Patriots fans seem to think Josh McDaniels staying means Bill Belichick is leaving

Mut at Night
Tuesday, February 6th

Mut and Bradford are talking about Josh McDaniels taking a pass on the head coaching job of the Colts, and they get a lot of calls from listeners who seem to think this move signals that Bill Belichick is choosing to leave the Patriots or Bob Kraft is going to fire him.


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It's really are a busy busy night here lot of night Sports Radio WEP guys in all patriots all the time when all your phone calls all your tweets all the reaction. Not just to Malcolm butler's. Instead brown posted Tom Brady's follow up on that. Which. Somebody suggested on Twitter WE yeah I comment here in fact suggest that I didn't I didn't give it full shrift. The quote from Brady on the answer on account of Malcolm bulb was love you Malcolm you're an incredible player and teammate and friend always. So he was all on Malcolm ball without as the big story in detail. Average after broke the news Josh McDaniels has left the colts the altar he staying with the patriots new deal. Fresh contract he'll be the offensive coordinator next year and by the way grunts how's the broken into as well that too. Any Robert count Ives Rob Gronkowski I was of the Super Bowl on my house Cabrera and greens. Review for not even a blip either they're not want to bullet operator actually believe that was robbing koskie. I probably right. I sound I was well how are they gonna sound like a police report came out yet and they said you nothing literally stolen. I was all set for the show Nightline I was like. I guarantee might lock of the year is within six months Rob Gronkowski sex tape. What would have been that's rabbit and Pamela Anderson down right broken in the house into the safe. Oh boy. You know could be an issue that's that's what happens so we've talked less about gronkowski lot more McCain has tonight been an X where we should talk about for thirty seconds. You look really good you know lost significant weight I'm not saying that the body up on saying that as someone who had an intervention for you on there on the air couple weeks ago. I'm concerned about you both mentally and physically. But it appears the you have he won't voice I heeded your advice but he's scared me straight you look better what are you doing awaken 180 I told me that Rubin knows everyone knows this yes I know you have your two weeks two weeks eighteen pounds. How march 18 good for you actually you look good face looks good. The volatility of faces let's fast or usually says that tapers are 6177797937. Your phone number Louisiana history's next up reacting to. The big news that night Josh McDaniels will stay a Louis. You got to bearish build America man thanks well then sing that I worked real hard smooth solid finish gladly. I knew you when you Luna. Justice small pond appeared to should vote meant. You have perfect he bureaucrat. I didn't go to Brewster academy let it right next liquid decides yes he's got clocked in the Irving apart in the mud. And if I lose what's with the deal. Well I'll go ahead rafts. Belichick isn't going to be around Valentine's Day. You wait wait who is as who it was out. It's about checks on craft wilt said ray uses. I would not be surprise. How well Brady spoke last week in Minneapolis especially about. Craft side deceased wife public role she played as like I would not be surprised if Brady has a percentage 11 and a half percent on where you. And craft while Brady. Brady. This go back to that that's what this image in your man in the morning. He tried to ever since it will depend things straightened out and tell us I'm I'll be back. Really all of your craft made you a great it was you do buy at the end of the Belichick. Sea air and so I'd I'd be heated to Louis U and I'd agree that thank you for the kind words the check is in the mail here is the issue OK so she. I don't think shaft would get this part of what was wrong I just don't heal in this part of story runs in the third paragraph in chapter story on mcdaniels. But Dale's decision to stay could spark speculation perhaps patriots head coach bill Belichick's tenure is about to end. But those close to make Daniels say that is the case according to Mike Reese. The bigger factor mcdaniels is the patriots went addresses future to the past week or so. Didn't Alter aggressively pushed try to entice him to stay had that happen a month ago. Even if there was clarity that Belichick was definitely going to be a coach in 2018. Which he decisively is that's in this story tonight. Mcdaniels might not pursued other head coaching jobs as aggressively as he did so mcdaniels camp when there's mcdaniels family member whatever. They are leaking to show after Rees that they know Belichick's back they've got that assurance. It would make bad make Daniels he Arnold battle around the NFL by quitting on the colts before he got there and have this has been signed deals he looks worse. May not worse but as that if he takes this job says Ono I doubt bill was back then bill gets axed the retiring are all I know. I don't that was the case there is no matter what Williams says no matter where all these people say about you reflected in the deflected here in school systems whenever. The fact is you would die I think absolutely are in lockstep agreement that there is one thing that happened here that Kraft didn't do before. That he did the last two days and that is. Write something in his contract definitively saying. You are going to be the coach after Bilbao a look at the Belichick speculation is there Paul Manchester Greece last caller Paul. Hey ma hey rob I don't know about. A little my son does has fallen by Columbus slowly but. Think Bill Belichick will not be coaching this season and may take awhile before the announcement comes down the road or whatever but I think again. I don't know a mutt mutt but his right I think that. You donate if shaft or doesn't say it if Reese doesn't say the current doesn't say than I I'm way down that road with you all let me ask Paul pulls how does that work is it. Telecheck retires and just as a what a coach they were three walks away after his last game being a game where his coaching decision. Cost his team the crafts are gonna fire him so how how does it happen explaining how it plays out that. Much picture ballot checklist with mcdaniels breathing down his back with all the distractions and questions in non ideological locker Rome. Brady vs. I think it's it's just not gonna work out I think that this the something. Like just. Resignation on builds you know an agreement with the craft to just walk away is as best they can. Well I think that could eventually happen Paul thanks for your call I I don't think that's the crass plan going in but. I think they recognize if you're that tension is there. They now have their head coach in waiting they don't have their guy after Belichick decides Lia today aside and move up from bella check next year. When it contracts up in 2019 or. It the tension gets so bad rob that they they need to have they they needed the next head coach they don't have that guy they have their secession plan they have. The coach in waiting if that tension becomes too much I don't expected to be the plan going in. But they're not gonna lead themselves naked Danica let me just do this month if you had two power ranked the the favorites of the crafts and only UB three games. Brady mcdaniels and Belichick. How would you do it and the crass favorites. Brady. Brady number one. At the right now mcdaniels to yeah object of that sort of what you but he still the head coach he's still he's still the head coach spreads that I think what I'm trying to point out. How much they light beat Daniels and probably it'd be part of liking details is because they're guiding lights beat Daniel so much and that Tom Brady. You put out we talked about this before this is a big win for Tom Brady an enormous way yes because you know if if Tom Brady. Is gonna keep playing we don't know how he would have functioned under shadows today we have we have no idea. And if you get through years down the road and you have screaming arguments on the sideline and Tom Brady Chad O'Shea. Then everything's or out of whack even wore no matter how good Tom Brady's. Bad vols got a story up eggs it's it's lot of it there's no party tell there's no act there's no new news and it it's kind of recap what's happened tonight. Is a good quote with for Brady here. I he writes mcdaniels not Patricia ready when health is the obvious heir to Belichick. He's the offensive guru the one who spends more time in the fall Brady that he does his wife quote he knows me so well Brady said he knows metal look in my face and vice Versa. I communicate with him more than a communique would probably anybody in my life he just recently said that. About Mick Daniels he's the obvious got to take over my my one remaining question last current when he calls at some point hopefully this hour. On. What took them so long. Right why why weren't they more focus the heat Helen wanna be head coach. Did they know that there are so much tension in the building Josh wanted out. And he kept he'd told them no no nobody now recently they are dating game that. Sure Giuliani and well all my guests my guess is Bill Belichick after this this all of the stuff that he probably say you know a lot. That that any aspirations I had to coach for another five years out the window. I I I I conceived my time limit is probably a couple years and that is it as that's the case if he says I am willing to say. I'm coaching for two more years. Then you can put that in Josh McDaniels contract you can go back to him when Barack. That's I think the Bill Belichick Polly went through everything he did at the Super Bowl and everything else and probably today. OK I can do okay admittedly but if portable lead these stories that the patriots are talk loaned me Dana's for the game that happened on sunny it's convenient to say. Malcolm Butler crazy gay you know it was just you Sunday night or Monday morning. That the Belichick they happen but it sounds like they were talking with me right you'll they're even four yeah sure they can be talking to him a bow. The hey we don't leave don't leave was so to be a bunch of money but until they have that hammer of you are going to be the next coach we're gonna put in writing. Then B what else to say that was not Al that's all I figure what I think they went through him and said in a last minute Josh we love you Tom loves you. We don't go to Indy any chance to its day. And he says yen may be the next head coach and they they agreed to do that sweeten a contract thought about money does report tonight Ari was going to be. One of the highest paid head coaches in the NFL so the patriots couldn't match that I imagine. My guess is the assurance was the sweeten Aries you're the head coach and now's enough to make him change his mind the only caveat I have is that. The last couple of hours. He's pour the on the phone talking with says that's my point much is that. There is there would be no way in the last few days that he would be doing what he reportedly had been doing talking to assistance signing up assistance. Acting like a cult the colts coach letting it terrible social media people. Put up press conference he would have never done that if they had that offer the patriots had the offer of saying we are going to put it right there you're going to be the next Soto just tonight. They give that assured it feels that way to make that honesty about that makes some sense because why would he be couple hours ago we make this call. This kid again it can't be money. You know can't be now we just heard was of the tweeting Peter Schrager the NFL right that it was going to be one of the highest head coaches in the NFL these wells a hi Steve. I had a quick question about all of this Belichick talked. April 26 in the draft Lou I think this affects the draft the object of a not one a quarterback Daniels will want a quarterback of the future Ali thank pick and communicate on the draft and who get the draft to. I would say bill is going to be charged the draft assuming he's here. I would say they still lead a quarterback. I'll I. Unless you're in this he readies callers is a dollar check sabotage Super Bowl was sure that Belichick's gonna sabotage the offseason. They will draft a quarterback this year and not one of the long term with. Brady Hoyer is the only two guys yeah third quarterback. Not that it deep dive in the draft though when I was thinking about that they said number I eat you have to make your choice. And if you have to get a quarter regularly you would agree much debate passes draft a quarterback yes. Let's go around with it yet so if you do that how many other holes to they have. We we saw that it exploited on defense particularly yeah I know some guys were hurt but still you gotta use those picks for other positions to do. This is not this is not a turn key situation and this goes to a couple years down the road when Josh McDaniels takes over this team what is he gonna have half. What is he going to have all of Jimmy drop. The trickle trade ballot check for rival like that hobbled that gobbled destroying Brady for drop now. No the 49ers went through his hometown Jack tickets Jack in Georgia says Tom Kern is wrong hijack. They guys say Louis was right in Lou whatever you edit Italian couple points. Does this not remind you of the year 2000. Rhett quote my age might get Dion. With Parcells and Belichick we we just saw the podium there but I yeah you know that would leave it stays in his mind. Now now now let me tell you right now yeah why would why would crack resigning. Gang. And that have yet to that is reported. We may be get because he's talking he's talking a Belichick about me into the offseason. Yeah about that got season now he's got on this and yet that gave. If you don't want or EA take it leave it. I'm certainly very little higher so I took us a look at the dodgy Euro was at that at fox arrow. The Tommy's got wants now here you are so no way to the playbook. Now. Try to act like. It. It's taken to the crowded restaurants you'll legacies now right right Jack you saw Jerry Maguire you know words that follow you are right our IP attack. I like that site are on and get the chicken farm and by the way you're fired the equipment used to the cold. That's exactly what I asked it what's his name Bob sugar takes us through Bob sugar takes you are McGwire to luncheon crowd resident's decision fired yes it's they believe it's really -- that happened tonight. Now of course I'm like dude sounds great look at David the car there's a huge. Huge swell page or pins calling tonight's A Belichick is done including. David in the cargo had game. Okay they read the reason craft will fire. One dollar checks you know what has had been cut off. A great he's in charge making deals taken over Belichick and got one year left he's awaiting duck. He won't wanna be waiting to crack Laats fired him because you don't wanna go to China. So with that it is. Belichick are oh. The back up yet but recently it's all happened. Now check. Benched Malcolm Butler in this in this has got to come out he pitched Malcolm Butler. To rule that he was the man. And when it clocked crack and were a Super Bowl if it didn't cost him a Super Bowl you would escape. It's because they lost. Crafted or eat or look at each other like I thought only. Being that all three of us agreed on would win at all costs where he took less money. Crap what Belichick ordered Reid wanted. Belichick knee jerk to everybody everybody tolerated everybody else when it was a win win win you see it back. Ball and all of a sudden radiant crack each other and go. Pop starlet cease. Every year what you're saying Obama you're right here every year got saying you're the comment line is craft gonna fire Belichick you know eat Kraft is going to tell me not in a contract extension. Reader was Belichick has gone I didn't and it firearm that you fire on these greens where we want you let him resign. Belichick knows that he comes back next year these lame lame lame duck. He's gone he's not he's not coaching we ought to our liking. But the nature no way. But he won't coach this year couldn't what do you and by the way bye to Ryan and Stephen L check the secondary coaches. Good luck to those two guys. Yeah I write and be hired articles that seed that I know that seems like the sexy story line. I'm not buying at this point there's there's too much pro bella checked in the issue after read stories on huge egg in my face or comes out I understand. I just don't doesn't seem like they'll be the play well before the materials news came tomorrow you were talking about this how does Belichick. Is it recovery can seeking recovery is the best coach of all time he'll be okay by. This is not even a question the most divided this this locker mad Kirk had the report I absolutely believe it. It was only backed up by the fact that you have all these guys liking. Malcolm butlers and to Graham and Tweety. So this is this is a challenger Bill Belichick has never faced isn't as they said before this isn't like when he went for a fourth and stereo. And he gets up there is a yard to do I have no apologies and do whatever it takes to win. He can say he'd he's gonna do whatever it takes to win but everyone knows what he did was what it took the win. Every in and to have that caught locker room thinks that way. So this is the hold other thing that we're kind of getting distracted out by the adjustment Daniels brigades in Iraq with the guys that until ten. O'clock then Mallard takes them to Tom from their 6177797937. Hours after Malcolm Butler. Took do social media to say he was not missing curfew all week the Super Bowl. Josh McDaniels tells the cold she does not want to be their head coach he's staying here in New England to be offensive coordinator Tommy card Mike Kris other supporting Bill Belichick. Is going to stay. And the and current and and greasy used the word definitively. Gary back for 2018. We're getting your reaction at 61777979837. Much at night rob Bradford and you. Hoping Tommy Kern calls it at some point. I he's going to be on the air following Celtics basketball NBC sports balls he's reporting and writing on this right now. IP does we'll go right humans but it night's Sports Radio WEP guys just we have. We have some breaking news site is filed with stories. That we can call us at some point that he supports. Steve when he stepped down you mention this during a break rog just happens Steve Wynn has been involved in a bunch of incidents here recently is name has come up with. Some to be mean to accusations he stepped down as CEO Wynn Resorts of course Thursday when casino going up in Everett. Here at some point they'll not be called when casino anymore is my guess. And when he goes that is the bad news there the news tonight is Josh McDaniels is back with the patriots. I was on his way to indeed the press conference scheduled tomorrow for clock instead. He is gonna stay with the patriots were getting your reaction almighty here at 61777979837. Runs and Revere. Iran. And you know a month old government. Well let me remote control situations where. In my mind that this goes back to the couple opening where. I think Billick didn't really take off the crippled resented it. Whom you rented or outlook Brady. And since he was a little kick off in one crucial that he could do things lately. So is that Malcolm. Now book being a good businessman. No limit. He had to get credit growth or prevent it into effect or gradually. This site recovered but I. Made me again but we can't refuse. Yeah. I think that's me the offer here I think the offer was. Long term security and the offer was your gonna be the head coach. In waiting for this team now I convinced by Tommy current reports on us tonight. Has this. Couple paragraphs. Fifteen hours of meetings between Josh McDaniels Bill Belichick Robert Kraft and Jonathan Kraft last few days inspired mcdaniels to leave the Indianapolis Colts at the altar. Mcdaniels will remain as the patriots offensive coordinator. Nobel check will return as head coach in 2018. On the colts went into verbal agreement with the Daniels had begun hiring staff this round and are stunned. But since the patriots loss mcdaniels got clarity of the future plans a bowl Belichick and the patriots organization. From current it can now be presumed mcdaniels will be given primary consideration. As Belichick successor. That wasn't the case they're yelling at that that's at that that that's. That's the money shot right there are no one else reporting it that way car and get sick or got this from somebody good report that he is it's the only thing rob and. Accents and the paragraph after itself the uncertainty in Indy regarding Andrew Luck future is a concern but this was the decision that had more to do with the patriots. And I did the colts but to go back to what you're saying church it's the same thing we survive we are reporting that Tom is. But we surmise which was made made sense yet it was he he can keep going down this road and they say Josh pleased stable pay you more we'll pay you more. But it's not until you actually say. Definitively you are going to be the next coach of this team prior to the regular season. Ending mcdaniels tried to pinpoint the future plans of the team and ballot check. But he didn't get the level clarity you hope for I heard this for a couple of people that he never got any it was when they were talking to him about. Was he gonna be the head coach in waiting what does the future long term and that led to look for a job this year. He goes on to say now declared out of the he has that clarity he's decided to stay even if he gets demolished in the media for the decision. What prompted the patriots richer Americans would stay 600 plus yards of offense in the Super Bowl Brady 505 a so too might have been the realization McCain is going it to we were hoping to take well regarded quarterbacks coach Jerry shall pixels Penske. And perhaps special teams coach Joseph judge that would have meant losing three coordinators Patricia is already gone. And other one of the coaches offensive brains now and again is staying the other two guys day and away you go. That that I I hadn't even considered that which is a dumb why am. But the patriots get three coached by signing one they keep. Scope and skiing they keep judge. They keep McCain as if we say all of this is than ever to about 6 o'clock tonight everything was on route and everything was on yeah traveling. And now you've gone a long way deep to keep it together and and by Tom says in this piece about getting some clarity about the timetable here. And part of this have to be Bill Belichick act. Offering that clarity right. And so that clarity might have emanated from the chaos that happened in his Super Bowl and everything leading up to the Super Bowl you just said hey listen you know what. I am willing to do this for this amount of time and after that you can be the coach Hollis talked to. Michael around San Diego on a Mike. They got out what's on. What we're elegant shape or you release are currently oriented. On the dot quote you know the conspiracy theory that all of it if you got a talk about it will people like yup that's it got ugly. Sure you all heard of often wait here and that normally indicate that the patriot but the simple answer probably what happened right so. It got to vote on global they're when they're saying and you'll be an important that you like way out it. Clarity on the situation a lot in a cure all your all for the rest maybe a year you know along Belichick and hang up or no clarity and that went in you. And to put the restaurant the last few able to find that doubtful on in the into the green and Belichick and that walker got a great relationship with the crap all that other noise out there. I don't love you any other book of article upload great you you know none of you look them up with that in the current morale and adopt a week over a and lead the quick answers out there none the other the firm well. Yeah and I just wonder Michael thanks for the call I wonder if it was so as it is fifteen hours of meetings last two days. Did the patriots. Go to bill and say bill what's your plan. And he said I know all my plan is and that's the I say it was let's say one year two years. And that given the confidence of deal told Josh Robin it was the next head coach in waiting or. Did he say I don't know. And that prompt them to say will we gotta we have to have some sort of plan. If you might just walk away after next law Eleanor if it was the noun or the unknown that led them to what you and I both believe. Essentially named the head coach Duane all of the why I think while I don't know for sure but I think it's a known is because in Tom's story. Warren who was one of the people who are in those meetings Meguid mcdaniels. Is Belichick yes mentioned their craft and bella check meeting with them altogether because it's good just the crafts so yes I think that this was. This was Bill Belichick. Coming to grips with his mortality or what you wanted to do. Probably more than you have rats and and then leading to the decision when we did and the patriots recognizing look we we lost our quarterback in waiting. We all lose our coach in waiting. And they go and get their guy 6177797937. More your phone calls he potential check in with Tommy current if not bother current tomorrow. For a couple of minutes at some point I'm in bed now or hatchet tonight with a big news Josh McDaniels is staying. In new wing led Mott at night's Sports Radio WE yeah. Tell that they started with. Questions about when we hear from Malcolm Butler the patriots about the benching. A Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl now butler's response and it's a gram which are carried to Dave carried this afternoon. And that has been complete afterthought in the last two plus hours at a shaft that broke the news just after 730. That Bill Belichick back. We're back as head coach but Josh McDaniels also back as coordinator this was hours after the colts. I'd send out tweets and social media never press conference tomorrow and streaming deet tails and blah blah blah blah blog planet in order to meet you was out to the mcdaniels said. Was calling assistance this afternoon. About head coaching positions after assistance and already signed deals with the colts. He says thanks but no thanks he'll be back here in New England as the office coordinator Belichick act back as head coach and sounds like couple or systems including Joseph judge also backs so. For a team that was off kilter for a couple days there this'll certainly I think if you assume Belichick's back release one more year. Reestablishing stability for the pats post civil law and my don't you think how went down going off the tone of Tommy current story story. And going through this whole year of Josh McDaniels not knowing that timetable a timeline everything else. He basically said to them hey. If you get serious. They knew come to me you know and say this is what's going to happen when it's going to happen because America have been good said that this morning. And then all of a sudden at 5 o'clock tonight. All right Josh will do it will say that Bill Belichick is coaching acts amount of years and when he finishes you are going to be the coach. Our pro football talk as a story this hour saying why do you patriots offensive coordinator Josh we can decide to remain with the patriots. It's not because head coach Bill Belichick Belichick is retiring. In parentheses they are right he isn't and it's not because the patriots have promised that make me gain as the successor to Belichick whenever he walks away they haven't. They're reporting that other relics reporting them and asking people to use common sense he turned downy head coaching job. Where he'd be one of the highest paid coach in the NFL accorded the NFL network. And in doing so put himself on idol Colonia black list. But it's going to be a very very toxic list he's on now across the NFL while leaving the colts the ultimate like this why would he do that other than it. OK for we're not gonna officially making the success or wink wink nudge nudge you will tackle for Bilbao and they'll what I would be the use common sense folks. What's the reason he would stay besides the Stanley likes it here. The fig about I don't buy that take two seconds. They're never going to admit that this has written into his contract right. Or or that they have a signed piece of paper saying he's differently going to be the next coach they wouldn't do it. They would even say it. They wouldn't say it any way it was desperate because that I no timetable on when bella check is going to go by Belichick doesn't wanna do that at that guess what. It Belichick says next year's it last year. It's a huge. Huge distraction unconventional Brady and Belichick eventually go rob. They all go surprise Leo they'll go where it doesn't get leaked out till towards the end of the year. Bill Belichick is not gonna have a David Ortiz going away party now sat that that's not going to happen so we wanted jarred peanut butter mess he's got a year left on his deal. And I'm not going to be shocked that mcdaniels is coaching his team after that year and Belichick's is after next year bigs regulators think it's after next year not to yours what is Belichick's contract after 2008. After two so yeah I guess I'm with you. So I'm pretty I just I see no I don't and we wish we disagree on is we don't I IE. A boy I don't know why would any other realistic scenario as to why he would leave the colts. As a head coach when he knows only get that second chance one bright and yoga third chance in the NFL you get to you know get three. This scandal very poorly upon mcdaniels league but that is why we don't disagree is because it's only outcome that could be. Plausible we will know it or not we got a million people calling its sights it Belichick being fired a million people saying that. Belichick's resign it would of worked where little white. That he's not going to do this everything else is common sense in what Willie mcinnis says is not common sense it is not all you know what he just like three years so much and who knows maybe next year will get another coaching operative no that is not common sense. Does not make any sense the only path here is what we're saying. We have to be right we are absolutely right. Take it to the board you know good or. Cites a what's the next big story now. Rule both. Odd man aperture I told you great shadow is going to be the colts coach. Would that be gossip that's a terrible. Or outside Terrell Julio next level Bryant floors. Thought I it. Oh that that will be balls. They called Ryan Flores and let him in for in Indianapolis yeah that could be a good story it's for a couple hours. I think we're good the rest of the week nothing else can happen and we are Butler. We got the campus of that is the first two hour stretch in the stations since. Sunday at 10 PM. All Whitman talked about while Malcolm but was benched this very the ball. Stuff and let reset before and that's huge to our huge story it's going to be because you have a clubhouse or locker room divided because of it. By recent as before when a when a New England team loses a championship. People usually wanna move on they wanna forget it it is over and your movement on. This one from the minute one when Malcolm butler's walking out talking to Mike Reese. That this isn't stopped. This is the week crazy the breakdown during the game like who cares who cares about the breakdown of the games. Arts and Josh McDaniels is staying. You'll stay on dolphins coordinator Tommy current reporting to Bill Belichick. Will be back for 2018. I tea called Ledbetter now but they are full falls they had been there. All. All so long all day long if you're on hold stayed there. Bad now is come out take your calls at 617779. 7937. I believe rob you're back tomorrow I am part of the show and fight this now a hot stove segment. Show me you gave me it's gonna rain that time you're driving in second snow Kevin woman with a these guys are freaking out his. Well it's an additional three to five inches of leaves out no matter how much Boston albeit for you grow up aim and our producer tonight who fill loans will run the board tonight the patio or producer bolted guys. Excellent excellent job lot of moving parts lot of different stories breaking and hopeful recovered a mall for you here are on the show Ben hours next to back tomorrow at six and don't forget tomorrow morning Kirk and Callahan. Adam shaft to join the guys at 705. C.