K&C - Kirk celebrates the demise of Ron Borges; Callers react to the false report 2-9-

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, February 9th

Hour 3: Kirk celebrates the demise of Ron Borges and callers piled on. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt commit ahead. And Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. I would I don't exactly that's what I ask what we know what it's like to seek out pretty you know or it's 8 o'clock o'clock or. Sorry it was we're we're once again. Hearing that somebody posed as Dunleavy agent for a guy. I'll they would tell those guys mightn't I don't know what my Gerri doing just on the states by Thomas they back this is my days my did pictured golf Dem always come to the segment. This is the day to celebrate her in hand I have. Governor of all the calls 61777979370154. Lines you don't even need to the line anti white right now he's just too and it. Plain and simple here's the back to Boston Herald today I'll start with this first off we go Jimmy drop below. Signed a contract to make in the highest paid player in his few weeks 75 million Garrity does that rate in Lancaster 75 million dollars guaranteed. So Ron board. It's if your pages being picked up barrel this morning front page back page back page show me the money Ron Borges Jimmy G deal done Brady wants to get paid front. Borges in wake of Jimmy GE's one at 37 point four million dollar deal sources say TB twelve playing hardball. Raise the pats open vote while a five guys stay away it's all the fun not not a bill. I don't say it was gonna filming modest Muster Democrats by Jerry can stay mild either ticket items like the big show morning. Here is it's on professionalism is incredible in the wonder jury were to herald TB twelve now wants to be paid or sit out a routier's. The dominoes are about to continue their fox borrow freefall this is rob boards this morning. Tom Brady wants to get paid according to a source is that plural is key to listen to that. The league's most valuable player Tom Brady is right to sit out all of this year's offseason organized team activities unless he received a contract extension. It carries with it. Upfront money similar to his former protege Jimmie grapple low will receive. From the San Francisco 49ers. Grapple yes they sent a five year 137 point four million dollar deal was 74 million guarantees. Is all levels go maybe the best one Tom Brady has ever. Paul well. Slight issue with that. Ron is wrong the story is cooked. He got it made bogey source guy pretended to be dodgy Tom Brady Jimmy grapple those aged eight fake source. Eight mammoth and getting revenge on rob boards from the yard dash in the guts to become little wise crack equipment him on the weekend show you don't do. You don't do what would Jerry real quick to put your talents like on the thirty seconds. In great part cherry it's already done that to McCain already done. He would have him this Amal were thrown out the window in Selma correctly I point 4% that was still in the arts award negotiate tears in my it's too bad I throw him out the window out of the club and your boards again. With Craig and Larry. Exactly that's what I asked what do you tell what insight to seek out. Ought all what. 03 losers three Nicholas A holes goodbye see you later ceased all sock of threes. We learn it was heard that that they put them and sent out I don't like Samantha Charlotte my reporting or mis personally doing that in Europe and earn my father. My mother and their parents all the way back to lineage so I filed the way quickness that you know what let's reports like today. So I enlisted my guy nick. To do with frank on where this exactly happen. He's a working Borges is January 20 pretend to be done yet to go for the entirety the messages right here before you today when the money shot if you will. He got runs numbers we'll we'll hear nick guide him and he talked of this morning. Iran put his number on it is all old people do they put view their their their penis or their phone number on quarter on his phone number and so this guy founded say hello Ron this is Don T. The bad boy if he soul ends of the so owns that is a must be some inside right I guess now. So again the bat boy of the soul and that is that boy was real sooner. How you bend a lot no time on talk says says Borges on Google to get this country for Jimmy. Quite good kicked out to be too as well nice match forge pretending that those corruption and good kid. You're counter LA in town situation a twelve nick writes pretending to be dodgy. Borges is dumb as the day is long what's up you know like it's made up by you can trust me bro we VP ticket I'd been old school for on dives as tough guy rob boards didn't it happen. What we could use a story route erect this season will be a backlog I'll contact UK. But I spoke with Thomas has forged a few weeks a boat go about getting. A letter from him support padlock from hall of fame so to be glad to read you before my all papers fish you're my condone for patent Daschle talked about that Tuesday of a good day gotta go. Cool CB for the game on the field I'll try to come down Don he says. Borges smiley face on Bassam OG. Congress support tied. Couple weeks later sort of able connects decrease. TB Alison thumb infection from the injury that needs keep those gloves on appreciate his help on Thai letter of his terrible breeze coming here's what pilot hole and you're a Minnesota. Doggie Brady for scratched him in the game just what was already return a spectators in coach we'd be be lost a walker apologized personally to Brady. Anybody ready to give me enough Ito right with the post com denial while more shoe to drop. Anyway it's of a cost to make every goodnight buddy be nice when issues dropped my weapons and Peter king's just saying. Last yesterday afternoon. On the game pretending to be Gagne he's been for weeks now almost a month or just no curiosity asbestos make any sense of it. In a bad report okay. Busy busy night. This is nick pretending to be to my knee Brady's prepare to sit out all offseason team activity in less he gets a new deal with upfront money similar to a Jimmy gee got. Gorgeous south and need to write a column today. Up fuel French chef you probably have my next week to either now was the question you have it now. Yes I do Borges says it right eating as we speak. I don't there is Harold letter Ron you've got duped by Kirk Smith and Chris Curtis in pick them in a fan phone call or more. Two morons and be fooled you and ruin your life this is the obituary. Looking yet. Over a month is periscope when this and will my. Where is performed for the moment. You know I did realize. It's over you loser he took shots at me take shots of little people all the time it protects I've got from guys who like he shepherd of people who hate forges. Who treat them like dirt over the years also say this. This calls into question. Everything Borges has ever written you can do that you want. Everything he's ever written ever your override it's over the Kirk and Callahan show got their revenge on you for that. Personal in CDS disgusting attack you laid on the a couple of weeks ago. A lot of the text as you're watching on months periscope wanna know why you're dressed up. Up for that's right sports funeral I suffer few. I thought this was embarrassing the first time now I think it's the most humiliating famous team. The mode she faced with some classes of him much hair among G smiley face with sunglasses force was but earlier on this in the rated the periscope on the publicity through earlier. We talked to nick in Boston. The guy beat the evil prankster yes I'll play that pull this off. So we can re playing that replace nick who actually spoke to Ron Borges. Which is on comfortable against him believe he talked this guy that was done. He we have sound we have an eSATA Don I can we do what's your Don this is actually doggie what's your dog who I guarantee boards spoke to. Don't put on probably no question right GW doubt that corset that appeared Don e.'s voice flipped on me well actually. I think it was in fourth grade. Teacher. One day said we're gonna write essays I am not. It's a crow it's incredible it's incredible and now here is the man who put this together well. I mean whatever one might strings in my pocket mic from our men defend one of my greatest fans. Are calling in to the curt telling show this morning really didn't like the wacky stuff opinion. Right it's more than possible through the story the back story of how this guy correct you about important mix of the ports were calling them all morning correct. Essar group which is a ball. Some believe. Here's a gimmick to amend it's too bad would run there's nothing you can do mixed as some some cap and nutritional facts on he's. He's always done. So deals are now abroad could finally be with you know Al Davis because his career his dad art here is here is Mickey's for Don -- This is the man who spoke to Borges and Borges flocked. Was done they can Boston nick the morning how are you. They interpreted the word good nice to talk to you explain how this. Somebody Tweeter. On courses but number. And I felt good performance and it just a regular walker a bit more. Than he does what summer. And you're texting him back and forth on and detection for a while you're talking about. Some would get in Taiwan in the hall of fame Brady or something and he came back reported that Brady's column as well back and forth. So you were doing this back and forth with gorgeous yesterday afternoon the stuff I just right correct. Yeah and Borges bought it hook line and sinker. What is your book on the part. Well. Well at all on its portfolio part. Old traffic on the conflict in answer. All that ultra slick that is true and what is called you can argue I call the material earlier. And oh god we talked and he yes it's. And I certainly I would do that. Quote where. This is yesterday. It was a flashlight in the red. He's gonna get sort of their current slept in my house. Nick I say something you have assist other men often and love. But why why did NATO. So that's I don't question I was adequate we should the pipeline why did you do this and this is nick is twisted and demented like you loves us he knows what Ron said about me was so below board. Was so disgusting and so think it was wrong you know how to get to fox I'd identify Laura you have you have navigation YouTube Google Maps and when he's in there you can get tossed it. Cheer finals show right you've been. You take ritual always liked orange west from Washington Angel who can browse and Toby Keith I'm alive dice I've played well resulted. Red wing. You've been on the all of those two losers defend Borges on Saturday and it will it was a weekly guest on their trial out of for current of course I was and I want to defend gorgeous I don't know do something. To advocate and what's your water you're gonna be Jew by one source did you say even if your people and our cafeteria everybody's talking about this it is. Big buzz is I've ever felt. And terrorism cat. Lou I. Good to celebrate a lot of people I would start with me now and with me feel he Leo scissors obviously be sarcastic everybody else on his socks. I expect to be carried by Marc cannon in Joe's our bond no. In Jerry telling into the meeting of Philadelphia how my hand kissed an element but smooch you want to do. Dressed like two days until he did yes. They do yeah I don't do that. I do that. And one of our are. Birthed in the Jason kills him that yes I know what's the point again when that light on him about this all the balloons and I'm sure some show right. You should Wear that outfit to good idea. A portrait. You a look at what happened with you I don't spend time with happy cart before I love to be on look at him will bite you before the plane yes it's lynch. We've gone public really nice today I think you shouldn't put you back to the door of the networks. Shipment accurate way no I didn't get. Now you faced faced them two back to the door I think I just walked towards my you know. Concealed carry permit anybody's hand can be tired from filling those unemployment forms initial day. And up the bill books and things are fine and he's got problems at all residuals scrapbook and you can buy injury. No I'm going to some others but it's getting looks doomed to some travel and we sure wish originally at the belly wrote with but additional with a we've uncovered a possible. Kirk I just centered on use on technical report to. Actually do damage right now thanks Chris that's when news in the he lived in Boston known. They want those who sent exactly like I've never heard two people sound we play him again I can't go there and here is oh it's Clinton will do a little tribute one war. That would greatness here for my Kurtz of bowl. It see it but first and guess who Don use and who nick sees what's actually. I think it was in fourth grade. Teacher. Draft dot. That's nick the call it your right I think that's nick the call outlets are material. Yeah I felt good on remote operated oil correctly answer no he's listen I need to do what. Teachers in your text. That is definitely Don you. Definitely doesn't calling probably lost in two roaming to. So I mean if that 617 John. Yeah as some idiot as arsenal as chair to chair toward Haiti's old Algerian center in short he's excited I'm sure it's a big day for the big serve. Don't they deserve a portrait of really garbage. Accused better than uses tough guy he's a phony fake. And by a bottom line to vote jock sniffing stooge. In the end he deserves to go all right he simulator goodbye go. Right you're dom hall of fame thing and make them when you deserve a lousy shot journalist we got a good thing for The Herald they did a good thing for the Sydney exposed lousy. Journalist 6177797937. I want the full lines right now you guys are waiting on the criticism of Borges on the praise of mid. 61777979%. We pulled off today. Is nothing short of the radio master stroke. Masterpiece incredible where I don't think Chris is. I want to be a little while a little more about nick does take a good job do you think he like puts this. We do we have any openings there like oh you know question producers rob ball of energy to he could do his own show weekends. And nobody did really well. But because platelet agent he blew off sports couple and now you've got to go enough time for you reports its and Borges said they now last famous but you know. Imagine you'd rub of the story Brady and but Daniel's impala checker Brady handed action to dig in byte for those. He's very alternate pretty good assault they went through bourses were the two teams in the dialogue in this. We're big we did a favor or you do it and so you connected I agreed boards early and if you do it to 9 o'clock. This thing would be round the world right now is important item on this story Tom Brady speaking ethnic accidentally hit by security forces at play might support life Borges of what do you think moron on that story for months the blood I hate slam out Spencer. Let's talk unless I want to live crowd trying to get me quickness outlets Borges isn't Jewish so it hasn't had him on or black eyed monster. I Jewish out of line for watching TV. Nash he's a that's not necessary audio right lining up to apologize that it has stated Judy I'll put a so I'd love would you like you know loved Jewish you were deeply public lacked much fun was excited at the Marriott. Here and one half court. I'm laughing. The doors will open door should he was just I mean. He was beating Michael Finley is an awful. And I hate Jewish people as a much you know it's true stories in the seat batters to figure them. It was ridiculous. Let's go to. Chris in Weymouth pay Chris. You know I'm not really him was badly. If there's oil rich old keys were exactly. I feel like a drunk I feel like a drunken well you're Catholic league through my body I like my body's feeling a lot I ran the scene when he simply criminal like. I had a lot of believers are rewarded and I want. To I'll never on never be miserable again I promise until Monday expressed delight shall. That's good enough that's gonna work on the radio on the show but I've never seen you like this I guess this which will likely new drink and that I love you know I'm looking trending on Twitter right now number three trending stories Ron Borges tickets ignorant American I guess the world yes in America. Number three what about Boston he's attending Boston number wind no husband I'm number one Boston permanently to the pin tweet I'm number this sport is number two. What's number one. We see here. Those legs crushed tech that's. Passionate might Q was number one that a justice and youth market myself I had to abort. What is it what you happened were Jewish people nothing now I think I'd even knowing how was she was you know I didn't mean you know. Hate of being boring that you can beat you by one source. You thought you go out and I was born yesterday was kind of place and he listens are issued to elicit laughs I'm talking about the united nation. Every every pitch every basket show me out players they don't Holler deductions to. Our asked politely. It is tied to barrier on boards of racecar and the phone lines are going to be open right now we're gonna unleash the hounds okay how's that. Six was a story that's oriented news 617779793721. Or rip Ron Borges praised curtain and hand. Criticized that's fine 6177797937. I'm asking you right now to call in. And celebrate and he do you store some more we should ashtray warmer times. Yes the opening ceremonies and going on right now and yes six or 7779790. Three's have is a data celebrated Kirk and Callahan we are making news like never before in burying the career. Of were on board views. Doing look shocked you'll look right have the whole world bond play over here oh. Are there and everything's done they opera. It is. Gone. Are. Yeah but. Lose the I say it. Lou Gary Becker he got. I did. They were dealt that's been celebrating the demise of our borders lousy guy a terrible guy terrible writer lousy journalist who treated him like dirt. And you always put the tough guy act and then you know he's sees teams a lousy. At it this well you may try to go after me and Biden do it. Or called him in the ducks' run for on the post calling 617779700. Said you won't. He considered threats your emails all you want to fire away Iran find your own way it's is all on you all on you. And bowl and tweets. To us and three minutes ago Debbie EEI has been out for blood lately pretty sure they tried to plant a fake story would be last week at suitable. A does anyone know anything about anyone planting a fixed Torre without me. And what do you think EEI has to do that people don't like Q. If they're trying to troll you has nothing to do with without. Hustles he upset because you guys are bang on in for the British. Now he's about the have a lot of shot of open dawn follow with the dog yeah Tucker yes the Brady dog like when you guys had a on the show on mocked him for that pebble call telling him this once please. Mean this and I know I know Kirk has taken a victory lap and taken a bow. Because you hate forges and yet you think I actually like music nick from Boston. Was trolling Borges before he ever reached out to you or Curtis or any of us correct. Nick from Boston just a similar ports. Well it's a bold tweet this he says and the guys that hopeful blood lately. Yes and you don't show many times we'd like he can we wanted to have you on yesterday. You wanna commend you wanted to sleep or something wasn't excuse. Aesthetic improvement allegedly easy east and she's fine bit them on mistakes I mean. What operation of the original at bay tried to planting fake story we've made let is know to you're talking about them. I mean other than getting on the guts to college our team. Does that go to Curtis on the day I'm telling you this is this is how it's this house meego. It and is being a guy aka Markieff and their guys to be guys are gonna defend him you're gonna defense not it's hard to do unless you do like that sibling EI for what it's mean lady you know I thought I. Yeah that's falling things innate from your Austin controlled. It's more eyes you see guys fault. That we're there word that the boards was dumb enough to fall for some you'd call yes that'll be spent appear to be right as objective of the blog Mike. And the recent hardcore old school reporter tool that idol news beat guys all they. You should try to make a story like that white trying to get. Ron Borges that's not the stories stories he went with a one source hero outsourcing is in the Boston Herald in here it was fake they think is is talking of the bowl now. And it's not just a just little things like that show percent if he has the guts if you if he's a tweet that out to the guts to call and he doesn't do it right. Altamont I was just talking with the recent Anita minute epic about hung up you better call back is he's next Austin he's next Saatchi deletes that we importantly on the air he said to clarified which went so there. Balls to rescind that has not ended our show I don't know what he's. Somebody tried to play fake story and he blames the guy on which is reportedly made the right at their current owner Lou where open what's. And weekend you and who who hates wall we'd like Poland and got a probable he. And stuff like that and again this what they're going to do this why why people Boston hate the media without borders get screwed by some random guy nick. They're gonna turn on us. Borders today lousy job I Borges the mail and you know that's as he noticed I grew elect him for certain events Ford led I'll address I mean you just threaten which is fine in vegetable find out. And it's been tweets a Boston radio. That's what we claim we are reports claim where Arnold supports is open it was a total fake I mean you know who wrote that. Debts and and did some moon that New York from from dense than you can turn on your toaster seated story. She's slicker but it's good question now will they circle wags its gonna be really hard user's circle like it's hard in and we like him he's Alice all the time the recycling these Tomas he loves Borges what's your animals well we'll see if he wants to Nelson Rockefeller plaza side of the story is that gonna say this is so low -- how did you do this that's the play again to meet and takes all out assault could go workers. You could be writers chargers know could be right should be doing today. Good beat writer should be thanking us they should be thanking us between exposed while I was the writers anchors are hurt from several people who've been thinking who's that. Kirk is evil I'll give you that you regional semis devious you are. Brilliant at times. But she didn't set this up in Hawaii I know you in senate. This would seem impossible seem impossible. OK nick call him on the phone ultimate fan and I don't doubt is a guy who loves what he's just what you think I called. Get some rain and advocates like hey if he knew if you thought to do that it would signal fall for that correct. Is nick called from his 617 record at the Pentagon had to be done yet I would have said nick that's crazy normal befall us import you'd agree 100% ports should be. Has Borges reached out to you yet well I don't know it is somebody claiming to be on board calculated that let's go to Robin which has a member of question and god damn can you give me the chance to tease it's stupid but he knew what this. Let's go to. Heather in Maine hi Heather. Are not a morning in March. I don't quite the pretty heart he heart EU are added together that's very nice. This obviously what would treat you like crap I mean you're looking at Kerry. I try to be an all I tried a trying to do God's work out their treat those as ours shall be treated in in the annual be patted on the head that's always been my. Philosophy always and boy I'm a bronze happy. I may be that a great week and together you're thinking I. Would you like through Georgia like going to be like. You would. Didn't end. A funny how one bite too aren't they part. I'm I'm thinking of course. I might it and you're on the court that you're. Yeah. We cannot we it's you. Yeah. Brad yeah. So let's not give him this the Cilic and dad is a arrow. It's true. It is you could mean. Thank you better thank you very much but you know that's his head back to producing and Heather thank you as always we look at them I love the sport is or not. This is -- boy you that is you don't hold on I was gonna Texan on the beat writers can check for one and we check on that would you sell though I'm sure wouldn't be surprised that's my guess somehow we will react but we'll get to that let's go to Penn State is obviously a much I'm not sings to be a deck. I'm not reaction lead are in between while one of Apollo people retirement on the Florida if Rahm wants a common shovel our snow. All from fifty bucks and Heidi chalk up some marsh he's equivalents fifteen. That's well below the rate electric wheel he's unemployed and we'll always be so I was a little guys get a hundred bucks a draw I was in a way classmate in your neighborhood as the compartment and and elect and see that meant for dinner. My favorite things like this and someone asked me at the way we is Kirk Douglas had no idea doesn't want you to know is that we're gonna his house that I would never go to was I think you're house. And you've been all my house is that I have ever been aware of ourselves we will all my houses even if you're like this to my folks inflation in mainland market know Miller Park in their park in Lebanon when the Condo against never you would let me. A true I want to more I get the new place here remain very soon you'd you can come every okay. Yeah borders to shovel the driveway abortion particular replace it really good group are reporters referring company Don he himself the endorsement and talk to these. Chosen own island a joke. I think it caught our random number you call it looked at or another yeah don't answer do we confirmed bodies. Numbers are originally committed firm cursed that was 617 number from our guy nick. I believe music for one which would be different sort out right. He says he Reggie knock on this video on the mole like rob Morse a lot of people football thing hate this for Don he's number just to double check. Don't pick so I mean that's unique and also direct suitable the whole week. You don't have to say anymore it's in it's just. Hard to believe. Which is why I think you implausible that I ability you would never tell someone to do this as a whole network he would never expected to work set the whole thing go ahead Joseph. Great it's somebody who's identity the industry what exactly Jerry you when you're working at random phone call. If you're not at any your body and you look at what the last four digits and this guy phone number are regular talk this guy are you look at all the money try to call the offer to confirm the number. Solid. Yes and originally wanted to ram the dog bite story on the globe brand with a first public record Ben bowl and bad how would you now. How Dina and I put it right Paulino mix cell phone numbers have five waiter coats. Thank you don't know if you've known him thirty years right who gorgeous. I don't really known violent religion are so friendly yes the guy and they give you. Thirty seconds offer defense. I'm trying to I mean he then nick that it got good job nick was very convincing you Wallace. And how many different way or is it won't super race stories you want to believe something right out of order screw this up. 300 different ways and it's embarrassments like those two FBI love birds their whole life has laid bare because of texts because everyone has their texts by the weather changed 50000. That's a loss if you were sixteen wrestled in love with Mary Luke rod crotch next door in Winchester did you text of 50000 times W and I text of it much keeps us at least fifty. I mean if there Arafat FBI ever got our files are Billick took it easy to get through them you might be. My feet damning and embarrassing but that would never be the I could like to look at my for a guarantee haven't picked him. A total of 50000 times in mind like 50000 time married guys are to marry a woman. That is wild geez I would a couple of it's only natural total wreck crisis it's OK guys. Wreck hello hello wreck. 88 Gary question. Yes if if Kurt got to pull this soccer is put him like a close second behind or welders or the world. Close second yes Kircus is real Smart though he's Smart and always reference war of the worlds and my sister yes I don't think. You'd I know you didn't set this topic because I believe that you you you you and claim you did yes I am. I'm a go with a net and always that is not a prisoner cliff. I can't say that he was a mass she okay is somewhat winded nick could feel so compelled to do this you just motivated and ultimately it is a big fan of mine he heard the personal tax on Muster Johnson's and that's a man. Like me should not be subject to such attacks the city. Essentially it's no way somebody's assassinated character wise like that's an estimate back you can write you gonna confirm on that email you got or isn't texts from. Allegedly from Ron Allen gets from Ron you. Well wolf I don't know I don't you will but we'll keep pork imports it is an escrow account number Artest that's the kind of that's the response I expect from Ron Ron's gonna crawl away. I'd 6177797. Arguably some. I know I think he's going to be up front he's gonna attack you. On your flights aren't you witness like that it makes me outside 10 AM break my leg before government planes that that be a good idea. I enjoy yourself yeah we'll share price stickers articles security will be your question it looks. Was this had better tool job in the guy who told the an occurrence emphasis going after the engine jet went down that's a great question will tumble we get when we get back. That's my favorite call as you know of all time we'll play that and get your calls once again we'll reset we get back it's been a while we have. And a good career Ron Borges here today 6177797937. Pollen and report just carries us rip auspreys borders due to want. Couple lines opened 61777979370. Wild. Per gallon for a. In what is the deal on this is this considered this is considered bad information. That's sort of looks like yet it sounds like is some OK it was were we're what's. Somebody who has done he'd be agent for human resources. That is here for. That's me Jerry in Paris or nickname everybody mutton and with her to tell him you were telling you. She's afraid to six once said in Boise 617779790. Reset. Button on the slapping and how happy you are it is it's been three hours now Jerry and easy to happily ever thought it. Yeah. Is singing at 6 o'clock is going to be the most listened to him and shoot webs we should replay these 6 o'clock. The open to the show. Within a month ago mud nine million macabre coffee and eat these things just go have a cup of coffee yes that's true view things that I got that far from month to overcome these people around 500 yards you know you're less important to the station crisper I'm not but you get a you know certainly are not the show is more important than your issue. He's a fourth of the show that you wore. Is more important that he can't and you can't for months they want eased purity christening today AC Moore although I sure can't today USA today as they say. And sonic and Boston what's gonna through. Or is set Ford's chairman will get to the calls well 61777979. Degrees and hear from you all morning celebrating if your rate Ron Borges. You wanna call we'll go west to the city of San Francisco tower once the correct surfaces Korea after that what was it what was the crash was via. Who's Moline and the wind never found right Malaysian Malaysian airline among the on the when the black call locally yes and on them and yet we have that. Is that the crash and nose to crash was the crash of Matt Tuiasosopo a lot of Asian yet goats here. TTE was just learning the names of the fourth pilots who were on board the flight they are captive son Latinos want. Me to blow from mullah lean film content and day out. We'll Fukudome again in my life I won't be funny I guess I shortages of food he reads whole whole leaf who says well she says we should be read to blow. Big Bang how it some Amy on low. Which was the worst sommelier. Want something wrong. That's a great one yeah. It. Until today. The dumbest sounded dumbest person of 2018 in dispute we've Michael Ganske. During the trending in Minneapolis persecuted for use next to me almost. Vomiting and I was laughing so hard. Why second half as that are ironically want to pass a witness I was with the so a lot of this idiot right here trending version of the ball which when you want. 606. And it now WEEI WE DI dot com Wikipedia countdown to Super Bowl 52 here in Minneapolis Minnesota. It busy day for the patriots are back on the practice field in full pads today among those who are limited at practice including Rob Gronkowski Bill Belichick and the players speak today. Tom Brady speaking as a gash in his leg bitten by one of the security dogs at practice earlier today. Gas and his leg while the merits of these of the trend is Philly I was not confident about the story Kirk you know that by and he came on that night we talked about this I got it wrong I'm an idiot I'm a moron. But so is north Jersey Gotti it's always known animal would you caller or who shoot nor pursuit of model gorgeous and really ignore shot up occurred or who the best part is who's who's a tickets and pronounces like he says ugly says were. We're counting down to public or rock county don't admits yes OK you know we're doing that you'll count down or would you want your right in my when Dana britney's bad. Now tonight he got hit by a dog. And what do you. Sitting at patio I'm. Patios like I must be thinking Africa India working for a mean what a dummy. He's miked excuse his compromise some more I've notes to all your drunk off it was not a bad service finally today gets beat its air frenetic. Pretending he's dying he was altered Nick's voice and on these which were quick. Go ahead. It's actually lower. Than it. It's Christ let's go. How big day here. Well actually. I think there was a fourth street. Teacher. One day said we're going to write an essay today in the SC's going to be about what you want to do when you broke up. That's team via voice of Don you've agent for. Them police and immigrant below and then we'll hear the real guide to force the force of the main supporters spoke to a published on. Credit north ice hockey explaining how this all happened. Somebody either. Rob looks a little correction the there's would agree on the reason. That's. It be twisted to. Sick demented nick from somewhere in some time away from finally. I'm finally Elvis and now you're taken credit wrecked final hour have any problem. No bulletins you know I mean. There's going to be a lot of people who blame will be writers me mad at me people who blamed almost the more Harry credit. In my life goes on. That's vitamin let's take a shot at me. It got out. Boom fire the I am bulletproof he should be ahead it'll bounce off I think it will be hurt a government hurt my life I cannot be wounded less is a branch on right. He's impossible to take Kirk me and hand down a beat up anybody in the air put any of those three guys and beat them up on its LB. Whether it's Chris whether it's ten a kick your ass very much a kick your ass god knows. It's impossible are a runaway train comes I'll be a run wages and walk in the gutsy or goes about it. Peyton tough benefit tough guy 720. Though 68 knock out the past four EA a kick is. That's in the hallway you equality each. 61777979. 37 it is the game in hand we'll come back and we were reset. The unbelievable act OSHA to with a new word to describe this it's unbelievable unbelievable we listen to 6 o'clock. Yeltsin played the summit as well. If you if believes that Kirk was bouncing off the walls at 602 have never seen you so ecstatic and so Bradford saw that guy right with the when when bloody shoot you back right now I'd Fredricka do I hire Ron Borges right one point. Before WEEI dot com years ago you didn't see you guys did Coke together you Brad for in this is what you all lobbed a lot of Coca. Yet these drugs you drank it is screaming Nancy's correct yes and this is how you acted then and haven't seen that guy before but I get the scene today sentenced and we're gonna reset justification to an imminent reset this I give me an adjective. Britain's. I don't know why it's taking wild insane yes fascinating bizarre bizarre and surreal in Maryland. An analyst and that's not an adjective. You're an idiot or to reset at we're gonna take calls we go through everything Ron Borges is dead we're gonna bury him in this final hour goodbye of you you've totally hole he treated like dirt for years. Most people would take no satisfaction in knowing your careers over I take full satisfaction I am fully excite me. Knowing that one day I'll be Hannah for. You'll be sitting there bagging my groceries Ron Borges 617 sevenths all because if you do take over the back attacked. Back to a month ago it did ask you about Misha said you know what. Guys great. He's the king he's the greatest I believe his story a 100%. He knows exactly how to get to Gillette Stadium he's one of the great people come to corrections history. If you would said that he'd still be alive today sending national punchline. You dec 6177797937. Will be right back.