Patriots fans are starting to talk about Nick Foles as a backup to Tom Brady

Mut at Night
Thursday, February 8th

Mut and Tomase are still talking about the Eagles stuning upset of the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. The inexplicable benching of Malcolm Butler still has fans scratching their heads, and after seeing the performance that Nick Foles had in the game some Patriots fans have started mentioning Foles as a potential offseason target for New England.


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Our form on at night John vause is here writing the column today on WEEI dot com. Breaking down the Jimmy go ruffle a trade and asking the question. Which organization would you rather be for the next five years that's including. Every right ownership GM coach quarterback cheerleaders salt thing Candlestick Park cattle that stuff yet. You wanted to the 49ers. You write the book 49 of both the top ten pick. A creative young coaching Kyle Shanahan. Now the quarterback to take them into the future. There's no reason why they can't contend for division title. Even with a challenging schedule that includes gains in Green Bay Minnesota Kansas City. And the chargers Jerry next year that I guess I heard your basic premise the gonna they're they're they're set up really well. Next year I accept I expect a significant step back what do you think. The 49ers are going to do is going to be. It was a baseball league of book on a guy at the books and got a drop below. They face a division nice I think is good with Seattle Arizona and the rams who were up and coming up. And it's just that first full year for drop year 20. I'm not to be surprised but next year immediately. Yeah I will give them a lot of credit. Import draft and Fraser and yell at their contending for division title next yeah I mean next you know what's the matter punch in the nose six in ten season airline. Take longer. I'm just I'm I'm a believer in her a couple of sort of comes down to and if you're asking me. Two I want the 26 year old quarterback at a 41 year old quarterback taken its when he sixer. As Jesse when Bill Belichick believed him and I want Brady and I want mcdaniels Belichick that team. Because the next two years the five double a five year window. And I dare guarantee myself two years army legit. Super Bowl contender in fact right now the favorite to win in the first year that five year window. I'm gonna leave that team I'm a disconnect I'm gonna do that was like the discussion that some people had no it wasn't a great talker but would you have rather had Kevin Durant. Or won that championship the Celtics right it was the promise of what could have been. Vs the actual winning part of what this patriot team yes they just lost the Super Bowl. So it actually makes your argument little better 'cause they didn't win they won a Super Bowl I would see here it's a Johnny just on the GD Super Bowl can't say that. But they're set up to be the biggest favor already for next season. Yeah facts don't lie one and F five year window that favored to win the Super Bowl and listen this is gonna sound weird because Brady just played one of the greatest games in NFL history. Probably the greatest game ever played and lost 500 yards and nearly perfect in the super ball back. Just unreal and you know scoring virtually every time he needed to. I'm not sold on him staying healthy I'm not sold on him as great as he looked this year. You saw how hard it was especially watching Tom vs time you see how hard it was and it's a testament to his toughness and all of that but I just saves you get older. You know he he was this flexing the wrist for half the season he had the shoulder that her but he also days every other issue that are bagged a banged up offensive line and no I know I'd list is still going to be what year did was amazing what he did with and to me. You take him off that team and put an average quarterback in there and there are seven and nine. I mean that night exact number I was gonna Seattle started saying and he was and he sold their thirteen and three because in their in the C rule because in May have the chance to win it. With two minutes left because they him sigh I grant you all of that. But I am not sold I'm just not betting on a 414243. Year old quarterback you're smarter than I am so help me out. We gonna hear from the craft here at some point the craft and having sit down conversation with a PH are friendly. Media outlets the Burton comes tomorrow. Russa Thelma sportscast says. Talks about Butler talks about mcdaniels. What's the future gonna hold his timeline for any macondo Jonathan do we get that. As part of the offseason as they try to. Regained some stability. With this team after a bad couple yet you know it's interesting I would've said yes to that. If it seemed like Belichick was on shaky acts of Belichick would dissent and and I don't mean they were gonna fire him I mean he was gonna walk away. If he's if he planned to walk away I could see them trying to get out in front of it and assure everyone and everything's going to be okay. Now that it sounds like he's not going anywhere certainly for this year. I think there's less of an impetus to do that and the mcdaniels things sort of reeled it back in a little bit because it was about it. Spin out of control you're gonna lose all of your coordinators. He still have the Belichick Brady thing on resolved you have the rock below that deal looks worse by the day. I think keeping mcdaniels sort of rights the ship a little bit so I'd I don't actually expect here for men because I don't I don't know what good it would do like with so. If they come out what is there to be gained by Mike. If you rip bomb plot Larry against LA anyway you know locker room all OK go held all that and if you rip on the decision not to play him. You we already know that there's tension I mean craft disease that word himself. This tension between. Kraft Belichick Brady definitely there so if you criticize the Butler move now you're just like on back down and if you tock. And you say if you reiterate that whole thing that I think they said to Peter King like. You know all of that's all we're getting inferred ground below bouquet which is sort of putting it on ballots sex plate. I just think you run the risk of alienating people again I don't think it's anything to be game. The anecdotes to be gained is. These last four days people questioning. The relationship and where where the motives on Bill Belichick. You know I think you can. You can reestablish with a fan base that. It's gonna sound lame. Everything's going to be okay yep we got bill we get Josh and just. To reestablish stability at the sake as we regret for prayer night at tape but the big gales thing two days ago. The owner had no idea of Malcolm ball is not gonna. So we can't pretend now yeah I was OK with a good because he didn't know about it allegedly until after the game it's starter at some point after the game. Would give all the questions about what's gone on here how many calls have you heard on the station people saying. Even played a ball out of spite. He didn't played Butler to offend craft too shy to show Kraft who's boss. I think something to be gained in and speaking of the fan base about the curly short he adjustment. Just words when it aired just yet they even if it's like coach speak yet that I think. I that can serve to help right now mcdaniels helps but they're still major question about how long bill going to be here which calls everyday about pills not come back. And outside and confirmed yet other than current another good reporters are reported that so. I think there is subject I don't think they'll do I do think there is somebody gain by sitting down with Steve Burton Mike Lynch. To him it could be anywhere like to let them know what I was probably as important I portal it would probably be something more like the New York Times you know more Wall Street Journal or some national I'll let you know but is he now playing Saddam by president could be Peter back to back it could be your Bjork president has the slows. I I guess excellent hair we are president who. That was a scene you know what I gotta admit though it was idea oh you don't exactly go yeah I gotta admit when I watched that hideous retirement trumka and up the steps yes in the area and hair. Even you know where I stand on animal like. We have to embarrass them that badly the guy is the president did I've of this is coming for me you're probably surprised by this but I wanted to surprise I felt a little bad form it's like he's an old guy he's main. I he'd clearly does a lot of magic and maps and map there to get it to stay in place he doesn't somebody else somebody yes. And then when you see it slowing I've seen in my life and Mike. I how do you go bald there he's like bald on the back of his head that's where I think like all bald guys have here right along the back but I think he's gone I think he's bald everywhere. I think is higher had his ball now campy and it's and stepping stapled on top that's not. That that's what that was my take I thought there was real hair in there somewhere. Oh I don't think so. Ask patio eating all that he all right professor acts patio a fan of our president I I and I voted for I IDs league ball like that just. I diesel science appear. I think he's got I think he's got some long waists and yet I think catches whatever and I yankees combing wit yet I think he's combing lists and it's all fitting together. Some now that I I felt a little bad. Form again and it. Don't you just sticks his head cotton candy machines comes out yet twists he Turkey twirls like it I'm an NC there's that scene in. You would know which Star Wars it is but. Darth Vader head. Yeah I am that Al exact a lot of the helmet comes off the first time we see that Blake is head dads out at the pathetic little ahead. I'd like I don't know yes lies lies and yeah there's definitely having a secretary of the jet I'd there is and elements of yours you know I don't know how we got there but. It's okay if that are so crafts aren't gonna speak oh yes of to bring it back to what you were talking about before. But I'm so just crap on the do a big sit down interview somebody it's possible. But I think it's also as likely that he just waits until the owners meetings whenever those those are usually in March I think. And so maybe he addresses the media there one more to reject. Some sort of pushed back from the patriots and Malcolm Butler because guys like lower priority get medal it's not agency I guess your right is now. It's not as an LN zero gallons notable play in this game where. What is so that in the ninety minutes for kick off one of was a coach one of the got physical but not reporting it. But they sort of bar and some you do you think that's the push back right now all of lab on the all you UNC I mean you're asking the questions kind of leading question today. Plucking this scenario out of the air today here from some. If they heard it from somewhere where they hear from probably somebody sympathetic to the team I asked the guys off the treasure asked. Keep on the year key citadel just said he wasn't sourcing it but it sounds like something if you gonna keep saying. It's what you say sources are telling me. Yes that I had no idea this Eric is is may I got hired here on Davis so I shouldn't be commenting on like you know who did he get it from someone or is it just throwing it out there. You know the way you say it with two different and entail and so lack obviously are both plugged in pretty tidy guys yet they're both played in so like if there. That could be informed speculates. Let's go to Brett upn now wonderful can remain in the whole ball move up Bob's clamp on paper it. They get you know what's up. Probably comment. I don't know what you get. I wanna bring up real quick. I do not lie. The fact that other team can negotiate your coaches journal play it should be no. Coaching compared to acted yet so people well you've got nothing to college. All this data that major distraction. To the people as simple call and that's why the at the pupil well go back to talk about the wrapped up even. The quarterback that is an experienced quarterback and rock. And roll the market work yeah well outlook. Play. Stepped either it got up at the linesman and see how we look back. And got. Well when they got up in the court of intimacy. You do the quarterback. Where you think it's genius what they did they only get a second round pick form. I we. Yeah. Quarterback different quarterback he's he's right now that the quarterback is you got. It could look at it would got. What are offered they got back to work that it on the corner of peace and it popped up on but little plug it back into. Why does the corner matter why why does that matter San Francisco's organized well Brett what else you have you that all three. Taiwan. Got. Up. My. Were in and out. On. My apartment in that stampede. To follow all the oil well and exactly when it went at it's worst in the hearts. At. All. You know I know I hate that hate guys who did pollen that morons. Who. This is bred ones that this is Brett so you're you're gonna what's the point oh I. Want okay we locked up. Let. The ball well no it's. Not now when he's at Malcolm Butler defense plays like crap stop that round. It all Bratt Brett I'll keep this in bills as a big bills listening now he loves to and you can he sat down and all well. The guys and all well a year ago and he sits him in the super doubles adult move and you gotta admit that ran. Yeah some questioning ballots at. I know I had to pay it pay as deep as he played strong all of the rookie talent show. Yeah. Here are Tom Brady got a black dog is he done. Yet did he not know who Steely Dan was any of these things now now now. Call. A lot. Brett you looser sucked up patriots fan Breton the second app that you need a lot about the bulk of the game as the pats get third out the third down against them. Well we. We're out what it. I don't know what happened. Don't know it's about as a Belichick it's no blame for the Super Bowl just Patricia. You know naturally do Bradley finger point he's bigger point we say let's some calls are good and some call sucked. That's that we do. He may think I suck I think things like oh best scholars who give good energy. He got the point is you could actually hear him pounding the table he said do you suck without lighted because she's in all of you. The in the worst commentator on ETI he did police say that patio please I want that the Opel I'll be here but I want that in the open going forward maybe full time. When brown was fired up he was let me I I get it but just he just sounded so. Isabella checked on hawkish that I couldn't. You know by the way like if if we decide I animal lose or not they'll balance we we've endless. We have you know we can't question the genius of ballots techno on some pat are as Joseph is going to be very boring actually yes I I. I understand I I have to from my job and I know it it sounds stupid many many many many many times because he's really early spark but in this case. I don't care if it was you know. Our high school coach. Coach Runnels or Bill Belichick Malcolm publish a player question a question anybody in that's by most picture fans would not Brett. And he had great county can remain. Quick break back your phones before it got to ten you will hear from Carmine are called in the first how the show today who played football for eleven years he got based on Thanksgiving. Annie knows how it feels to be Malcolm Butler. Much Ike continues. Back to bed at 937. Before. We did two weeks prior to basically been. With the weekend shows and everything Alex seventy hours of football but nothing else. I am way too excited to see a call line for mrs. Trump's there. I got we we just don't we're not getting enough that these type of calls right now we're getting way too much. Inside football ball did this for my liking soul get the Trump's heir and the segment promise that's my guy but I think. I it's all fake and I don't think it's real I think some of it has to be real somewhere a couple strands maybe. More than a string I think there's probably it's like spaghetti you know it's like a box of spaghetti and so it's just like. This is two rows be getting somewhere to succeed just flips over I just realized only patty with those things but you you have really good year. You exceptional care you should not be allowed to comment like I have bad hair it's going it's going it's gone I should be Lotta comment. Your hair is too good Maier Austria is pretty good you're good genes or something new patio while the jeans are a little shaky you know took. Might have nearly the peanuts character Charlie Brown hair. And homer's got those three and out right by the ominous and trying to hide. You know he's he's just got to let the land outline he does get pretty broken up when he loses a couple times and I often enjoys an eighty yes. Market New Hampshire not on Trump's hair will get the Trump's hair is about the patriots quarterback. Situation yell hey mark. All right guys I don't think you you've got to I'm Lindsay our franchise quarterback affiliates it starts and laps yes. Okay now what they are doing it bolts. See you later a thing go to Q I one more year and in and then trade him after franchise dagger trader for first round pick this year. It calls an eye on while these calls we've gotten I don't Ellis one job it doesn't really well. I don't know I'm just O o'clock and I'll mark mark and I have it's not you I'm just surprised the patriot fans want to invest a high draft pick any 29 year old backup quarterback. You know he's EM patriotism although it. Probably gonna want big bucks right. Yeah I had this pain is so this is our sponsor RRR if you're gonna trade a first round pick I get an XY nine year old back out. You say probably just keep that they can draft a quarterback. Very OK so would be killed bell we gave it all end up. I'd say Arizona right now I could pick one spot to go I'd say ends up in Arizona law I don't know. The Alex Smith thing screws that up is now easing Washington what does Kirk cousins and up. Erica out cause I'm curious your right Ohio but if nick folds its traded via FC buffalo in the east has buffalo needs at quarterback the jets need accord. The jets have a lot of money and one of those teams is yeah probably gonna sign current principles terrorism and nick pulls ordered it bring them both here Kirk cousins. That would actually be interesting foals and cousins and AFC's radio and radio finally has some competition I he barely has had to sign for that right now. Let's go to. Who. Reagan North Carolina. They made known as colony cute. Talk about rather have I'd rather have. Tom Brady yet. Over Judy McGrath well he's younger but in New England we kind of fall in love with the backup quarterback the back of gold. We sure we're Davids and Michael is not exactly Michael bishop though. You know he's never lost to start in the NFL we Simon odds that are created with they lousy team you know one win team until he got. And I completely understand that but we always seek greatest player on every team as the backup. Well built well I have ever united that that's the thing that we I think people like me. Are largely hang our hats on that as well that ballots sex something in this guy that made him think he was worth moving on from Brady. Some point maybe sooner hassling you every town the backup quarterback. Is a hot commodity as you it would exit if the promise civil what's not there it doesn't matter if it's Boston or not that just happens that way. Are thought to Sean in Portland on Trump's hair hi Sean. Dance with somebody. Yes those caught about won't want trumps which compare controversies that help help me out here I want my president to have they are not sure he does. No it's it's all the chairs so what what. The travel the word on the street to do little little research and I'm I'm not a I'm not making this up so. It's scalp reduction surgery. And I guess in the eighties Williams it was all the rage and a procedure that supposedly east which is. It's called the slugging flop. I'm not joking about it Google search and just myself in the long sure and universal world as well picture there on the web site. And yet there are basically what Jesus would result of the room care and stretches where there is. There. And that's why he's got such an awed like Jerry actual shares it doesn't it doesn't sit quite ready. And basically where they taught those strips on the back to your head in this case. A lot of charger here you know which stretches and that's what's kind of audience. From Apache. That's that's the gist of it all triggered it give you as a rundown and in our annual march from talking to you wars. There you. It's a much sports not a I agree not enough Trump Plaza as you know that's a while you're it's Arkansas and appreciate it so I went I'd Huffington Post has the story about. His hair mr. softy it's out production surgery yet and just what he knows and as Allah he should reduction gotcha it's usually performed on patients would balding on the crown of the head. According to hair transplants mentor dot com or no problem the procedure how disgusting is the sound. Essentially cuts out the patients bald spot. So you cut away the balding area. And then you kind of like so everything back together so like the parts that can grow there. Get stretched out and I would imagine that probably has the secondary benefit of being like certain like a facelift maybe like your polling. You know you gotta. Score runs solve that all I gather item no idea yeah I don't know so so that is pretty discuss I don't I can violate that something went very vain people do what you want to do I I am probably headed down that road of doing something like that at some point might get doctor Robert Baird tiara to Matt oppress the bottom pesticide. But I saw I allocate doing it. It just didn't look natural to me when the hair. Looked up like that now you call that I look at La Darth Vader that his helmet which again has discussed I am I I like. You know illiquid guys wanna make themselves. Look better one take advantage of that whether the doctor what levers to I don't good for you. I just didn't know it didn't seem to be. All that natural to me you know I don't know that did not look natural that was not how Al pat we know which I like. Let's go to Joseph what New Hampshire I GO. Just Joey there. That's standard ratings are. Let's do this also a phone calls tonight. How come back we are from Carmine patio we good this car by the first out the show. On Carmine called in any wanna compare his situation getting bench in high school football. To knuckleballer AE mail us at plea from him and will tee it up for Patrick go wait and it's money at night Sports Radio WE yeah. Cast your wife comes your way tennis modified Sports Radio WEEI alongside us. Someone who as threatened can remain suggest it was the worst post unforced commentator. I pity you updated on Bosnian. Heated it's not right either notes due certainly had an an art and I had to say you're essentially shanty Irish 42 out of two point there glass has done well there are no you're not you're in the top ten. At that point those early days yeah are your I was a little I think I side nose like comment on BO higher. I think I was more Edwards and I I I I did the night before because I want to have something for the show and energy that I should pros there will be you have men prepare now with C you have your thing which is. What are you care about. Nothing like that's that's your thing I yelled that's really great things and that's what I'm known for that's really ideal my thing on now he's doing his thing again it's it's God's awesome he's he's busy lane accident which is great area consider segment guess what there and pig carcass of breaking the subject of John you're great at segment 6177797. These moves on. My thing now for please I'm just a big deal more on. In those days it wasn't quite the area when needed something else. Now monkey plays trombone yet do you keep blasting you plan messing with your. Image because Kirk will be like of who's this or that you know you keep getting all these things you know you know. The brain kick again I'm speaking in a we all lost brain cells earlier tonight when Carmine from south he called and and explain that much like Malcolm Butler he got benched as a football player high level football player and three knows how to relate to the patriots quarterback. Carmine and Chelsea Carmine. All mind. I am. I get. Think that they have all out but that's like calling who are absolutely. I let it all eleven years out high school. Actually. And I doubt it and yet if there. They get it all coaches that. No reason whatsoever. Yeah I sure if you get experience. Here. How I thought you all. Liked the way that it. Expects. They actually you know how bout with all the. We'll come I was the kid that many junior was better than you. I absolutely great he. And you. Welcome our daughter our model I what is it we all sat her senior year ended the year you could had a great season and if you're just a specialty her Carmine I feel like. Pay the Brady Theater now backer of a play goes no fear shirts the older I get the better I was I think yeah maybe. It. Yeah. How did you have an interception on the special I'll get a case any Stetson college ball come. I didn't call. It. Unless he does not comments that bad maple park leagues like they're from the college football. Like it. By means they're committed junior was bad and executives get looks from colleges. What happened there at the coaches gays are big time for next year pages it has somebody better I think it in your case the junior was a better player. But dallas' first sat. How do you like what I Gabby tackle in Turkey bowl game. Why he's got seventeen and that you only get my wife obviously he was watching the tape that he realized there was times over dude you're do the job done. You know this next guy he's hungrier player probably probably did in real fast there act that play better better bench press potentially yes. I let's put that way yeah I got to ask or Cutley. Couple years our cause that's a good message cubs fans are Boston partly who we were enough to make it big plays they aren't. Let's get it. And I went to talk about you only. You know Iowa. It's good karma thank you for your call. I think that all eleven years out high school of thought actually. And I that it might union's eight year Thanksgiving Day football. Coach that. You don't understand my client classes. Covenant can tell. I could've been somebody. Instead of swim I have let's face it. And there it is carbide in south the breaking it down tonight letting us laugh a little bit on what has been four days of why didn't they play Malcolm bulbs of you know let me you know yes let him finish his career in the Boston pack and OP camp I Gina is indictment with the caller to for a get to a Patrick go what's going on Gina. Try I didn't want to say your equipment everybody talked about but lesbian benched him how Belichick didn't play him my I don't agree that Belichick's shadow of punish the whole team typical point whether it was to have Butler aircraft or whoever because all those guys they went at that he may lose as a team. And I don't think it was AF and a whole team just. You know suffer effects besides the Super Bowl win because Belichick has to step on to play a lot. I think he should have played him. At least fifty in that condition from in the second caught up. I most people agree to Jeannie and thank you for the call how does this play out next you know these and a craft the statement at some point there could be we get a contract extension release from the patriots do we get Rondo. Mcdaniels. That does that wait until owners' meetings what's our timetable honors me in some news news front patriots. That's the question yeah. You maybe you sell me on crafts too and something I just think that. The downside to that is greater than me upside you know. If you are feeling like patriots fans are so angry that you need to address this that'll be one thing but. I kinda feel like. This isn't deflate gate where you. Quote on quote abandon Brady now and then and yeah force your view does feel that it is overstated it it doesn't feel like it's to that extent so. When I was on with Jerry Kirk earlier in the week I was saying exactly this craft might. Either need to say something or force Belichick to explain himself. Now I feel like it's sort of just gonna run its course. And I because the problem is the problem if you come out talk about it you'll reigniting it. And and you just said you're kinda sick of talking about it after a week in now and so why give more life to it if you're the. And that isn't necessarily sick of talking about it I just in the calls have gotten repetitive I don't think it'd be it's bad job by music host. We have not taken the thing to the next level. But I mean I started they would but I went through the Andy Benoit stumping the eighty Benoit stuff where he's talking about. Well Butler not playing as one of the biggest. Coaching decisions in Super Bowl history. That's pretty significant and so I'm still stuck on its I I I umpire one of the same kind of callers but. The conspiracy the caller conspiracy theories is what I'm sort of an end until somewhat to sources. Whether it's dale Orr is a lakers' somebody wants source and say. I heard from a source there was an issue for the game ninety minutes out here's what happened that we have a whole different discussion era to lend. It feels that the coach made a mistake. Butler is now being blamed for somehow Cooper an incident that did not happen. We have to admit that the quarterback the coach made a mistake where that's what appeals with the Brady and all of these guys on the team like unions to Graham post I don't wanna make too much of that but at the same time. It you know Brady supported him publicly. If Butler had done something so egregious as you know attacking coach or whatever before game. I don't think these statements of support would be out there firm's team I don't think we I'd Tom Brady does not comment. On that polling stays if he's worried about Butler and an issue there with the steam. We are out here you are back with cane seed next week next week well all this weekend. Yes Meehan Gilani although I think there's a BC's some that are sorely out for a couple of excellent Saturday or Saturday. Eleven one Ford will be listening to the Lonny and Tomas C on Saturday patio great job at a yield coming up as Patrick Gilroy he's talking about. All things my guess that the NBA trade down I'll be a part of what you always talking about with the Celtics and wore a wizards playing in the fourth quarter. Of their game I'll talk to guys early early early tomorrow six and with Kirk in Callahan a Gilroy is next here on Sports Radio WEEI.