#DORK 50: #DORK Does Radio Row

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, February 6th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey do Super Bowl Radio Row.  Keefe asked important #DORK questions to members of the New England Patriots, Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni, Dave Portnoy (Barstool Sports) and a big time mystery guest from Hollywood, and Davey had to guess their answers.  Plus This Week in #DORK where they address the Billy Mitchell scandal and so much more.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. My head. For the door to. Martinez which cheek if the door Montana that's there is my dorm blog cash. Thanks for turn into another episode of hash tags or my name is rich keep Jordan has always pyrite Davey Davey how were you. The world where we're going on all my goodness you're Chile rural hot after the most recent iTunes review that says you were eight. Quote unquote to work. I've been called a lot of things you have been 36 years and has planted it to where there's never been one of them but that's their latest now IE. While it may not admitted to you at times I can tell you this in doing this and learning from you I've learned that if people are coming at you with that much venom yes you doing something right. It's a good thing I learned that early on I said you know what if everybody likes you you're obviously not appealing to enough people to cut its key at that can't be the case they're. Or not Paul Rudd I'm not Paul rod. So somebody's gonna hate you and they're out there man they are absolutely out there so I. Name is Eugene flood. Dobbs Eugene. Yeah he's that the Dick head of the week. He give a state to start you on iTunes but I wanna start a new goal a new goal perhaps sect or if you have the iTunes. Please rate and review. Because I'm looking to get I mean I wanna thousand reviews by the end of the night right now around about a hundred. Oh you're gonna have to get on there you gonna have to rate and review. Maybe you'd you'd maybe your your wife. Has an iTunes account of her own get on their rate review from there don't give a (%expletive) if she listens or not organized she did but you have to do is rate and you let's utterly Elizabeth get that up there. And it silenced the Eugene dobbs is in the chuck pizzas never forget those bastards that went on there and try to besmirched her name. All right you know I'd like it that I am doing something right if if I'm Vietnam and his guys get enough come he broke. You know I am on the putter. He's a crisis of the right now in your defense the one of the things that he pointed out on its iTunes review was that he liked how we used to have rotating co host he doesn't like this to work that is on every week Debbie Ryan days. Let me say this I've got all my friends come on at different times because I've enjoyed all of them Davies the best one. That's just how it is I enjoy all these guys very much they have certain expertise. Shark gamer thrown OP Star Wars. What are you TV shows Bessie different that they're all great. Davies the best one David the most well rounded the most of video game certainly of anybody TV movies we have the most we can talk about if you lived closer we do it in studio every single week. Not the case none of my friends of close enough to do it studios you're gonna get a phone no matter what the (%expletive) we do so. Davies the guy every once while we're gonna swap somebody else then but that's how it goes my podcast though process. Are you ready are your his apartment next portion of the program. Your god damn. Doubt this is some this is pretty major actually Ryan in fact that it. I think just to get the proper context we might have to get some breaking news. Now they are still adore you blanch this is wild stuff probably got this tweeted to us by many people. Billy Mitchell won the all time great villains in movie history or. Just even the world he of course from the king of Kong he was at one time the Donkey Kong. Arcade champion. Turns now. He may be a fraud. And his high scores he had two scores that he submitted over a million points on Donkey Kong he may have been doing them on an. And you later. Which you and I ball though we're used to it let's not that big deal it's that he. Huge deal do you not it's messy or people who look if you watch seeking a conflict we you and I have done up down sideways backwards forwards whenever. He did the purported you have to do lives you have to go to sanction machine. They actually discredited a couple of steep we beat scores because they were armed the rule correct machine. Right exactly. I doubt he's doing it on an emulator which you can slow down. You can stop you can pause you can set it to run itself so like there's a lot of things that are up the air right now. Doctor Billy Mitchell who you know this guy who's supposed to be you know twin galaxies golden boy Mike Gallo egg on the face. It's ridiculously if you beat a game within emulated as well account because like you can stop for the save that which you can't do liquid are normally playing. That whatever the game as you like you have a handful lives that's it you got a little game and he wasn't doing it and I don't remember asking the question are up thirty check out number twelve. In the catalog on the king of congress. I even asked the question. Is Billy Mitchell really good at video games. I'm gonna say he probably is. But I think so many people a pass them by because they've pulled down his high scores so though I think the best live score that he has. I believe if I read this correctly ranks like 48. All time which is amazing and that's more than you or are gonna Donkey Kong. But for him to be the face of our competitive video gaming at. That's (%expletive) he's he's not that good he sent in they got into he never play it live gold king of Kong he never did dogs. You exactly if an arcade in didn't play. Did you reflect is don't walk through gave Steve we do the death there than walked away so this was an article I found. In. Ship the room where former Donkey Kong world record holder west Copeland has presented new statistical evidence that says. That suggests Mitchell's one point 05 million point game. Was patched together from multiple emulated plays drawing data from a Cong tracker analysis out. Coppola says Mitchell's Ron derives a significantly higher than average ratio points from smashing enemies with the hammer. That's really. It's really all you need that may go back and forth saying that he just he didn't do this and alive broad but he was getting credit for could you member of the time. They wanted him to be the face they thought they had more Paris street cred with Billy Mitchell is American flag tie his mullah in his beard his cocky yes but he was definitely gave the bad boy out. Actually the guy from Bob Midler more than bad boy from that you can. Days without hassles names but Billy Mitchell Richard when Richard yes good poll when Richard is the bad boy but good Mitchell. Our political and set fraud. Fraud. He's brought and in just a hypocrite. And I don't talk about it anymore because it's an upset me aren't toderat let's move on Ryan bore fruit that. I'll tell you this right now I hate Billy Mitchell right now more than eight Eugene dobbs. Eugene dove right and he's a bit of a prick Ailes faculty at or just the close the loop on that yes he did. He came directly at you and he is hoping that we can mix and the more the more holes again. He didn't say who his favorite was that might have been a television. Maybe Eugene dobbs is just what he's trying to get on the podcast nor. Could be sharks could be OP could be ethnic could be gearing could be could be anybody along with the uncle buck could be anybody. Our let's go to the Super Bowl commercials Ryan's Super Bowl commercials which. Rudd for our sick and the best stuff was probably the trailers and the you know some of the weather TV your moral leader there's a bunch of bomb let's start with solo a Star Wars story and it's further leaked out maybe a week before. That they were gonna finally debuted the trailer during the Super Bowl and then not being more just that teaser and the trailer came up the next day on Good Morning America. But solo a Star Wars story what do you think. Not that does better that I was going to be. Yeah I'm still I'm still on the fence about it but I'm like instead of be like get on 5050 up like 6040. But I like the tone of it I like how it looks like the music sounded good. It does some some I'm kind of on board with that. OK let's get to hear that's more popular than I was IU I think the actor. Playing. Playing solo. Was that Aden. Heightened Reich early hell's name is. I think Eric Hansen thank you president of ID he's gonna stink and he's going to be bad and that's gonna ruin it everybody else could be good but actually he is going to be bad sites weeded it. Classics are worst joke here I said I got a bad feeling about this and write it out between up the trailer. Friend of the podcast Mike Todd debt who has been with the hash tag to work cents or one. And I don't mean on the WEEI channel I mean Thorpe wandered when we first kicked the thing off like two and a half years ago. So he said I'm actually really excited about it and l.'s Lego it once you send me some margin sending. A minute audio view selling meat on solo a Star Wars story soldiers are from Mike. He TV what's my cut that hair long time listener first time caller. Solo this movie is going to be seen. I'm more hype for this movie than it was the last which I can't fathom how that's impossible but anyway. This is coming from Lawrence Kasten who was the writer of the empire strikes back. Arguably the one Meehan on the planet who knows console the most. So I think it's in safe hands there. Him just from what we start in the teaser we have. Just this incredible western. Heist sort of crazy I go and and the obviously with a shot. And I'm hook in his holster of his blaster and Mike western shoot now. Just the the visuals. In the millennium falcon and the way. He's able to Ku yes. Exude that coolness that we know that he's always had. And then if you add that on top of the incredible cast the tardy in there there is obviously. Donald Glover is window who's gonna steal the show. He's probably going to be everybody's favorite in the movie hands down. PRD is from the teaser trailer and he didn't even have any lines just to think she does in the teaser trailers. Just steals the show. Yes this this who's going to be awesome. The thanks Mike I agree yeah I think Lander will be good but if Han Solo is not good is not all that matters for the us. Yeah I kind of does but I like what he's saying to do is very much or western side it's true that Israel which is which is kind of cool. And here so that I thought it'd intimidated no mention too so. If you look at his Peter everybody agrees around on. Ellis saw that detail light on that looked. Strikingly like that at least Ford falcons the rule get a like hey Harrison Ford in millennium falcon. I'd like to highlight the mash up there yeah do you notice a little Easter egg there narrative forward. You know art so we also learn and then again back comes out in May and we will definitely doing standalone episode a matter whether it's good California AG from my. Mike for the audio though not thank you very much those good. So I think we can open the door up to that I don't know how much we're gonna use it will really depend on what the what the topic is so. How we've got a lot of your emails. Dark podcast at gmail.com Samir tweets I think all of the mailbag coming up when you put a bunch in there. But if you also wanna submit that you just used record that it was phone and email to us if you wanna do that feel for did that as well. Also from the Super Bowl commercials we found out a couple of things here Ryan. Darden. Called Davy cook did he was all over us. Sniff that out you said this right here does not look like a movie and it does not it was a funny little though we also found out cloverfield three. Called cloverfield paradox. It got moved to Netflix and they did something pretty Smart they released it right after the Super Bowl. I've not watched it yet I don't know if you have a couple of guys at the station I work with here at WE I have watched it. Getting mechanic and in prime Mac for Mac and you watched it sent him idea kind of a man a little watts it's free I'm glad that putter on Netflix but doesn't sound it's great. Now I don't delegates great like you have been here a lot of mixed they say it's it's kind of a cool idea but poor execution. You know play the guy who tried to do you like the quadruple back flipped on the Diana died competition in the back flops but yeah political idea and it. It worked the shot and I like the other two movies they're very different image they're loosely connected obviously. I like both of them some obviously give this a shot. Anytime you know it I know anytime you take a horror movie just space. Not gonna go. Yet know they've they've almost though. They've all failed yup just chucked every single. And what it did connect. Let even a leprechaun and space was not very good. Yeah that he went back to da hood after what the space. You know had to do. What do you think everything our Mission Impossible six. The solid. No I'm not a leader in other excited about it but you know what I am. Revive it is the junk Kaczynski Emily Blunt movie a quiet place. Yet John credit directed director Lee who like that I think that it via a good time. Chemistry they certainly they this I hope they do. I'm hoping they do I considered a war gave us a little something extra give us you know some more scenes that's obviously that's all good I think we want to show it. In the air that's freaking out because they say the U days in that Peter there's now spoiler where if you're looking at Captain America walking into a room with. Be blonde headed black widow. In the back you might have seen the cost him a captain marvel. Whom it. There he said she was going to be unit or maybe they're symbolic on. Here's the thing is if you look at it closely united guy frame by frame to you can see a cape I think it's strange I think it's dark strange. Old game that it had a caller Italy he's got to keep she didn't have a cape ever yes look Arab and it cost him so. Are there could be also what they. There's a whole new line of a remote cheese on Twitter for like every care about every character four of these liked when he characters in. Infinity ward laid to just put it hash tag Iron Man he gets a lot of meta mode spotter metrics that are all the way down the line. Black pair of their. There is not one for aunt man. Or the walks or hot guy. I feel like they all have to be in the movie to maybe they're not mean they weren't in the first trailer barrels on the breakaway is where sandman worst loss in. Obviously they could be strong down we don't know no Hawkeye. So who knows on that although we also got a trailer. Not Super Bowl Michael we got a trailer since the last time we talked it men in the lost I think it looks pretty pretty sweet. Look pretty ridiculous they look upon those hit upon what. I'm gonna enjoy that Beckham's on July. And also Ryan Natalie Portman was on SNL she did another wrapped which I really enjoyed on the big Natalie Portman fan. Yes I know you are and you know should that rap was good anytime that you like on like a one of those would digital short she's good. Yeah but her any actual sketches she start. Well but it unlike a lot of Rick this is not as good good actors she's very beautiful I could steal smooch you know that I would. Actually push the steel sportsline actually comes from the first rap she did a bigger is it was. Cornell who is saying. He's a failure in Hollywood if you could make steal the smooch from Miami went out due to be an intimate chair never. However when master of the Star Wars movies and Hewlett distrust of the summer dollar that is the case say the prequel episode yeah those those great. Are anything else or should get move on. East. Even in hand. It's my. These guys so just give out reported three hours ago. This year's call of duty to they have ever call of duty every year. Is going to be black ops for. Look that there there's a little bit of information for it goes back and forth you know modern warfare two. You tell which are going back in time to World War II so this year's call of duty is actually going to be. Black ops for severe in the black ops types games. There you go there you have it and our product of the adjusting that Activision. And there was Activision and somebody else. Go back and forth every year audit and they trade off is really great up every year so that. Etiquette is an Activision. Again it's getting a lot of buzz this week this past week has been monster hunter world. And which looks really cool are really entry that I haven't got any hands on yet but I've watched a lot of too which streamed on it. And basically it's this year you know you're roaming around in in your hunt down all these huge monsters with Heatley union friends that you're trying to. You know collect things in it as it looked like just a good time storage you know any. I do know do you mean that's how Burgos. What I'm currently playing for those viewers to know I'd just yesterday or it technically today but it midnight last night the shadow. Shadow of the colossus remake or they're but I just came out. Remake it that it remastered version of the original game. And a beautiful game really fun to play. Really engaging game. So far you got. I've done about an hour with it so far and it's just it's really well done so if you're into that if you were ever played that game. It's one of the best games on PlayStation 2 that came out so make sure you get out and get that I think it's only like. Forty bucks on a possible as Nobel Prize. And elastic and I love this information I love this there's news. Miracle last week about the guy who did the fire and flames blindfolded. Yes we are good yes yes and now a young man beat to get this he beat. Mike Tyson's punch out in super punch out for the super Nintendo. With one controller. Simultaneously. In did it in under 24 minutes. It's on weight and Juan three he'd greet both games at the same time we want him. I idiot yet one controller with a splitter so you go back and forth between the games he beat both games. Simultaneously. In. Under all my yacht that's it's thought that. I've still never beaten Mike Tyson a kid I thought I could sit down and get to him immediately but I'm not a bad Tyson player but I got not solved that mystery yet. It's a lot he's so there's a trick to getting over the previous spoiler on there. Ya obvious yes please. If you look over if you look on the left side of the screen. Like over Mike Tyson's shoulder yeah. There's you gotta have a good little people as a basis yeah there's one guy holding a camera and that and electric I'll move. Org will be electric camera flash and that's when the putt to government. All we have to watch like behind the got these big iPad will move ever so slightly and that's when you're. I'm gonna go out and that's right that sounds very good thank you very much. Are they and others the navy video game minute make you buy a T shirt of the David Liu minute at T public. Let's go to the topic did you Orion. I've had a few by Davey if you buy it DV video game made it any bing and put it on Twitter tag in it thank you. Yes only absolutely do that. Are you ready though for the topic is or. Other topic of the day and today the topic is hash tag dork does radio row. Others know episode last week as many view willow realized as I was in Minneapolis all we could have been really tough to the to a record an episode but I'll still working for the podcast I was still out there worker for the podcast talking a whole bunch of people we did this last year. This bar in the the match job I went around on opening night asked the bunch of people. But two players who was their favorite superhero. They all gave me an answer every single problem with the exception of two time Pro Bowl quarterback match job. He says I don't know. I don't know. Just superior safe talking about in her Superman it's not not that hard so this is a great game because Davey does not know the answers he doesn't know what any of these guys have said. So I asked everybody three questions some there's little bit of a variety to it. But our our three questions that we came away for the dork questionnaire. If you could have any superpower what would it be. What's the last movie you saw in the theater. In what's your favorite TV show. And I think for some I said current and some I said of all time the wool will cross that bridge and we get to. So let's start with I had a chance to speak where 125. Different New England Patriots. On and then we had a handful of other guys some some guests after that so. Let's start Ryan live. Patriots defensive tackle Malcolm brown. Okay I'll play I'll start and stop it in you can take some guesses. You don't win or lose anything. But maybe you can play along at home yes what these people are gonna answer. For all these questions so let's begin with Malcolm brown and Malcolm brown if you of one superpower what would be. Malcolm brown super power speed speech he improved cookbook and. I don't know. I'll roosters forever Davis Duma must be flowers. It was the lap so. That's as close to match jobs you're gonna get. Go. I don't really go around all day thinking about my superpower Mensa guy that you did it I wouldn't suggest that you go around all day thinking about it but he can't. Look at this first guy interviewed I say this might be this might not be a great idea. But he gets better policy gets better from the kicker is these are record aren't yet our president of the last movie you've seen in the theater. Last movie in the fear from Al brown. Last movie that Deirdre think we gave the Star Wars. We'll zoom. While strong. Strong we're looking for it we're looking for 12100. Quarter to me neither the what's your favorite television show. Their television show. I'm alive and name give me a couple. Empire. Of course have moved to treble was a good show. And as allies who lose a lot of sooner allies. A wise and on order alive. I says why are these. Did you Boone at the moment. Not a target well out of Baghdad Ryan ever had. Never liked it with a capital. Taboo we like taboo a lot of that is big hearted guy. About so we like taboo he liked empire like law and order. Watson and good luck to you want to keep in there and gas from one follow and what would you ever wanna be an actor. Now he has it now. Only a dozen instances not as big well it's hard thank you Rhode. The couple yes Malcolm got very dynamic I don't think you'd be very good acting is very flat. He was aspect. There's another guy who we talked to coming up why I think probably could be an actor and maybe will be an actor. Let's get on to our fellow defense of Juan I talk to most of the Trey flowers if you could one superpower and Florida big. Quality. Flight. 16 we're. Oh I think I'll fly. The thought I met with. Absolutely nailed it well done Ryan you would like to fly yeah. It was the last movie you saw in the theater. I. This problem that's terrible that's a the only act and all that credit as I'm asking this question I'm like. All right it is the first week early last January 1 and February there's not a lot out right now which you know waited another thing if I ask this question like a couple weeks it would take everybody and we'll see black panther. But this year like. I did however I think the last we got so that there was last Jana. Right and Olympic lieutenant general sense that so I was wells rate for that osu would turn flowers. Yeah now. I haven't varsity now is alive and he is the is good. People radiator I love that their trip flowers goes mediator I hope there isn't gonna fires that now I don't I don't have to go to the it must remain a lot to go. Creator you'd just pirated movie. I'm like that who hope trip wires that there that's big crackdown on Jerry flowers that he gets. Throttle for Watson these movies illegally and outside and again the is good. Art can you tell us the last good movie you saw. As you move. They can on. I don't know how long one of those you can do and I'm dumping about movies that I haven't seen did you know commuters it looks like he's. What's the commuter is not the water. We needed to train. Yeah and down and Vera farming does that Alan. Army got I think that's there yet that's a bad call the off my radar but that sounds good. What's your favorite TV show of the year ago Trey flowers TV show. Oh yeah now. It's easier. These three days. News of this. All right thank you power it has. What did it help Dave Chappelle. Dollar basic value an all time. Also. No doubt what I didn't specify Summers once coming up by specified as the favorite TV show and he took it as well. Of all time so he what was. Dave Chappelle. You probably they gonna keep you talked to a couple more defensive lineman yes I can here's here's patriots. Now joined by Lawrence guy if you could have one super power and motivate. Another big guy's ego Ian Gregor right. Strength like home yeah. And so you can hear Alan Branch or spoiler or talk to in a moment he's doing an interview right next to us. And he's talking to the reporter lords guys really like he's thinking hard about this flick he is not taking this question lightly so. Give give him a few seconds here to repair the. It's. A good question. Its superpower. Me. Yeah well. Went fly. Right he would have played against another fly guy and another flag that's Babylon appear on the spot that's part of this. These are not questions that you really go around Billick and our world maybe we'd do like you wouldn't he might have the answer in a lot of our listeners wanted to. But he'd get ready for the super bowl of Malacca superpower joints like the block which I don't know I don't know man. Bode you know breaking up a little bit Putin regenerate up the list just goes but I think you have mentioned is do you one point that I used to be when I went out first state that would be this the question I would ask. Like all the time. You learn a lot of ultimately you learn a lot about a person that always found it they said flight and that's the deal breaker because everyone wants to fly. Yet it's boring to shoot everybody wants it that's that's laid it requires no thought right you know it is part of these two guys thought about it but he's become public that. Like I can't think of anything else at Davis. That's true. Releases it's not match Robinette. Or try this is sneaky Malcolm Browning yet although he did answer the next two questions. Shot my follow up question the shop was favored super villain which he also. Did not have on. The eastern right what's the last movie you saw in the theater. Lawrence guy. Last the year movie. Dunkirk. All right Susan do you. All season. It's one that Obama won their. I didn't know what you'd think it'd accuracy not by the UN saw wander there you go north and help us pretty good. Remove the rim and then what's your favorite TV show. They were TV show. What is the challenge on MTV that's seven to go out and I'm. Right now yeah. Okay. He sees us. Thank your much at all own misses us. You are around that you you guessed that for our round it was those arms up so. This next guy or is our right there this'll time Alan Branch. Who seems like an absolute character and so I first go up to organize Sega doctors they'll branch you're gonna hear obsessively because he's like the only guy. Not wearing the team jacket with like the number on it. But Eric you know who did you could see you really if you if you follow the team but obviously Alan Branch that we that the restart you joined by Alan Branch now important question that you could have one superpower would you choose these guys I didn't know you took the took a destiny's. Six that you get one superpower. Mode to be. Alan Branch. Superpower. To read my wife's mind. Actually. And I. It nice absolutely. That's the specifically his wife's mind justice like mine. But that's only that's all you need because they really that's a good power although that may also drive you nuts. Out drive me crazy deadbeats either going to be a tough one. What is the last movie you saw on the theater. Or use our back. Who's about one. Feel so bad you know murmur. Agree once or. Missouri now we do as well also like to Israel. Week ago. A that now he's he's looking at Lawrence guys like he's basically going for lifeline right here. And they call wondered could also he's also about to address somebody else not music and other guys standing around he's about to like talk to him today. You would like you know movie's been out how do you got this smile on your phrases like we move on then yeah. What about just out last movie you decide at home last good movie aside. Arts and Alice changed up what's the last good movie sauce though I'll give you a hint it's not one that came out this past year but it is pretty recent. Actually you know what maybe the Euro is not a seventeen movie it may have been a sixty movies or was this team. I don't know did double. Our guys do last movie good movie piracy was dead pool goes well. It's. People not I have not heard any better. Bridge and iron out friends. Note that as a 100% true Davey has no idea in fact he doesn't over the last guest is that it didn't come without an Ayatollah Ayatollah like a five players that told the other. Three guys but I he has no idea at the answers are. So you know yeah I mean you got his superpower. And you nailed the last good movie that he saw that as. Already dim good. Yet treaty that is presented if he's. He seems hilarious this Gallagher threat now outraged friend friend of the podcast out of the long list friend of the broadcast Alan branches. Last movie good movie RC was dead pool because it was one of the greatest movies of all this time. What's your favorite television show. And here go right can you get the hat trick and you get. Television show. I wanna say it's sort of funny I don't wanna say I can. I would argue that I'll give you a hint it is not it is it is all times so it is not a current show OK all time policy. He's at it today. Is it something animated and it. It's not enemy it is it is not our. Comedy yes. If you get businesses the world literally got to get Al branch on the shelf for a full episode. Separate out. What's your favorite television show. Mark you. Are. Maarten. Didn't hesitate didn't think you like last movie critic I've no idea. Dead pool and that it was a favorite classic bit with the depth Marten. Aren't off them off the so I don't I don't want fault for a mr. branch. Do you ever be maybe actor that you know the answer. Yes because I think I got steals. He's supposed to look infinitely you know doing more active users when they do very much bill. So that he also. Laura Skye had him do blue steel for me so I took a picture of him doing blue steel. So receives absolutely hilarious though. I love me some off the mound branch so that that's gonna do it for the defense of lying portion of the podcast. Let's get on to beat hunting portion. Here. Or league it's a third of the game Brian wells at least that one of the phases here is patriots punter Ryan Allen. Who dropped the snap in the Super Bowl. I'm here with the Ryan Allen if you could have any superpower. Mode of being. Out of it fielding well like lake routines snaps other sticky hands. Yet. Probably some like. I think like game number like you don't like -- guy or select apathetic youth any if you like like healing. Healing quick here both quick deals. Self healing that Lucio that. To read what people are really thinking. They don't mind a mind reader he now branch. Do they really. But it is actually not do it like wonders prevent the perception of punters relief well. Golf Bayern that he egos and here. To read what people are really thinking. What's the last movie dad they're not always telling you what they're really big game. Feel like there's another story there not enough you think everybody tells another good day under the bid nobody thought quickly and schools bigger vehicles. OK so. OK so that's one thing he's talking about he wants Hillary of people they must Hillary's vice mind you that I don't agree with anyway Mitch. Berger. Who was a long time partner in the NFL. Doesn't walk and over read the middle of my interview and just search talking to Ryan Allen. So. Don't let this play this is Mitch (%expletive) burger. Sean op Ed just talking to Ryan Allen and then I start talking to him as well but it is not what I signed up for but I'm talking to two partners we believe yeah. Hey hey did you do it on man it's just you every year isn't that good against my radio did all right demeanor not as much notice that it's on you yeah. I mean. From me and Cobb Vancouver I've played for ten different teams that the comedian and you think can be seen on and kissing candidate Geronimo. On the Lola I think you. I'm Vancouver and I just moved to Scottsdale so meg yeah southern Vancouver based on the Wisconsin maker who Summers right. But I just whether you did just enough for a reason your watching unsuitable. I'll try to give you a couple of minutes ago when he. It was that I mean he won wondering so far right to to you when it's. His visa cardholders. And I. It's it's amazingly. Ones plus the thousands of anyway that property. What I keep it nice book I've wanted to keep against the sicker environment human IQ this has saved. And in my wallet and my I got stolen at Disneyland that would come on why. I've left it behind it stands as an honor it was in my hotel out of my hotel room because elements of low our guys still out of my hotel arm at Disneyland had his listeners. And I had ignited do hold DeLia remain in doing it. Dog regularly to Disneyland go to thank. You and hello magazine and look at that you received that he knew he'd probably look. The what the (%expletive) was that. Seriously I'll sit there like scared about lots like little time like. The chase and out of luck. I apologize all the listeners it's on here as it's (%expletive) you sir talking at two partners and desperately get yet Mitch Berger told I also ranked yeah I guess I don't care man I don't dare to feel some map please. Now it apple like. It's good article Amir Mir what you put right now didn't punt the single time minutes. No I didn't did get a sniff. Odds are last movie you've seen in the theater. Aaron back to active back to business. What's it going to be like 150 degrade some lame. Well. Old Disco. Or was it wind river and he was doing rivers has. Wind river. That they're pretty good movies yeah go go get. And Ryan also when real solid solid and an intense. Good news stories good. And then finally favorite TV show. If you don't driver the all time no he does not. Game approach. But as I had taxi and not a TV show guy at all and I give my girlfriend a bunch your crowd for an. What's your favorite TV show she's all over the place as the time I. Actually a moderate retract that statement humbled me hamburger I'd diners under the guise of. The only show. You believe this person in the world first local give anyone road anymore he gives it life crowd or girlfriend crud he does kind of on the guy. Go to flavored count but it girlfriend he owes the diners diamonds drive that they're. Television show back. The only television shows are instead landed on diamonds (%expletive) guy Thierry. Unbelievable to get Rebecca this. I've talked to Mitch Berger that it definitely this was just. Diners I didn't guides don't and then a little is going to be we have ACT feel like beachfront bargain hunt or maybe like. Yeah yeah those are not as a solid idea good luck and appreciate. I mean. For Christ man. Thought for Christ's sake but that's gonna do for the New England Patriots let's get onto about a couple of radio hosts what you say I was able I was able to get the exclusive with former Red Sox. Infielder and now current mid day host boomer Loney. Sweep Framingham blew himself what they were he's got up his sleeve. Joined now by Lou colonial Lou if you could have one super power debate. You get it straight Superman. Superman out as a super strength or all of us who are. You invisible. Go to Rwanda at the lights on that's nice on the Olympic it'll take out. What the last movie you saw in the theater. He's he's a war movie guy delegate he Billick Dunkirk. What businesses. Do it or twelve strong one of those what it meant that. Yeah. Remanded on this it's a movie yeah. Coco. And it's got a nine year old son. As a tipped you off the guy's got a young he's got a young son so he saw Coco. This targets really interest thing looks closely where he goes here. What's your favorite television show of all time. All time with them I don't know why I decided to do that later in the night but that's what I did the all time TV show for Lou Maloney. That would be. There's a frenzy. Of cheers friends ran the space shuttle knowing about it throws friends soft money. It's funny we're gonna put a show Russell I wouldn't want us right. Like these guys a little public cheers and data better Voyager two veteran volunteers. Friends. I've never met anybody in my life that that friends is their favorite show I trust me there's a lot of people. You know like Michael a special other girls that when we were enough college like they liked friends. But even they wouldn't say it was their favorite have you ever met someone who's that friends is their favorite television show. I have and I have people who will defend that showed to the death but they won't say it's their favorite chip. You know that's different then go to the two biggest Wanda I'm not embarrassed that I watched it I'm nothing of me understand people say that it OK but there's obviously hit shows are popular show. But no shock that the most shocking answer of the entire week. Lou Maloney favorite shows friends and I kinda bullied him into taking years. That was liberty you have cheered here just by that adept at autistic epic that's good. Here's a good show especially if you're from Boston initiate a lot better sure but. Our let's go to law about his co host one of the other the legendary radio voice that would be Klan or way. The bingo or is ID affectionately called the big OG. Let's see Oakland and now you're glad or away. If you have one superpower one motivated. He's a speed guy. That's the that's a good that's a good guess the seriousness. The superpower. Would you include superpowers and being like over six feet tall well that's something pounds of disputed calls you want. That's what I want to uninstall the. He lets you write out everything like mr. fantastic like stretch ability years don't wanna be you know something like that but as the guy who is maybe. Maybe 551 of the keys. Not a bad thought about one against her for him. What's the last movie you saw in the here. Who. What's the one of Gary Gary Oldman is Winston Churchill with bella are. Yeah I did in the darkest hour an MIT. There are a darkest hour the Beth. The last. This movie I saw in the didn't start work. Yep it's the all Star Wars web site last. The only last yet I pick I think that we got good. Yeah right I mean it just came on December and so I would assume it and yes and I ask him when he thought of. I'd like to but they didn't think it was great. It was one of those Davis was two and a half hours but nothing paint. And lastly what's your favorite television show Obama. Negative they can't hear it is spirit television show of all time is also still on the year. Oh. Favorite television show Bolton he's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Said guy de called climate dice a good choice so he saw Star Wars current ticket probably fit in on the door podcasts as well that's a pros predict it will back to America answers here. Cheers coming your John Q is not Sears good and I was like yeah thank you for recognizing it by you know Emmy award winning performance enters thank you. My yourself and out of breath yes. It's. It is true blood order it was on an episode of cheers I think Kevin McHale is on the same episode you that the some high jinx of the guys in the bar and sedate go to TV. Is Glenn was doing Celtics games in the eighties and so it's active it's like glad orderly if hilariously he's actually on it funny that the pretty gut. Our let's get on to the next guests. There be none other. Then it L president de himself David Portnoy from bar stool sports the the head honcho from parcel. He was kind of hang around a media night as well I actually never met Portland before so I. Thought I guess Don. I have two so I heard I didn't check his credential but I heard from somebody. So everybody have like a media pass that gets you win two radio row gets you in the media and I may just look at it. And you go through your affiliate Tigger Philly down they're your name Emma a photo ID. I heard a story. That Dave Portnoy. Reggio bar stools that sort of black ball by the NFL the kind of not know who they are also the nonsense. That. I don't know what outlet he was representing but the name on his credential that got them in the places was Mitchell Schwartz. I. I was told that by reliable source that his walk around the path that Mitchell Schwartz and that's though he is able to get it but I Islam. I was shocked to the at least at that opening night which they did it at the wherever the Minnesota Wild play whoever that they call that place you go in there. I'm at a big stage in his whole air the expanse him in the crowded like media members and the players were all scuttle walking around mingling. I'll look over a seaport I had never met him foresight goldeneye introduced myself to home. Tell me got a podcast. And it's wanna ask a few quick questions so what do they do. Let me get your guess is now I think you'll be funny if I played the whole thing in its entirety. Those same three questions it is. Superpower. Movie last movie scene and I know it was definitely TV show of all time. So superpower you get a system like I won't even think up like I'll go like one of the basic ones but he's gonna go to like you know. Thought that I would like Roger Goodell like you know. Suddenly be my rod livid rod developed autism like that the last movie star would probably be Star Wars and its favorite TV show is gamed for a. Aren't your daughters they've Portland Parcells sports here with the help president de Dave Portnoy. Did he have won super power forward being invisible. We'll the last movie on the beer. But odds on him. Then what's your favorite television show called on. He offers you. Throw all of that though would you. Six that this is the order at the guy did all the interviews and site already spoken with. Malcolm brown gives me no answer Lawrence guy literally looked at the sky for 45 seconds before you don't wanna has caused these guys are all thinking about everything for sole long. And this is just wrecked it's like I gave Portnoy the questions before the test. He just rips these bad boys off one after another. Like there there's no hesitation. And and they didn't Portnoy. Did he get up one super power forward will be invisible or. You're appearing before you daddy I was not done yet and he walked he said he wanted to be invisible those particular power forward will be invisible. Pretty well okay. That very very slight hesitation on the wheel collapsed movies on the beer and but odds on him that it's like a guy turned it earlier trivia questions and I answer before yet he added that that. Since I Tonya which I've also seen and it was very that is very good movie. Then whom the television show of all time. He offers. So it is a slight odds in the office but all good answers obviously. Already have. Thank you so much now exit date Portnoy has been on hash tag dork you can't ignore the it would most talked about when told about the podcast but I guess it's part of the podcast out all these guys who lists Malcolm brown and now wants to and read a bigger gonna go ahead and rescind Ryan Allen's request to be friends. Heaven Mitch Berger at the pass but the little clan lord sky Alan Branch. Trey flowers you're all welcome especially Alan Branch tees are especially around rich but got some of these guys three questions took over two minutes. Portnoy took seventeen seconds. I put a public shift at a push ahead more questions grade ago because the jury little. I said it's gonna take less than a minute nose of the obviously rate. So they go thanks to a Dave Portnoy now this next guest Brian. Or do a little differently. Try to guess the guest if they celebrity it's a man. Not an athlete's. And I would say in the world of comedy. It. I get guess right now we have a committee audio. A load off we already have you guessed the audio as well but I want you guys front seat. Where you where your has that right now as far as I would be yes the guests what I'm so. If the food speaking of pork that this guy would all over the place. There's this super ball I'm gonna go Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart let's see if I was able to catch up with the 01 and only Kevin Hart. I'm here with a great Louie Anderson. It. If you could if you can get exact opposite of what I just said. Back out literally the exact opposite of Kevin Hart is got another. Didn't believe. Anderson. Ruled the biggest guest in every sense of the word that is ever been on hash tag door it is Louie Anderson the Sar Portnoy SR or the way we got ourselves Louie Anderson are. Louie and it is going to be thought that. I'm here with a great Louie Anderson Louis if you could have any super power what would it be. I don't know late to stop eating French Fries as some of the debt. And you're not too. Far out. He gets them is that is super cars and different myself and let them. I guess it's a stab people from fighting about again this superpower word and I get gas. Spray I'll do I'm so they couldn't find the I don't know that sounds very aggregate data that. They have they have their egos at the I've Cyrus stopped well put all their from the beginning but he. Pete and he did you answer that like his head turning where he's like Pathmark had about a million other out there and he's likely to give you another answer after that it's it's unbelievable. Bring myself and I guess it's a stab people from fighting about again this superpower whether and I get gas. Spray. Do I'm so they couldn't buy I don't know that sound stereo and forget them. I guess as to what kind of an invisible. When that the good bond being slap somebody can find an inmate got what was that. I sat there who are you and simple. I'm invincible. Now what is the you can in his own end is ultimately lands on invisible so you could slap people. Amazement Lou. Did they quit attitude for Lou and I'd I dropped the ball I had I had the perfect line rated ago I didn't figure it's like two minutes after I that you could be super Lou with the super grew beat the gonna do whatever but anyway bring do whatever you that's growth he goes forget that. Now what was the last movie you saw in the theater. Coming to America but when he was in it so that Paul the money in the world. Oh good aren't. It was fantastic. I mean it was I remember I think Getty kidnapping. Living during that time. And then watch the movie get all the insides loves and then it's about family. It's about well. And it's all that's I love dad loved. What's your favorite television show of all time and one that you have not been an end. Targeted baskets seagate seagate best not baskets. Apparently and not the leaders osu your guess is almost Amylin yet. I'll look on the family I know this news. Now it could have been at all like it's all right if this fight. All of the family. And it gives one more out of you wanna you wanna turn to take a stab at one more. Vote. I'll look on the family and I doubt this is my favorite one of my favorites. Then. Emmy goes I guess in the old days and deeper into. Mayberry. And last question. So any grip and edit the primary that's ago today nice call on all of you you've got up and you've gotten way more of these rights and I knew that I would have guessed. I guess I'm to its feet. It's it's yes Grady mud mud rumble in my own mind right now. I needed to have a some sort of siren or some sort of a Ding sound when he got to I thought I'm not eldest applies at that post let's go to that I have one final question America had a guest is because I wanted to ask more more question. Question when you're first approached about what exactly I'll Mack's mother in baskets. And what was your response. Yes. I'll do it I can't wait to play a woman. Thank you very much thank season. Follow Lilly what are Greg. I've ever I've won my first gave up comedy specials I ever watched and laughed as a little kid was Louie Anderson talking about French Fries. He was real and he is phony when he looting really Anderson's play in the is voices funny and I David told them after it's because I I guy interviewed him if he's making the rounds of radio row. It's though. I got him during our show he was dies talk to a guy that used deal with the setup to the during a break like I ran down talk to him and ran back to the show. But I told afterwards ago there was a scene. Season one of baskets where you were pounding this like energy drink. And oh yeah I got to say I think he was pounding its energy drink it's like Galifianakis is talking major show. Louie Anderson who plays the mother. And part of this thing is like you loves but a great deals that would Sam's Club like where ever done it costs go. And think he loves his energy is always offering people these energy shares like Gatorade type of drink. He's offered them. He has more on the house and that he's just he's chug unit for no reason he's standing in the kitchen east chugging it chug chug her and he makes it happen let up. But like you. It's some of the best physical comedy you're ever gonna see. Because it has nothing to do with the story that he clearly did that on his own in fact they say in that show it's mainly him and Galifianakis just. Written my guess is down at letting the entire time. But it is so funny it's so unnecessary. That he gave you to see Gough aka certainly break a little bit because. He disliked chokes on the strength of spits up but that acts like everything's fine it's one of my favorite moments of the TV industry. So David on a scale of match job to six. How do you think that when I'm reading the interviews work. There's pretty I think we're really did he would go to the I don't know all I know I was. The bout of but the second half the second half was great even right now of the biggest nerd in the world leaked out entertaining over the give you afford app it. I'll take that. So a couple of guys are walking around us trying to get Rex Burkhead James YE and Brian Hoyer but there were some of the Gaza were on the ground though like we're constantly getting people to go up there. I didn't wait for the Philadelphia Eagles. I should of as a went on the Africa port oils like you know it. Maybe I should just get the people that are here come like it better answers. It's in my my biggest swing and miss. Was I talked very briefly while she was talking to people I was talking with the accounts but Jamie heard all from CBS sports was I should have interviewed her I didn't have my microphone and recorder with me. Seems like you're being very you're being very humble right now but I'll I'll speak to this you actually exit meet. From the event to to tell me that Jamie aired on New Year's Day. I think she said rich yet so I don't I think soak it yes there was on the best part of radio row so far the budget at all I think also I am now dead. Cady Noland was there too and adequate should look really good for this but I didn't line and I'd. The numbers stuff so. Next year if we're still doing with podcasts that if they're still sending meter radio row I think I'm I took a couple players and then really focus on the media members I think that's the better way to do it. But aren't let's get on to the the next. If you in the okay. Our router to kick received defer or defend the goal. Old I will receive today. So visit came out today Richard in any you know we plug a lot of podcasts on the show and that's what actually coming out in a month but check this out. Marvel. Is putting out these scripted podcast called Wolverine that the long night. Let's we're right in the head the idea behind this podcast is that it's a it's told from the perspective of two FBI agents in Alaska. Trying to solving murder and Wolverine is in ball like that so it's that are currently. From marvel at the scripted podcasts are back she's super excited about that that sounds really cool I would trailer the trailer is out a tweet out we got the trailer for. Avaya are. Nice I'm gonna popular podcast we talk about this a few weeks ago that it was gonna debut but that'd be the television show Waco. Which is on the Paramount network which was as taken over for spike that you have spike yet Paramount. I've not fully caught up I watched the pilot of the an hour episode this is Taylor kitsch playing David Koresh and it's gonna he looks just like come. I assume he sounds like a moderate arrive at a rural crush sounds like I did watch one of the doctor manners on awhile ago. But that it's a pretty good cast like super girl is and it's John what was I'm always and it I'm missing a few other that a lot of people that you recognize. And obviously we don't we all know the story but you and your level all the more so. I think I'm Asian I don't think it's like you know standalone topic on the road but I'm in a foreign on Waco. Good I'm thinking and next week. Also two weeks is black panther right next two weeks next week this is an idea I'll. A chart look up to get proper credit and we got this tweeted to us at torque podcast. Jackass and CKY. Oh Allred I have all over that. Great idea I don't know why we hadn't thought of that before but some think in a I think it's too well. I'm sure we'll talk about some of the TV shows dumping and more mainly movies let's go jackass the movies. Ever CKY dvds just because America too much. And weekend you know we can rank the the guy is. Can rank the stunts we do all that ship I think that's a good. I took again either mentioned before if you all are so inclined you can rate review and subscribe on the iTunes you can leave us they. If five star review of Forestar viewed better than a two star view like it dobbs if he's that dent on Twitter at or podcast YouTube dot com slash dork podcast. That's another one. You may wanna subscribe because we don't really do regular videos the week usually will post stuff. And he public dot com you can sort of sorts you can search dork. We have a whole bunch of stuff. Thanks to our friend inside Mac can do while specifically go for designing all those. Back to new podcast and the boxers podcast part of the tri force there's all kinds of gear in there. For all those guys they wanna follow just you Ryan. And our audio and any social media will be twitching deceiving we get are over largely coming up we're Gannett report we get back on. So if it were to beat tonight so. That sounds video be accede to listen and it's now we may be twitching now. Yeah that or you or it may have missed that god bless you all right before we go. A the answer probably. This has been off and on but I I think it's really important and maybe it should be more of a staple on the program and out BR on these PSA. Okay yeah okay one of think they'll wanna help people in the winner month. You know it's out of January to February now but the weather's still cold served I'd chances are cannot check in the weather stripping and window you're getting absolutely smoked and you heating bills. So let's go in there let's make sure windows and actually field uptight and wish David ourselves the money. I agree thank you very much front. Thank you. I guess it's a stab people from fighting about again this superpower word and I get gas. Sprayed. Who I am so they couldn't find the I don't know that sound stereo and forget that.