Some people are starting to reach for reasons behind the Malcolm Butler benching

Mut at Night
Thursday, February 8th

Mut and Keefe are talking about what Stephen A. Smith said about the potential reason behind Bill Belichick deciding not to play Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl other than it being a football decision. We also get the call of the day from Carmine in Chelsea, who knows what Malcolm Butler was feeling on Sunday.


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News he's Monday night. At. My football skills that come in handy in my life you know. I have to bring my apple boss doesn't the club wants while passing attacks coming at me I'm running a post pattern right into that list. Oh here comes this weighs about mile. And this is you know something try to call all bull and get out of here and leave. There's a check charity and I teammate at that can't win on time around that option in the towel with my. Well she ought but the funny thing is monitored than anything we. Oh please don't I Alia that night I know they popular video that was graves do it again sometime real you know it's against the yeah it's. Of course he never and I really hate him he just now here's my. Talk Sports Radio telling you. Either you for the help so he could say about each other good friends of any right. Your humidity hot. That I present anybody. I don't even know but I I have to admit front view of president. We wanted to wanted to choose. And they're choosing sides from there though choosing sides whatsoever. Obvious on this morning with the other boys or guys I guess I feel the same exact way and I admittedly. I've done a million shows people are sick yeah good show thanks we'll do it against them but is it that may that's on meet. X I don't want awkward afterwards elected that was a boring show Boyd. I'd look at the clock and it was a twenty minutes in before our set you on hold yeah girl because that honestly bad word of this for two minutes we'll get into some warm welcome both of who have done nothing that this week Butler is off on the air. Would you agree that the the as if from a host standpoint. You feel like is a good show in the show goes by exactly actually he's he's renegade and you feel like it's a bad show when you look off Saturday at 10 o'clock for you like it's 235 for me like 6630 like Allman god what auto X thirty of what we do and and I've been in those all of a sore I I have never said it directly to. The person I'm working where I just sounds like god helps I've talked to producers about it afterwards as I've gossip to other posters and all very god that he saw he was terrible so. That's on the envelope closer against but I don't do it. When the person they are I've done some good radio that's about the NE RI and the bad you know he's done much more bad radio than me I legally. Like Mike her 48 numbers and in Barry I don't race analysts and abstract entity that will the highlights or low lights are long and distinguished why not saying this and that some great. Radio personality. But I feel the same way with active about some people I decided bring up with a Andy. Because I made a list of the of the casting couch members. At one point last year are ranked him 22 and 23 Stephen early on there aren't so good for makes them their he's now getting back in the mix all about that yes he would ease a bad there has been there and the benches upon obviously with Alex Reimer he brags radio right now heard that trainees at the Olympics wrecks so totally out of its doubt in my view is that you. What he's beat twice the weight title that you kind of but if you want me in the occasionally a valid on this they're trying out new people to give them credit I just winning and he had his first go around those guys they have legally ranking of the casting couch value is lower and I I think I ranked him 2223. Was 23 marked on the arrow. So and so we did very he took real. As I hurtful things in with guns and things that prize. It's thought said that about me at fire back to fire back last year sold out but all I definitely don't hate him he's boring now he's boring you know he's Bora thought it was boring he's bullets for example you say the same thing correct this board are now your boy's older got to be something else. But good job patio get nine and will shall respond of our hours the owners he had AD I guess I guess that's them but. I think it's actually Smart you don't that work with someone awhile. And you're comfortable it's already Kirk and Jerry got a great chemistry on their (%expletive) you don't need somebody for so or let's there'd it's a good football they policy today is still amazingly eventful what do people today actually look at football day. You plug in there for human next time you get floor. If you get to next time out we suggest that the three are off the year today he will do you appearance was good about that and then he will be back for four hours that reviewed the wrong way. No not at about that and I'll make money. If less less of a shift for me there. Would that be it says. Which are lower warships there I think I'm good once a week and even more more than that. That is is also bad for everybody you got that Friday morning demo carved out listen if the guy I'm going to work TG IA half years much you wanna hear a moron. Say dumb things and six attend on you got by an hour this Friday weekend start there along with. And on a week. I need someone laughing and I all there's that guy and I just heard this idiot on the way home last night I got here by the way in the next night at the top of the I turnaround welcome I'll take eight hours ago dummy birthright. That's Egan again so good Freddy heart body got a couple hours and I did. The new I even talked about for a weekend shift. There's obviously we had bench has not done a ball against that show. Went out the window so keep plugging away and he got it that coveted Sunday afternoon by December an identity of senate late night boring guys put people's. It's not a bad idea I think a worker or that you are and this Sunday. Well actually by him I like the NFL Sunday no longer but still somebody's got to be united once you are locked the load I think it's key for art the solid moral problems on what how boring modest I'd I'd guaranteed outcome should come up about that come up with the announcement of art here that's what an insult them five camped out of the gonna. Are you reluctant Sunday mornings now post a football is that I think this will be the the farewell until all of goodness truth that I won last count hey guys CIO on Sunday and now president but that the bad I'm gonna say goodbye to our NFL Sunday against Tommy current usage on the next hour for couple minutes old and he's got some patriots thought the going to be an early tonight on their NBC show. Because the pitted the itself into playing primetime soap on into my next I'll say goodbye to him that never say about a Fabiano which is okay and I. Fine who adults forty weeks Victoria is married to him today for the sake abide about trailer thing about this VO Selena will say goodbye to result point his funeral and that he is an old and out the Volvo a season older all the count on as is his appetite for porno is as well fifty tomorrow night. For many more years I've been told as healthy right to healthy as of the system good heart rate is at. Convince myself that clear the pipes yes price for equity backed up and no you don't actually that's more harmful than the veto was going to be on the Super Bowl minutes fell through the summer to tell exactly what. What happened when the legal bills. I believe that a result is currently because it's part of all the same did he exit that room with a bunch of guys parting and saying of rainy market shall we let TL and I don't know I had that he does his first of Al ranged from last year I'm not sure. And so it's about we are amazingly well. Ford is out. And that the Malcolm ball listings is still fronts that are fresh though opulent we talk about tonight but there is new Malcolm Butler stuff to talk about. From a football standpoint and just my general opinion something that's happened here at this station on your show ironically oh. And the last couple days I will start with and even any good headway at all on the Super Bowl last week. It was a very good X and knows football interview the yes we had a tape earlier in the day when your on 6 o'clock and radio row. As you know rich that please clear out why blocks and get people to come out of two free nights shows myself. CBS Sports Radio bad richter. Well not show up as familiar with him he's Joe's call richter that you. I believe what does that mean I don't know what's that a playoff and richer than you may be a much now. He sat next to me tonight Allen although it is at your credit is DA was there in the morn yes their their tables about it and it's and he was there another fairway down the hall from you changed the brick. Other brick brick yeah and a box Sports Radio guys and then a couple of smaller stations but the first couple days it was just literally the three months so. To ask guests to come back with a like longer any Benoit some high level football but he's got a good and you retain so annoyed stories it was out. It's out in newspapers today so the dateline's couple days go February 5. Any of the right writes how Malcolm bot was benching and gave the Eagles the upper hand and this is not just again but or Keefe or Kirk Callahan a lever and ripping the spot decision now for forays is a guy looks at the x.s and knows and is able to tell you directly from watching the film what happened. You talk he leads off the story toggle the patriots and the Carolina Panthers in week four. Where the Panthers scorched the pats defense and it was the Dallas was the week before the Patriots defense sort of figured it out and give more opening right now. A goal back to back in the Carolina Panthers ran bunch receiver sets. Eagles' offensive assistant saying to Andy Benoit we knew they had problems when you force and defense stacks and bunches you look early in the year against those that they were losing guys. What the Eagles saw in that game. Patriots couldn't figure out how to defend receivers are released together on intersected routes. Especially when priests that motion was involved Milwaukee understandable are out there on the patriots righted things in week five moving forward. Into more basic man to man principles and that simple application. Is that Philadelphia exploited Sunday night the Eagles consistently created fable the angles and leverage for the receivers. And at times even dictated those matchups. They got significant help here for the patriots who shockingly bench starting corner Malcolm Butler. Asked when they realized ball would not be playing. The Eagles assistant said quote after the first series or two we were like this guy's not in the game and exclamation point. They have 23 Patrick Chung out there. That's crazy another exclamation points on all this anti Benoit texting back and forth and Eagles assistant. Ivory emailing back involved and Eagles as that but little line now he felt enough to use exclamation points in the back and forth a real. This guy's not the game that's crazy. Hey Bulger is apple jacks up the Marc Bulger as a secret quarterback for the planned butler's absence with huge Benoit writes not only was Cheung a safety now essentially the number three corner caught a top slot match up. Against the ship your Nelson analog but the usual slot corner Eric row. With isolated on the outside. Downgrades resonated at two positions. The plan was quote. To go after 25 said the assistant deputy Eric row. We couldn't get I'll show on Jeffrey out there against him we had a role on our team here in Philly. We knew I was a great choice we see something we joke about the date is may I knew they knew about well turns out they really did. But did it have to V. Oddly mismatched it was interesting with the quote again from the assistant. We thought 24 Gilmore. Which shadowed trip Jeffrey which he did the second happened on the first half. We liked our matchup across the board. Regardless. So I would hope so this or 41 points they go on the Philadelphia wide receivers that they really know as Butler wasn't out there. But he out tells an assistant coach breaking it down finally says Patricia wouldn't say why Butler sat on defense. Other and it came out of playing certain packages but give it everything Philadelphia did to exploit Ingles man coverages it was the biggest coaching decision of the game. And one of the biggest in Super Bowl. History. Again one of the biggest is it that the game one of the biggest in Super Bowl history is any Benoit not some dummy like me on the radio. That ball the rest of the secondary didn't know about it didn't know about it until moments before kick up its mind blowing. Afterwards Butler said that the patriots gave up on and that he could have changed the game will never know that is as film guy. X.s and those files are older guy yeah Nancy Benoit telling you craze one of the biggest decisions and put it in Super Bowl history it is and quoting an Eagles assistant. Saying how easy it was to what the patriots won once but what was it wasn't out there and this is why average on the Thursday part of apt pupil. I still can't get past. I gigabytes is there an honor I'm not I have not gotten the reason for. To be that okay Aaron and it's not we're not gonna get one I don't think we are I do think it's fights are gonna biggest decision and Super Bowl history. On not running the ball Marshawn Lynch. It's just one play and not one that I look at more as being is that art if you run with him you win the game that's one played terrible decision. This was a game long. Bad decision but I just didn't get it all game long so we don't know for sure but who knows if he makes every single played got a great season maybe they pick on him a little better he gives up a big play. Regardless I look at though maybe he makes the tackle maybe they get off the field on third down. And the wind is just so confusing because even if he was average or. Slightly below average as a corner however are badly you want rank him. He was a part of this defense all year long first four games the whole defense stock. But that he was also a part of the defense. After that where they became the number one defense points allowed week five on the he also never came off the field against Tennessee your Jackson on the playoffs so how do you go from being. Good enough. To play every defensive snap in the AFC championship game. To your not good enough to play a sniff in the Super Bowl while your defense and carved up. It makes no sense even today and here's the next part of this the part so I don't get the decision I also don't get this and and I heard. I heard dale say this I know other hosts in town have are playing this game and I guess I don't understand it. That something had to happen prior to kick off. For decision happened and dale was adamant that it was wild with the 4 o'clock segment for thirty kickback or break you out and started getting into this. You know what a Butler got an argument an altercation. One of the coaches. And it suggests what if it was a Belichick he is Russia so. You help me outside it was all four hours today. Is dale sourcing some sort of altercation that happened or is he just. I think he's nursing inventing something to make bill ballot check and to get him off the hook I think he's looking for a reason why. And the reason for why do you drastic guy and then have a not play. That's Ruddy and he's trying to say art if ever if it was so bad number couple days ago or from a curfews also would not yes so it's so bad why even address them so there's a window. Ninety minutes before the game you have to come out your list of inactives. And so. He makes it okay you're playing but they're thinking all log and aka play as much. And then when they break the news to him they aborted submitted to the league yours who's playing. So he's gonna be dressed but you talent and any freaks out a big deals trying to come up with a scenario as to how on earth he could dress enough plus. So instead of pointing out that Bill Belichick made this huge gaffe. We're now making up things on a player's gonna leave because he's really he's no good he's overseas do that than accept. Nine all telecheck screwed up and an eight at that level to be honest it's not. It really is not fair to Butler and bought obviously put himself in a position where Belichick lost competence of Belichick is nice meted Boller is not. Innocent Elvis. But now that we're we're making things up now I know he he was not a a perfect child righty was an SEC athlete and event at west Alabama. After getting out of and he can try to community there's a reason why go there is reason why are not this is like our 2015 for training camp and he got bench at the start of this year so as I was leaving the contract right here right. What have we ever anything that he got physical. Or that he I'm not there was in subordinates. That is always key because for two playoff games the this guy with all the said in subordinated he's pretty well liked played a 100% of the playoffs maps are usually the coaching staff. By it sounds like he's pretty well liked by the players via evidenced by Tom Brady think in answer to say you're an incredible player teammate and friend. That's pretty high praise from from fainted at the one guy you'd really want from. So Ira I wanna I can't make heads or tails of it even if it is the scenario that that dale played out that. Something happens he gets. Figured out. The Roman Roman demo cold shower say get yourself together they get out here for the Super Bowl. But you just I don't go from oh my god used you just cross the line and and now you're not gonna play in the biggest game I'm not. I wouldn't so obviously Oliver opinions like getting when that did mcdaniels news broke the other night my opinion was he's the next coach of the patriot I don't inside info of that. No it just so it just seems a good likely scenario with Butler if you're sitting here forties after saying. What if there was an altercation what if something happened what if the push somebody. It's at its character assassination of a guy that I don't think deserves again he's not innocent all of this. But the four days after B saying what do you got a fight when dairies and you have a source if somebody telling you this then please someone on the radio is dale popular when deal on this. Com come out and and reported do what others have done means that whether it's for a minute and recently played the people talked to sources who have information. Source outset inventing these scenarios that. We have no no evidence whatsoever happened other than yeah I've ninety minutes in inactives and you know why why do you need it's just it's just it's speculation and if you're trying to make sense of something that does not make sense. President and hatch it probably has to be something a little off the board. We have market and this week coaches we all I won't step but now. I can see aggregate after I thought I'd probably sit on and I probably said it Monday go back to Monday night when you get the money you're saying. Something else must have happened. So we're gonna get the story it's gonna leak the players showed up Monday afternoon. Nobody would talk nobody was reasonable one that's kind of weird and then Tuesday is the grand vote post and nothing fired back. For the patriots if they wanted to they could of and instead Belichick is taken a local and national forty beating and rightfully so. Refereeing a football move and so I understand many people beyond this and and and I give patriot fans credit. It was Ken Laird said this is the least important suitable the patriot fan than most people upon one on the I admit. I haven't because I might go to one that came out and when you read it Allegheny Benoit he's pretty good at what he does. It is very very frustrating to me so I wanna I think we need to start there again tonight. Because actually think it's unfair to Butler at this point that there are people. Either so it done source just sort of saying what if this happened when forties afterward no evidence that it did 6177797937. Is the phone number. On Twitter at mutt and UT WEEI Keefe 21. In addition to those calls on a play for through Stephen A Smith. Because as much I think it was a football decision. I don't think there's a race element to this and Stephen A Max Heller brought up a race apartment it comes to blow when she's back and get your calls. Monday night for days after re Super Bowl loss for the patriots here on Sports Radio WE yeah. They foreclosed Super Bowl law and keep a lot of nights or Freddie or WEEI your calls in this segment at 617779. Seven ID 37 Stephen A Smith. I took the model logging on now the patriots and Malcolm Butler. And it did have a lengthy elated to two minute thing out wanna play the entire two minutes wanna play a couple cuts from a the Eagles down a road I will start to go down but then. I have to get off the train with Stephen Davis is Steve today on the reports on Malcolm Butler in the aftermath the Super Bowl cut number three patio. But the yawned egregious that reports about his behavior are suddenly circulating nationwide providing cover for Belichick's ridiculous decision. Suddenly taught and this is an issue. But let's commit. It is an issue. Ostensibly because he's got school Goebel voluntarily went Belichick decided to give up all you wolf Bob it's 65 million dollars that a book last year. Who won a suitable for him. We even heard mumbling about how he couldn't stay all of. So we need to. I honestly I'm. One against the we need to yeah. Steve is rightly think about that we are now making up these things that we have no idea they happen on welcome Butler at because we don't wanna criticized Bill Belichick though we need to yes. That that and and stuck the landing he he's not innocent. But. Think that that what he did what has been reported was worthy of him not playing in that game is insane the coach made a mistake maybe it did get. Personal play I don't think that it's in he has some sort of incident was there but I I do think at this point maybe it was personal because it was a long. Long role would not combine the aid can constantly pushed the line over and over again that became an issue. For bella checked but at the the personal feelings on him or Wes Welker. Or JD Collins or Chandler Jones. Shouldn't affect what's best for the team they won. Post Jones and Collins last year they lost level on Sunday night yeah that's the thrust nationally and it it just so puzzling because and close at twenty years. How many decisions really upset about and a fourth and two pops up and even some people said gulf war Iranian leaders aren't very many. They can latch onto whereas he imagine watching one game of Andy Reid. The bullet fired on me or my no Tom we're losing your mind if my palms are coached so so out of character for belts are to do something like this where. You just can't envision any scenario where this is what was best for the team this is in bill we trust like it started in the early in the week with people. Fighting against that and it for columns is at the end of a bill we trust no in bill we trust has turned into. Malcolm Boller smokes and we went to the Rick Ross concert or punched a teammate or punched coach. That's what it's an idiot idiot bill we trust thing is is scary if it we we are calling it was actually yesterday who. Said everything he does is good but I don't question anything at any. Like draft pick there lot of pats fans I thought I'd like can't go through life like that I think it was deported any of this -- why why even have that that talk show if you're gonna just say all they drafted some idiot I've ever heard of great call while called Brit perfect but it is traded this guy yet obviously that was the Smart move. Like he probably has a in 98%. Success rate or whatever its way higher than everybody else's. That doesn't mean there isn't time stories wrong nobody would really nobody's perfect and here's a great example tight end Stephen A went on and alluded to this not the first time organizations are willing to throw African American athletes under the bus cut. Number four sadly this isn't new. Any reporter work this all couldn't count the amount of times I've an organization of coach all bowl never failed approach the African American athlete under the boss. We questionable decisions that made an effort to cover this you know what I want to feel decisions that only once that the bot bot oilfield mad as cam applauds as BE. Detrimental to the team. What's that it all of this is that note that distinction that would be necessary when it comes to anything associated what Bill Belichick although he said nothing publicly of course all this noise about all the came from sub air. And that's no excuse for. Especially with the word what the put it the production he's display the results the patriots have gotten from it. And some money Belichick and the patriots refused to give him despite those efforts. Again. It's that damn shame. Unfortunately though it's no surprise you know why. Because in that parents. Sports. So there at the end I'm assuming he's alluding to but toward the same for African American athletes ID yes I'll go see it and it it in this case. I XT two days. Out of his mind this is a scenario where we've seen the coach skip personal black players and white players and if you want I in this case I think the personal issues personal feelings at Butler. May have played into not wanting to give in it and Plame and McCain is a guy who. The left Wes Welker play in a playoff added it give it to jets correct that the jet ski yet Escude of the first years he let them play special teams nowadays that that upon let him return punts. But his punishment was to me foot jokes about the opposing coach. You can't play offensively and that's theories and also jerked him around playing time back for the last year's number you didn't sparking big time. It is overall settlement here and then I remember listening to people say well the better blocker there are running and the addition to just try to make excuses for a ticket around I obviously take a personal because. How on earth can you be the roster personnel guy. In the coach. And not have those blend into each other rhetoric on the wanted to talking about contractor and an anti while playing time how do you separate the two years he's human and so. Obviously that's going to be a factor and some of those things so I'm with you some of the things Stephen A says. Is rightly get the shame that some of these things that don't appear to be true have been said about Malcolm Butler but to say. They kind of jerked him around specifically because he's African American and it is wrong and it also. What Steve is saying here is that Bill Belichick. And maybe other coaches are the ones that are leaking false information the media. I don't think that's the case here you think Bill Belichick is telling people they want to say he who's Colorado we need. And he missed curfew toys. He's too and that could be if that is really issue but I don't think that's the case notes I don't think the reports have those reports have not come from. You grapple with the one who talked about in missed curfew which Butler refuted and talked about you know sloppy week of practice and and talked about. Was ill and being sick B that we've that's a multi national guy who's reported. Any along those line he's so anyway though that Belichick is spreading these rumors and he's doing so because. He's black. I just I can knock it on board there at all added that what doesn't make any sense no I think he's shown is that personal issue the guys in the past and a lot of its been contract with a lot less well right Wes walker is white Logan Macon wanted money yell at the bit airs at its its bid there for ever black or white with bill. This is another case of it and I exit patriots and you have to digest that I disagree with you Stephen A about the race part of that Max Kellerman. He's team and on first take seem to agree on that show today. I agree Steve today assured us frequently throughout its history of American team sports disproportionately. When it is a black athlete an African American athlete. There is stuff that's out there and oftentimes assumptions made about. Had behavior and that actually is painted as a dog gotten that word we talked about. About African American athletes and it is very important figure that conscious of that issue. Aren't. I mean a lot to impact their does not their life teacher related but nobody ESPN loves to do this and yet all it's obvious that's obvious statement. And I think there are certain times where the story does revolve around race you have to talk about it mats or becomes. But there are a lot of other times where they kind of shoe more into the ESPN a they have they invented its presence there and I'm not saying it's never there's never time to talk about that's also wrong but. Here's an example or some or all like there's more conversations about this and as a relates to others it was a disproportionate number of these cases. In the NFL. Why would lead the league is also 7% black. So when you also probably get a higher percentage of stories without labor that Johnny min Zell was treated for news in the NFL. Redick they're always partied all time he's missing curfew like he's he's not likely if you don't draw like all with the white player. Right for your not looking at bats and while they're only talking about outweigh because he's he's a white player. But the Malcolm Butler thing there's a lot to it there's probably a lot of layers and a lot of information that we don't even know right now but how. How he was treated as nothing to do with the color scheme and to suggest that race plays an issue with would Butler Anderson and and and Stephen A key defensive sub for saying this should not to come up is bill hasn't been an issue like this but I would just say. A date the case Stephon Gilmore. A black quarterback last time I checked the whole Lotta my highest paid defensive player in franchise has so I don't think race has been an issue a bill I don't think in this case maybe suggesting of them the the reverb Lovett the seeded Andy of the reports and rumors are re isolated but I don't. I don't think if that's a coach that you know made a mistake a coach that got personal with a player that he's had issues with and I could use a white quarterback they knuckleballer he did the same stuff as we solid Wes Welker and we saw Logan Mankins and others you would on the exact same. Yeah these are exact the other thing that I think is is kind of a tricky figured Steve made escalate. Locks on to the end his argument is look how could butler's done how did you not give him the money and I'm somebody that one of them a papal I want him to get a a an extension. But guess what his worst season. So maybe believe or not they'll check was right about that too I wanted to pay Darrelle Revis he didn't but he sucked I wanted to pay west my pay check they suck to he's respect got today to think about nets and now all of a sudden Steve today it's gonna tell. Belichick had to spend the patriots money like that he's got a pretty good job figure out on a zone. So I I agree with the first part Stephen A says I think it's ridiculous that forties afterward pretending these stories happen and we're not know once again. Told to report it I I I let me to say I am wrong about it but nobody told reported right now. That's a bad look on on those people and I'll Butler. Because it's been makes Butler look bad essentially for no reason at this point Tony Bridgewater waiting very patiently Tony your first appear Amman at night. They're the regular thank its own atomic I get out of bed sores on coal that's what it's like. All the politics onslaught and I've got to tell you except that I've been so it's it's not what's what's that it lost its. What recorded or let it published and ignore what you know as I go to I want children build stockpiles. It was election or election where it and I'll ignore all we'd rather do it would you say if you go up and novelists and more. It's got this and you'll boss. It talks on. We didn't bills thought out there and he talked it's hot spot while it's all it was an out of work all. Is that squeeze it in in in your coach. What dollars. That is that's wonderful sense the way it would not alone and let him call or two sets of all of this. I'm warned it would trying to. Find it's way out of our talent you know like now that would disgrace whatever the subject. Not what this Italian. Tony week we agree on this unfortunately. I wish I could you know battle with you but I felt that way since. Exactly since Monday night especially Tuesday when Butler audience to Graham post. I'm not sure what you do I don't play it's a fireball Kazaa it look at the bad. No bad bad bad football decision and good coaches really good coach that made bad football decision this goes. On that list of what I think he's right if it's somebody who might be on shaky ground that yet maybe that's the decision to be set afire after that but for some it would tracker rebel sect it's not even or at least it should not even be. Up for debate now he's obviously I want them back it's happened to be. Head scratching decision I heard a couple though is he in the fire Bill Belichick yeah that's that. Heights 86177797937. Car minds and Chelsea Carmine. Eight mind. I I'm. I don't. Something that say it all out. That's like Colin who are absolutely. I think that all eleven years of high school out ought to partly. And I thought it might union's eight year. They couldn't do it all by coach guy. No reason whatsoever what the tea IQ do you get experience that they're here. How I thought you all in all white but excuse that they. Expect. They special teams I know how that would also. We'll come I was the kid that his junior was better than you. I edit absolutely great he. You love to welcome our governor Carmine I don't usually sass senior year ended the year you could had a great season and if you're justice specialty her karma and I feel like. Hate to break its Internet background of what goes no fear shirts the older I get the better I was I think yeah maybe. It. What how did you have an interception on the special guests any steady Stetson college Paul Callan. I didn't call it I get up walk partly. They want it. Unless he does not comments that badly put partly selective in the college football. Like it. Let me take you minute junior was better in executives get looks from colleges. What happened there coach's days I hatred for next year takes it has somebody better I think it in your case the junior was a better player. But dallas' west side. How do you like what I the abbey tack that you circled there. Why he got seventeen suspect you only get my wife obviously he was watching the tape and he realized it on his time is over do you or did the job done. You know this next guy's hungrier player probably probably did in Belfast there aren't that play better better bench press potentially yes. I let it that way yeah I got Cutley. Couple years sorry about that's a good message guns and they're Boston partly your we were enough to make it big plays there. Let's get it. Now. To talk about you. It's good karma thank you vehicle. Let's go to Andrew Boston high injure. Yeah. Sorry guys. And I just thought somebody for two minutes about Boston park rec league W. That's why. It may bring together all good okay good as well theory doesn't it. Not sure you heard all. So I mean let's start that I I don't check every that it may not looking. As much of the active players to look for the next game you know you look at the next game an excuse and I'd see the whole thing. And if you go back to workers had been. And grapple it's ugly you know they'll flock Rob Lowe for the long term you know you want an excuse to give a lot term deal. Which you know migrating wouldn't be atlas especially in and set up Bob product that is put down the one thing and asked or not a trade brought in saying that flooded you know Tom Brady's gonna be a patriot. He retired he never got to place or another team. So I think but put on a tough spot right. You know bill there's no way to do that and keep Acropolis retreat rusher but he batted ball. And we'll get violent and you'll get to grapple who got the highest contract NFL history. A lot of insight on how does this kind of Butler ranger getting to him tied up. So are so about a bowl week. In Butler talk about what do you long term patriot. So bonds that the bill you know I'm knocking them let's talk about Butler you know you. Here too old or -- you know maybe we keep on some way to do it and build up Milwaukee is not but he hit Butler. It would accept this contract that. But Bob but they'll hire Bob interfering and I want to send a message. So he thinks a win anyway trying to lose the game a little less chance of winning. But you want though the right long term for the patriots is that they'll make all the football. I'd throw it is so it's a personal decision China sent a message to craft so it's halftime down 2212. Rose getting beat pretty well Chung asked the play that most ego play in the second half wide as he put him and at that point. All ought to do a victory that he gets not all built into the Puget concede that over two minutes left two timeouts down about five. That that while bad almost every time. It would take them. Sure I'm sure that's how he's telling people around him Andrew thanks for the call but a man and then Andrew is right he's not going is called said that that. This is a crafting this is to get the power back from crap to state Bob crap that you like Malcolm Butler is great story. You wanna put his playing the patriots hall of fame on move and on this is the way that dumb and show him to do it. I just don't buy out which at halftime. Yet but I kicked down about 6177797937. Is the phone number we won't get to the other big story today. It's typical tropical keepers sex without Vick I expect player all of an NFL history that and your calls. Mott and key Sports Radio did you eat yeah. I thank them all eleven years of high school I bought actually. And I thought I'd let you know and yet either eggs can all by coach guy. You don't understand my content classes. Covenant and. I could've been somebody. Instead of a bomb. Swimmer I am. Let's face it. We'll get it to this 4 after 7 o'clock we'll talk to let Tommy hurt his wealth London knights were trading at WEP I'd let. I didn't hear your reaction to Graf looked at him and again she feel like guided that. It's not the troops back event. Which I did tentative. The fact yeah. Evidently balanced it makes it worse right and it's not stupid to say the salary makes it worse it makes it work and it makes it worse to me now I've got organized as fights within a tournament like you know you can got more than segment that people are freaking out of the Bill Belichick. Over the top offenders are free guide that's. Well what it means that there aren't any yet well. Okay fine the fact that this team was willing to commit that kind of money to them it's a him. How do you not get more out of them they obviously love this player understands what five more games to them so maybe you'll like you gave a little bit more. But they're willing to commit so I looked at it two ways one. If you wanna that insurance all the way to the end of the year. That franchise tagged them a team would not have been scared off by the money specifically be San Francisco 49ers they would have still made the move. I understood the patriots would cut the figure out their cap but guess what they could have. And I also think how do you not get a hit. A couple of teams against each other yeah. For this guy who clearly they think it's going to be great and I know the money Khamese silly lake. Joseph Flacco had a huge deal Matt Stafford still is a monster deal he has a good player since Brad Reese to make a lot of money which is the way the quarterbacks are. But checks out a lot. I'm with the I'm convinced more than ever that he just circled the Sampras is the 49ers for one of a couple 23 different reasons and said that the team I'm gonna make you deal with needing care about. Maximizing the value in a that was the case. That franchise tag him like he said our our guard Keaton at the end of the year tag on and trade him because he and I got 137. Well we know now even without playing those five games going five an officer is going to on the touchdown pass in the other game he played in. There was enough there or cell what do given up at least a second round pick then it could be. You would still have that insurance the rest the way yeah that's that if the point with it and it if you decided that you're willing to shop around. Then you wanna got a first round pick her again and I don't dale little bit today but dale saying he's gonna declaring a first round pick. I he's out of his mind go back and read the Mary Kay Cabot out a post from. The Cleveland plain dealer. Who was basically the mouthpiece for the we've organization when the Lyndon. The browns could get a call back from patriots there were leaking stuff to Mary Kay Cabot. To put it out there. They would trade a first round plots now Sasha browns are both game whatever and counsel before the trade happened while that organization was still in the market for quarterback yeah day after day she was writing. Barack blows the target draft day crop will still a target summer camp. A rumpled the target during trade that night over and over over again they were begging the patriots to see that. They never did they definitely. Would have gotten a patriots yeah yeah. Our for a number one when patriots thought I I don't know I don't know about our office that's risky deal holing key program we'll get it to more of a grappled coming out Marty is not calling from a is it late in our lighted mass Marty what's I'd say at widener laid. Line thanks but he. So I crawled around a little bit inside their kicks brains look like that just to to a broken mind meld with some. That's scary scary place. He never tells us why he pitched anybody Ty Law Seymour main concern. Given branch Collins. Never got an explanation for and I've got to believe. That she doesn't. Maybe he doesn't like inadvertent. Stardom that's been under. And if you ask for more money it ET teams it's against. Team philosophy. And he doesn't like people that rise above it and don't deserve it like. Super Bowl where Malcolm Butler. Was the talk of the town afterwards. And rifle and rightfully so he made the biggest play maybe in Super Bowl history and then by the way the 22 years ago what do or what a year later. Moves last year. He was all pro Marty he was ranked one of the top two quarterbacks are not Pro Bowl where everyone gets invited all pro what are the top two quarterbacks. In the NFL's week he earned the start of at this point you're. I understand but you you know people there are emotions. But it doesn't always rational I think you pick up things from your father and different things different. But Cal's been he's been getting rid of star is just before the season starts and things like that so that we can win without Q. And that you are not that important and I don't think he saw that he was gonna lose this game. It's not mean I and I don't I don't think anyone has said that Marty that doesn't change the fact that it was a terrible decision. No Brett I mean she thought he'd like the other ones. She would get away with this we don't talk about the other ones because we continue to win would help him he thought we were gonna continue to win was felt far. Mardy II I I don't this I don't disagree what you're saying and I would just that they're up to a point. That kind of sort of makes sense I have confidence in role will Chung down the inside these guys can make plays forming. When he scenic falls goes six of seven on third down starting role and data most see and Jordan Richards. We watched data most see missed a terrible tackle announced that alarm. And what you want short riches could turn around like it a kid's toy top. Try to come running back out of the backfield and you watch or grow the target is back in the first half defending Al shine Jeffrey there's got to be an adjustment. There has to be I don't think Bill Belichick tried to threw a couple things I think going to I don't think. I don't think Bill Belichick try to throw the game. I don't big year out of spite to. Offend Bob Kraft I don't think he did this because of race. I think he did this because he thought it was the right move the team. It got a little bit personal Malcolm and then he never made the adjustment during the game that's what I do think. These other conspiracy theories now three and four days later I gotta be honest I don't entirely get. Other than as patriot fans need you want to take the blame off of bill and find another reason for the really stupid dumb decision that he made. Odd at that level I get it. But to make up things they got to fight the locker role might have pushed a coach when there's no no no source no reports that whatsoever. It's unbearable or at this point just to make yourself feel better about the coach the coach is still best coach in the NFL the coach is still the best coach in the history of the league. In all likelihood that does not change. I think you're allowed to called the best coach of all time. And still four days later like I doing questioned the move and talk about the move and analyze the move those things can be separate. Ask coach dumb move. 6177797937. Is your phone double comeback in died in a little bit deeper to initials published up. Into go Rob Lowe got a monster deal today. Am what the plan is now going forward there Tommy colonel join us in the 7 o'clock hour as well John the mossy at eight busy Thursday Mott at night.