Did the 49ers put themselves in a better position than the Patriots with the Jimmy Garoppolo signing?

Mut at Night
Thursday, February 8th

Mut and Tomase are debating Tomase's column that he's written where he says he would rather be in the position the 49ers are in after the Jimmy Garoppolo signing than the position the Patriots are in currently.


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Our rebounding tonight we continue with the a recap golfing Super Bowl do until ten. Then Mallard tonight patio we don't. Oh Patrick Gilroy in at 10 o'clock tonight your phone calls throughout 617779. 79237. John the mosque in the house John area which is due to my fellow tufts grad India are. My zero. It started last year. When I did one of these casting couch rankings. That's because he said he was boring as you know at the rank and 22 at 23. Tagged items from marked on the aero yup and I I probably didn't they got the time but it should be one show with them it sucked and so you write them off one shows you down there at the bottom. And in system disorder come back and forth and I I feel import the same way I said exactly he said the night before so we just. Parity what I said of Portland which in a more original take about what it's like it but some nice a guy who Don shows a great four hours and by world that we quickly and we'll see you later. I just I hear on the largest. I am I don't find them. I'm not too I've heard as articles say that I gotta be honest I like. I like it there tonight not just for the gnome a little bit from cover the patriots. It's pretty grading ice pretty good that you and then as in colleague Tim piracy act may be it's of that but I shooting is pretty good time compacts and you know he's he's not if he's. Not unwilling to mix it up which is what we all have different likes like I I love hearing Johnson lost in the right here to mossy Bradford 48 on Saturday. I do ask that you don't play as he's acted of that you worry GDR. Got off the air in Minnesota and went. And we are with the airport now whatever to our side tonight and turn the app on sarge listen you guys I was you missed I was radiate out that points I was flying back to doing five hour NFL Sunday. We were sunny and well known that in one of the breaks like with some weak month line back now on the he's got to give five hours tomorrow. And then of course because I'm such a team player I'm like wait here the weather is bad in Minnesota on terra. No full on my phone is off so he started off Saturday night and Sunday night you did the Smart thing you told Kurdish you were to draw the command which outlines what's the battle in the wise. But in fairness about a time I told them that. Our texts literally legitimately crossed where I sent that. And he sent one saying we don't need human academy in Tuesday and I had to be right. I think of these over by Tuesday but I don't. They are the game is is this magic the gathering Diego's any later Wright might now and LeRoy okay budgets and laws like this and vote my neighbors. They had to school thing like this guy had like a like a rubber form that you put in your freezer. And he pulls out of the freezer is hold on hold on this is what I found out I didn't have to work on Monday excellence about he's like you're gonna celebrates restarts compliment this thing eloquent you do and and next thing you know he's got two shot glasses made completely out of ice. But he is put on the counters it Bisping in his freezer that it's like cylindrical and you Philip watered it makes ice shock classes so the patrolling comes out. And I am not a tequila drinker at all but this stuff was like. I don't know some kind of copier chocolate flavor almost that it went down so Cassie cafe mocha right yeah as its economy timer at eight appearance of its patrol it's got a purple stick around and go to Texas yeah yeah and my mother in law is a big forum. Yeah it goes down tastes like coffee yet yet it goes down varies. And then it and it's you very hard the next morning I will guns and I was like. If I had to be at work right now I don't know what I loaded I would have thrown up on Kirk. Honestly maybe that would have been or relatively good and a circle back that they Andy just for second this in stiffer Super Bowl week but there's a lot of times where. Would get third man in the match show. I feel like this I don't rewrite discuss on the air you feel like you have to have something has got you got that something that day until that day it was now if I'm gonna make a list of the cast that have something to offer to the show that England it's part of the job of that jail. And why did an acme and that's that's where it started asking where the the crux of this is it started there were gone back and forth since the insurance on a set up for us. Being on this chart together and doing more shows together. Is that's others say it works yeah that is now WE ya I wanna one who'd coaches like oh yeah. You can look at them for like six serves you six hours Saturday showed 28. Load them up for England or it's that is via mossy ship that's where it started I have I heard you on Tuesday. Anything you feel any different for getting tear your column on. I'm Jimmy drop blow to disagree with police that the question you ask I've answered the question you ask me any new feeling any different on Butler make Daniels. Any over the last 72 hours yeah I mean the mcdaniels thing I'm sure gonna get into it later it's fascinating I don't feel any day I guess I feel. More confident in my opinion of Butler that it really was just the massive screw up you know and hang out sex human you can't. When among my guests but. There is no earthly reason. Outside of maybe he was in debt to gamblers as for your college closet I was sand Springfield that's the mob ties the ball did not size Belichick knew about it still let him play on special teams because he is like act he can't really impact BD can impact the line of fees covering punts. Or blocking punts voters do. Eyes. Butler thing makes zero sense if you wanna leave him on the bench to start the game as you pinkie socks and he didn't have a great year mean that. No revisionist history here but I did it not quite great year they still played them. They did a 100% of the snaps in the post it's over the bad Jiri had. He was still their guy going to the super yet and so if you want intervention at the start of the game and if things went well he never gets on the off the bench fine. But when you can't stop. Anything that Philly is doing on offense including Philly Philly as Nichols. Set on the sideline. And you have to make Emma so I just feel evens more strongly about that one and frankly I mean if you go back to the Seattle super ball. With belts are the whole thing you know I was looking at their sideline at Sutton didn't look quite right and it's like. No you should have lost back game for that you should use should've been taken to task for ending neck game timeouts in your pocket like Andy Reid. And you know the no time left on the clock basically. You know so I think he got a little bit lucky there that that to me is definitely revisionist history. I didn't like what I side via on the Seattle side stop it. It's the Belichick mystique it can't miss and they want into the Super Bowl portals games dollar scoreboard is scoreboard of course that there's a there's a regular season game they win like that. Then at some point Monday or Tuesday we're doing a couple segments on what the hell was bill thinking when you win the Super Bowl like that. You just move on course now and listen I I really except that I grant and I'm just telling you. It's not unprecedented for him to make questionable decisions Super Bowl this one costs in the game. That's why we're still top spot. Stephen A Smith got the first one patty always fun out this is the one thing that that's changed for me recently Butler I don't you agree with this. I'll play cut number three patio this is the idea now and dale this today's opulent once those are doing across the street here. Where they keep alluding to some incident that happened. In the ninety minutes part of the game to keep saying. And and dale was suggested today what if that was a coach what if he pushed it a push to coach an altercation with a coach yelled decode to what he said. Anyway saying it. But he wasn't saying right he wasn't sourcing announcing I've heard this are rumblings are sort of making it up and four days after the fact. We've gotten nothing but it was a football decision. This when I find top and Stephen A talked about it this one part I agree with Stephen A on the ball was stopped last couple of days. But yeah egregious that reports about his behavior are suddenly circulating nationwide providing cover for militants ridiculous decision. Suddenly taught this as an issue. But let's commit. But it is an issue. Ostensibly because he's got school global voluntarily went Belichick decided that gives up all doable Bob is 65 million dollars that a bubble last year. Who won a suitable for him. We've been hurt mom lives about how he couldn't stay all of though. We need to. So and I group that public worst forties after the fact people can't just say what you just said. Bella check made aide Dan Quinn like wondered Dan Quinn had a whole series to figure out run the football. Bill Belichick had what's called thirty minutes to be bad spot for a half. Thirty minutes to say no this is not working he's gonna play he didn't do and instead. People feel comfortable hosts and callers with these ridiculous conspiracy theory suggests in the Butler is this ill on thug. I out of out of nowhere and now he's got the best track record but it's not been criminal. It's not been so egregious that he I hadn't been playing this team for most part the C news like I do find that. Four days into it. Connolly lazy losers take part it is rare absolutely week in you know what if he assaulted a coach if he pushed to coach if he had an altercation with a coach. Take his uniform when you wanna make a point dress it gives you uniform no way yet exactly and you say you know we didn't have any back up. You know defensive backs are never well I mean which is it is it. A principled stand all art is that. Look at something wishy washy so I I it you know if that happens then shame on them for Latin and dress I don't I don't think that you know and I. Get some in the clear. That takes us to your column that they'll get all your phone calls I promise here at 6177797937. I you wrote about the inevitable Jimmy raw apple deal that he got it's a great deal five years 137 and a half million bucks. Ninety million dollars guaranteed. In the first three years. We cut Belichick's lack however. Recognizing what ownership and certainly Brady did not Hekerob blow represented the future as the middle of your colleague go to some of the new Z stuff. And get to a question I think will be talking about the next couple of days. Which organization would you rather be the next five years. He said if 49ers both a top ten pick it created young coach and Shanahan now the quarterback that takes in the future there's no reason they can't contend for division title. Even with a challenging schedule next year that includes Green Bay Minnesota Kansas City and the chargers so is John the mossy saying tonight. They rally the 49ers next five years the patriots made the wrong place yes. Yes I mean I am I know that sounds insane but I am assuming that Brady realistically. Has two maybe three years left I think to was probably more realistic and that Belichick is on the same timetable and then say two years from now. Brady's gone Belichick's gone and you can even argue Robert Kraft bull have may be you know handed off control of the team Jonathan didn't see you'll have. Totally new leadership in the three McCain royals this aerial Jonathan Kraft yes exactly and so with no quarterback. With no quarterback that's because I actually I like mcdaniels I don't think this week was a terrible look for him. I you know Jonathan Kraft is obviously been involved in all kinds of high level the discussions he's his father's right hand man so I think that's probably. A fairly seamless transition and this area is that a nice job. But if you don't have you give me those guys and no quarterback or you give me what San Francisco as with Jimmy Digi. I'm taken severance Cisco everyday of the week the flawed argument that I have a hard time getting past is no quarterback yet because the guy. The guy who's here are the two guys here and out the cerebellum check. Plot drop a lot of the second round and won a chance again and it turned out really well they have plenty of misses but this was a big hit Ifill a quarterback. If you got the one big hit in races Kevin O'Connell. In a race that by now you've picked up the guy you traded a whole different story with a win every ash that tonight but at least she picked that guy out to those guys are now here. Armed with 22 round picks in a first round pick in the quarterback track this year. And they have a coach mcdaniels OC but soon to be the head coach Bible thank who not only coach Brady is highest level. But we think had a good deal developing. Jimmy drop right or we're giving mcdaniels. Some form of the credit for developing grapple and developing shall we percent. Turned out to be. A decent quarterback in Indianapolis yeah I mean I'm. I am not about to sit here and credit anyone other than Belichick for that sure you can get Belichick's going to be here they'll likely an idol that politics on the front office for a couple of years and doesn't ASEAN can stereo and coach mcdaniels I I don't know if that's a done deal I could see him want to delay going and Nantucket so why why do you think they can't find the quarterback. That's that's just because history like OK you said they had won it says they've had two home run picks a quarterback. When he is. In Brady fifty years radiant in each. Everything else in between has been a mess. And my problem is the are years where there are no good quarterbacks like. You'd look at entire drafts and there's nobody who comes out of them absent was any good so it might not even be a matter of identifying Eric I don't break I might not exist. And you and I went through this exercise. A few weeks ago where we looked at just this year's top quarterbacks where they are drafted. And like two thirds of them are in the top twelve picks in the draft. And then you're fallen off significantly you know and and when you talk about second round hits you go and Drew Brees that was like and twenty years ago. I'd Derek Carr who's been up and down Russell Wilson's legit young Kirk cousins you know that the Redskins just let he's that's that's a money thing that Kirk cousins is a top. These companies are good quarterback that he's a good quarterback but I'm just saying no the guy you'd be fine board of Brown's fourth round pick though maybe he will even guys like who knows. Yeah and then Dax though. Just because they've done it once with a rock below you can't ignore how hard it is to do it again to me. They threaded the needle slope perfectly and I I I guarantee you this is Belichick's frustration deep down we did it. We had Tom Brady we followed him up with Jimmy G. And this train is gonna keep on Rawlins socket and a and and now that's gone it's it's. It's not it's not on it that par it's gone yeah but you say for the next five years. I think the patriots are. If Brady's but I'll give you Brady threw I Brady can be three let's assume Brady Brady the next two Belichick maybe for one McCain is from one. Those two are guaranteed in my mind. Super Bowl contention years. The patriots give what would you agree with that I can't I can't necessarily go there with a 42 year old AFC John you just we want a bad word AFC's work to celebrate aero telecheck and her actor I have a hard you know I'm seeing right now here's the thing so history we know about quarterbacks in history and the Max Kellerman 41 year old with a favorites in Vegas to win next year already and and I would grant you this like. So we've already seen Brady make history it's 39 we've seen him make history at age forty. Why wouldn't he make history at age 41 and and I could see that I could see. Another year like he had this year and may be the bumps and bruises accumulate a little more quickly like we saw Tom vs timer he couldn't lift his arm to get his shirt off. You know maybe all of that stuff increases a little bit of let's just grants that he has that 41 year old. Historic season. I am no by no means convinced that he can do it again at 42 or 43 or four you know so see I am I the next desires they are more easily contenders are so how many years how many years the 49ers a guaranteed. Super Bowl contender in the next five. All of them know all of the apps you you have no way you have a legitimate quarterback. If you have a superstar quarterback which lists that were going on six and after name so I understand it York. Skeptical of Jimmy G over full season I'm skeptical that he goes from what they were last year to a Super Bowl contender in the NFC. A year from now right guaranteed the patriots are. That's what a Brady that's why Brady Belichick even if they don't make the entire five years is a better deal because the first two or three years in my mind. They are Super Bowl contender for the 49ers. Have approved for one year they'll be of course that the 49ers have proven nothing you're absolutely right but if you're asking me to bet on someone I am betting hunger upland part of the reason I am now back on ballot check in this area over John Lynch part of the reason I'm betting on Iraq closed because of the people adjustments and Belichick and similar doubts but. The fact that ballot check liked him so much and you brought this up earlier. In bill we trust that mean that to me still exist and he'd love to go out below shorter and that has to tell you something. That has to tell you something about what kind of player this kid can be. Are to Tomas your rather be the 49 for the next five years I still even give my love for Jimmy gee would still take the patriots because of the known at least next couple years and what this team. What this team wants to be I'm sure next five years be exciting for San Francisco. But the patriots that there's a winning championships and instilling good can in good position to do that. Evil an outcrop on your thoughts is 617779. Seven ID 37 next five years joining the 49ers. When the patriots won that into Butler and make gain as everything else pleasure phone calls next. Monday night with a mossy Sports Radio WEP. Modify rolls on day for the recap from Super Bowl 52 jobs Hamas sees here he says he'd rather. Be the 49ers next five years it to be dropped low and how chanting John Lynch. Full Dicey at the end and our role the patriots and their their Super Bowl projection here it was Super Bowl. I contender status the next couple years for shore with the coach to quarterback. And the ownership but let you guys decide as well 61777979237. In addition to all the stuff we talked about tonight. The possibility of backup quarterback Jack in New Hampshire. Has an interest the idea hijack. And good evening guys good evening. Yeah. A typical contingent upon the patriots skipper quarterback took to take over. Well I think there are boasting we're the patriots. Because during her treatment. In the hierarchy. Like to know what about nick foals when would you be good target to go after he's 49 years old. You only has one really one year left to sort out here are going to be your quarterback. Because some teams fog and offering a first round pick for nick pulsar in the offseason. White why wouldn't. For 29 year old got a hand of so he's around for one more year and you've got to pay him after that to keep them here. I'm what do Brady's still play at a high level at that point. How many more years. I think Brady's got everybody thinks that's 10 morning IDs play at the year's 4142. And 43 I think are very. I'm confident saying those three after that it's who albums on through forty. Yes okay so but nick but nick foale's doesn't represent. A good option to back them up because you've got to pay him pay a premium to require right Johnny I'm Jennifer from pig then. Nick pulls us stick around as a back up when at that point after one year here he gigabyte will be star somewhere it doesn't match up that well. Not to mention you end up with the exact same you just yet you know try to extricate yourself from what Jimmy geez tonight ages handfuls instead. I don't CNET. Are outside their driving the jackets a good outside the bar it's not ready out gotten and governor falls calls yet in in a different year it wouldn't be the worst idea but right now. You are not looking to signing 29 year old high priced first round pick. If you use a first round pick out of quarterbacks and B to draft. They are drafting a quarterback in the first or second round this year I'm convinced of that and given the quarterbacks this year in the eye and have not done any sort of deep dive in any of the draft the quarterback stump but. There's supposedly. 789. Guys that are going to get drafted now you're not gonna get one of the top three or four. You might get somebody five through seven in a lot of years John knack geyser not to be a pretty good quarterbacks so. I'm interest and it image then drop the guy I have zero interest. In trading for nick foals when acquisition price is the highest it's ever ever ever gonna because people oral Q what he just did. No thanks yet nothing Brian and a car brighter next up what a night with Johnson mossy. Aren't aren't what's up man. And it and so I kind of liked it acre. I have read the article a modular electric but I have to disagree. Because I think or eighty. Even if I say I think it well elevenths while but as I grew mark but even if you all off. Or 45 there will be talk are the order a look like quote you know what back. However I know that they have. As inadequate and another problem or experts like Aaron Rogers or. Our kids eat black. Mcdaniels and begging. You know it can prolong telecheck sustain any doctrinal earlier. It won't Wear it or not went out solid one last little five. They had not you know I cannot attitude that. And belts to focus more on on key sensor and an hour sitcom it's just gonna eat your dinner coach walker rather than in the end of last. And you at least. A bright lights a lot to unpack in the call thanks to make and it. Let's Sarah mcdaniels actually so so do you think the presence of mcdaniels makes Belichick more or less likely to stay longer. Less like I think it makes them wrestling match I know I like re supporting the opposite but I in no way shape or form I think this means up. Bill can sign up for four more years to build one or two more years. And I think that mcdaniels knows that right. Yes it would seem right that that insists it's not in writing he is pretty clearly going to be that this is the succession plan yet and the whole mcdaniels thing is its own topic obviously but. Bert rears column and you mentioned it earlier I thought had a lot of really interesting info on it answered. And how satisfactorily. And answered the question but it answered the question of if mcdaniels with your guy and he was worth extending. So greatly for salary wise and commitment lies in the future invalid check taking him under his wing. Why was this discussion only have now and and berkes reporting is because ballot check. Doesn't allow his assistants to even think about other jobs other than. To take the unity. They take the interview and and that's it you are back to repair them for a playoff games that part Anderson Anderson about Exide. I'm a little surprised I guess and maybe this is just the owners being respectful of the coach is processed. But that the crafts wouldn't have reached out to make Daniels in some fashion to say hey we really want to keep. You know before it got to the point where he would clearly accepted the job and it started hiring assistants and all that that's the one. Issue I have with the timing like could be owners have been more pro active. I mean it worked out again but could they have a more proactive during this process of making it clear to him hey we want you here. Why I think the theory that is present and ever prayer is good one I also think that in it that ballot check never told anybody in the staff. What he was thinking incur reported this weeks ago that the what was going on long term who was going to be here who wasn't there was a huge lack of clarity for the coaches. So once you get through the year and if you put the Okinawa can negotiate in the left. If they walk in and he says to Josh hey I'm gonna coach this many more years or I'm thinking human a coach this morning it gives them some sort of framework. That's it that that doesn't do it for if you're Josh McDaniels forget the family thing forget the opening up my war to you you know when your coach is going to be. And you've given give be given the assurance is not the contract by Jonathan Kraft or Bob Kraft. Josh you're gonna we want you'd be the guy. And after they do of course because what you wanna go get crates ya know I mean that was one of the scary things when we assumed that. But dinners gun Joseph judge has gone Patricia was gun match will be in ski whatever his name is as gone. At all you can't pronounce all these guys angler pronounce all these guys are gone. And you're saying oh my god yet to rebuild all of this. But if you are. A patriots fan and you hear oh they're thinking about bringing in great Shia now as some kind of assistance. Who. Can men and maybe take over for browsers and waited waited and Larry great she and a light that's. That's the next guy thanks but no that's scary so at least with mcdaniels you have the potential for some gone I Dan tweets since I never thought I would agree with Hamas he but I couldn't. Agree more top fifteen draft pick. A young core and offensive guru as a head coach it's close but it's the 49ers. Plus we know Josh his success as a coach at someone who doesn't want to agree with you but the death that's well that's a bit of a college hero that's Jan that is how good it was our agreements with me work the aid people need to be I hate it screaming. I I disagree viewers and is David's in Rhode Island I David. Go to AA let's update. I'm not or I'm long time. For a great job last week my. All week thanks to hurt. That night the morning I can come back Saturday and launch on Sunday mopping. Don't always agree that politically by Angel in the morning to good laugh don't do our best. I've heard. Anybody mentioned this yet and I don't really know the specifics of that awful contract. That he had an opt out accurately for years and will be back into the possibilities of him. Coming back and win. I think once he's gone he's gone for good I mean that would be my. My gut but you know you never know like say San Francisco just turns out to be a dumpster fire. And they're mismanaged and ownership whatever you know things don't go his way I guess anything is possible but if I were a patriots fan. I would be looking at. You had your chance that image he signs now because of the best case scenario David let let let's say for example Jimmy G plays up the five years. And San Fran spent OK not great enable they wanna go to different direction get paid a 137 million dollars whatever it is they're gonna move on. By that point. If the patriots have not found the next quarterback posed Brady there's a lot bigger problems than signs of McGraw Opel I don't you're saying it's great to think about. But by then they should have found their next guys think. And I I also I just wanna answer pro quick. There's a feeling among patriots fans that has existed since this trade of like whoa how'd we get them back. You know if at the 49ers don't France also love birdies on the back exactly. And you know after five years to become back. I would be looking at this like you had your chance at him and you cut the cord and now it's over. I get it though it a pipe like she might get you know Brady and crop we'll share in the same agent. And you have that Brady Deaton said he wanted to play the 45 that it harbors are and I don't know yet apparent you feel lighting as a as kind of our aside yeah but. It's it's a long shot I think it's it's such a long shot that it's not worth David discussing now reports the mandated there's so many other things it would have to happen. Before that what's the 49ers success what's your success a team. On. I would I wouldn't bank on one saint Chris and New Hampshire hi Chris. Yeah you go out there actually what are. And it's so real quick big I had to point the debate on May make it back to this article rob Lowe's concern. I think the patriots are gonna kick themselves right actually epic about. They could've spent that reportedly yeah I was a little high yeah you probably would that make a little bit happier because of the amount of money that debate Barack Obama. I mean I'm the other route to pick what they're gonna do I get that it would. I'm Mike thought about this and we're all a wider at Los. I'm really I thought he would. If you watched the game and what I took away most from the game. Why is it just didn't seem like a game where there was not play me I eat the Eagles. Pop and enough of like I get. More black. I turn the pattern of the that you don't win they're just being like big big or able to pick up and not use our plays throughout the game. Because it was such a crazy game because there was only one turnover because there's only. One sack late in the game because there was only one part is that big but they didn't they could do about Rick that. Pete just beat them back. Yeah I mean that's the point where the patriots start putting pressure on team may come back this is the thing I said I was watching it. There's no way nick falls can keep pace of Tom every night he is not penetrate touchdowns has Tom Brady trivia I said this at my neighbors are as Roger. Because there are all before the nervous adage if our shots yeah well before that it was still on my game at that point. At halftime you know I site. This is not the patriots and on and a bad spot because there is no way nick falls can maintain this pace Ron. They score in every possession that's the where the Butler thing as a killer could you really just needed. 13 down stop 14 down stop and Malcolm somewhere he could've made that one play and that changes the game it's not like he needed to. Takes Acker it's off the board he just needed to make one play. Connect game turns out because he goes in Zach Eric grow moves over spot that all the sudden you have Patrick Chung cover exact artsy cover tight ends all year not dumb according to biggest game of the year. Is covering tight ends any runs the story today where. Indeed that the final touchdown zucker touchdown. They set up the entire game they knew what a certain set they got look 41 more darts and they knew or to make one move and just you wide open and the other thing they did and they did that because there was no Malcolm ball on the freaking field gap and the other thing it did on that play I forget who was in the backfield but they motion him. Because you saw harm in running over to help them according on that plane when they motion to back. He had to run in the exact opposite direction clear as day single coverage according falls down bar. I'll talk to Mike in Rhode Island like Europe would Mott and Tomas and what he's saying. Do you think that crap and Belichick knew that mcdaniels. How to deal with Indy. Well everybody knew their own our own Indian announced he was come back to New England unpack our impact of his office. Gotta look patriot way up. You know that's a pretty clear that Lou are facing jar he really gonna go get jobs or else when. You know we'll check retires. And the tactical on nine and seven because we know what's gonna happen and it worked out in the world they can vote next job. And got a little. Horrible head coach but all blocked it with the rams he can get absolutely destroyed in New England you can order don't get the job yep well. Apple India. He got used by boat Jack and crap. Heidi that use young and he was given to you sir it's good to head coach here Mike it was worth it to look like a scumbag and he does your your 100% right about that I agree that he's no one else's and I. Yeah ice on a high horrible except for here to win at least the next couple years. It did what's gonna happen here would greeting card if you have to get nothing. We've got nothing and. Weighs nothing is nothing that was Mike Mike Mike Mike I get accurate if I you're creek you criticism of McCain has his fair. But the say they have nothing when you have no idea what did you look at our years sounds very similar. But the other reason. White patriots are eight okay. There because they win like you dummy data as they win games that's why they are hated it because they win and they win and they win and that's whether he'd. No okay you can think that what you know let everybody doing anything that you led to that's just how it is they lost the would care about them. I couldn't talk willing to fight it a late game. Kicker grow. Because art in the world. Okay since unique open rate you know what people think about that outside in New England tell me what they think and they don't what I think. Robert YYZ what do you do. We'll Guerrero. Guerrero have been written people opt for a year okay he's he's certainly the emperor he didn't take care yet. Listen he went to a very fine online institution that no longer exists that it you know that that all lighted at all on Mike got all line institution. You can get a diploma just thirty days of very good bargain. Rating and it. Connected with that he's alone. Think I ever gave it a bit of luck that the guy does for his liability loves the guy does our view is is flexibility. You'll outside of the we England you're not like they're you know they're not like your Alley all. Well disciplined 137. Million dollar deal ain't gonna come back. There you're right Mike in New. York you there yeah you're right about many of the things might. Look like idiots I hate it is OK I think that day a little Pittsburgh accent there. This may be it sounds a little bit like I was on burgers and payments from off the space ago but. You can. And then now that's not we're not doing it right not undo and so on do when the creepy guy from mr. met South Park. If you like your shots in the patriots now's the time to do now is the time to do you can to make it the mcdaniels thing I can't. I can't defend that there's not a fan yet apart to me that's been absolute worst is the assistance that he hired. Who his whole thing was I didn't wanna remind them later this is the a lot of the reporting in one operatives implants and you just made. At least no more entry was like five guys uproot their families and according to that rear story in the Monday Morning Quarterback he had even called all of them. After he made his decision terrible real agent fired them and which is I mean if an agent fired he definitely something wrong and I just say like. The family thing doesn't bring with me at all. Because if let's say it's compete in the game and I don't know Jimmy the rubble. With a quarterback in Indianapolis. Is Stanley and really enjoy the eighty's yes they'd be like hey you know Ollie asks and even midway is beautiful we with a Super Bowl there we it was great that time I was also is close together and relate the Irsay and it's Andrew Luck and Belichick wants me back and as far either expel I was it was coming from the patriots to a dated it was coming from Daniels to do what he did. The patriots did what. And just a big accusation at a divot and added you don't allow shot out a say Williams on anything yet the let's let's talks I don't fault the patriots I definitely see. If you want a bag on the game 6177797937. We continue with the rock below Butler telecheck. All of it here Monday night with John Tomas. This car by Paul earlier in the first hour of the show and talk but as a football where we'll have that for you in the 9 o'clock hour much into mossy picking through the wreckage. Our other patriots season one quick basketball and Hulu views Celtics are playing right now so won't talk to you specifically Celtics. I and the game against the wizards but. I no problem and not making a move at the deadline you reported he wrote about today that Tyreke Evans was in their cross hairs they got cold feet did not make the deal. But they keep market Smart they are Greg Monroe now Plame lady go sign. Another dire to distract from their bench there and I get awfully good position. Irsay Cleveland team that people love that they did today. But it's not convinced that all those guys get on the same page LeBron in the next 45 months and and make a finals from our guide I don't believe you blew up your team which granted was pretty terrible and had some fairly flat he had to do that but that was a move based on desperation this was not like. You know what we have this rare opportunity to build a championship contender in the middle of the season. Yeah when get one out opportunity arise yet to go for it's like no he needed to get rid of Isaiah you needed to get rated Jae Crowder you need to get rated Dwyane Wade. He needed to get rid of Derrick Rose like all the dead weight on your roster. And now you're just hope it Jordan Clarkson. Larry Nance Rodney had a very good player but. Come on like now all these guys have to integrate very quickly good block they did this weird thing where they're trying to appease LeBron by giving you a different more athletic roster this year. And there are also. Rejecting the bronze not gonna beat their next year and have guys now under contract. For next year and there's. The guys mentioned is this afternoon. That's their their third best player now Rodney. Back. Unless LeBron has a an epic LeBron MG Iran. I'd the Celtics in a better positioned. To go to finals over the caps fillets and why. I don't know of no BI I would say no only because the Cleveland was so dysfunctional as they were. That any change that gives you decent players. You know but again Michael Gordon Clarke spent months you're basically saying oh he's going to be the player he's been for the last ten games it's been it's. He said like ten good games basically and people are saying out he's a legit scorer and all this. Rodney hood is the one guy you know George Hill is okay. But I just see so much dysfunction there I do agree that I think the Celtics are still better. However I would love to seem to get Tyreke Stein might Danny Ainge says I think earned our trust when it comes of that stuff sure does like man if there was something else he could sweeten that deal at just the little. To bring him and it is he's exactly what they need score Ross is gore off the vast. A much better defender than people give him credit for. Personally been played point guard when Conley got parties like point guards so really versatile player. That would have been nice I've heard that somebody was saying Romania and get on out is like you don't buy out a guy making three million bucks he would result rated him yet but you had five teams trying to get him you don't banned by about get nothing for him. So you're looking at Joseph Johnson or somebody like that for the Celtics. Which would be helpful because they need another score on the bench. Greg Monroe is really not. He helps because they need Balkans but he's not the biggest need now based on what he brings is not the bigs before this they need a second you know bench wings score that Thomas thing is crazy to think of where Isiah Thomas was. Just a year ago at this time to trade for Tyree which again I'm an amazing what Danny Ainge was able to trade what all the carrier what a whole lot to the cats had to give away. We have a first round pick and Thomas another player Channing Frye to go to the lakers to make that deal. That is insane they had to they had to give up your first round pick just throw themselves Isiah Thomas that. That's insane to me that is yet that's crazy and it's right and it kind of brand new you know on get made fun of for saying this but. It kind of breaks your heart a little bit because the guy was so inspiring here and he was so good to hear your Burlington as a but. No I was good set about Jae Crowder I would grow. That's an apology crowds at Enron we did have a logic router by one stroke that I would not trade him straight Africa which is probably a year in its eyes but you know but Isaiah when you consider what he did here and how beloved he was. And how I mean how entertaining it was. And for it to just go to you know lack. In the span of about six months Cairo and we should probably journal last night LeBron at that game winner they win the and there's Isiah tried jumping in for the high five and bonds like getaway for me LeBron knew last night. They were trading Isiah Thomas so I righted is that there are some sadness there I agree but did that sadness that the Celtics game they have carrier ring. They may have Gordon Hayward and Jason Tatum. They're a terrific Spock going forward. Even if you know if they have to lose sight the Washington they're an excellent spot in my mind Hollywood he's the go to an NBA final against the warriors. I Tony a car hi Tony. Really guys excellent show as always thank you thanks don't. All of my com miners under a lot of folks call and Nationalists out and talk about. The rock almost contract yeah we should of kept amendments. I gotta tell. I'm good bend don't break defense proved himself that bad defense. And wholesome consul yeah. Reminds me of concert kind defense Manning used to score gazillion points against Nevada and I can't. They needed that money. Despair and that he's an off season. To build up that intensity is no way. About it we're gonna pay you guys 20/20 some odd million dollars. And still be able to buttress that defense. So I I gotta tell him. I don't want a player is disingenuous. About commenting on why it and keep you BJ. Like York I'd like your opinion on that. Tony I grew it got a percent thank you for the call I never thought it made sense to carry bald guys in the roster I did however think it made sense. To either shop him for a better deal the second round pick or. Hold onto and then the year. Use the franchise tag place holder. Then trade him to execute as insurance. His flaw it Tony's scenario they signed both quarterbacks and you thought that for awhile they could do. I'm with Tony financially have been really top of they'll be real competitive roster and still do that. It was even dumber to think he was ever gonna sign eighteen probably deal yet now here guys where I was truly down because that's the thing that I you know you and I have this argument a lot. Where I said well maybe drop below a look at. You know the situation here great coach great organization assistant that he knows. And he would be willing to wait a year to take over that rather than go to some garbage team like San Francisco which has no chance of winning. While turns out that was very wrong and so you're right on that one. I will maintain and I am not a camp knowledge as I'm not Miguel from pats whatever task Ascap thank you. And I know people have like broken down the numbers and said it was not possible. I don't care you find a way you have to you hear people sorry that you're telling me can't you way to say I don't yeah but nobody but some some of those same people on the outside and on him but some of the same people. Also tried to make a case where you couldn't afford. To franchise him even to trade him because it would have messed up your roster and that I refuse to believe you had to have been able to move things around. Just to get him. You know qualified on the books or whatever to trade in five minutes later. I'm sure you could have done that but anyway my thing is. You had him on the roster. You could have kept them both would anyone have blocked at bats when he million dollars or whatever that kept you from signing a defensive vendor corner whoever. If he then replaced Brady and gave you another eight or ten years would anyone have looked back and bit my. Yeah you know I still think it was a mistake to keep both of those guys for that one year I saw I don't an idea what they did he have done a key it will die completely ignorant. About it and being totally honest at the U. I still say you find a way to make it work I give you credit your blindly gone through that I guess in the but let's is an aero they have old guys. Brady still plays great next year. And there's still that same spotlight perhaps this is ascertain its out here is in can't move offer you're now at a steady and nice day player the end Belichick says why not we moved on from every other. All pro kind of player that we have that we had to move on and it ends for everybody at some point. We wanna get out a year early on gave us a great nineteen years' time to move on. I think ballots Jack I think. The crafts overestimated. The negative reaction to moving on from Brady in his forties I think a lot of people especially. If Iraq below started winning right away a think it would say off bait you know they they did it again. They made the right call again so yeah I just surely better now I think they're committed to him because they wanna hear he's a business part of the crabs. The wanna be with Tom long term they want Tom only where patriots uniform they don't want to devalue. His role the team going forward its connection the team by seeing him in a 49ers OK and I have that is part of two words for you. Larry Bird and mean same thing I did not want I grew up with Larry Bird I did not want the Celtics to trade him they didn't they captains at the end. Any changes talked about it since then that you know the move would have been to break up the Big Three trade McCalebb murder somebody. And try to get the pieces to keep that guy pale in Paris were different bird. Well our brand of birth a red bird but the Byrd as the guy that you cat he's the one like at some point you would have been able to trade him for debt left shrimp I think that was like one of the deals they talked about the very end of his career. The fact of the matter is the Celtics hung on to bird. And all of those guys. And it brought them twenty years of misery before they finally scaled the mountain also there were couple things there between the death of Len Bias and Reggie Lewis understood and an accident as well but when your bills so that team you married yourself to the suit and there you go there's your MBA interlude with some football to somehow wanna open line for it 6177797937. Spot to mossy. Are the question abort tonight next five years would you wanna be Tomas he says the 49ers. With a Rob Lowe and the picks and the coach. Eyes of the patriots and Brady and some combination of Belichick mcdaniels what say you your phone calls until Tenet and Patrick Gilroy late night here on WEE yeah.