OMF - Stephen A. Smith says race played a role in Malcolm Butler's benching, 2-7-2018

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Wednesday, February 7th

HOUR 3 - Christian rants against early dismissals from school on snowy days. Chris Ballard says the Patriots-Colts rivalry is back on. Stephen A. Smith thinks that Malcolm Butler was benched because he is an African American.


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On him when he. Beach Fort Wayne. And moaning and forty what percentage of the blame goes to Brady and what percentage is about 100%. To top right. Tom Brady was the go who made the big blunder that cost in the game I don't give me give you all the 505 yards. It's about points Tom Brady had a couple while low earth couple puff ball would nobody around the defenders do because what's already cashed it all. With Ku and mu and Christian stunner Patriots offense a quarter Josh McNeil decided not to accept the colts head coaching job at you'll remain with New England at. Sources told ESPN I'm not even with the easy it's because the low down no good move on my. Imagine that you convince guys to sign their you don't pick moved kind of south yes plus a million. And that would that would Jack move that stuff the boom that's a slide beat we will Josh make and then you move leaders pushed back. Yeah. It okay. I. On Sports Radio WEEI. It's usually via sleazy SCSI when was that mcdaniels was a break I got. Brady apparently sucks he's awfully terrible. And it's always fall so a lot I've I've had my first question before we get that back into this again is it if so we've done now wants don't do enough on its own thing. Believe. There early early dismissal over I got a call earlier as opposed to go home early. Fraudulent this for us this morning I can tell you this did you have a a nice little cushy commute in on some of which I have because you know yeah he picked you what little over vigilant you know so well I completely South Shore and usually it's not fun you know. Today it was with the Brees rightfully get here with twelve minutes it was unbelievable so what people do when new England and await word in Atlanta when Dallas. They announced that there's gonna be two to four inches but nobody goes to free can work. I would be honest to do so it yesterday when in the Malcolm but post game then the news and Joshua Davis came out I went dark. There's a new were dark and knew that that was it right besides I need to know organs and all got drove in the and it wasn't traffic anywhere in my. It's why he's so fast I was asked to my business up because it was snowing. It was it wasn't bad at all those building a road crews got here in Utah remote to before and supposedly. These posts is that results. And then why would you want to since schools wild syndicate home early but while you keep the leaked like the yeah. Well good polo as lately I Casey. Well wait until you get the best Zalmay topic edit sorry I know you drop your kids off at school and tell you everybody has to go to work you. Probably not until later in the afternoon. To let you know you gotta come back again it's two hours. Why they keep them act what they say you'll meet you want I want to observes that's now I have known that trying to Donnelly early and forget about the learning process. Keep the leader a lot when we get home from orbit could not everybody has the elderly the shape and get home early it sounds like the household has got the continent have got to. I believe there I think people in the dark got the snow and I was out driving I was like users like isn't assembly you know I had no idea so. Hard that's a regular like they had in Hawaii that was an army whatever yeah I didn't Randall it was in New York yeah that's right and another one so I went. We do drive home tonight you stop by there will be no middle of the new law nowhere to be don't read it's. All we do this every free agents don't want Mullen agency no cause. It's just snow and it's going to be hard to get home. So could pick your kid out. You think it's fair and I you do a little extra credit for me right spent the Mac. Imagine but the patient is up and fifty. So eight this is red white and I and a nice dinner you've got it has now they can only their phones now here's here's a bit. My best story of the day NFL network's Mike careful. He reported on the NFL network's good morning football. That make Daniels Josh McDaniels agent Bob LaMont today. I told Daniels he's making perhaps the biggest professional mistake of his core reader by backing out of the colts up at this point. According to sources informed of the talks between mcdaniels and his agent arm of the agents really cut the mix of it. Because he's also the agent for Chris Allen who's the general manager. Of the Indianapolis guys don't make little money so he made a little blame off of off of him right there and funny draft commission exactly and now the commission drops because mcdaniels is making. For less apple does it when you're agent tells you this is the worst. Decision. Well you've ever I don't think they're the only easily when it thinks that. I mean you know army where do you think Friday night I think the only one it benefits right now. Is the New England Patriots is they get a damn good offensive core I turned down a lot more money that three times as much twice as much who knows how much he didn't immediately turn now what seven out there right. Around the league right now it probably got a cool offer few years you would never say never. But he should be difficult. For a team to trust Josh McDaniels right tiring him out once it has that I wanted in duplicate. I don't think that's far off. No I think the only one that wins and all of this right now is the New England Patriots make Daniels may feel great about it because this is where you wanted to date. But he's the offensive coordinator chuck gonna be the head coach is story that it that is that is going around out here that this helps you did Bill Belichick is going to leave. AA is simply not gonna happen Chris Ballard had an 11 o'clock press conference because apparently they had the room already booked an advance and they had to. Not only that it's an Irish are being heard I had a the united offers and mcdaniels also removed if you want anyone to do that bill press bombers now so we'll go now. So so this is that the ballot as he started he talked about other things but this is him talking about the only Daniels. We were disappointed. And question where we were disappointed and surprised. We agreed to contract terms. We had an agreement in place. We followed all the rules did everything right to interviews. Both up. I went very well very confident. That we were. Going in the right direction very confident Monday evening and Tuesday morning and as you can see we had a plan in place as we made announcement that. Josh is gonna be our head football coach. I got a call Tuesday evening saying he had decided to. He changed his mind you was going in a different direction. And at that point. And formed our owner. We informed you all aware we were going and we'll keep moving forward. Yeah you uniformed your owner who instantly would look for his Reid gave illustrates the. Okay. Ultimately it didn't and it sort of everything Hillary had a loved one but yeah. And so soon there. Horn on this emotional speech and you know even if you haven't appalled when he went on this emotional speech about. This is what makes the NFL Rangers felt like I was like. I want you don't. That this makes the holy hell great yes I a lot of guys stiffed you so wealthy got all. It's a right to the end of money money cut the money cut Charlotte fast fortunately for the departure. Just call me lazy he's not coming I don't I don't feel. I don't. I had no idea. People make decisions people kill people know every day that don't even though every day. And that's his prerogative and that's his choice and he he chose the path you chose not to be in an ample scope that's okay we'll move forward. Investors. I don't acknowledge that. The rivalry is back on. Do you. Yeah whole trial thing I love Diane. It's it's. Yeah I don't know I just yeah. Auto away look away from the Mikey came back because he had to leave you would this Chia wa. While this goes to our earlier discussion about the rivalry that is cute couple numbers about this run average of editors for all of these Tutsis have completed past two years it's amazing to think I cannot play in the past two years they think it's arrived on it happens that the last time it Andrew Luck loss of Broderick is your. Quarterback Peyton Manning that are very when he left. It was all years ago yet he took rock rivalry with them because it was competitive we know what to do you it was back and forth. Haven't played the last two years New England is 22 and seven. In the prior twenty years. Of these games what do you do with me that that's what will make many. A senate bills that took 2010. And everyone's been promised around the efforts final score Neuman was 41 eating apples when he threw it there it's not even close blood. And I did it took his acting like he's taken idol he's tried really ours now. But you can hear his voice how pissed off he is how we feel like he's got screwed multiple ways and twice on sun right now. Everybody in the east as in your division jets buffalo Miami big rivalry Pittsburgh big rivalry Baltimore big robbery. Houston bagel and Jacksonville now is yes Denver that is us into city is. Like how Arnold nonetheless actually talking you don't even use and I don't know how. Right you'll typically Tennessee Houston. Is a maverick yeah they don't everyone is drawn to this politically vote but put his camera system. Not in this or let them play they don't let them play them Cisco this is not gonna create a ripple of emotion I would say this they're the two teams are playing next season rivalries back. It didn't if they were playing like oil stadium. Then there would be a new route out loud blue to Josh McDaniels and before the game penalty tonight right exactly. That would be added they booed him out the system can follow that. He's walking on the side and nobody does don't always directed towards. It's it's it's I backed in a phone calls we go to his eight what's up. Am OK yeah he's. Okay got a couple questions are Judas if you look at. Of Belichick's audio work he's been a career and get ready guys. Well but he shouldn't wait in Sao. These guys except operate are correct correct. OK so let's review what you know. All we know basically for some reason. It shored up we'll Belichick about it I'm not gonna play you I can fool the world to work out Q could not the greatest quarterback all I'm. If at all possible that ought correct. Since with a rational sports winning a not about sitting here trying to pound your chest that would ego say I can go away from. Let limited and its support. Its feet. And so the corner entry port Malcolm Butler idiot that sort of quarter. Indicate may big game winning interception. In it that way. Then basically what it looks like he's ballots checked all of main. Colts a world Czech Malcolm Butler quote on the two we can't ending with Opel when it. No it looks like a coach who pushed the right button at the right time and go right player in. How may help bloody. No couldn't and look like why he's playing again and again and what and that all. Windowless. Unruly. Looks like he say that day Belichick got. And now I don't. I think it has zero to do that I think is first off if that happens every now Joseph went out Archuleta is only movie but it is realize out in the third quarter and plays in the win the initial report is what did he do to get suspended. The race for first half right. Then we find out that it wasn't that this was the game plan that we just thought rose a better matchup because the size or whatever and then we'll all sit there and say yes and bill does not build us that was your original game plan but as I don't agree with not starting him but. He saw that that wasn't working and he made the adjustment is that Malcolm go. So that's the discussion this isn't pilgrims staged at. And didn't didn't Malcolm's group that played practice at Malcolm go play he screwed up I did right here's a look at that play. So I gonna cost McCain that they got screwed up only six people learn about it I make a mistake to six of the place some people which you know grow up and then they get. There's that they veterans go back to look a day or two's a lot of things said Monday a lot of opinion Monday about Butler being suspended or doing something. You know Ian Rapoport and Sally he's director of the people that said he missed curfew and weed and everything else is involved. But you heard from from guys right you heard an early Rob Ninkovich was on a topic they call concede and do TV. In their responses I'd be tested both guys. I'd be pissed that Malcolm for doing something that got him benched or suspended for game whatever was. I'd be probably I'd be pistol tested bill for being stubborn and not thrown his diet is I wanna win this damn game. Now when you look back at that and you find out that Malcolm didn't do anything off the field. To give himself benched. He's still mad at Malcolm. Of some of that the well women and I look at bill and now you even. But you know more mad and don't affected Bill Belichick did not play Malcolm Butler and his game or giveaway eminent. Did Malcolm do what he was supposed to do his job during the course of the week that if you. Look you follow that if you're working with somebody don't want these and and one of your Carlos is not prepared for the showers don't work. Go to another crooked person gives you guys have a bad week of practice and play that if I you know I think the Philly coaches actually talked about them having a bad ass off today when I slide he's slot guys need all the time OK they see guys. Bad practices and he played during the week. I'm telling you your player those guys Hillary's weather appears that Malcolm does that put him in the situation to get advanced now you find out that he didn't didn't miss curfew. He didn't break any rules he'd get caught with weed in a win in his role. He just build just felt like the other guys that a better position to win that can help win more. Now what you're playing now what you don't buy that. It pays the bill well there might be some guys listed I would think it might lot of guys in my village guys that watch practice during the course of the week and said it'll really bad there isn't really all our county did all glad I've seen guys have bad weeks of practices and still play only might it does now have weeks of practice simply put you. They've seen it all eventually Malcolm during the course of this. Like slowly during the week and running it all and seeing guys played great template internal week played bad on Sunday these guys they battle week there's one thing I Sunday appears to want to guideline is the wanting to do. Isabel check is not gonna talk about this so if we're to talk about it and it's gonna continue want it linger is a story. But dollar cheque order came out said it wasn't a discipline thing. I so clearly it's backed up now by Malcolm and I don't blame him for coming out and saying the exact same thing. So eight. But do you believe that don't check is going to expound on the story that is gonna be more now he's gonna say. Are intelligent. Our senate party senator you're gonna have to put it all I had to not have this problem and how it's gonna have to come from Malcolm's camp. Are you guys. Nobody is above welcome more Agile as you know Malcolm's I mean I don't I don't yet he's not knowing who the terribly that he does and makes its deadline from another planet and you'll another time that's a plain old time you explain some intensity activities nobody else who was there because his whole incident posed it really time will widen play. The dual the indication you get from him. I saw quite simply because he's like he's bombing as you know the atrocity use your words he's actually talk to him. No it isn't he cursed. And is that you still are sorry that my use of the word but that's the word when you hear that I'll Betty you know networks word leaked that. I'm telling you that's a word. Let's go to Mike Mike's in a month I'll go ahead Mike. And fellows look I'm not accustomed to the public speaking image to America personal there would be here to remember all the seem to exactly know the language that's what I'm certain so back in the day they change they faced very. Traded Jimmy because the craps and look we kind of wanted to keep. Tom so you know do what you have to do so still says well. Those are your people are gonna make football decisions outside an okay by Jimmy sometime between then and and the super ball. Jonathan Kraft says to bill look you know we like to bulk purchasing what you can do maybe you could keep him. And bill fortunes switch and signal that it. You people gonna make football decisions on here's your super blow to enjoy it alone though and what you gonna fine. Is that why you assume that the reason well one more and I'll shut the most news from. The reason that debt Josh is still here this is Jonathan Kraft is gonna fire bill bill adjusts. And Josh is going to be your head coaches. Okay it'll make for a nice little short story and if you could expand it. Into a a movie but it is. And I knew we. How hot out of it that's why hide the out of Iowa and I don't know and uncle Tom Jackson it has vehicle ahead. The game and you've got no idea where you're talking about eight vehicles. Things Jimmy go wrong Apple Store I'm not bind has anything to do with the decision that Bill Belichick made. John lives in Ireland and I haven't dropped a lot of jump the craft is saying that the Bill Belichick Bill Belichick gets out. And walks out. He takes a job somewhere else okay somewhere elsewhere than other demon deacons backing Mitchell pat. It's put this meticulous. This is what people are doing its contract it's the ego it's Jimmy go grapple it's you know Guerrero. Some singles it's on those amounts and there isn't some tension with. These were a little garden but how that relates to Bill Allen checked. Screwing up but not applying Malcolm Butler is game on Sunday makes zero sense like you that we talked. I and it's. Absolutely you know we've always. Been through like here in the water from rivers you like that scenario in my got to carry more. On figured it would need to carry more he carries but he Egypt yet neither are nations back in Garrett Internet revolution started revolution. Nobody puts christianity in the corner and he run I don't want to make nobody tells people to do Lou I do what I wanna do. I wanna say I don't think I stated its board waiver Loney and forty. Our Sports Radio. Suddenly taught this as an age but let's commitment is an issue. We've been hurt mom lives about how he couldn't stay alt though we need to. Sadly this isn't new. Any report work this all couldn't count the amount of times I've been organization of coach all bowl never failed or the African American athlete under the boss. We questionable decisions that may in an effort to cover this you know what. Want to feel decisions that only one cent to bock bock or field that is camouflage is being detrimental to the team. What's bad and all of this is that no that's that should never be necessary when it comes to anything associated with Bill Belichick. Although he said nothing publicly of course all of this noise about Butler came from somewhere. And there's no excuse for it that game change. Unfortunately. It's no surprise. You know why. Because in that parents. Are there goes Steve and I spent tossing in the Rose Garden to that was that's a damn shift Stephen A Smith and 98% of that statement it was a 100% correct. Why you do include African American athlete is beyond me doesn't matter what color doesn't matter what color he is Stephen. No matter doesn't matter at all of African American happily. The gives buried on the way out the door it's all every all of duke so the match he ever say it all because he's black. Just did based artist and anyone who's this level crude Hoover bashing Obama who is bashing of it who's. Who started the rumors some fantasy football guys random dude it's a bit random guys at bill's guys yeah like leak and at this. Obama is more does that he's protecting if it is true he could easily Bassett nobody's bashing him. Random guys on Twitter guys look no blue checked mark. Are calling him out. But it has to be the fact draw and other African American is being bass on the way out the door. Not sure it doesn't matter if it was a white quarterback obviously with the white people white quarterback. Who's the last guy decency Jason and see it hardens with a lot of the youngest ever to change our signal or they'll have to got to know. Adult adamant was a Corning has a slot Laura's account well they don't count. Here's Smith out of Minnesota must act now it doesn't matter right but it's wide receivers give me a line that you need a running back kidney a quarterback. Outfit core white court it gets bashed more than it. I'd everybody like Tyler Sagan show like I know castle I know we can't speak we're worth worth three. What counts here. We can't speak for firfer about it or I can Uganda if you one point three need better data on economic data paint after it to ask don't speak for the white guy here and my own self to note the white guy. What upsets. The white guy when you do something like that is that your forcing race into an issue where it doesn't exist. And there are enough issues out there in instances. Where race does play a poured into it where you have a legitimate gripe. But Stephen I. You lose some of the white guys out here when you sit there and you force the card on to the table. When it shouldn't be on the table in in this case there's no reason for it to be on the table and elation and give us. Evidence here that they purposely did it to target a black guy. Then he got nothing and so what should always use kind of get to the point where. We become numb to all of this whole theory goes again throw it out parades part of whatever. And you lose the effectiveness. When you really have and really our major issue exists there that deals with race. With a. That's what you do sums of I now that's what I just am I right they feel like there's no. Sized vehicle like Atlanta is a guy who can speak with multi every day for you. Okay you personally I'd either patronize your good and evil libraries and pick Eddie picket collar rat I was ready Swedish why don't you ran out peacefully or lack it was like this those weeks or determine the only novels and I just get tired of it. I. I get tired of guys like Stephen A Smith. Using it as an example off here is enough and got another whine cry wolf cry wolf that's what it becomes the that the rumors that are being released. And now we're trying to do is figuring out trying to connect the dots lead active may need to open here trying to get answers trying to solve the case. That fits so because what's up like this happens usually. It's for a specific reason there is some sort of curfew issue there is some guys there is some sort of fight between yeah that's what it is. Something else so because why would you take what are your best quarterbacks Asian side and on the back up. Why why would you why would you promote and every right to posting is absolutely nothing. Eating do anything so he writes that people say well you know do you believe what you believe that can't be true but it Tom Brady posts on. Dogs little bit locked appreciate you as a team in a friend. Talking about did you believe Malcolm Butler that he and mr. Fehr being go to that concert well I think it caught with a week. Yeah I don't think there's a big if so there's pictures of a crap about ticket obvious wrote last last night. So much guys that you tell me with all the fans of all the page your fans out there he was at a concert. Pulled him you know hold his drink up the red Solo Cup is on the some might not get a have a picture I've never seen knuckleballer but he just said this let's send it out. No there's no way he would he would risk. You know be in exposed. Or X or being a liar and he what he did it. Really stupid this photo I don't understand though we're came from night that win world sitting trying to figure out what happen. And then you have people out there on social media popping up when you guys senate maybe a credible guys. But the throwing stuff out the Daily Mail a lot of times they're right about that we read some stuff off their at their site yesterday. You start to show the stuff because it doesn't make sense it. Basically loses on that stuff out and David believe right but I heard he missed her few minutes. Is it was one of the options went like that was reinvent the wheel here is one of the things that could have bad people that he believes alliger I don't believe about it that was believed to have seen Anderson. She she's always there right sideline in governance genius here and she said to treat this element ago by the way I spoke to two patriot players. Who told me dating scene Malcolm Butler struggling in practice there a point of ward benching Butler on defense the whole Super Bowl in their minds there was nothing they could call that stood out. Either of them. That bad at all. I can't doesn't surprise me I'm not sure that. Players would want. Who really destroyed his catered to it seems to be very likable. But it's numbering thing yesterday I thought this isn't players Whitney now works as these there aren't you know. No and put their names to. When you get the truth you get the truth if they recorded a lighter note that I don't want a government I I don't look in practice but I don't know what is going on right contests. But that was going on right. I. Yeah well as I do you find out the truth I names are put on it. If it came and said that Devin according never said he never saw the sale rookie Devin may be just cover offers but when you get reports in two major players and I talked to. One put their name on. Well dateline or the only people it and we were talking about it earlier that it pressure brought to us. The guys that would know would be defensive backs so are we talking about offensive linemen not likely to talk as you know. Is it. Elicit video is don't they have announced they don't totally know they like two players that means is also a native of Fleming was friends with Butler and they hung out the wives girlfriends and they were bitching and complaining. You know while they're at dinner or something like that you know and an Internet system sympathetic ears but otherwise I'll let the linemen they're not you don't have a clue. But I don't eat finally wore abducted data should talk to Joseph Toomey you know I don't know what they're nickname. And he's done an article but I but I am a huge chuckled well you by the doctor I highly doubt whether or date that would be more credit so while I think that I was still there offensive lineman I assume their defense to play well that's my table while why do we assume that these guys it is you know covering for him in mind and just trying to support him. While with the toe on the truth. Let's say it's sort of flat out like listen this guy is full of look at fought a good note that could easily be tell that they're not swayed by anything other than what I tell them. You did nothing wrong you practice players right now probably sit at home goal I don't know why he didn't play even asked the coach. I wish I didn't know just like they didn't Seattle two years ago when is that once you run the football I don't know we got to last the coach. I think because of CNN Allen at the longer. The only issue that being the only way out to the main way. That guys lose focus and get preoccupied. They have like a death in the family something going on home that's taken your attention. Being sick. Doesn't force you lose. Lose focus getting the flu in the recovery in the flu you maybe a little bit slower right but you might still working. So I mean so at any chalk it up bill of doubts and hospital in not a house where miss a flight suit of a recent board. But just like Brady was able to be like doubtful at three cut his hand. On Wednesday. By Sunday he was like well you know good parts or your limiting all of the things that it probably isn't he still haven't told me. Why do would not play because why do you deeply. I told you just don't want none Obama asking him a few birdies and your piece but you've. I don't know. I I don't get out of action I don't know like as a matter to them because I mean I don't have to give you cancer I don't know. Trust is to be an issue but it's not enough. Because if you trust me you sure as hell shouldn't keep trusting the other guys you got out there. So why why why harboring this that he did grudge against Malcom Butler. And after I'm getting smoked. Left it weak it was on Monday we list all the numbers on third down efficiency. Their targets. I give our best Smith to Jack for twelve all of them. The aggressor and they throw on first down the amid a third down everything. And then a case I don't trust you but damn I I I put my trust of these other guys but you know I take a month. It just doesn't make sense addiction question I. Don't know Greg thanks for taking a stance 617777. 37. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after they show back bloomer Loney. Moved back to more importantly we're blowing at 48 right now fox Sports Radio. Actually locked up I did not enough rule. One that campus up ESP and did not enough rules for me a lot of black athletes. That ought thought that we have been let go what but that it happened to them. They come to the older that all people committed to bet that every five doubt that stuff that's been put out the hip op got them to jump up spot. That ill treatment that they have receipt. Just wanted to send us if we go the word black or African are started through him riled athletes get trashed everywhere we felt fallout could have. Yep but he's been pointing that it's happening to African American athletes he's pointed back to Belichick and somebody's leaking and and it licking it because he just happens to be African American OK go back to those sources yeah idea that these guys football outsiders are Belichick's. Source. That is down my line I'm not buying. Any of that. Does it get away with forty gotten that. Yeah I do and you know I. Totally Geary. What seven to sentiments that you use about Malcolm. In equity group that is. Yeah actually recommend to where did you go back to ashes and although. It wasn't him. Would decide to cover Julio Jones that would a lot of it was actually. Whatever role. The image that was just that was the way it always. Wouldn't say it is what little. Yeah I hit a network and inequitable. Leading drug unstoppable early in the in the Sprint Cup. Would winning get to 2880. You have only got to get relief we look at that guy Gabriel. And that would change right. Committed a penalty like in that it can't. Are on the same. Maybe. I I thought you remember I thought Iraq you can create him for a called strike it never happened I think it telecheck respected him and up and we will you know. I'd like to get up and warn him. But and he figured out that the confidence in him but he he would have had. Right in the eighties are anticipating him too well I can't let no goal because it's. We're credit binge in what we are that old saying about that and were like I got a little quickly display a 88 under the Iraq eight. And that they'll quarterbacks. Which. Of those eight video we QBs were thrown seven TDs and indicate. Tool that would still boy what are the true reason the other guy. Oh my god oh yeah Al K. Nobody nobody can. Is precisely aired tricky. Oh Tom Brady Pluto and here we have we do not have coffee makes sure he. Did warn people in the future no more trivia questions Jerry's and hagel on Jerry. Cabinets allies. How much it slows sailor it's not the first time America that he got out receivable lots ever sell. 070 that it didn't do you know what this time I see you know we had a Khaleda frustrating like I want every day lets you might point. I get I think it's we already I don't get not anecdotally we snapped Gary knows. I got Belichick's here's our heroic to better match up you know we you gain east never in China Caremark they're a balanced. And I think those guys game planned a waste of what came out a mart receipt you know out John Gilligan now they went out and leaking well kind of turned out. It is it's. Eight edged out John that they know we know. Are you pretending like it worked. Al well at every night I'd heard some analyst bill why didn't make it. They just put. Why don't let but did question we all have so I cherries why didn't he changeup altered during the game I think we always. Sit here and compliment Belichick the adjustments that he makes. And that is cordon is made during the course of the game. As the game's progressing on why didn't he play him later on still didn't trust them that's the only thing that Gundy he was afraid to put him in that game the system because I can understand looking at the same from the get go. Relevant to go throw more physical bigger guy medical throw. But then as the game progresses on and not getting the job done. You don't Alter the game plan may not to me doesn't make any sense I here's Carlton in Tampa Carlton. Shannon Sharpe on undisputed good morning then. That they only political due to additional arrests. That. What happened. It's all hung up on me and I'd never column back again. It's a good look here but I think is upon us. I look at the okay give me cart Blanche on Asia if you guys won't. And you know I'm fine without my friend who came to even think what. Arnold came. And I went. Nine people with Sebastien are you now he's now let's exist out at Kansas lines and call to go. And I'll tomorrow all I got one minute you know roles that you're down to 42 seconds golf. I. I think and it could. And opening day. Whale tail. You can. Don't we if we squeezed out right now the tolerant and radio row and Minneapolis. There he conditional only two hours. Rightly it it's like what we listens to do it nobody knows he has to take found no evidence that they're talking to our week we get higher. Ratings in one market than they do in the most solutions to across the country but I do love a Carlton. Formerly of the normal. He he at least understands how you do you just don't drop the entire F includes I I say I usually go out and ultimate and most evil I don't know because senators generals are able word out to his credit as he went right to see and show he's point was he didn't parliament on Hannity ghost protocol. Now called out as Oscar. Yeah here's here's Matt RI meant. And the guys. Quick question we do we know whether or not Jim Irsay has woken up from the lap and there are even arm and you've got a new but gosh McDaniel. Yeah the action on how long the next vendor will be. And he's not a better right now they Tuesday night at Yankee Kelly fell off the wagon is that right fall off the ride or start drinking again. I. You're back on the wagon were you also sobriety and fell off the wagon yet somebody get in my briefcase. And you know look reach it is all about the good silverlight yet but it line. All the fun stuff but it is on the job about labor hours it's the I Joseph the car jumped. There. Hello Joseph Joseph low idea that you're probably gone. And we're gonna. I let it is and how you say it's not you know your your coats there are telling you. He did not put it in you said you know you want to get it done it and done it. Butler did not have a chance to get it done in the game Belichick should give you look at it though the game it does not work out. Our house but then and get it done it's all ego or stubborn as. I don't believe that general police did I. I know you don't I just got I don't believe it no less stubbornness my plane of the governor is different than ego stubborn as everybody else. Similar I don't know it is hard he may have to argue. It. Governor you know we got into it and I don't know yet I don't know Christian didn't have one of the coolest did not go along without owning one almost did have a clue. But I'll the tell I don't. Believe it's I don't believe it's ego. I don't believe it's a group Jimmie to Rob Lowe he's pissed to craft and I'm sticking it to him or Guerrero or all of the other things to people coming up with today. I truly believe. It in his mind he felt that Eric role was a better option for that game in that game plan. Now why he changeup later on as the game progressed maybe he saw something that I didn't see and that was out rose don't want a better job that he was don't. I don't know having given document. Adam tried and failed. Then you've got to outlets as prime minister tried that I didn't have a job. I said that earlier I said it probably would have been better. For his position today. If he would actually played Malcolm bought flirt and Butler failed in the game then people would have looked at it said our god they also. In in one thing is happening here because everybody is focusing on the Malcolm ball or not playing. That nobody is calling out the rest of the players defensively. The defense was awful it was terrible to give up 42 points and they're kinda getting off the hook here nobody's looking at the guys who actually put what eight. We're talking about the guy didn't like what we're not so everybody all the defensive players to dig. We look at his defense we didn't think it was great. But he took Malcolm Butler and told me he was gonna play and all that I would say now their now they just awful. So you go to guys on your audio moment multiple not play all of it on all of it but. There's a reason why we're talking about it in all mean if you think he's the starting quarterback of pages if Toronto Harmon didn't play at all. I have them according didn't play at all. And they got torched. The gamble gonna talk about ten don't get him out of there within north tune into that room who can then flowers didn't play well but we got a little starter didn't play. Event oil didn't play. There we be talking about why that I didn't play that got treated this good defense we take a big party defense out and you keep torched. That's why you'd start OK so take out for a second that one position that we're talking about when one player played an important position. Look at it is it probably acquisition okay regrettable what's the best what's most important offensive position in the field. In today's NFL I would sit corners on safety yeah. I don't think you don't know you they don't not out of shirts out of the particulates that water going into this yes. Okay now and and you are starting poured in play right so as an effective defense. Corsica Adam and given that you and I just said do you we're never going to don't knuckleball might have gone up there of Nobel checked. Played him and I don't believe it was because it should go or Jimmy got Rob Lowe if you play him. He might have sucked out there we might have incidents at Butler shocked at how but we're not talking about the other players who sucked defensively. Talking about the space sucked. And then get off the hook in this deal because what people are doing is they're blaming it all. On the fact that Malcolm Butler never played we're never gonna know if pot would have made a difference who are quick view I think he would have made a difference I do. But we're never going to know we do know that the guys that were out there stock prices Opteron but I also couldn't do any. I think it's fun it's fun but I I do believe. That defense is work is the units. Especially the secondary. When you Dedham accordion Mitterrand Harmon and when you are you know Patrick Chung and Gilmore you look at out there you used to operating. With a certain personnel. And you were lucky enough to stay healthy for the most part all year long. And this is our defense this is what we do in eagle and a game and you take a piece out of it. For no reason any of us to come up with. Then I think it it affects the entire secondary and maybe the entire. Deep well that might be a stretch but I would agree with you that it certainly. Lends you to to look at this and say how is it that Butler is not a better player than ever grow. But don't bella checked it was a football recent. Why he did it's not because of ego it's not because of grapple and all these idiotic and she's trying to get back crap he's gonna stick it to Brady. Brady had 505 yards but just want lost. So. Yeah I don't that's why he felt this is all. You can you can chip dollar check and say that he may go wrong decision. In football. But any bits of most of them are pretty damn good article was known as we're realize they're pretty damn good but in this case you can argue that point but this the silly ass stupid stuff case is particularly. So okay so he made the wrong decision so what was usually when somebody finds itself and all they stop digging right they try to fix it. And you're telling me that the alternative. The next best option to what you had on the field. Was Malcolm Butler and you seek. Bill now who got them that's what it is so not so online soon so you look behind them a sense of possible. Not I've ever did this. And that to me that's like if I had just being around. A deal Jews left and usually those around I can tell you went zero it's like well I'm not going to last so unlike you who says. Her I don't know I have no clue what I don't know I'm telling you. That he didn't win no trust to secure bail him beyond those found it had to be allowed not an arsenal win even back. That doesn't make sense. That why practice him. While practicing all week. Why why would because you hate me and it flies out of the way he figures out the ball and guys are families recovering all right guys and how bad could it being had to be real bad so just make it numbers of it say under normal practice days and he's yeah hundred wraps this call it a hundred. In the end it soon all you have about 25. That's outlets solid there's not much to get decreased this kind of time you're already kind of doing everything so whatever. Still though OK for me I can't tell managed just trust because. You lost trust so it was and that's how bad it has gotten such a short period of time even though he's practicing. You trusted him enough to still give them breath right. That people don't trust me Arab and I think. You'll get any proper person you're missing the point that he's getting the reps during the course of the week and it could because we're not there we don't know we're simply trying to figure it out a give Lou credit he's taken a stand. And I give myself credit update does and it you're staying out of your Switzerland right I'm us. God was saying that that's what you are on the way I Geithner out yeah there's one more shooter drop. The budget has got to be one more I think all of us are still gonna be just. I'm only going off tweet from Josie and Anderson says two guys that didn't see anything but. You don't believe so that's fun I know I didn't I'm not saying I don't believe her. And I say I don't know who those two players are if there you know offensive linemen different players that may be defense sublime and they don't own. Did the person say you know you know just cannot. I am a little bit well you know I don't know what you I don't you know it and I think I know who won't be as the other guy Nazis they and I know that guy and real soft program. But then the deep. Did practice and it is it possible there's a gold over the game play in this in this is what they run this is so they do the RP of this you have to do and coaches are working with a damaged due on the wrong thing. During the course of that the practices and they are going to go to in this they go oh my god this kid is not picking up what we're doing. I don't know what else it could pay one dollar value jet suddenly did not think I'm stupid would that look like some sort of beat. Exotic defense do you. The adult. It is not gunfire he lying now a lot of the health please don't believe he's in Los at all like he was he was your read on the line you're sitting imam blitzes against Jacksonville blitzes that had to be timed out guessed right. Yeah begin immediately and that aren't working but none of that. Press manned some zone. You're there so maybe this thing going on now for weeks wasn't it was that it does scoop Manningham who had the story that the momentum they were frustrated with the laws that are really listening and it's been a problem Haluska it was they don't know some anyway I actually maybe he learned his lesson. And you got sick. Maybe maybe Europe about that he gets kicked in the stomach amiss if I'm gonna have an opinion I just didn't miss it definitely they have an open you don't want blew up into awareness of the Bruins play golf swings and have an opinion yeah I had a million other. Other article.