Real Post Game Show - Patriots lose 41-33 to the Eagles in Super Bowl 52

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Monday, February 5th

Chris Villani and Fred Smerlas breakdown the heartbreaking loss for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.


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The most comprehensive review update DJ and chase he's no real post game show. Hunt Sports Radio WEEI. Capitol Hill post game show always presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplifies. Check out comes Lansky dot com by Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your new wind income voted tractor dealers. He's the only real post game show. And here's Chris Maloney then brings us on Sports Radio WEEI. Following. I guess we're gonna put a positive spin on it right out of the gate for one of most entertaining. Was great Super Bowls I remember just from start to finish you know all the questions about Tom Brady AG group of 500 yards it was. The defense didn't show up their cards got the bulls get nick I mean he did he did agree to them and they could. You have baca is out ready to retire and he plays like that made some big plays in the coach with a plan to bail patriot you know you have the school. You have the school forty points are gonna lose. And they did they were not forced a bunch of times fate. You know the idea throwback to the quarterback Apple's hopefuls. We shoot when newseum filtering down it did and you know something's up that in known covered for some reason but was great gutsy call. And cricket to call for Al Gore for your own side of the field right Q and made it. If we didn't make it was all he goes all the pre didn't have to be made it. He would change you've got to keep the Patriots offense off the field is demolishing their defense is critical pot with no hole books. In Austria elements and I'll put no culture deeply out. In download with a three receivers and they skills that went all wrong all wrong all wrong. It offensively great defense to ensure long that it put their punt once write papers that. On that paper thin on the Eagles punt once each team got to turn over and that one of the big takeaways from the other in the performance of Tom Brady will certainly get to that people will. Obviously point to the fumble. And yet Brady's gonna get rid of that ball will be quicker but ease under siege at that point hadn't really been pressured that much all night. But if you're putting this one on top greedy you're completely missing the mark because Brady was fantastic. In keeping this team in the game. Oh really stood out immediately if you're just looking legal side of things. Is Doug Peterson and you and I were talking about it just a minute to go off the air. The contrast between the way the Eagles with completely different coaching staffs teens obviously. Approached this Super Bowl as opposed to the last time where there was no sense of urgency where they're down by ten points Eaton scores. Against the best quarterback in coach can be quite know it back then but a team that was going for three Super Bowls in four years as this one did. Now Doug Peterson knew what. He can't leave every he would even to the point of being too impressed by the chasing that extra point. After the second touchdown was with something you don't really not a bad spot to try but. Going forward on fourth down at the five to play all couples. It was a no brainer to go forward on fourth down on their side of the field for what you just said he'd give the ball back to the patriots at that point. You techno competence your defense is gonna make a stop at talk to Doug Peterson he had an outstanding game atop from start to finish. They go back to the the Indianapolis game and play excellent win for flaw in the city and Janet and that he knew that Belichick knew that office. With. I was gonna score again he had to keep the ball and fortunately they didn't get it well let's push but. He knew what he had to do. He was going on who's gonna go wallow in win what was gonna lose fight and he didn't he'll wait for anything instantly stop the defense we know we couldn't stop the patriots. And he went for a time and time again and made some big plays a couple of passes were aura. Or behind their receivers got of there was run that offensive line in the great job. Both offenses that was a great Super Bowl watch out but pulled played like controllable quarterback and thought was a one week's what they had this team coming out. In wilting under the pressure especially the patriots scored that goal ahead they're going to tell that by one. They thought that piece of wilting Eliza has the mentality that coach. With the mentality of players who goal for is no backing up is awaiting the points off with going after a defense can't stop them so princess is there an appeal. That's exactly did it and we'll talk stepped up in the pocket and fumbled the ball the first sack of the game. The First Act so. That was remodeled and that's a very good defensive line and he kept about a great job offered to. Often supplied it defensively they'll I was getting eaten up by the office of line for the for the Eagles as they were they and their inside guys are pulling the coming now feel a lot of factors. Every time at the ball those people the oil field in the and it went as watching films of them previous week. Did you did their receivers in the backs blocked tremendously and always blocker but he acts you know once we got caught the ball down field Lyman will act although it downfield block of people. It was an exciting game. But we thought with two minutes left one timeout. The got a great chance to win and and that that's that fumble on the sack Thompson got promoted to the guy come from the side but. He did everything he could Austria guy he can't win with no defense I was of the Eagles it is again a couple more plays and the patriots did but it wasn't. It was a fun game to watch it just wasn't satisfied that the it was a great game Bible quarterbacks great culture. And in the Eagles said they're going after it they're gonna play aggressive and they stayed by what they said never back down at all. And that's why the when the game there made plays. That they've missed them total loss and they knew if they didn't make him move to lose anyway so let's just go for a. I give the Zagat Eagles Tenet credit for the way they approach this thing. A couple of the big questions people gonna have rat out of the gate the biggest one is Malcolm Butler and where he was and we saw Butler on the field on special teams he's on with tears in his eyes of the National Anthem. We're gonna get some of the other post game reaction here a little bit coming up by. We know the global checks at the podium a few moments ago he told the assembled media they aired that the issue with Butler. Was not disciplinary he said it was just a football decision was the same thing that. He essentially told NBC at halftime put the guys out there to give you the best chance to win the typical. You know Bill Belichick line. Butler apparently told at least aside Chris price tweaked it a he said he now meaning the sect so Butler said he's not talking at all that's a big question mark. Just for an explanation because. Not gonna tell you about his Betty shut down guy but he had a pretty good open field tackler and big issues the Patriots defense had tonight both defense has got shredded. But it really felt like the patriots are given up a lot more yardage after contact they were finishing tackles were finishing plays. And then early in the game Richards row and out of most the especially the the first two there Roland Richards we're just getting burned consistently anyway. You and I were an analyst. Roughly that offensive line and the ability for them the run down field and agility they would get off the second tier and to linebackers so linebackers can step up and run around him. That article back for your four outs when they hit their running back. There are already gone backwards. A better offensive line play tremendously all talked all week about how good offensive lineman who has very good but the paper's office in London great option offenses it was a great. A great down. Okay war between the tool for me it was a fun game to watch the whenever defense couldn't stop the run and couldn't stop the pass and all and you know. The Turkish style ski you know you missed the point. The mix of Google we chop it. And look at you always agree to meet both of those kicks were on him I know there at the snap was terrible on the field goals as bad as could be but he still got the ball where it's a chip shot. I usually don't hear that would would barely stepped up to the ball that to me it's on the kicker you've got to find a way to make that bailout Cardona on the snap. And obviously the extra point that this. It was all perfect but he's Yangon when I tee shots he did. It's Latin that's four points on the striped gap on the one he missed the frugal bats that he could've stopped. Just opening as to why he even if it just rolls through Popper apnea. And in two upright. I was shocked at that app because of its Vista uptake stop for a second in the pocket. He should have those that really cost him on the stretch. But defense to lag just couldn't get Russia. Really that couldn't cover anybody. On how many times hurtful that I kicked the ball right in line and pushes for tobacco I think the tackling was was terrible. The covered shovel and and get my other assets and we have a team that parts ones and in this is. Eagles team that came of those are great defense shredded the 600 yards of offense against them and think about this because the defense couldn't stop the offense. They gave the ball Tom probably five or six less times they shouldn't happen. Other first drive out of the gate and was three points through seven minutes right there that's half the first quarter gone and it was really it was in both phases and you what it we Garrick one. Six GAAP yards a carry JH I. Where were churning out big yardage and again the patriots did it too. They ran the ball last their plane for behind essentially the whole game so Brady had to take a ton. On his shoulders he and the throw the ball 4048. Times he's 28 for 48. 505 yards that's and a half yards per attempt. Three touchdowns no picks I yeah that the turn over obviously people will point to that. But this was certainly not a Tom Brady issue tonight he was tasked with a two score deficit. For essentially the entire game try to get back to within arm's length every time they got closer. Credit nick polls and Eagles and also just an abysmal performance by the Patriots defense gave it right. Presidency now and I just said that. If you can't stop them under the get the ball. At least. Three times to stop them in the targets for more shots and they didn't to anything that helped the team with all of the office that meant a great game the missed. Ms. grant early and recruit now I lubavitcher have been potentially take almost point normally that the yet. And as of and is a different so. Defense did not help the law not stop them but Ponce at bats that's internal speaker tip the ball back on the show that it ended the the Eagles had no inches for the patriots office but the Patriots defense. At least it says for the profits with a backup quarterback now in line. The guy can expect him from the street he played as well as seen by the jets buffalo I mean right down the stretch if you go back to Houston Houston had no quarterback. Why does is gonna go hit. And Erica yeah after the celebration dies down I finished putting out all the fires in Philadelphia that's the next pick create culture is gonna be at a Crisco and I on the telephone poles and everything. Is what's gonna happen that quarterback spot. I'd just one more stat to throw out actual you'd see your phone calls lined up we'll get to him all night long we're here until 2 AM in the Patrick Gilroy after that. Eagles were ten for sixteen. On third down tonight and two for two on fourth down to thirty port down duties he Matt there there click and X 67%. Twelve out of eighteen for the game. Including two got to have a fourth downs one directly led to a touchdown and the other. Kept the drive alive they ended up leading to a touchdown this is something that Philadelphia has done well all season with both went in all they've been great. Especially on third and medium third and long situations. And they did it tonight from start to finish it again. It's a product of how bad the Patriots defense was but twelve for eighteen including two must have fourth downs on third fourth the Eagles are. This is abysmal defensive performance. But you know you watch fields and last week and we broke down on the tailgate show. In you watched the way to get the second level and at linebacker when that when the plays down the block and now that linebacker comes out on the on the I mean yeah god can double about GM him. And get it take ball side. The line metal vehicle. And pumped down because it'll defense while I was getting through it in Davos virtually never stop those running back. It was. I don't know where they're plainly I mean watch last week it's Minnesota Babbitt played Minnesota player but and the other game. It was 1510. And the Atlanta could. That team stop and and in the game plan to was it was much more conservative from Doug Peterson was almost like. He we got a backup quarterback in here so let's not give him too much let's does have him to use the cliche managed the game. Don't make any day in Atlanta still had a chance to win it and a god awful play call late in the game falcons may have won that game. But the NFC championship game. They just took the gloves off and sent word to turn over Apple's get chunk yardage down the field against he really good defense. I wasn't sure they'd be able to do that tonight. And they did from the start of the game to the end of the game from drive number one lasted fourteen plays into a field goal. They moved the ball at will. Against the Patriots defense every time how Michaels said you know Matt Patricia is headed to the Detroit likes that the cup what time he says headed to Detroit Pistons which. I can't wait sooty doesn't really pulling out of Indiana. At this point the lines they wanna take Stan Van Gundy made me do a trade but every time he said you know Matt Patricia is heading to the lines like to see lions and cringing like oh my god this. It's got away but if Google Patricia had to work with the defensive line linebackers that stepped in acumen played it in Villanova. Bunch of guys down. The defense of lines average yet defensive backs gold plated leftist from point in the line backers of a fan. I thought Harrison had a good game Wilson and bags didn't play that great they kept that clone. Bill Harrison a bunch of times held a cordless not going away from him it was easy to get that corner. And the running backs ran they're getting the hit and it may be two guys are pushing for five or six yards and had blood coming down for a touchdown known immigrant am like afraid to hear them. It was disappointing that that is an exciting game but we need defense doesn't show up who's this team is good it's make make it to kick field Mosley couldn't make it do that. Yeah I didn't know the first drive they get a field goal they aired along a little later in the game a lot of touchdowns for Philadelphia obviously they put 41 points on the board. And even you kidding about Matt Patricia it was next accusing problem it really wasn't he can certainly go back and second guess and schemes and things like at the Butler. Being absent from this game entirely is something that people are going to talk about by. Not tackling and then you just had guys that couldn't cover you'll Roque coverage effort and it showed that I have done it when you don't have. Russia and kick him a bunch of times that Fuld was running out of pocket it was losing contained keep him in the pocket. If you don't put pressure on Q in the pocket and make him throw over you don't let it run outside clean see the whole field they weren't going that they didn't do their job to nine at all. And they still almost 1 o'clock almost had a at the end it was a great game it was a great fun game to watch only problem is the Phillies gonna burn tonight. The actor BA yeah go crazy you know Iraq I like I was gonna happen either way traffic has to happen either way. The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions lines are load will get your calls again what does that say that. Now now never and first NFL title since what 196096. I think that I thought it might have been. A more defensive battle because patriots with a rookie of the 20s27. Taiwanese 12817. The patriots are gonna win I thought to be a hold them because this was I wrong if you die if he said the patriots gonna score 33 points and moved. And lose in 500 yards passing with them a hundred yards of yards rushed patriots at 613. Total yards from scrimmage tonight. 613. Total yards the two teams broke the all time Super Bowl yardage record. At big was that at the end of the third or early in the fourth quarter. But you have to have that coaches and rookie coach comes in. For us times and it coach correct I guess second year player yeah yeah yeah as far as personally get in he had an you know. He had an idea errors. And how will play a not as good as the patriots they have better personnel on offense. I have a backup quarterback I don't care I'm golfer I'm not completely Shia I'm not the play timid and put the ball after not typical fourth round. And I'm a political please 4000 people for the two point conversion and he did he was aggressive in the work from. Normally that's not the war you go for that too many times you lose but he knew we would laws that lets you went all out in all and anyone's. That's what I was waiting for that one time were foals tries to thread the needle gets picked. With their you know it was 3332. Or something like that it just did not happen tonight aren't lines are loaded we get to your phone calls next 617779. 7937. For its morals in the house crystal line with you as well it's the real post game show. Following the patriots Super Bowl loss Sports Radio WEE act it's real post game shows sports hernia WV EI a Chris aligning its moralists and it's. I thought this was a pretty adjusting for every jump back the phone calls Rob Gronkowski after the podium just a couple of minutes ago. Well he said on W a look at my future for sure. I'm gonna sit down next couple weeks and see where I'm out in a follow up question was about retirement. And he said I'm not ready for these types of questions right now. And drug look at salary. Those contracts not up yet. Nobody he's not one lives but he kind of correct I don't think it that not don't think he's the MySpace and you should be should be and he wants the brilliant debts month. As the ball money probably it was going out there. The best in football maybe put an avenue through compensated it's that he's frustrated right now. You know at the second half figures for whom everything I don't know other girl's girl it was that we won that was one tension. It went catchers targeted a couple of times but yet it was it was pretty clear on that first drive the halftime adjustment was thrown a ball to cry out because first pass. Brady just missed a seam route neatest trip that just missed the grown Iran announcing them why real value is opening missed them but then he got him on the sideline they ran that same route again that same seam route two plays later. He enemy it 68 yards rounded up to 69 has brought like that but that was entire Rob Gronkowski drive. The guy's been in the best condition in his life you only gaining mr. as the when he gets suspended in and we deal with a concussion. I'd the end of the season but this is as healthy as we've ever seen Brian Krakow skis I have to imagine. That comment is coming out of just frustration. The ejection. Being upset over the results and not out of a yeah I'm really thinking about thirty years older when he where every is years old walking away from the day. You know we're just so frustrating player gets the team is true and true in the pieces in a shot the end the win. So beat the adrenaline flowing in at two minutes left right you think you're going Ulsan. The hole it was on the balloon he's bummed out right now he's looking at say they'll actually make him twice three times what do make these guys are making them a million balls on the mate and that. It's always frustrating would drew bring him and how yeah about them like. Google news you know. That was frustrating because they're the game sure don't want. You know making those miscues early in the first half become out of in Michigan what we have 275 gods passing a preemptive passing the for a tap. And that twelve points. At this makes sense so. There were able to capitalize on the second half they come out. And the same defense out there that you took him up preschoolers with three touchdowns for touchdown passes so Bronx in. Eliciting emotional one what what's left me do my head screwed up a little bit on market paid enough I'll think about one. Yeah sell just suddenly keep an eye and there again my my eight immediate reaction to bad to coming more from a place of frustration at being upset. Than anything else but he did suffered that concussion at the end of the season. He's a guy by all everything we heard about him he never spend any money still if he does it riding on endorsement money in the game Jackson just going in the bank so. Financially I think he's he's been pretty Smart he's doing pretty well there expenses per Diem yeah he's got a future of professional athlete news at sixty bucks he bitterly that occurred about 49 bucks cell Woolsey but. Just that an interesting comment from Rob Gronkowski the podium there. You guys are lined up let's get some phone call 6177797937. We kick it off with Jimmy inside is here in the real post give him. And well why not break out a lot. They came back and did not do their job and Stan got fired in defense. Thank you Jimmy. That's too bad hey hey hey hey you know that the owners who look at the plays they have what Matt but Patricia did with you leak about the practice squad. You know bring guys in a week earlier taken. You do number one guy goes out a high totally throughout the year he he he he candles those quotas relies to a seven pound guy that Enron. You know Harrison comes in those who play at least eighty side and you know. There have been a big difference but not having him out there not have I don't know what branch was British last year was the main guy he was out there most of the guys who get banged around the F Austrian law. And what the personnel lies in the secondary that they just didn't have enough. They just did not have enough to keep up with what Philadelphia was throwing out on an and I just keep going back to tackling I know both teams got. Absolutely shredded but he looked at you when the patriots were able to get big chunk plays it what is. Either busted coverage just beating a guy with the Eagles it seemed like at a number of big plays that were just missed tackles missed opportunities. You and. Pinpointed a few passes so sure but if we look at the for its life like filled up to a covers up there and equities in the baton in the backfield. Is that pass rush that it would give Tom time to throw in that they'll DBs couldn't cover anybody. So but I think the office of lighted a great job of keeping from getting hit two months ago a couple times and whacked them but the reason at five organizing a little bit more time withdrawal. Yeah Brady sacked only once tonight let's go to Nate that in Tennessee at next hello Nathan Nathan. The code on guys. And I ready ready dark little band. Right up and it likely you're article be sent back in that eighth on elective. And yet but. You're. Not ready to. I from Tennessee past the Syrian the performance by targets a top notch actors who could say anything with the defense right but he can't sing about now Brady did ever in the K let's try body in the car here at some traditional low body. Eight guys are. Great. Red lobby you grew up in upstate new York and you're my favorite bill forever. Hey you're right Brady did everything could I think the defense completely. There yet. Mean I think about he could probably play with out of the prince and he couldn't. They they would have Simeon. Had the legal defense hardly came up in the last two minutes. Well you know diagonal pass rush on Tom and hold the ball in the and they sacked him. They were put any pressure on any problem Tommy sat in that front four can be like the giants haven't talked with the giants. They did nothing to slopes on down the giants had great trouble get to a four guys couldn't afford great pass rushers. Four passengers. You could do with the giants it was a pretty good pass Russia's united. Now could date they've they've brought that let couple minutes. Compared to what the the problem last year. Well I think it is at I think the depth they have on that front. They weren't as gassed as an I don't take about kindred done. In the fourth quarter last season the falcons were done in overtime they really not a chance you could see it they were looking at each other. Defensive breakdowns left and right I thought you had a no I thought you Adam they were cooked. Philadelphia wasn't but they were a little bit more worn down that I thought they were gonna be when the patriots picked up the pace and you could see it they they move the ball. In the second half the times effortlessly it really was just those last two drives that lets say about a third quarter and they would write down the field or two minutes yeah scored a touchdown did you were touched on. But why we have plenty of gas in the tank just had a long Eagles drive right before that they took a lot of clock that's all they convert the fourth and five of their own territory. End up going down and scoring so maybe got a little bit extra in the tank here than they are only an appeal for two plays when they took the ball away on the on the fumble not now Brady's hands the. Arizona having Atlanta. With leadership down the patriots Armenia eagles' offense. They have fast quick guys pursue well pass for a while the patriots pouting empowering compounding the differences they don't have guys to rotate him. The Eagles have guys that can rotate and put their average and the defense alliance is good but not great structures. O clock is good player and a good run stopper but we're not great pass rushes. Atlanta and great pass rushers but when Tom was pounding and pounding move the ball while plays you know ten plays those guys who want them and they didn't have any substantive. Yeah he's look at some of the drives that the Eagles had again fourteen plays. Right out of the chute I mean. Yet a quick three play touchdown drive early in the game but for the most part it was possession and they were the number one team in the NFL this year in terms of time of possession so. If anybody looked worn down. It appeared to be Patriots defense I guess but within a real really struggle again Saturday they really important I would and on the field I think may be running out through the tunnel or somethings it's sixty minutes left they they already look toward to. You'll they warmed up too much influence the date they never really get into an accounting rules the covered the spread it. In a west lawn of tight spot tight. Passes between several guys that went into center because god but Bosnia but it really mean a lot of the passes couples touchdown passes. Just beautiful passes and eat it in pulled. Hit them on the run. Silent passes over the shoulder and her parents' coverage wasn't that produced world to a which woman until Hobbs all played out as mine again but. Full plate actually played like all of the brawl against an in Russia situation going against them the number one team patriots. Been there before the first time the guy's been out of woods doing something for a long time. And he comes and plays like that from more miraculous idea Minnesota watch them they played terrible. They have a good defense pay to play terrible and they have a defense that can slow it down in the red zone. There a point if the bald one or five guys for the touchdown it's twenty I'd run that the Wisconsin. Out in the dust bowl and Geisel and what's the difference any case Keyon that in keeping the game Tom Brady got right. Other nagging basically. Carbon copy a lot of ways which sunny NFC title game. Let's go to Stephen Mansfield comment until bella tackle Steve. I know you guys look I just wanna make a point and ask a question out. A witness while Belichick because another players and coaches coach what is but I mean the biggest game of the year this is the defense. Well the defense of mastermind this is that he says that he put on the field for the biggest game yeah my question is. If you put the budget no names out there about you know about voting but undrafted players it keeps table down its exit in the craps money. Oh start saving money it's keeper by the late great players silicon. There's a reason why they hear the whole time is that a bunch of good players that don't spend the money or two great plays and outlaws it plans. And when guys get hurt you know it's tough replaced him like I still salary cap. Hi Tyler can we replace him with a put it leaked out into in game so the picker what thirteen games at one time I think there's five offensive plays out. So to put this team together and get to the suitable for bankable. But you have guys that great defense of players and they were down the stretch second of the season that will hold there and I think in the top five reports alive out. Which pretty remarkable and the atlas to wall. In a client. I've got it was off the street and you thought you might have a chance creepy to me to map Morocco is rose. And he dodged the pressure but at times put the offensive line I think was the difference or talked about. Tennessee's line being great he talked about Jacksonville's line being great. This line was great. They can run real well there are big and strong played we're all together they'll get the second tier guys who get to linebackers after block and the guys are blowing guys out I mean. They have been held a job and. And like on the it's a spending issue the patriots are towards the bottom of the league in terms of her top Italy terms spending bottom Lee terms a fewest arrogantly at least my cap space so. They spent they went out and spent time on Stephon Gilmore and he was one of the few guys that seem to be able to convert points tonight. You now have the depth that you want losing high towers a big part of that. And you still. You know lacking in terms of of a pass rush any kind of of a reasonable opportunity to get through the quarterback what they've done in past years. Is you seem to be a little bit better on the back and weather is last year or 2014. Especially fourteen you had the ability to cover so we if you have a great pass rush. He'd only multiple ball for so long until somebody's gonna get home or at least rushing quarterback move mark the spot. Tonight though even when it seemed like they move falls he was still able to make rose and and that's why I keep coming back to wanna make solid except totally bold goals but I do bowl. Ironically money hopefuls not making a lot of money no one else picked them up but routine the colts in the Super Bowl and they get. Through a bunch of talking and get this Ruble and have a chance to win the troubled on the strict. Can't really complain about the process now. I mean not the best defense and the offensive plays. An element of having a mental note I mean handled and out and you have Mitchell wrote in and have Kooks out. It is still play at a level that's remarkable ID in and you win year after year the reason you do that is to go all will pay. Anybody you pay the pay guys here in the airport some solid ghost comes up you know I am. Way beyond what the salary cap ram as you have for the rest of play is. Because you gotta keep as many. Good places you can so you don't have one great player and fall crop of players. Now you look at it Ted Turner bill was much depth as possible. Just quickly get on gronkowski and seen the full quote now. Asked to be ornery team is flat out asked are you gonna retire after the season and his answer was in embryos from Bill Perry. I don't know how you heard that but I'm definitely a look at my future for sure. So the first part of that admittedly were parsing language here but I don't know how you heard that seems to lend some credence to another words. Yeah that's true I am thinking about retiring with a hell told you how did you hear that. And I'm gonna look at my future for sure what is look at an interesting comment for crock. He takes a pounding he's. Probably the biggest. Right the offensively other quarterback on any team he's unstoppable innocent. I look at my future if I'm not making the money that that want you to you 100% money I think it's a 100% he said I should be Macon. 1520 million dollars what's making eight and he's I'd make him close to that. I know he has a lot of ball mrs. Hilton because he had injuries police and look at my future at the scene of what do we do. I don't involve management and hold out. I'm gonna play. About or whatever you think and it's because I think he feels like he's under. And by one more comment here this goes back to Malcolm Butler. From Mike Reese just caught up with a very emotional Malcolm Butler alongside Adam chapter they gave up on me. Leap it is what it is is butler's com but while they give up one. We've seen a lot of times you get burnt he just evolved two in the receiver with him for the for the Eagles are 65. John Africa on Jeffrey in a retired and tomorrow's practice at 65 in the style that might I think is though he the other guys beat showed you early in the game. They can't cover no no English can cover him. So. I tell you Butler is a lockdown guy or shown himself to be that this year. I think he's better than what the patriots put on the highway bill bench of I don't now because I have no idea build. Who watches the call he watches his reaction. She wants to put the best guys out to give us the best chance to win he didn't feel like Butler at this point was planned that level. He has no it would it'd pitchers bothered that she was angry with that when I'm saying the guys they put on field did not give any chance he felt real bad. It bull bull arena folds made some great throws. And nobody count trillion put. You know obviously he felt like they were about other maybe of a little bit bigger a couple of the other guys he sees only about 5758. Maverick on everybody given away in 2000 Jeffrey album it was just. Early in the game just watching road get beat like Richard didn't look like you belong on the field I mean it was it was rough to lots. From jump street this pats defense let's go to Tim in Attleboro next hello Tim. And how you edit or do. I'm no good. After three years the world to hold the chicken that is an actual point of opposite nearly in military embark. Flows that are within two of whom are. That's the actual point he missed slightly and pin feet. Right the Breslin not his fault I mean it was a bad bad out. Disagree you know what I think about this though it's not it's going to be cared so far too good to stop it just hectic. From a standstill costume and threw him he tried to Russia. Russia if the ball horrible stop for a second and then kick it just pop up I mean. I got another and so on all your thoughts and that's. Our with a concussion protocol go back and Gracia okay. You have these little players. Can see what's coming okay we're at the office to play the receiver outside it and back is to them looking for the ball in the and they turned. In and they get health care a little carried. In the end I look it looked like its own cooks that cycle a little while but I you know these past would change the rule in May be disregarded may be ready you know a lot more about it and I go. That if you get a guy helmet to helmet he goes well for concussion Paula called. For any length of time or the rest of the game. Person who made that hit helmet to helmet should have to go to the sidelines salt salt because the took out on top. Tight end two weeks in golf. It's about our top wide receiver this week and it defenseless. Ignored they could attack Ramallah in the nation after page and try to live application. For a small bowl titles. Are all politically. That's an excellent rock was clinging. This week was clean the guy Trenton you turn right into me he had it was a defenses this year because he had the ball took two steps. In turn back while the FL disagreed on church and I mean he got a point 4000 dollar fine for that sedate they call them on that because croc as a receiver. My issue was the consistency in rule so puts catches it. They take to turn around at least you know where he was trying to find appealed to become the ball carrier for a point and it's almost like. Against his brain matters less at that point and I think he can he can get targeted as it turns gets a five for that but you don't get a five or any kind of the panel and by the world that was illegal clean hit I'm not disagreeing with that amount of people seems like an odd rules and nova Polamalu ones hits and clean play in the no penalties. 550000. Dollars. You know part of manual they want is punishable it's not call on the field and they all agree on how do you get fine. Doesn't make any San Agassi argument they'll make is you know rep freaking me as something that these little asked tumbling to deny what you just made my point this'll fasting guys contractual threat to try and hit a tiger. Rocks coming down command looked like he was coming out with a shoulder beef right in falls a little bit more now he's yeah they'll logic. Today cook was claim the future and he turned and play like he's a ball carrier that would be fine sewn on that I don't think Ken I think I'd do anything I think by the letter of the law that was illegal hit and so was wrong X. I think you crossed that they look at it differently because he's he receivers a postal ball carried the same thing is that the review on the touched. That's a touchdown as opposed to the Jesse James play in Pittsburgh because. Now he's a ball carrier I. I just think they need to get eighty to streamline the roll call one way or the other wanna make it both legal clean it's fine and nobody should get fine everyone talking ramadi when they go to boot that did that was cleaned him. In at the Russell green Alec was backers find money so make good decisions definitive show what it is. Porter ruled out this is weapons right place I go for mine was to those little Althea fines. That's particulates or should notify is also in the wake up the 50000 light because if you find them on apparel that wasn't a penalty. So it's very difficult especially Crocker still pay you can't hit him and elect usually to block out sentiment chest as a bounce off. Mike you've got to trying to guide out he was trying to catch the ball Weiner in the guys trying to. Hit a if he's falling sick but I get a guy. That's that bassinet a while his movement virtual impossible it is challenging other tell you what all of the you know they they put all these rules on the defense to make it more difficult for them it gives us more games like the one we saw tonight I'm looking at it. The hell on racism that the global issue that mess. I I and actually I'm on a thirty year streak of never watching the pearl and I like keeping them alive they would top two guys to stop. You know nose in anybody that's reasonable it's gonna ball down the flag football and basket Kubel flied out the stops. But defense that plays running that fast against offered to play imagine trying to get Lewis. Right in the chest as he's going through 2000 left right left right up down down below is his shoulder and that you. Often it's a place where you can write your face straight I mean it's a penalty if you go. Victories IA. I think they got to figure this out one way or the other and ease that streamline it do something. So guys at least some kind of an idea of when they might be waking up to a lighter HF earlier that week quickly fell for a second guessing just forgot coats hourly in play much. But one play. That way is thought to the really bad one he left out there was that ridiculous tried hurdle while two yards short of the first down. Running to the sideline maybe he gets it maybe he doesn't. But I'm telling you he's got getting it jumping try to jump seventy near Waterloo. His BS. Speed speed speed be for you still stop second freeze and then explode back I can't catch you. You're 434 you're lightening fast. When you jump over on his chances in a bureaucratic yep I agree a 100% the biggest man beautiful day like outside the freezer and then exploded go right to the pylon depriving ordered it bad bad to him. Lines are loaded we get right back to your calls next patriots lose the Super Bowl tonight 41. To 33 they fall. In a shootout against the Philadelphia Eagles who win their first super ball in their first NFL championship. Since 1960. We get right back your calls loaded lines next. Millions. You know. And NBC when this thing wrapped up Al Michaels Chris Collins worth needed a historic and other David I didn't think I'd wonder has cast had a great evening. I don't know if you'll want to. I did agree with Chris on the one that the cue ball will all the stuff about touchdown in the back Indians. I don't know all that the ball was moving step. You trot. The problem that I gave up at this point try to figure out what's touched down what's not a touchdown. I I I just have no clue anymore I don't know what let's catch and what's not catch. The go back to the law would play against the Panthers. And it was Heatley. Grab them around the trash it and Allen in a football game. That was inputs into the rest and all of that is blind stupid route I mean isn't that it's free choices you have it. I don't know which one I picked at the anti corrupt I think Toronto is that an outline as they walked out of real good opportunity and so you're out of the quarry climate. Play. Back at the end zone the ball kind of pops up it is in a little bitty clearly has the one foot down the other one comes down pat on the back line up. That one they looked at. I wasn't sure whether he had possession. When that first thought was in. In other words 12 ball pops up and then one comes out about I couldn't tell that felt like gay they called it this way on the field and didn't see enough to overturn it to me. Calls were the full usually wore at what I mean how can not see the vault reported that your idea. The shock in the ball movement was actually play and dialogue about things like I don't know what the caller we evolved. I'm Al Michaels was pretty short if he's also pretty sure that there's the occult California angels and Matt Patricia was gonna coached the Detroit Pistons so maybe as soon. Thought it was great for those high quality of Matt Patricia to do what you do with a group please you he had. No talent but you can't afford to have when he studs when you don't have that many are deeper to go really have a pass rusher is pretty good. But they don't have a guy that can you can count on to get the quarterback. And he's playing with a lot of average guys that's because of and a lot times getting here. This is off parts of football's. You know all the teams are cool more office take and all the ability for defense kick clothes line guys why don't intimidate them. All going to kick GM would only be used everything's changed so let's go to the office. But because Vick and allow us to do things or Basel noble profits and it's been pretty successful from a say the play an unbelievable game both offenses that they'd go. We also look at it eagles' defense they shocked. There absolutely hideous. It wasn't for that one play they made for a 21 play down the stretch that got the fumble. Probably lost the game. And and so he could say the Packers were know for the defense but they're supposed to have a good defense on him close to Jacksonville. Yeah it on both these top by defense is in terms of scoring the vote top finally. Can it which are to believe based on what you looked at today that was that was one pot hole hit in the survivable against pretty good defense. I love it now I Los Angeles I don't wanna see I wanna see 107 football at thirteenth and football I wanna see a track meet and I honestly not when patriots got the football back. Down by five. I said this it is 221 left which is an eternity one targeted could've scored three times in a timeout in the two minute warning. That's the point reset OK here comes the memorable dry here my freedom of Chicago's going to be via VP is it about three years ago. We sat here in the studio after watching Tom Brady. A lot to of those drives. And you needed both of them against the best defense of anybody seen in ten years then last year you see the 28 at three come back and able to pull off not only two touchdowns to two point conversions on both of those and you need a justice and it's overtime. And not at any sense putting this on Tom Brady went on saying it. When you've seen that's so recently and then this season ending game that he had put together tonight draft legal doesn't expect it to have. And he explained time they won't get much pressure he's the slice them up the whole time Edward had conference and that's why primary and was so to flood. Is the ball to knock down as it is at the pump ruled. It's consultant to bring that back you know an extreme catch staying in figuring out what to hit the helmet head to head and what's not at the tuck rule I liked that one. You know it's funny is they appreciate it out like eight different. Versions of the tuck rule they all called the same way that did through the raiders. Never figured out that was a legitimate call they showed a million times right this one was down I was gone back and I said maybe maybe usual Ford but it wasn't finished doing the ball. They still had time and then they try the reverse. On the on the academy they lost their rate there isn't gonna get a return you gotta get Andy in icon at the sixes and a touch back there. Get it up the field get some kind of decent field position and may be put yourself a spot when the you allow yourself to be tackled inside the ten yard line up their kick to mediate a lot that there named Brady is incredible. By now you're asking you got to go 92 yards no touchdowns and are no timeouts rather in fifty seconds to get a touchdown in getting at the two point conversion for the. Another gutsy move by the coach. In 04 for a the Eagles. He looks up and yes they're gonna lauding time. In it catch on a five yeah light so the coverage to catch up with that they wanted to nail there they took a chance that he might have broken. But the covered through screen in this sort of things the patriots usually have is superior specialty. That was one of the biggest plays last week in a dual color apartment and took off fell silent on the if the apartment that he outlined there are ten total likely please get to the dirty. We should have been and that that little kneel down to gimmick for time so. That huge play that they made the gutsy call coach and up to a foot five outline and giving him a shot to run. That was gutsy world golf room. 6177797937. Let's go to Stacey. Up next in the Carlos Stacy. Nice to see. Our eyes here on the air got. Hey. So I wouldn't think an like aside from some miraculous plays. That didn't lecture and the Super Bowl. That's not remind you guys capacity soon propose that we lost like. I don't know how close. They scored 42 points the paper to win and that the and the giants they had they had. Meaning. Are Manning and it had to be appropriate oh yeah personally I got them that on the album David Tyree catch it but. There was nothing like also in ponds in both of those games. Ian Brady left the field with the lead both times defense couldn't make stops but throughout the course of both of those games out of but the giants schemes. The offense never really got going again the giants are gonna pressure with their front consistently. Fall guy knocked Brady around them. Eagles never did that I got a feeling alone PI that's I retired I got the feeling that all the patriots have do is get the ball last. We anybody within a score and as things go down by five tong has the ball two minutes. With the with a with a tie crowd it's Obama who's going on the field and score a touchdown and and the fumbles recently grown. This reminded me not at all I'd rather not activate it lost I've ever seen I don't know we have rubber game like this both teams scored at will would open on the field. We'll made the most yardage in history so. It was a miraculous game by Tom racked his name by folds a guy but this is an awful about. Houses guy off the street. You could these crappy quarterbacks from buffalo all these different places that can't play at all Cleveland. Ask any corner but in fairness to all he had won a playoff game before I mean he has done it go I'd asked but why would know any particular chance out. He threw some last week it was unbelievable this week you through some beautiful passes so great touch pass is ruled that the plot well their is. Many quarterbacks that can do that he got these crappy teams are regurgitate this same crap and we're gonna quarterback that can even throw the ball and he strongly that it. In Philadelphia it's going to be banks like nick appreciate it we'll send you somewhere else now get this grocery a lot of money. He's got to get these tears up on his deal too. They can get a ransom for him Shula thanks for the first base of the Super Bowl thanks the first round pick will put Carson went back quarterbacks to start the defense coaching means lost the right position right place you go to. Go to Cleveland to all the how many quarterbacks have died. From couch to. In general Gonzales himself know all these guys commit and now the kid from Cody that was from now used to and always a fun game to play name all the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks in the time that the patriots bad title hopefuls quarterbacks who spent like 51 round picks in cornerback and outside. The J. P. Losman there was a mystic about you osment and add arrogance stash of coaches that would put their proved wrong but it was the pivotal. It's got a buddy in the cards yet you want to defend the officials here got a body. He guy. Hey Fred albeit loudly. A I let it play calls were fine. More importantly I'm just wondering. With the rest your team during the week other than the Maloney who did. Eight at the move will probably win. It. All week long. That would loser got Peterson was well since you're all laws will be at Whittier are. I thought I thought that coach a great job this year and get to play Super Bowl with a guided brought up the street was from rikers I thought polls. Would feel the pressure down the stretch when the paper's got to move and went in went to when they took the lead of I thought the same thing in a folder. He played two and in Peterson. It's unbelievable job he took every risk he couldn't take you to for an onside kick. And it worked forum because he knew he had to do something special to beat these guys who the couldn't stop them and he did he did a phenomenal job coaching the fools a phenomenal job. The office of the great job the defense has been the patriots but I thought coach and like you did a great tribute to the rescue had to take. To beat the patriots otherwise if you play traditional football. They were lost you integrate drop if any they used to aggressive and I go back to chasing that extra point early in the game and that not nattering by. Normally when a bunch of but he you know asset I'm going to be aggressive and refresh of the game. All the players took that attitude which in the office and work. I'd like if he should have been MVP of the game we get more your phone calls coming up at 61777979837. And examples that created 73 hearts out each. They picked a pretty good and EPO I think we get to more your phone calls coming up. For its Burleson house crystal Lonnie Wiki is well the real post game show following a patriots Super Bowl loss Sports Radio WB yeah.