K&C - Ron Borges got Catfished 2-9-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, February 9th

Thanks to Nick from Boston Ron Borges got exposed and published an entirely inaccurate story on Tom Brady. 


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I would you know that that's when I half thought we don't went inside to see calf but you don't look for. Awful awful. Actually gates at the start Calais Joker am I guess Jerry Kelly in my. It's currently. We can leave like he wanted to get some bright I think I think one of the party wants. He had does your physical work on I look at you right now let's say you could you sort. I don't think he's a very nice advancement are numbered I don't federal mail Smith from effect known at all but we are you what do you think develops. You think it must and Johnson worried right now there on the next on the list and they're around I win by their relevance listen to them. The missing fourteen phone calls Saturday's victory for. When Anther 25 minutes from here and I will say rides liars always nice to meet Muster was I was addicted I was and hopefully treat me like nobody you'd you'd ease those kind of made these are always bigger than him on the list. About how works I've got one to get me here at the quicker than a group showed you a beautician who did you listen but he doesn't wanna go as it was not he's not nobody over the age of old U 63 yeah that's the Max on the do you want younger people on the show people lots of energy like Mike and asking job and I don't believe that the -- camp in what I mean I players. Urban League that's so far today. Get out of the way the first flight hours auto show on earth would like to do mean you had I apologize for the last two times to anglers and got in the way right mind yes no question. I apologize. Thank you apologize for cars to forgive we apologize for. Apologize and sent the wrong size field had she. But it was a good meal and I'd terms. I apologize is that is that get back to your story OK so a front page of the Boston Herald today her. Your Boston Herald this morning. Borges. Ron Borges wife called during a break tonight. In wake of Jimmy keys 137 point four million dollar deal sources say TB twelve playing hardball Tom Brady is playing hardball. I read during before the break what. The story was how it started like doing against the election unitary Choi pickets the story of the day no question I all of them and I read this this morning when I got up but 4 in the morning. Is that while this does not sound like Tom Brady or least Tom Brady's camp. Even if Brady is jealous of Jimmy gee we have a go public know it seemed hard to bully. And I guess there's a reason for that especially given the fact that he's never ever wanted to be the highest paid eight Manny get real dollars in higher paid by Brady that I agree everything changing wanted to be would we read about it absolutely it anymore now the dominoes are. But to continue to fox for free fall Tom Brady wants to get paid. According to sources close the league's most valuable player. Brady is to sit out all the years the season's offseason. Organized team activities and lesser she's a contract extension carries with it upfront money similar to his former protege Jimmie drop low. Were received from December Cisco 49ers go rock below yesterday's we know received the five year 137 point four million dollar deal. With 74 million guaranteed it's on ovals go. It may be the best one Tom Brady ever called. I would just say this the minute I read it last night I two thoughts one tied into what we're gonna talk with a few minutes but there was. I didn't believe it because as you guys just said there's no way to Tom Brady in each forty one's going to expect a 74 million dollar down play on Turkey's a brass were before. He's not suddenly and asked for now he is everything he wants right. He's been I mean we've been watching closely for seventeen years is the next time he even said anything it was contract will be the first car absolutely yes and I mean I will say this February's Tennessee wants to get paid he's been literally error priest literally hours hours after Jimmy G agreed to this deal. Makes it made no sense he's got mcdaniels a comeback he's got things up the way for us now easily greats file this before Borges. And before you ruin a story for Borges. I would say deport just needs to know batter he needs to think like we just went to make any sense to you. No but I know I know the feeling in your site art race as you think you got some pin in the going to be there for one to the story so why I don't. Yes I British outside Arabic supported him with the patriots and I said very likely. Sell so I read this I don't believe icy currents we know it's not true W distributed the question no we encourage you Jerry now so. I explain this I go about explains. From a mutt you're good flash guy newscast how do you explain things like this wrapping up how did things take a turn south so I think. The best way to say it is this and hang on nick and with the rest to say it's not true it's not true to his fans were worried that if you're worried about routier's. It's not true Ron Borges was duped 100%. Fooled by somebody who I guess it's probably hates Borges got in contact with them pretend it. He was dodgy we have the back and forth earnings of between down in the moment. Pretended he was dog eat. And fooled Borges into writing a story in my right hand right now by the text back and forth between Borges and this guy who pretending to be great in Iraq was agent Don. This guy pretending to be done he too Borges busy busy night. Brady's prepared to sit out all offseason team activity unless he gets and you give us from yesterday afternoon right he's texting back and yes I don't ask him animal find guys more evil than you who he is and less he gets and you deal. With upfront money similar to Virginia got board's response sounds like I need to write a column today exclamation point up you old friend. He's got pretend to be you rights chef you probably have my next week to have a now's the question that I should. You got pretending you have it now Portis yes I do writing as we speak and here's the story today. In this piece of paper my left hand is the entirety of what Ron Borges wrote. Scammed by paper by my guy pretending to be done he he in second source that in third source have been tried contact each. Calls company fun of it's actually. This guy duped Ron Borges shame and Harold as well who and it happens it ran through which you have right now on the front and back page of the Boston Herald is a fake. A sham back page of The Herald show me the money Borges when Jimmy deal Jimmy G deal done Brady wants to get paid. Not true not true all made up. In the person may not pretend to be Don Yee joining us right now they can Boston nick the morning how are you. Interpret the word good nice to talk to explain how this all. Alone somebody needed. Complexes but not where. And I and for some reason it just a regular doctor material are you're. And then he did what summer. And you protecting him back and forth on and detection for a while you're talking about. Some would get in Taiwan in the hall of Famer Brady or something you Madden back toward the that Brady's arm as well back and forth. So you were doing this back and forth with Borges yesterday afternoon the stuff I just read correct. Yeah and Borges bought it hook line and sinker. What is your opponent Park Slope on. Well at all on what we have a couple former partner. Home try to call me kind of looked this good man there. Wright's pulpit that route to liquidity fruit of the Coleman and those are on you. I commentary earlier. And it. Yes. And I with the work that quote the work. So this is yesterday. It was up last night in the Iran. He's you can afford it firms slashed my castle. Nick I say something you have assist other men often I love. It's why why did you do this to Borges this is incredible these hate him like I wanna I want him. No I really don't care while I support Obama ought to go forward it is numbers on the phone number and you won the screw around them. Yes did you ever consider due to salute the globe. You're the land of the greatest Kirk yes this shot. Yes it's certainly done it's certainly need to be the biggest boar ever need to be on the Jessica tuchman at times you want. Congratulations. You've pulled off a great to know get around that and thanks nick I appreciate that we'll talk again and had a question for the is Mickey real name. How well our latest on your next best you can and dot all the talk what title on the whole thing if few minutes and now. Zoom out we didn't want to know whether Altria Group before. Dot dot com ask your question Donnie Jones Brady's agent. What is the guy's situation right now with Brady bill which other ways also grapples it's correct or correct graduation which is what. Seven days of Christmas 3% right this the higher equator only job your great agent I mean god what is the situation between Brady and Belichick right now. Just I write I write whatever you tell me so you just to meet on you know I all right. Yeah I can keep you all block well or they're really. Not want children to cook more. Can do them one more here for anything other than Barack. Right up a rubber that works a major in question for Don you know salad on the money and who else have they done whose whose life for you can ruin next you know anyone on the wireless. Carrier wearing blue and runner that won't be harder I hope they are there. Could you pretend to be any you can hug. I can ask one question shoe polish currently how long was the conversational boards on the validity Cedric. Almost like tentative. I couldn't I couldn't do without laughing at their country applicable. She's Kirk had to do enough to help. Thanks to you my leg is just it's Stockton Stockton through. I've written that we can tell tremor occurred so all right. Huge problem. Sure no problem or did you think training but it is the greatest nick nick I love you. Are a lot of odd but he thanks thanks Don I wish it would just like you do dot. I mean it's unbelievable the back page of the Boston Herald is a whole ruse in Poland accuracy nick for Bostick is. Boards are between ozone phone number my mistake or something. Nick sought a second in his mind I admired this in the way eyes. So I'm gonna ruin this guy's life and you could send to watch Jerry you can defend Borges this is one of the guys I don't know a 1000% on Borges. They don't you're doing right now as we're doing our job which is. Showing how bad reporting is how lousy reporting it's. Right I mean is it. Report laser reported by Borges whose career should be now over you heard the whole story you heard the back and forth ports thought that I was done you. He texted back and forth once source one thing thought it was heat and rain that what's it's lazy by college journals is sent by any strength and he's he's it's. Ron Borges in the Boston Herald he's been around for awhile took one X one phone call. Any Brit he writes sources in the paper I can't imagine he has a second source may be somebody else I happen agree it is I just randomly but. It's just aid awful look for guy's been around for a long messages that are you know when I was a blue and I was right from The Herald five heading misspelling. Or just some typo. And who's in the paper and is no known. Bring it back there's nothing you can do not on line like you on line people just call your. Or you get online to change right right into that the newspapers it would dry it would ruin my day my week my month if I had a mistake. Little typo little misspelling a little minor factual error yeah we're proud sag actors so hard. I would be looking in the knife crow right now if this were me I couldn't handle it that's why I feel bad. Into. And I just squishy with the globally we should count Borges who wish it were up. Beat him.