The Hot Stove Second 2-7-18

Mut at Night
Wednesday, February 7th

Mut and Rob Bradford take the appropriate amount of time to talk about the Red Sox lack of moves in the free agent market. We also get Rob's take on the report that J.D. Martinez is "fed up" with the Red Sox, and we talk a little of Mookie Betts arbitration. We fit a lot into a second.


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I'm Monday night's fourth idea WEEI 930. Five. And actually at the time we're gonna do a couple of minutes on JD Martinez. We'll JD Martinez's route and news rob Bob nightingale. Suggesting that JD Martinez who is still yes they freeagent. Is Alan discussing a short term deals but also long term offers width. The Arizona Diamondbacks. So the back and forth goes earlier today there was speculation he was upset by the Red Sox five year 25 million dollar offer. Quickly the or agent Scott Boras said now he's really not said. He's in Wednesday's all good and now he's apparently negotiating with the Diamondbacks series short time now to explain to us. What does dog JD Martinez in 32101. Evolved and report this case now back to these Butler called six once I'm skeptical that. Loss to our reports are coming out in Arizona reported him up on nine yields and Diamondbacks negotiate when him. Which comes after Bob nightingale a report that the only other offer was a one year offer from the Diamondbacks are clearly some from move. Got a got tonight say listen or or may be bored I mean boards also mean it's. That's probably more likely scenarios analysts we yet we also have a multiyear offer them. Again not sell to me after the Rosenthal thing yesterday. Insinuating that you know there this say they're frustrated area in mad at the Red Sox. Then to me is that. I keep coming back to a he switched agents at the end of the Nazis at the end of the season. The longtime agent Bob harper and he switches to Scott force why does he do that because Scott Boras is telling him I am gonna give you this deal. The deal patients to choose got a thirty years old the deal would Jayson Werth got a thirty years called the seven year deal. And does win that deal isn't coming down the pipe. Nobody wants to take it because age eighty Martinez left his agent. For this payday and he's not getting it and beat Boris doesn't want him to take it because that doesn't make him look. So you know that is not a big big factor in this at all thank you because otherwise. Hey you know what five years 125 million whatever it's good enough deal would be the biggest feels offseason. So they can sit we have Tristan yeah this dude a lot of people are interested look at the phone lines are lighting up. Look at that's what I'm like the fact that the it's just hard it is very hard right now it's not just the patriots. But it's the reality that this Red Sox team even it at this point even if they get JD Martinez they're probably somewhere in the 85 to ninety win range. With JD Martinez I would speculate they're probably deal between the 7984. Were in range without so it's that they're gonna be what they're going to be. But they just beat the anticipation for what ever they're going to be. Even that's not there L between the young players the people already seen either said Adam gave you what he is there the lack of personality. They even signed JD Martinez now. That is so not sure it's gonna be able to help in presenting on a visit on the out party for no that is wasn't going to be the deal a look at a big deal couple months ago. Yeah I think all of this is what baseball screwed up is because December they own December once again in January that's football time. And now okay we're sitting here on February it was a six yeah upriver seven Perry's seventh. You David for the NBA trade deadline. And and that the reason I think you Judy martz used to have had a little bit attraction today was because you had someone saying oh. You know we don't like the red side you know visit with some drama involved but David Price was down there yesterday. Stocks for the first time and no one cared. Nobody cared. Read our doctor drew upon grants a lot of people cared no one cares about that pipe does have a job LBJ deals news came about the same time. But so but I think you're right but did the is has board fraction of more buzz and actually him sign once he signs you're right. There's going to be. It is clear exactly a long time for this team to get traction so it's it's funny I just we did the 2018 schedule. You can now print out the PDF and held a game level there and it's lieutenant Watson sat look at it during the break in I'm thinking all right so. April's loss may. Celtics are playing in early June. Like around July fail and so on July exports it which is normally where. Other cities eggs or look at baseball coach alive for a barbecue baseball where the Red Sox. That's that's twelve to criticize another jumping in. At the skirt or lots of warm up I'll sure why are no doubt so if you take a look at that schedule of you take a look at the Red Sox at all. They go that wasn't the you talk about a team is gonna have an uphill battle. Is is that schedule and on this Paloma now. But that schedule has. It's the throughout a room on archer. I have but that threw that schedule. Allies you have Tampa I'm glad I taught at camp begin we're not we're not gonna really do read and I know I have it I I don't know an arbiter make a point. You have a West Coast. Trip which no one watches Nolan. Some people it's also for interest look at intraday I'm not going to win loss when Los. No but if you have you have yes you won Yankee series but you have a West Coast trip you have camping games a budget can't be games. It is not an interesting month to kick off the year and opulence is the name nor run. Exactly hey it's the NN BA playoffs are underway. June. It's like July late building or play the naps in July the Yankees on July 1 okay so it's of season's halfway over. And Red Sox fans are gonna they look up and now of course he was five games under. Forget it it's going to be worse than last year from interest and figure remember 2013 that team didn't gain traction until August and was. Was August right five months and that was a good team. You really yep but no what no one body into them know you gotta kinda get the same vibe now. I got a very big Red Sox going erratic ready pot the hot still okay is wrapping up your match in New York combat. Yesterday world watches this show paired I don't know I would. I don't people obviously there's a vision doctor do you met hot iron that guess what I do care is guess is that the Red Sox through the team all of listening to you may. I Claire you're paying attention. Net acres we call them when you look at me and what do you. Why I heard that last week publicly backed little at a wider landing caramel keep that feeling of being. So what is actually that you were two and a half. He thinks he's heard Ali center app whenever. They didn't deal remove purchasing history agency too worked up over like dollars. It was like this should get at any imports are that he'll go forward I mean it will be. I can't keep that's a negotiating actually the most the other way or right in the psyche which ever they hold down discounts tree here. An Audi guys in debt at about arbitration hearing and still subtle long term deal with the team out again what's really that concerned about now baseball's a fickle mistress.