockpile it and if not replaced carrier. A picnic a better right now that to be a better team and posted. And you guys Tim I could you're gonna see these guys for the first time on Sunday is that they're playing a game tonight. In Atlanta but I don't think any of those guys are are playing but here's what I find fascinating about this deal. So it if you're Dan Gilbert and your Colby Altman in Cleveland you sit ago we have no freaking idea. Whether all fronts coming back next year or not but the only chance we have. Trying to get him and convince him to come back. Overall get rid of these players are helping them do squat out here and Floyd gets some players there. And so he gets all these players and he gets the players that have 234 years left in their contract but to do this now. You'll ice is the Los Angeles Lakers and all we did by utilizing the lakers to make these deals work. Is to clear up space. I money for the Los Angeles Lakers to beat the crime. Landing spot from LeBron James so you try and one hand he says if hugging Obama and unfortunately we're gonna help you will do whatever you want on the other hand. You're opening up good drawer in doing these deals from a financial and a business standpoint. To open the gates for the lakers to get not one maximum contract players next year let channel and they can make one ordeal may be with a Randall. And open up a third maximum contract bring LeBron and all his friends. I find that fascinating. That you're trying to help your own team and yet you may be pushing the the exit. Don't know it yet I know they got in on Naia and junior Clarkson right now it's not a big guy electricity to bang around a little bit and and Clarkson off the banks known good good sixth man no question about it. But I don't I think I would have been. That more still still worried about the team reflect the thinking as they can figure this thing they obviously felt like that couldn't happen such weather made the move. But let's see didn't make that I say a deal. Now he could've made it work financially I don't know and you just gut hood and George Hill. And kept Isaiah. Then I'd say okay. Yes it added I'm not sure that's a whole other story to register candidates for second just the whole Isiah Thomas saga. Does everything you know waiting for him to figured out if you don't you know what is a Christian he's he's 59 he's really 58 maybe 57. Whatever. He's playing shorter than that now because of the hip. He can't he can't he's now strives almost it was not like eight months and of course has been so slow museum driving in the link. He's got no list and also we already challenged right to begin with. Now you put an additional challenge in that he can't get that scratch off often Hilton and obviously you would you guys are no better than me. That it will affect you if you're shooting if you try to do something right trying to plant that foot down he's amassed. You know we kick it if you're they cavaliers it's all about the next few months. Because after that. Liberals go all you have so. You've got to do something he's I don't think Isiah was gonna do what the next for not I don't I think they just gave up Monday -- and also what is it they did it wasn't going to be enough messianic as a pin in the asked the I was there are things I learned that we have heard rate. And gorgeous reported it is yeah yeah I don't believe it others injured. I'd love I don't think this is like his ball play. Because that you could just sit there if you really like the guy he's get along and meshing. And you say you know what we will go figure this thing I'll maybe you'll limit and off the bench or will build them back up and get ready for the post season physically. I think this was any work and it's not go to war he's written a coach is Rick and teammates as players that guy's idea forever and I'd just didn't. I think it was more to do with chemistry major should get that got a locker. Boy that that's politics and I guess and I don't I think the only hero this moment on that being an after market down does not explain. He's got another big issues now he's his agent Isaiah Thomas's age is saying. That he's not coming off the bench in LA he's going to be harder trees so things. Along little ball tennis shoes that I play at outback where he's not going to be with the lakers. Yeah and it isn't a year you might even be there in a year it. Well they they can't move yeah they can't move now lead the trading deadline is over but at the end of the season I think he's done and always gonna handle with the same. That's bad because we love the last year and and I think a lot of his route for Sacramento and good great I love honor and can be the star. They'll win 36 it is aren't LA right. Where he leads the Illinois cannot bring LeBron and all while I write this here on Paul George this for him think he slowly but surely get back he's better when he's just. He's the man he does what he want these kids who you know they were lucky them if they get I don't know I will either get the bronze for G won't be there and long zobel won't mind him as an added that it still helped himself in free agency could still help himself. Get better even the lakers are gonna make a play out he can you'll see glimpses of what you saw. Last year as a woman is okay that's all really get the boys at one television company could make money for myself yet. Would be that I will be buying him out right there when we get bought out. But it does days H solemn and not it's not a lot of money but we go. The union to save it Isiah Thomas is out there and marquis year GM okay what entice you to say we need Isiah Thomas. He's obviously. Not the same player. He's got one talent and at scoring right sharing and just be offensive weapon. Many still do that the cavaliers have him back but it just thinking he still do we know we can still do that either gets physical I watched him again the other night is always I don't know where I'd a giant you know but how does he find a job now his best thing I think would be to stay in LA may be get better get physically better played that one man game they don't have to win games. It's irrelevant out there and may be as Christian said. Improve you know his his value that he makes more money in the offseason hype that's a phone call 61777979. 37.