OMF - Patriots drama won't end if Bill Belichick won't end it; The real star of SB LII was Gene Steratore 2-8-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, February 8th

HOUR 2 - Bill Belichick could destroy all of the speculation surrounding the Patriots if he wanted to. Does he want to? Probably not. The Eagles are parading today and it sounds...nice. Not enough attention is paid to Gene Steratore. Has Lou found a kindred spirit?


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On you've read. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 there were two things I'm told. It really made Josh McDaniels shipped here Bill Belichick said they him. I want you to be by my side on an open my world that you feel you how like you roster building how I look at financials and the salary. Pat Bob Kraft flat Josh McDaniels and they're owners crazy I'm not there quarterback Andrew Luck has a bad shoulder ours is the greatest of all time will be back in the AFC championship at minimum. They flipped him with Ku and mu and Christian bill knows exactly what he's supposed to do on every single point you and I we don't know is that. Possible to protect through yesterday the right back in bill we trust right or a back and say you need to play the love with the until they know our candidates about the secondary stuff here's actually it's you'd think he would make the argument because you have no answers all your answer is I stupidity knows I was born and you know on Sports Radio WEEI. Brian is there. Against the first one to say I'm going to open up my world. You all and one Walters of wonder here a couple of bitter cold night itself every Thursday so I don't know Waldman the result weeks a week we've given you final. Opportunity. To throw of those theories out there so let's go all the act now to the Malcolm bought lower issue. Because it's one we may never get the answer to a much of the bill is ever going to address that. So it wasn't anything to do what disciplinary action bill said that original. And we weren't really sure he was on the trip because sometimes they need fudge the truth a little bit right so we are innocent men would be right cannot open apply. And then Butler. Here's all of the different rumors out there that he was at the Rick Ross concert it was late he was laid. He had weeds he was drunk he terrorism and it all on named Michaela said man of them are true if you get the feeling since he got backing. From a lot of his players on social media. He's got to be temperature I can't believe all of these players have been if you lie. Would be sitting on volume and a stick up for Malkin even though he's not going to be here managed here. Even though he was sampled to 30 in the morning and was on a bag of weed back up truck we need you know it's a hotel so. Let's get the discipline stuff out of the way it's gone right soft yes it's got to be football. So we sit here yesterday trying to figure it out because we watched the game. And the defense as a whole suck. What is it possible. That bill looked at Malcolm Butler. As one individual player with one individual role in that game. And said can't deal. And not so let's look at but it wouldn't be recovered tackle that would be being a quarterback. Okay and being one of the outside quarterbacks it was a tactical game that's how they played it it was 82 quarter game right there you said yesterday Christian. It was safety heavy and we go back and look at this game against the safeties and the linebackers were horrendous most people said. That Gilmore was really good he was your best defense and play like most people said. Tell you debt going back and looking at the game there was some screw ups early on in that game with Eric roll who was pulling the other spot. That I believe Bill Belichick felt he was a better player in that spot then Malcolm bot or was if you go back and look at the game. Eric grow played a pretty good game. That early. Early he got burned on one play but he prevented they had to go for three for the field gold and not the touchdown because he's saved that like we are the seven from the seventies saved. So he didn't give a company. Early on. But after that second series and let's face it we knew the first two series we know what the patriots you know it's a laboratory were feeling it out we're trying to she which you don't. Nobody panics in the first few. Is the question Lou was not that he didn't start. It's how did you not to mitigate. It is my theory that Bill Belichick looked at him. Vs wrong in that position you're going up against all Shawn Jeffrey six foot three inch that affect their big receivers. He looked at royal saint rose more capable of handling that job. And the reason you never put Butler in the game for row is because as the game went on. Rose. After the second series role allowed one catch for fourteen yards. For earth on five targets he also had to pass break ups including a big one. Of late and longest place by the Philadelphia Eagles roll is involved in none of them. 017. Missed tackles in the football game by your new England Patriots defense not a single one by Eric grow. McCord I don't real rough game go back and look at what would you get tackling game Harmon had a real tough game. It was a game in which your linebackers or safeties. You know what they would do one. It was safety heavy because Dick they were concerned about so much they were concerned about that are you so much. I think it was also the personnel reviews exactly so I think he'd look at it and said an initial question why would I would say. How is it that data mostly is in there at times. That's a legitimate argument you're telling me the data mostly. Is better than about the bird don't look at it and said it's either Butler or rock here's the other thing we heard yesterday might GR yet okay. The captains the players. They knew earlier in the week. That Butler was out of it he was not going to be a big part of the game plan so it. Blew it sounds to me now if that's the truth Andy who did not come down to game time decision if GRU is correct and I think he's pretty plugged in over. Then the players knew when they wrote the game plan out we're going to whip tomb. Corners that's how our game plan is Eric roe was one of them. Gilmore is the other one butlers the al-Qaeda. While it's Leah I'm glad you brought that up because. Because it seems like the all star game the rose getting beat up a date because. That's Malcolm bought spot you've seen billions of assuming he took Matt I would say. There's a bunch of things that that that happen yes he did struggle initially. You shouldn't even be Eddie did save that touchdown to make you go play. He did give up that touchdown to Jeffrey relative that was an unbelievable roll an unbelievable catch ousted covered with tight it was right or need to be. But sometimes the other guy wins he picked you had that guy's a good job. And that's why they threw that ball high in a way could they knew Jeffrey could get it. I would think that the worst guys. With a lot of backers in the states alleging that point I mean so until they're going you know Richard Roberts Eric Lee according go back to the fourth and one play. Go back to the fourth and one play it was a it was 82 crossing patterns but from the from the receivers and and and Kurtz. And record he gets picked. Kirk is wide open. There is actually the picture actually have a nice slow start going on and have a good opportunity with flowers and give the government to sack. I'm disciple but they can't get to because it is wide open all goes back up and saudis sought to play soderling played and then later on. Kirk runs a slant route very basic simple route. And then he I don't know what McCord was big but he also the ground loses footing and frantically died trying to save the play and he can't hurt scores a touchdown. And then according. Pads is like act if it like he hopes of the ground swallows them obsolete to just disappear because he knows how bad that play years. Not only did united in touch him but he fell down and they couldn't make it seventeen missed tackles in the game I will say but listen so. We don't you talk about Phillies keep it does. The two got away our elderly who are all Iowa's great luck with great teams Dwight was great. After the cabinet god give Allison but but so now that'll pass don't salute you okay on to things I still think. Still it doesn't matter umpire with a row. You tell me he can't beat a nerd I answer for them. I don't know anything he can't because Panama and only answer I think at the plate doesn't involve corner right the pick play a fourth bore down involve Chong and involve the court is. Two safeties. They picked in the play. They run into each other. So and then I also say it's not a lot you'll also need to give it to the polls in their receivers there was a bunch of throws in the polls polls did not throw well. But his receivers came up with huge catches contesting catches. I don't Obama knocked that ball down they've made a good a good play on the ball the better. Osi thing that would have been may be eleven plays maybe less than that may be they look at that a Mozee is a good tackler they're struggling making tackles. And he wants to stay with Adam most because he thinks he got the a while. I think he might be better than Bubba or it isn't tackle I just think it's the idea if you look at it they were playing two quarters the whole game to go back to look at it right I did not look at the all twelve to publishers I think court so I went back to watch it to keep my eye on Eric grow as much as I could and if you're not a witness for Chad and tomorrow with the his review O'Neal twenty twos and you'll tell exactly were broad and brought Donyell pointed I did not so if you did not look good on alert you think Butler seeds that play with a touch on the jets remain no I don't I think not think it was that. Butler all the time especially bigger receivers T get house all the time also don't like covering and I'll say this as I said what he'll Gilmore has a shock and. Fortunate and get an opportunity to see it because it correct. A record that's that's that's what I didn't want only to say I don't want a chaotic violence they know bush doesn't cover what I wrote I did early on with with. The scale show on Jeff. And then for some reason you know that wasn't the game plan early and finally you saw last night and sound effects. Patricia sat down for the defense looked Gilmore is that you cover seventeen to every goes I don't know what in God's name they were thinking that he went doing that from the beginning. Okay anyone in there and an interception maybe it wasn't from Gilmore because that was really I'll show on Jeffrey pop it up in droves for the rest of the way Gilmore was outstanding the rest of the way because. Also on Jeffrey disappear. If the blue roadways this year rose as well as you are who struggled the first half. Took over in the second half there will move and OK they're moving camera that's fine right used to starting corners should have been Malcolm Butler and Stephon Gilmore. And a discussion of this Hillary Clinton rove goes in gets the better most she starts when Richards comes out better most he goes in for Richard at times OK but is it should have been row instead of better mostly better most should've seen the field. It should have been Malcolm Butler. Two I know for sure war. I gotta I I personally feel my opinion it would negate that a yeah or can make one play. To make it all but on the plays that they needed okayed the place that they needed out in the fourth quarter. A fourth down goal line situation red zone issues. It the courts were involved guilt or was. But the rest of the time it was linebackers climate. Court climates touchdown that was a linebacker and safety Dorismond bloggers think tours and so now on the other might have rolled got beat on a even numb the other on the wheel route Jordan Richardson he worst angle that went underneath the linebacker. OK admit Ali had to alt delete of course that was the chase. So I would say and the road got beat on another long which was a an overloaded they brought a number semi through the play action pass he got beat on that one you have to. So guys do you guys think that the secondary as a unit. Communication lines. Works better with Malcolm Butler in there. And aero and less I don't feel as much as Malcolm I don't think it matters at a low lights as I always audition understanding as an occasion that I had I was may not have. An issue they had him they had that they had and it Eagles had the advantage managed applies. Regardless who was in there regardless. I was actually surprised they kept trying to test Jeffrey with you more down the dumb dumb decision on their part but every other person. They have the advantage on so you have. Or wide receivers and a back so three wide season tied it in the back. And then based on the personnel you have it blunt than there it's an obvious OK to run or screen but climates and there. Now you have basically the Patriots offense. Did you have yet Kurtz yet Jeffrey Ian Smith if you log of clinic and and Edwards are just bigger and dead if you think you know what Clemens in the game. He's just as I just as good run the full on the back of idiots pass to see you putting me. A better coverage got worse tackler this the mistaken I think Belichick made them is that he made it a safety heavy game because. He clearly was fearful of that run pass option. I that's why you do personally but you what Iraq is actually drops Atlanta Roberts flowers and Lee Harris is a play in the game. Richer O billboard and the man is no problem is is that they don't have good cover linebackers. They don't they expect so. You ski mum you try to hold that. Do you hope that they'd brought errant pass to somebody dropped the ball but none of that happened. Not that happened they there was this there where there wasn't any like bad drop by the Philadelphia Eagles. More important are nothing but clutch catches which every clutch catch that. Need to be made. They made okay he wasn't going to get any of the the that the snaps from from Jordan Richard she wasn't getting those reps he's playing a different position the only guy that he would get Butler we get. Reps for was that the most he wore available. Or oral. I'm telling you well know health or Jim got her browser it just went up so short on two guys might or so of course not coming out of the game we all agree he's not coming out of the game right he's the best you got it at most he said the same thing. No but bills felt the same way about. World he felt and looking at this game and the way it unfolded I agree the first two series you're correct Rosa was a mess he had problems. They all had a mess in the first or somebody's place from that point 01 usually good like it would Gilmore on alpha. Sighs I don't know why Kelly wanted to be even more physical. I was freaking torture and raw. Why else would put a month rose greets from that point on it again if you go back you know things don't you go back and look at it role was not got off problems Jeffrey. Would say what does he got up outshot Jeffrey correct OKW. You're the captain but he but he I was. The Ottoman beginning is another question they use the Charleston or you're getting rid buyouts on. OK so you take them off the best wide receiver he put your best corner which should have been from the first freak in some. That didn't happen. But Casey moved roll off he put in my bag a lot of loss apparently to cover anybody. Is that you are one up in the second half so let's all line back is covered regular old game on a lot. Okay yes. A lot if I go back and better than OC yeah they were running two quarters and I like to use that trust were. You'll acknowledge actually watching yourself and if you press trust of northern hero lied bill Ellis and yes I would not politically I know but overall are doing and what you're doing now. If you're if you're if you're if you wanna be critical of the fact that he started row on Jeffrey fine that's easy now because you've image of a state he switched it. OK so there are a little too well too late you know the changes little too late in it and I heard him. But the but I would say. That the bad most the day is like so he's and that goes to how far. How far he dropped off right from from your from your love and admiration is that. Bad emotion was a better option forget about road take him out of the crazy you tell me he now he's the fourth best option you have points on the corner goes on if you're doing I don't tribunals is not to me is like now. Now you just throwing bad money that's it that's. I was I annoyances that I am sorry they eyed the only think of is that he did not want him inside he wanted. But around sides so it was a matter of it was either going to be buck or rope he went Woodrow and as the game progressed dawn. Roll got really does is allow the players that rose wasn't gonna take him. I haven't actually I mean you asked me what I would build those place still happened with but looked shirk. Did you Google through the entire year and look at him to the very first pre season game. Where an undrafted rookie from taxable ran right by him escorted test out it happening almost every single game. Every every Monday we would sit there go man. They assured you test Malcolm but early that's of one guy they go to the test them and then he usually comes back and he makes a play. Stood I think he would come back and made a play yes I do they take a broader danger happen duke I think it around the football and he's always around the football. So. But the bad emotion thing I can answer the Jordan Richards thing to people keep on bringing its different positions. I cannot get over the not gonna put him into Jordan with the age Richards output data most times. I mean they're playing different guys different thing and yeah do you emotions and what he did it I don't but do you think that that it's that Malcolm butler's never covered anyone in the slot. No if yes but I definitely by Kenny played slot but it would because there were very few plays that they they covered the slot industry and they didn't do it that much they have linebackers and safeties they played differently and I think it was that run pass option they were fearful of who rocked. The you know they were playing and that's where they USA today guy is got a little bit. In in a story in that you were more fearful of the run that you were over the past week we said at all last week. We're waiting for nick falls to make a mistake how does he make a mistake you force him to pass the football a lot more so they're playing nickel the entire game. They're they're they're playing for that test but they were fearful of that rock and what do you do you put safeties in there. And you've got linebackers unfortunately. They couldn't cover receivers because Philly should screw you would we're gonna let every once in a lot of politics oh. I feel like that begged Pete Carroll not rushing Marshawn Lynch. I felt like that's almost like tangible I felt like images Washington said that was just a huge mistake this one here we don't know look at it they're a big role. Was he off I think he's very good at that they picked auto. And not let Jordan would Malcolm Butler have made a difference and again we we it's it's not as black and white. But this will stick with people forever. This will Lugo allowed you to not play Malcolm Butler after you trust him and AFC title game. After you trust him in a division game after you trust them in Pittsburgh on the road that you trust him for sixteen games we play in 98% of the snaps. And you get the flash game that year in you don't trust him enough before we think Johnson batted mostly. Is better than him Eric row is better than him that will stick with him this you'll never explain it. He's already has explained it. There was not disciplinary I do what's best for the team that's all you ever going get out of him but people never understand it and they'll never get over I least I'll just say this I want. OK a lot of a lot of people I get it and yet we're never going to know. Whether Malcolm block would've gotten the job and I'm more when they're going to now I'm the only one with. Is that the guys on this team will never understand that either I will say this look at that game and have seen the three times now. If he goes and plays the few plays the Johnson. That I mostly play. And was pretty bad that. I've got to believe Malcolm what was gonna do a better job but I will tell you this straight out in your memory is not good with Eric rose performance go back and look at it again he would not played a better game than ever grow Maryland outstanding Eric what was not an essay in an elderly garlic or lower everyone of those defense Roland is not the rows of staying all the total picture is they gave up 42 point Erik rolled great game Eric broke out bird in the first two series but they albeit from that point on I don't give. Look at the numbers one catch fourteen yards under five targets. Did not object to pass break get extra event. Touchdown was also there was segregation is tackled by the defense and not a single one by Eric. Video is not bad running buyer I tell you what in about under international Malcolm but would not have done a better job than Eric Robert rock got a mostly. Different story wrote a different direction are we get that game ball he's cute. We'll see is that life is awesome and as a series series there's respect is not nearly everybody. Don't want it to build a lot of shareholder. With a great and just had to shut uncle does not putting up forty love to shut down. Between Jeffrey only between Gil Morgan and row I took this on yup everything was a joke produced. Don't want isn't his fault or was it to styles peaceful whose fault with the nets about one guy that we haven't talked about at all I don't know like this draw ugly in the post season scouts media it and they're draft in particular protest the odds are. Eric wrote a great date on and on the Pentagon announced today. And you know I've got. My head no and so maybe he does as well I always anxious. About racks and racks. Don't go ice that this morning okay. I don't know and I don't get up I think I noted that. The. No roads giving it bad rap world. Role as I the reason not act at. He wasn't as bad movie of visual and will have a location the other guys were the issue deceived where the each deadline that each. They were Arab. Aren't a Real Madrid we're gonna talk a little has load look bigger little uncomfortable on the other John and makes the other so I'll take Shalit. A whole lot. I will not know well and needed the really the rounds he's wimp if you know any time at home. Years finally soon the personality Qaeda and is Bowman had his bullet. Is it Eric wrote was great ones and you've got a lawn of the worldwide yeah. Christian rants about the bat Sox season sees courtesy of Twitter hack Christian Fauria. Right now we return Gomorrah or away we're loaning euphoria but Sports Radio WE EIE. We'll thing was divided not real real of course there was no division in the locker room. Every player that spoke either said I'm not saying the damn word or said. Ask coach he could've helped us I don't understand it there was no division in the locker room. The locker room thought what was your plate that is now they say he was a great teammate that night. Phil didn't make sense. And that's what we're talking but I will tell you this this will be talked about. All offseason it will be talked about through next year and the reason it has a shelf life to it is a woman reported in two. We'll put an Ayatollah who you'll do is leave it open ended. Do what I do is quoted as it was restitution with us for this thing an area near idiots posting believe so we can visit it's not disciplinary. I'm pretty much convinced that is. That's fair to say yes yeah colon 25 guys like Malcolm most post unease to grip the football team you know. And it was more I agree we that was more of a defense of the kid did nothing wrong. I needed that they're putting all of the rumors are a bunch of crap where he did nothing wrong with smoking weed was late curfew. He did what you know whatever was asked the moment is he wasn't used. That went on literally only got a 1520 guys yet there on the team and also as a work of him yet but that that's what social media just for him. So something like this happens and we did the same thing what was our reaction initially had to be disciplined mark had to be he did something he does well but yeah audio audio and then. Suddenly we're gone from that to being a football issuing trust issue in team wondered wrote each student grow more. That he trusted but I had no answer today about a mostly stuff is a look at it was awful Jordan Richards is a separate subject. People shouldn't even bring it up he plays a different position and by the way. They got him out of the game they had to bring him back in because Chung as you remember got hurt in the game and wanna bring Jordan Richard's back at it again. I took a phone calls we go very easy New Bedford what's up there. Our lesson on giving the reason why he may not please go back and watch Super Bowl fifty warm. We can't play the slot receiver to that would give real he got abuse them by Caylee Gabriel metsu possible. Okay one of the things like hurt. When we act practices what was having problems common slot was. He chose this. It's important little support here at practice blue. Okay the nobody said he had trouble when its slot receiver on the junior leagues who reported and it is deterrence and I can't remember it was it was it was our blog Twitter. It will report things and yet he wasn't practicing a fanatic he was also tight lipped grossed more than ever whole point up but it Gilmore on the outside all week and practiced. Which houses on. That tells you something yeah. Okay. I don't know I don't know it's a little thought it was a rare initiative he he doesn't have a plan in the slot right is that what is different I don't act like you know it's got the slot. I still. If you tell me hey you have him. And that's it or you have an effort to step that you play zone I still rather have him there. In that big game regardless of you will be used and I still know that he's a gamer or regards of what he does. This guy makes place and this year you not have a bash your game of a bunch of plays but in the and he's a playmaker. And I think we makes a mistake he recovers pretty quickly which a lot of guys don't do and they did play a lot of man in in this game here's my general elements like. Don't exclude. We'll talk about them again just Simon advocate death in light Tuesday and not like before it's just theory which is. I think they'll launch every everybody inauguration top to bottom expected to win. They didn't how gang was gonna go off right right out of the sun that would have won that victory. The loss that out of water everybody shook. Hillary up to crap you know and you know if we wind began to become backs the one be any reason aren't too so now you bring them back. You know try to one more time guys yeah a little and. I don't know I did like to win every year. It's like they've got like me a happy with the Sydney on location yeah once we get this was like no no we don't win and we can't win three out of four and got to go through. Loses one of our next year I am sure that that played. As much into. I don't know the movie if you have the fact that we didn't win three out of four everything's going to crap and and the stability its program is in jeopardy now. Bill here Tom's here. That. If they win does everybody leave his everybody walk away if they lose is everybody stake is their. Whatever Ali knows that he did very easily could have just on a Josh at the end of the year. And said I know you're out there searching if you wanna go god bless you vote we will look into everything we can keep you. Said it was just wasn't till Tuesday. Head to open up his world. And you have to do about it a flower opens literally the world shoots were you timing is very important. We're just to see actors perform that here's Joan cart next appear any EI. Why are you do want good. Outlets and might only question is is this is politics. We shouldn't. A quick coach I think he has the chance that. Butler moving forward. Just to win a football issue with other teams looking. Yet. The guy I don't know how much on her whole life I think it affects how like your I think what effects have mores is is that tape on him this year yet annual and great. You know he wasn't Malcolm Butler but I also don't think he was garbage. Is a difference its expectation that we thought you know at about what we expected from. OK but he's looking to make sixteen million dollars a year he's looking to strike it rich in the global market. You can't tell me lose that other coaches other GM's core interest and Andy corners. Aren't gonna look at all the tape this year and they say. And Belichick had no faith to put them out in those sort of game at all effective you have and what's your life and background wasn't discipline now we know it's not just simplicity they've done their investigation on that they know it's not that. You you've got not a tournament for one play. I greatest coach of all time all the teams are gonna look at this go. Heard him tomorrow morning he's back and he give more money no I'm but I don't face some teams are so you know Alice away from Toronto but is that. But his number has changed track. Still don't Emily if you would walk out of what I think comes from animals like their team and whatever orders the difference in just fourteen Logan Ryan was ten. Not gonna get that now on the Yucatan. Yeah that's going to be an up and LS and that's eight at Adventist it is funny how it always surprises me how some guys. They just get labeled. For whatever reason something or noted that stigma just follows them and and I do think another other teams sit there and looked past him not to make it work and this is my type of guy or another coach somewhere else that was a ball with them Micah. Matt Patricia something like that. We understand you I can coach him and in the value goes up but it is amazing to me how some guys get labeled a certain way true or not. And it's up to the other two other team who's trying to get abdic. Based what they're riskier. Save Matt Patricia really likes him and really believes that he can help them out and he has a need for it I could see him going there and if he appreciates. Malcolm buck who knows I would be interest tonight he gets paid to go to Detroit right that they'd tell you get out to us right. Now in Reno Kono Whitney looks at the U maybe he looks at it the other way but I'll say this at and again going back the majority would give a little bit of credit. Less than a TV and he was talking about. That the kid to become a real pain in the ass to the coaches during the course of the season. You mean you they wanted in the deal one way he was doing in another way. And you know what happens coaches talk amongst other coaches that get to the combine everybody starts talking and other what happened and I. I don't know everybody's trying to get the Intel on that. If war starts getting around guys that he's a pain in the ass he's difficult to coach or whatever two of you never heard about it hero but what it says a great. Hit. I've heard from from numerous people present called daddy's know that he's a little bit stubborn he wants to do it his way in he does while it is amazing units and. Yes someone who's a granola on the other way and the fact that stuff because that was not their problem not enough my president I'm glad you saw so stubborn digital wanna go all the way I think I'm all about Amal wolfpack. You are as movable that you wore a wants all the eat you about that you'll. Right and I like the fact that you're choreographed and the wolfpack dance as he is really good I really like an anti no we do we we we come back we need to check in on the pretty good I'm watching the footage from his parade yet and it's it's a belief that they're doing it was advised him as Russian I think any violence in what I feel like we should at least check in. Could this is part of the healing process right this far they really healing process is. And I'll and I'll I don't know acceptance you know the recovery by the they robbed any CVS stores of the destroyed bases again and how about the rocky statue was it smells like there while. Pretty good asserted they're literally sheets on a building that's that big in a picture of something and it's it nicked. And it was huge. Venus. And if it's. Well they aren't the one that locker they are getting creative. They're getting very creative with with the way they're mocking the patriots control the patriots and Bob Bob Bob. Lesson they get to do what you went again to get to do it will also that you get a loan to you there it's two to say where in the -- about you don't go to the game all right you don't go to the game easier knowing for certain reason so Walt Bert let it long and at halftime a year ago and then they brought him up for opening night right that was you know don't show up leave. Here are little doubt we will now. Christian rants about the pat Sox b.'s and c.'s courtesy of Twitter and Christian Fauria. Right now we returned a moral or way Maloney euphoria about Sports Radio WEE. Absolutely. Incredible. It's it's just these guys really resonate and they're really resonate with the squad and we're looking at the buses right now and there's. They're waving back Eagles flag. Plus look like they sound like they're out of crabs top. Credible job. Feed birds all the football they don't destroying anything at all that's strong independent thought something would be destroyed by you know by now you know. Let's solar drinking seven Gail writes announces a little bit early January it was and they deserve it. We're looking at the buses right now and there's. Upgraded within. I talked today Perry guys inside that night. And he said I'm so psyched for this I may go shirtless. Cocoa so we're waiting to see Betty Perry is seeing him when he's born here. I want to get people the flavor of what's going on here the voodoo yeah. My party V blaring over the speaker this. People are dancing and there's an adult beverages being consumed you can tell. It easy to laugh prime Marty you can sometimes three to crowd and I already told yeah. The partners is that it's complicating U it is worse off parade accommodating easily view Lawrence. Well there's some guys that they're dancing and there's a lot of adult beverages I did beat Jason tells you just. He's dressed up like Aladdin actually. Atlanta from Marty earlier in the latter was a monitor a constant. Just chugging Beers a bad idea if you don't have one of these celebration. You know victory parties make it a costume party. It. Well okay I'll read any channel our normal is actually a moment I'd point wounds were both you and good luck this gradual than his status and a on the big all the good things this year congratulations. Kids eagle due June. Here's Dino he talked about this call from George what's Dina. You know. Provide you know put on whole city. Dina under the lights I dropped now that's the only lights applause in London Cleveland or to anybody it's a deal fitness. Shut up here's Eric in Portland Fred take this and steeler fan number one in knowing what you want. Brett why you are gonna why you've organized labor. If he did it in game adding yet. Appetite what happened and that the game. Well I try to beat Jacksonville the team that beat these deals and so. Yeah anybody beat Jack let me referee Bob Kerrey. I think you can about it ever coral literally. Lost. Would I love him he's good you are absolutely. And wait wait wait TC lose impression blew his daughter loves the sound I love whoever that Miami talk shows yeah. And so are all Sarah or is that such a pimp out. He really rolls out there like he's like it's like the shoulders the shoulders and back the shoulders of bad it's admit Jack and it's gonna say tiger. In our lives in nine minutes ago and that's again that's golf championship Bethany is being beaten good a lot of football left lot of football luck I tell you a false Dyson a month at three Geisel based on the ball is that the old ball are illegal boys. What he's really control C control I don't ever seek mutual goodwill on the same page run the same page sounds good we go we got touchdowns farce. Down Iraq. It's great to see those who spent badly as I do think. Again where it then it's. Yeah I talk like that I did my own dog walk at the Walters a tell ya back. Argued Boston yeah that's the part that aren't on an angle behind his back OK Paul did you get your phone in here I want you I want you to the videotape loop would you gotta get. Hit the body language with this. I've got to stand up low credit outstanding are we got to get and we got a tweet this out because the body language is so much better than the voice is pretty good look at. Unlike the kids. Yeah. A lot of stuff out there and heads for home where it was legitimate student. The only standing up await the microphone reason to tell me what to adjust its agenda to the business I slid ahead of journalism guy that works but I. Saw I thought he came out but it solves it Hillary's media 700 club oh my god it's night and not lose anything. He rolls out what he rolls out he's there several rolls out all the all the rest. Like he's like he's like he's like yeah. It's like he's you know the HDs they made the right to recede in everybody's and it's like yeah I do you lose some dignity to record I got a guy. Get it like that mop ought to let his god his let love about it getting both guys get it right out yet and I'd go watch it would grab. So so it was a lucky night yeah yeah. So again it is not again not that hot is that nobody is not made them. Is there a little while. He can we do. Women can we went in if we can we went in another controversy that we had guys probably remember those. ESP unload this others love the show jumped all over it because there was an official apparently was talking to remember about. And he and he patted him on the backers like it was all look the officials. For acknowledging what with with Tom Brady if you watched that last night. Who did gene start to or not. All right guys with a low was going to. Everybody got emotionally public as well as enjoy the moment enjoy my iMac is like I imagine that the Italian restaurant. Elite yet potty at saying go ago or blame loan payment on the opium or other weapons to defend India Japan there. Adds ID guys have a good time nice this that's good that's doubling of since he. And that's nice they got a group would you tried yet when natural meaning now that Google does that he better I don't know available on the line of you to remember it yeah. I don't Brian memorialized idols that I don't play right you like. Does that we're building you know because when we leave on good authority and Malario it is good it's that they that you're missing is that. I don't know he really like is his shoulders naturally in a ball like that holds behind his back acted like he'd like I feel like he unlike like Mick Jagger like he does the ruthless and Kenneth hooker over Fenway Park you have on America his arms dangle his ass and he walked like his ice time begin to care to now OK got to it is you know it is hard core hardee's outlets they shot let's shoulders go back as well all I you don't realize you got a candle them right now so you know I. You gotta catch your gut who steps and the lunch let's make sure that it's not just the cats lunged. But you got and as the run OK good guy role on the same page got that beautiful. It was and I don't know yet touched down at that right there. I don't feel you'll you'll you guys got on that one out. But that never cemeteries you'll know like if you don't know what and we got to go guys we got a good result noises you know if physical golf it's. Situation out to Brian horn before the game and it. For trouble people that were murdered her in even hit my ignorance people would jump ugly in the patriots and they're in the pockets of the official look at the official blog and Tom Brady. Officials talked to. All these players know. They don't need that still yet he this is like he's we'll be part of the game but he's the one got them OKB Pollard game. Because he rolls out there you know and he's got his you soldiers back and he's carrying on his Olympic gold you know a big capital backed in New York like we can't do our job. We get through I just Google. What is they've got like a Republican who was like he was like he was like grinning before made the call yelling at him aren't really just lulls. First down caller brought up the index contradictions and everybody yeah war. In the that smug look on his face value settle down so even one night and he knows he's on camera he's gonna make a call like he kind of like resistance themselves relate no. Now hey Joseph what about these guys that could also catching up in the middle of the game is talking to other officials all the luckiest Chris Collins worth doing. They don't analysis is right he's only he's working the rope. He court's liberal that's funny I go to the store to return to break we'll get Lou actually doing the G conspirator. Can walk which is critical hole final month on. It's users. Arabia bringing it got ego won't want breakdown and is not an avid followers and that is the breaking news he was following this thing as attorney deadlines today by the lenient in hatred or so prosecute that actually nothing Hillary got. That the lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers are. Won't try to work got a deal that's it nothing no names never never happens tree electrons go on the lakers now. With police hello LeBron just the fact that the cavs. I don't know are you still gonna buy into the Kansas silica and turnaround gave up Larry's done right I heard Isaiah Thomas quick recovery Diego battle thing of their design they realized that I watched a little bit of last night. After the Bruins came was an an absolute rout and they went at last they currently they are not a good team like to say and it is it's in the NBA trade deadline to get nothing right now every Jordan possibly raptors but. Walsh from the buffalo coach and he lol where is the occasion he's just around but he just not given us any sum from wall which lets go I you wanna go to Dino get data are you ready this time. Our current U Craig near me I'm not sure you're you're like you're doing all right he's only the don't you close off. Those that are blown out of that. There are. Joseph I a long period. Greg Baird you know Bernie's column of course and beverage. Of course Burton Kevin we got a little bit of pressure Eddie Royal to the right receiver currently in pretty cut and duplicate it won't we got. Are you ain't broke don't play up 37 he broke you blow to post up our toxic speech and slogan just love them. Bob and I am allowed to rent here you are Limbaugh whoa oh. Retarded we are there. No no pressure version yeah. I but what real quick I just wanted to change you can almost watch in the same things on the back. And Patricia so I'm not gonna really be too upset to see him go because I'm watching the game. And I'm saying wait. What pressure what are the women you know credit and you see Belichick walks up to him as much as usual I want to get near where we're the poor because cultural. And it definitely got to try. You know Angela pressure Porsche 20 and then the two cards on the Gergen warmed. You can pressure on the war warm up their pressure so. One why not why why why don't you know I feel like we could proportional. We could afford maybe it'll Arab drawl. Iger Elisa that was one thing I picked up on as well as we know we heard Belichick actually telling him you know we're not get tomb with four we got to add more pressure and they had a little bit of success there. Once they did that but that was back the Belichick doesn't. So what did Belichick wait that late in the game actually Dylan maybe go to that church a little bit of responsibility when they held the we have a different price pressure awful you do you don't get broken foot nine and wanted to get to the pressure. I really do reiterate we have a caller who's actually at the at the break you do in Philadelphia gonna get in next we have take a break so Kyle I don't I don't know that's upgrades account I count the Tug of like three more Beers out and Dan in real quick Foreman yeah. Before we go into the return. But what it cost Jordan Clarkson in hiring in juniors to the caps. Lakers says the deal only fair to. Yeah us so we got what's idea that she got Jordan clocks and he's going over the Cleveland that we got Larry Nance Julia that and son that he's going to cut the Cleveland to we don't know what this and that'll allow allow it but they will I go. We'll figure out how we got the same page will be good bad or video with a prodigy is very dark coming up as well action.