NFL Sunday - Super Bowl LII - Jeez, some people really hate the Patriots; ESPN does it again 2-4-18

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Sunday, February 4th

HOUR 2 - The Patriots get crap for everything under the sun. They win too much. Their fans are smug. They cheat! So can we even be surprised when politics gets thrown into the narrative? Also, Diana Russini seems pretty sure that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be done after this season. Cue Schefty and Mort on television to say the exact opposite...


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NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Lansky insurance more choices more savings in urine samples. I'd check out how pledge he dot com bystanders in the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England. Record dealers it's NFL Sunday with money keeps on sports. Our CO NFL Sunday on and keep back here in Boston after a week in a lot Minneapolis Bloomington Minnesota get you ready for Super Bowl 52. Excellent phone calls in the first hour will continue to do up until 2 PM Tommy colonel joins Christian Fauria. Play some highlights of the week now on radio row as well but really it's about your phone calls at 617779. 7937. A of the patriot by double digits keep as the Eagles winning the gift for the point spread AO patriots winning out Alexander that back the hockey here that. Music Oliver press on it patriots 2422 year thoughts on this game at 617779. 793 cent and Elsa one of these predictable. Up prop bet she'd you can bring to a Super Bowl party thoughts on what will go over that yes he's got those from. Right garb and of that as well good got to get people in the right firm line for their game today you should be doing this by the way where if you are. Having friends over. And I want to gamble on prop bets. You should print out one of the sheets and have a winds to a for a couple blocks its its wildly too graphic visuals home you'll enjoy it even swaddled and my wife likes it which sets fund conservative law hey honey. What if you got to over two minutes per optics at that are under threat they get the stop watch out. The minute where is looking into the matter well I know when you started in what do you stop it I cats and there's our thoughts thanks incited the I don't think I will exceed that for profit segment someplace gets picked on that I missed gosh a lot of did not join us now Jenny McCarthy was on NBC sports is awful long hair. Got a beavers on this go on and she's and she's a music concert she singer now Jenny McCarthy. I don't know about how sad she is that she at a concert while she was out in Minneapolis. Sponsor some business leaders to sing. This this this to the weekend surprise to Ed Grossman or to store yesterday in the New York Daily News. Outlined how the Eagles are the focus team in football real and how guys like Chris Long and others to all these great things about his gentleness that he got Jenkins. And then there at the end it was. I'm Deborah McCord he does some stuff and John the craft some stuff and yet there the patriots are good two putt the Eagles more Walt no mention the Eagles some of their players Chris Long. I'll release her looks for publicity for on things he does by tweeting at the NFL saying one to donate some money. For these sales are no mention that Matthew Slater is enough for NFL man of the year like a million times generals older articles or he's got a lot crap that basically it was. The terrible because they don't like the president. And the patriots have Tom supporters that are not as a general or less woken that was a body garbage piece by Grossman we estimate come on the year he won. I'm now we turn to the Daily Beast today with the headline piece like Tom Brady's New England Patriots are the most hated sports dynasty ever sub head. Spy gate if placate make America great again hats Nazi fans. Patriots are the closest thing to a villain in pro sports which is why should definitely root for them in the Super Bowl. He writes why be grateful for the presence is unholy and seemingly unstoppable team the Super Bowl. Because one of the few good incher reasons to into the game. If only for the minuscule possibility that Tom Brady Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft might be dealt a righteous. And wholly justified loss and Eagles this lengthy thing about how football is bad football's not Gooden. You can you can. It isn't a spy gate which you've already been through there he goes apparently gave a party and those that. I did he gets the Brady Erica eyes Brady's career winds down he's already started car body spacing Gwyneth Paltrow as turf creating his old lifestyle and wellness brand. With a kindly assist and that was on snake oil salesman a personal trainer Alex Guerrero. Dot to dot the dot TB twelve method Brady and Guerrero have concocted is. Pseudo scientific jump no matter how much Brady believes he's been able to avoid concussions. Each of gallons of water today. It consumes a steeply strange guy take its oversimplified do not give them a single dime. Yet neither here here's work at personal radio host of medical Brady also managed to convince a preferred charitable organization. To funnel millions into his own foundation links to the big wearing those and ditched his previous partner actors average of one and a all Las Vegas. Is that it brought out. Break through that like I set it up personal unlike its chips hold and south she says as for Bob Kraft. He says there are no halfway decent billionaire sports owners but this one reportedly a stump for Donald Trump's regressive tax plan but it a million dollars to his inaugural committee gave the president is very own shiny super bull rate. Are you also gave millions more to build regulation football fields in Israel and dragged NFL legends overseas. To serve as unwitting props. For political agenda. So we didn't he didn't build the stadiums in build a football stadiums and Israel for any other reason other than his old political agenda. I'm needless to say Brady spent a year playing coy about a support for a long time John Donald Trump after a make America great again that was by in his locker powerball Bill Belichick. A humorless and solar shelled a human being out yes not bad he sent a letter of support using Hoover trump Ian rose. That then candidate trump read aloud days before the election now when question outlaw political leanings. Belichick somehow manage to say with a straight face a not a political person hundreds of letters notes every month. And finally. My favorite. He says let's not forget the whole crazy Aaron Hernandez situation. And the fact that actual Nazis are rooting for the patriots Andy and though some great shots on the larger sensor. Who was rooting for the patriots last year and it was a big deal the time. But he would suggest that one of the reasons that you should Rudy get the page while the bad is because they've Nazi and look at any other fan base is concerned he takes is one guy Richard Spencer. And includes his pro patriot tweet part of the Super Bowl so yeah flat on the guy who likes the page or not he has done that. I had. You can't root for them up Marge shot this is on the team this is. I think it might be a while that's stating it it's it's the most. It's the woke up and I thought if the least well it is the biggest. Trumped arrangements syndrome patriots story that I've seen ever mean to this thing this guy that the author of this thing is so anti trump. Robert Silberman is named for the Daily Beast but he is picking on Brady for. Leaving. And leaving Bridget pointing and while she was pregnant. I mean that he never saw that some again and one way to point out god I better that than not east room for the patriots this is that sort of arrangement syndrome. One on ones with the theme he actually could have had you know a real story. Ready if you wanted to say that all the diocese in sports this is the most tainted. You can actually come up where the probably well written story what your points about. You know what other ones of the lost multiple draft picks had their best player suspended had a player on the team was murderer like you could have gone with all of those things. And now you know compared to. Other ones like you know recruiting violations at lake UCLA or whatever I find all these ones and and try to compare contrast police are bringing up. The Nazi stuff. Or Bridget morning hair world it's this that you beat trump pact or like the fact that truck that cut throat with. I think these. And from down that way it works from those the the compact. But guess what. Half the people in the country voter forum so you if you don't like on the slot late. Almighty god Robert Kraft donated Mario it's to Donald Trump nobody did that no other owners Malia did that. So it just takes it too far where the actual real point that he hasn't there. You just kind of look the other way because you're so focused on these outrageous claims and what are you doing staff yes. Nazi staffed and ESP anti Nazi stuff that. That's the worst 100 that's obvious and subsequently won too sensitive attention grabber the roads are spider referred to lately. Most it'll probably sick of both the oil by the way the Nazis like it's a can they control who root for the team not CA. Nazi if you can get it on it was a pick that he writes. If you can kitty corner all the forty and legitimate ethical concerns of watching football. I think it's all top I strongly suggest plunking down your trusty Barca plunger at some point. And and tuning in defining it true unambiguously villain in sports at least our defied a beloved patriots that the best part is it doesn't really matter. He says despite all the despicable things the patriots are accused of doing their hardly alone. And it every team chief global blah about this one. Compared to the rest of the world there are offenses shady marketing ploys even lousy politics are laughable and utterly unimportant. The universe has provided no shortage of genuinely awful and truly frightening people. Who not only abound they've realized that they no longer need to feel. Inhibited by a sense of shame. Rest in peace shame it had a good run. Shame he regulates our IP. Anybody writes. She's a terrible shape our world it's sports. The so okay so that's the guy who hates trump any hates football in the size or write an article about the Pete injured. That's great. Chain has realized any links that rest this I've forget who wrote some great news is if trump having notion of having an effect on our. Our country. This is what you are dealing with now because that that the quarterback and the coach and the owner. Voted for the president and liked the guy you are supposed to hate the team and you and yours post you point out that they have not seen it ends. Because self. Super Bowl Sunday. One side of the political leanings that threes getting. So they didn't have a Nazi Reese bill written article click yes that's really but that's really the thing that jumps out and what they get the ball concluded their two of the little things a year ago yeah about Lleyton and no mention that you know they are Nazis rooting for other teams. By the way no mention that. Not essentially don't really exist anymore the way that he once neglected there there are obviously. People that rate citizens in ads in light Clinton like not seen in 2018. I don't think exist the way it when they were you know pledging their life that Hitler metal Germany hello. You can do is put a swath opponents say he's not just he didn't put it on there. I feel that that's it that's you're getting today society Asus flaky magaw hats Nazi fans I don't know hatred for the closest thing to a villain in pro sports. Probably or is it several times throughout the the last couple years but yet. As far as things written about the patriots you've. Can't there yet the lead everything right again there's nothing no surprise you now. If they lumped in with the patriots. You found out that they worship Satan you do it or Africa there's an article somewhere as it appoints new one that worships Satan or or whatever it. They kill puppies Leo again it must've David there's there's one story here that says that the day will specifically this is being written. Because this guy as it is anti trump and so we write an entire story ultimately I think they'll both because he doesn't like the president. And is upset about the state of the country into they had guys that relationship with them if you can get ID be ethical concerns of football. He's when Joseph drape of the New York Times wrote this couple days ago about it the new after internal watching football and incur made a good point like. These these guys are agreeing to do it they're being paid handsomely to do I understand if you you know are are taken aback maybe you don't enjoy it the same way you did. Because you know about the trauma with guys with CT concussions. But I mean you're watching a sport the guys are getting paid a lot of money to go play and there are OK with playing on not sir see the ethical balloon incident now watch sport. Now I don't and I was hoping to wasn't too mossy earlier in the year saying it was gonna watch football and more recruits. All the head injuries are it's a dangerous sport but that's. That's courtesy sort of you eat particularly that the people playing I think are on board and in the people watching where there are important it's odd duck in DC a Ryan's brings a bigger points or get him quick Qaeda. They may get organized and Doug. They are real quick and stream yet for years great show Imus out of calling guy but I. I was just pushed the call in a couple of points to paint an entire fan base. Based on a couple of I'm an at. At the core followers. If he had any gang cop what Houston Astros star stands for it's mantra that sentence for who recruit and if you ask any. Gangs what Detroit Red Wings represents a white supremacy they Wear that as a badge of honor and the biggest one that gets me. Is that you know not he's root for the patriots which makes a lot of sense considering the owner is due in support Israel. Innovative and that that's that they don't like dots in 2018 the the Nazi Reich doesn't really exist so to pretend it. But there's this huge group of Nazi followers that are following the patriots they follow them because you know because that the trumps support. Is insane you are writing this article today because you're upset about your guy losing and Donald Trump being president that's what stories that. It is ridiculous and then one last point so you know I was Tucson in my hometown. But I I was raised before the cardinals came there. And I'm currently on active duty in DC and I'm rooting for the patriots because as you know the kid the mascot red white and blue. You know just it's the American way and I that if it is just ridiculous and and there was a caller earlier that made a point that. Nobody likes winners on it's just ridiculous you know all hang up you got to do a great shot go pats and I and I appreciate your. Doug you could have just a you know Doug you could pass for Bob's solution you sound like I towards the end red voice yet you say it's paradise radio voice those on the policy is that called game yes you sound like it or call. Figure out the winners into every match that on top and that's not yet this article answers just a guy hates trumpet shall ballclub a lot of other ones. On the other ones are because. They hate the winning you know just not subway they're sick of them wants the other team mad dog was on the morning show guy saying that you know I won't support of these somebody millions of other. And Roger Goodell would play that caught earlier from his state of the league. He didn't go as far as to say certainly didn't say sick but patriots because you would get crossed for that but if you read between the lines he basically said. Yeah I kind of like parity a tally teams going from worst to first having got the better story all right we're. Come back and get right to calls got a wide open for you right now at 6177797937. Any thoughts on this we'll certainly take those were talking super bowl of patriots Eagles. It is exactly. Basic eight hours away right now. The plenty of time to bill put the rigs in the autism and add a smoker going to. Will be here until two than Wes who once covered up until game time we have the game. I am a call and it's Kevin Harlan and Boomer Esiason rate call onto all they'll have a here on WEEI your phone calls on a Super Bowl Sunday next. Let's return to more of an NFL Sunday with the money and keep. Precision by complex key insurance on Sports Radio telling you we. Yeah. Oh come back in the calls here is that we are working on the sound here to get the context of of this. But Diana receiving who. Used to cover the Redskins and yes covers the NFL films timely and insider for the Redskins sure was. She too rooted out just a couple of at 10:23 AM. Right now on ESPN NFL countdown it's brought to light. About what many in the league had been hearing. Which this game by way this is a terribly worded tweet is very I don't believe this is where is he going to see eight to 88 amounted to hurt says she gonna quote to this later and say you like -- did say on this the -- this dog -- did not happen. That's about let's ignore I'll try to read this again right now on at ESPN NFL countdown space space space here brought to light about what many in the league had been hearing. Which this game could possibly be able Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's final games. Both could be hang it up. Post game could be incredible tonight if this becomes truth retreated 71 times my response of course would be. Mother of god. This would be doomsday scenario I ought to be we of the tunes we were there the higher due today poll. And I did not he heard a lot of rumors well but not here once nipped the unlawful time I was there once Smith once this injured Kramer sat down Opel. Robert Kraft in Jonathan Kraft asked a few questions to them and one of them was. It's sort of at the end what you expect both these guys to be back and Robert Kraft said. I respect your question I'm not gonna answer you're gonna have to wait and see which led me to say once. Because Tom Brady has said all along with what five years he told Peter King last year he said that it all the in this this this week. Is that why oh why is their but it wanted to retire he's exit quit asking about Bentley is literally the MVP he just on the MVP. Last night eighties playing as doable today so just because he's forty that's rather retirement talk comes up it's certainly is nothing to do with how he's playing. And then after the cents partnership article from this year. Bill Belichick was asked a couple of times including once went with a loss on patriots Monday our unit back next year he said absolutely. Now bald guy it's clearly have the right to change their mind. But at. Times this year. They both said they're gonna be back so that when Robert was asked only to be speaking at a school sure he just said you know we have to wait and see what's that made me scared I was like that there's something there. Dale Michaels and I would worry about it of the I don't know there have been two. I thought it was just kind of throw acting from the owner being coy at the end and I talk to current and Carnegie feel better about it because he believes he set like that because. Belichick is said in no uncertain terms you do not talk about me in my contract anymore he did a one point talked about bill's contract and bill got. Of the got upset with Bob Murray the owner just decided to go I don't how yeah basically. Kraft knows at this point he's not to talk about Belichick's contract that's for for bill O and nobody else knows we didn't want to commit publicly to bill. Without bill saying it's of current if you worried about it I think current global join us via after 11 o'clock article make you feel better about that. Oh god I hope so or that's the plan or something but yet make it your current event that would make me a little bit better but then it. The Dieter receive need to tweak it if they're some of the senate vote count down. This could be is are they to stroke play this up for this story get more more hype that how do you need more hyped Super Bowl. But maybe that's what they're trying to do saying could this be the last time these guys play which would be terrifying and on top of that you'd make. Look worse than the house say interest. If you trade away your back or quarterback in your starter or like les Snyder left for Brian Hoyer nothing else. We can week you can joke about do you think there's any truth of the students in diary Diana receipt he waits until Super Bowl Sunday. It's say that this is that I'm not this is even sources manhunt apparently awarded business. It's been brought to light about that. It's brought to light about what many in the league have been hearing which this game could talk about one. Long run on a sentence with no sourcing wildly as the loses it on the morning of the crucible nervous about. That's. I think Brady will definitely be back I have a 2%. 2% of me thinks that belt second and a so he's good you elect mcdaniels and was it fair well Patricia walker who bills. Cares about iPods are both Belichick cares about the organization does pellets Jack laughed at them Parcells left and so they've got all the solves on the giants look around around that I. Post game could be incredible tonight if this becomes truth. Is piracy go English she's she's been right about some stories before I should get a job in sports that happened where she interviewed this good reporting. Which earned for washing out there with that report. Kelly and Amber's is here Kelly joins us on NFL Sunday unsuitable Sunday McAllen. Which. So yeah you're listening to local partner. Mark. Group unit about it ourselves. Is not a hypocrite go to all I'm hand down a position. And in my mind it greatly I think arsenal whose eligible are certainly it would it would go into Sheen turned losers into winners. Well it is I don't know. Talk enough about similarities between two you know without Belichick now requires the player ourselves but while that I've been all ourselves out. But require that the plan to be and agree at all to back it ever think where it matter who were hurting chase. They would be taking admiral Terry Glenn wouldn't it ain't it. Dog out that would really reminds him the way telecheck we'll just roll waging pollen and skill as a unit that letter. And even one of the guys will it always on the certain spots. Do what I say. Yeah hey what's what's good about him Kelly is a better operating I don't know Parcells exact that we know Belichick degrees we've seen him do it here. He does not care where you picked as Kelly said as a very would that would that contract is he spent a month Belichick spent a bunch of the team's money. On idealist Thomas it didn't work out a Delis Thomas is is in caddy spent all that money on them as a big freeagent. If you work you worked as a matter where you are so I give him credit for that I I thought. The Parcells Belichick documentary. Was interesting in that ballot checks he's very comfortable with wary is right now Parcells doesn't. Parcells seems to be wanting to search back for symbols glory days maybe it's him at the end of his career. With some of the stuff but. I mean they just don't they don't appear close which is pretty it's it's it's evident in its final whenever but it and Parcells seemed. Will. The less comfortable on his own skin. And delicately about the same coach there's is Belichick you know brilliantly telecheck is is the best coach of all time. Parcells might be on the news another here somewhere and you look at when Parcells of the most successful who was on the staff of culture. Adult sect has gone on to other places in one I think. What's his playoff Bradley is playoff record is. Would out balance act he's in the losing playoff record out of the Bill Parcells. And you look at the one guy in and there's even that seat at the end withers sign in the table and Parcells makes them sort of comet a lot of I don't have all those numbers next to mine because when Belichick signs an autograph. He writes all the suitable the results of rules that one so. Parcells got it was too. Hit that you have felt that raid five different year than he even added the two with a guy that is it's going to be able to add another one. After tonight's game so he's just he's the better coaching right he did seem for a guy that doesn't love doing all these media appearances in Parcells the guy who. That's been on ESPN for numbered years there's a lot of TV Belichick definitely more older dual. The door lengthy Brady Belichick stuck here and house were rolling tape all play out for is the show goes on chapter just said this those who receive he says. Many people are saying it could be villain Tom's last game Adams show after quote. The thing with Tom Brady's he wants to prove that someone can play in an elite level in it was mid forties that's his goal most people believe right now he will be back and quote. Give dire diet and a receding saying she's hearing possibly last game. And show after immediately two minutes lives is now most people are the exact opposite most people think she's going to continue playing. Yeah I mean I definitely he's gonna keep I definitely buries a key play it just makes somewhat sense bought how he's played. But also knowing what he wants to do after football and and how the TB twelve method how good that'll look. Continue to look if he's claimed it was but four is already. An age forty season that's great you can point to that say look this is how IE eight this hour worked out this hour did everything. Look at the results but he got a forty or do you do that 42 you have 43. In all its people that say he's a quack. You're gonna have to start your asserts that convinced more more people that the stuff manipulative or get some sound of all the stuff coming up because they're all talking about it now shaft or more since the young. I'm Maria is in Watertown the morning Maria. I gotta tell you today are you good thank you object. A couple of quick things but the first thing I wanna say is on. I want to say thank you to all of the WB EI radio personalities and the crew for their coverage that week I don't know when I've enjoyed. I'm listening to the station more than I have the so thank you for all of your work thank you. And doesn't hear the other a couple of quick things that you dipped in that indulge me I used to think that journalism went a noble fashion. And something that. You could make a difference and when you write something but having heard and read some of the things. I'm starting even back with with the deflate gate as far as I'm concerned. Journalism is the crap perfection. It is people now. Who are totally irresponsible. Their baby they don't want to do research. And this is why I choose not to read. Certain media outlet anymore because. They they just don't know how to. Stay back on both sides of the story told starting with that idiot who wrote this story for CBS. Who interviewed the so called parenting coach who I'd rather take parenting advice from broke him bar then her and the app clown. Who Jerry and Kirk interviewed. This week basically saying that. All of Boston sports on topic is garbage. And it's the end base as well you know what sir you are a troll. And lastly yeah I wanna put a positive spin on that Alex Roemer on issue is that he may very well have given. Tom Brady and the patriots the bulletin board material. That they needed to rally around him if you want to look at it from. A partner that standpoint so thanks for the time guys thanks for your hard work I appreciate. No probably Larry thanks for listening thanks for the call. Yet or is Dan Walcott who went on wrote that big story USA today in an admitted you to listen to Boston's portrayed as the battle for him plus Horford is things are there what are they were all I've heard about this once or a dead center Erica. CI and I thought Maria was it if you're gonna put a silver lining for the patriots. On the Alex three Berger Tom Brady situation. I thought you'd say big game in the week. It's served as a way to. Sort of distract the media from other patriots stuff for me it was the biggest story for 36 hours on the right 7 o'clock or 7:30 on Monday morning when Tom Brady seven cup this interview short. To like some point died gala Tuesday night so to basically get 36 hours of coverage on Brady and Reamer. And it served as a way. Two. It was it was not a distraction. But it kept the media away from other patriots stories that makes any sense like it was all about that. So maybe but even I wouldn't say it LB so helpful for the patriots I don't know how that helped at all by. I don't think gospel more material and I'm somebody who does subscribe to that that helping in the motivating teams but that's not one that you right on the border to a is Europe this guy's success out. Brady's daughter that I think it has more to do win. People picking it gets that made people calling them cheaters like that all that kind of stuff and more 61777979837. Phone numbers Addai interceding. As this week out out there are saying many people in the league are saying this could be Belichick Brady's last game. I'm a comeback in play for you Adam Schechter and for sports and it may who essentially say the exact opposite. Of what I and replaced I pleasure calls 61777979837. NFL Sunday. Rolls on here on Super Bowl Sunday. Once again it's money keep. And more of NFL Sunday rock you like health plans. NFL Sunday continues until. 2 o'clock game marathon five hour there should be good vocal throughout we expect them. Dirty tires show at 6177797937. Watching ESP count down. In the background they're getting that US bank stadium all sat. The big guy game tonight that is a cool looking stadium I don't deviated downtown to that area. But is yes I was there in reality it beautifully elegant there's a a button at the front of a viking ship. And one of the quarters we're Erica Fred's bar which is right in the shadow of the stadium nice and right outside of the suspected towards small school bad ass looking stadium is to a stage. They should be outdoors that's the whole. I went home field as active in Minnesota OK I want to please yesterday that's really dumb thing you said through the file that down. You're just the Minnesota for a week yeah. You want. Players to play football in those conditions and number eight times a year and made a football five times a year politically it's an advantage for the patriots are for the packer I just ran the football as well there would be terror to be greats are. So you like watching bad. Football with freezing call players fumbled indicators what I want a golf but they don't value added there is just not it's it's not negative four degrees and I get the host Drew Brees in the playoffs one year at the place of these dome seems these NFC south team is also it's a big advantage here in Minnesota what are you doing. Agreed to Asia but don't hold out on you want copy edit the garage while the size what you want NFC north the ball outs of old north. Yeah it's not have out their 408 bit more punish them and I well I'm going back to the bull north are relates green and I thought out Kazaa it's a little to call it out I looked pretty tonight I will be back because the unit have been. Racetrack called Canterbury others like twenty minutes in there which looks really nice well I I older that idiots like may they probably will host the holy smoke I want indoor football I want high flag football I'm OK with it. On Diana received he just. June 9 point 1020 half hour at this hour this really this and this is some. I ever I ever credit normally stories last like half and now for the shot down and he is yet one right now on ESPN NFL countdown space pace it's brought to light about what many in the league had been hearing which this game could possibly be able Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's final games in months and many in the league both could be hanging it up. Post game could be credible tonight if this becomes truth. Terribly worded and and as someone has had many terribly worded tweets are sitting at patio thanks Bangkok at at Patrick. So a half hour later. More Spanish after the two news guys were ESPN. Gore NFL countdown and say this about bella check in very. We'll assess the wholesome like here's you some questions about bill Belichick's future Tom Brady's future the sense with Belichick is he is expected back. To New England the 2018. Seizure now he has it loses offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels the Indianapolis Colts he's gonna lose his defense. Coordinator Matt Patricia. To the Detroit Lions but that means that there's going to be a massive job ahead for Bill Belichick in much the same way that he once fabulous Romeo bill and Charlie Weis. Knows the work that's ahead while. Who knows how many more years of coaching is made up very many more it looks like right now that politics is expected to return. 48 Jason Kidd doesn't fit the Bill Belichick has a student. Chris on every aspect of this team. He has coached quarterbacks he's coach Tom Brady when that when they lost their court recruited we've been book Dick we're being. To death way back in the beginning at least is filled in as offensive coordinator he's filled in is defensive coordinator he fills it with special teams so yet there's going to be a lot of work ahead of him but. As long as Dante Scarnecchia they're lined courses and retire out of your question I think that would be something to watch. Can anybody imagine bill goes check do anything but. Coaching right now an investor Tom Brady he would be 41. Years old next season his wife Gisele. Is constantly after him to retire his body is getting older that if he wins today Dow is six. Super Bowl it. How many more did you want to win but the thing with Tom Brady is he wants to prove that somebody can played at a league level. Well into his forties that seems to be his goal and while there's no clarity that for certain. It is sure that Brady who would back mixing said that most bold. Believe right now that he will be back and you see what happens after today with the off season discussion. A half hour after weight and says it urged. This topic escape parents later diet rats you can't pizza in thirty minutes delivered. Many odds are good you get rushed it pizza about that ESP and the four letter network and any other sports not. Some schmuck organization was supposed to be. The banner this is supposed to be the flagship sports coverage in our country AES PN reporter tweets out many of the league are hearing this could be yet while this amazing. And minutes later shot and warts and basically say. No you're wrong Belichick back Brady's back those guys is why ESPN is fairly and they are bleeding subscribers. Because they do crap like this Diana receding goblet of soul. She cannot as an ESPN reporter tweet that out with zero backed up that these two guys who want TV thirty minutes later. Barry report. Is that it's a recognized ESPN. I won't bore since we last of forever 1112 football league and know how to believe she's cities there yet and can anybody imagine he'll go to check do anything but coaching right now. Hurts street is still up there. Just the last 335 minutes ago it is gonna stay up there and now either way either got some just some random outrage right there. God forbid the evil with higher. All of that sound forever be ripping guy passing. Either way around the either way for ten minutes you guys the big listen while we big winner Syria I would say so I received of the that is. So now they're bowl because. If both guys come back they can just played the Adams Africa over and over yet and you yet had that. Or if one or both retire after the game day university he's gonna look like a genius. So that is brutal. Only experience freaking out. It's made clear by both at outage after and at more report. Both Belichick and Brady are expected return despite those rumors can anybody imagine bill goes check do anything but coaching right now. Yeah I don't think patriot fans are upset by the rumor they sent finally the bid and ESPN reporter is treating that as like a report out of that was I got acted out they're not there or not. Freaking it exactly or not. It's freaking out how she puts it but not freaking out there and leave the freaking out the beauty and to me that because everybody in Linda's campaign so close. Attention to both of these guys and what they've said this year and how it seems like they're both going to be back in for multiple years at that Purdue's throw that out there. They're more pissed off at ESPN. Than anything else. She's like al-Qaeda worry there are probably going to be back despite the rumors. Also what are you going when what do you pacing off of this your sources or Porsche after sources you trust there between the two. So all white it's. That's partly because she had a lot of response they can't they cannot get out of the wrong way it should be interesting responses of news is that it all the young girl on the first on Jolo 306 says but it's all people dispute. Do you have any sources for this sombre note speaking as a gash in his late hit by wanna security dogs. That that's what I was one of the highlights of the week I was more accurate that. Actually after that one bit by eight dollar salary wanted to know. And happened multiple years ago when he goes into Brady would have known that. Reading Nora Roberts Yani I got pants. I did. Yeah yeah and unlike John in all this at some point it should we will we will do it and of our segment rival plated secure mocked me in idle idle. You'll be anti it'll be aware that I've already awarded for a week essentially but John clean needs to where that's the problem John Clayton is it something dumber than me. And he all the so it was receipt it's also not doing this because she is you say she's still sticking by the rumors that rumors are those guys are going to be done. By. Reports. Are saying that they're going to be here so oddly the report but there's still the birth let's not forget the rumors of a depleted and we'll leave that up. You do it for a couple years now it's the retreat seeing Belgian politics got them all right I'm actually Kellerman back to your phones at 6177797937. Markets in New Hampshire remark. Mark is evident. Marks marked. Let's go to Q Jim in Sarasota Jim good morning. Yeah Sarasota anymore out of Boston recently you know what I'm all right Jim is not nice. There are what you guys are talking about it for headlines. I don't know Grady neither you guys don't personally but I know is motivation. I know what makes him tick by watching. Eighteen years of them play. And down is motivation is like this several years ago. And once again and com I think that. You know telecheck. I think. I think he's proven. Everyday I want people worried. If you retire I mean if you took on another team to shouldered isn't just Brady. Edited the patriots that he could. You know you're this or any eighteen build a team that went. Apologies to global I would be able worried about that than anything. Attorney shown he is shown no want to do that he shown more of affection for the organization wanting to. Finishes legacy here in New England. He's he's been compared so it was great group of one and the like John Elway you know I mean I know he's not and Elway is. Saying that SI mean he's been he's been goaded everything's than Elway Elway wishes he was still playing it pretty well and bring you want that are really. Told them what a couple of weeks ago or whatever they feel that you can play in his article we must make that. Know what nobody disagrees with you and thanks for the call nobody that I and it no even whispered. This this week and there again the here's the indications like all the evidence as he exact opposite of what Diana her CD is tweeting out of the rumors are. Is it TV twelve Brady pellet check legacy to be Marv Levy but easily 65 years old and you know he said. It wasn't the greatest sound byte because he took seven seconds to get to it but he did say when acid gonna be back picture coaching. Absolutely it was a long stretch silence before it up on a conference call pay exactly exactly do you guys who have Portland again next year yet. Side there's just no there's no evidence Ford is over ESPN reporter to. Seemingly reported with rumors and innuendo. That's that's what the problems though there's a real source. There is no source at all and so they announced there's no reason even put it out there and Cambodia viewer to bath water certainly your best guide chapter. And they still prop up Morton's and there's while. Those two guys go on TV it say the ball and be back. In any follow appeared to meet with the yeah those guys they're backs or so resting easy pats ran it really is another well those sources wrote. Let's get Joseph in Maryland and Tommy colonel John is coming up budgets couple minutes a joke. Very good morning guys Puerto. You know I've been hearing all reporters and I'm not a Maryland had a lot by radio from. Internet site alt and a lot of national programs exist that the press when it comes the patriots. They're trying so hard to be smarter. An end to beat you know prognosticate what it will do to routine that is isn't interested and in the press their opinions. Andy it's just been aggravating and long eleven really paid attention a while Belichick and let them even back in. You know 00304. Win. You know the press coverage of the NFL was the Peyton Manning and Steve McNair show and you couldn't get them to talk about the answer power laden now interestingly sitting on the outside all the pain. So you know. It. You might want them to the source story but I think the problem is greater than that I think it's just. Everyone's trying to be the first one who correctly predict their downfall and doom so that they can just be more important and better than this organization. Like your opinion is that Brady's can be bad to bad opinion of Brady's night of that brought Parker that the third in at 35 years old to bring him back to super what is wrong about this is different this is they reporter. Saying that broke the reporter reporting rumors would no actual facts to back it up no one's getting all a shape and believes Diana receive any. They're bent out of shape and rightfully so because if you ESPN and useful to be the flagship for sports in this country. Insert you'll laugh track here you can't do what she just. In the first three inches she got pain it's just so ridiculous to say that. It just the phrasing. But many in the league have been here against that this game could possibly. Be their last game but a lot of support students it's going to eat they cover themselves even some of the best on the Iraq or I were reading up on to beat him like her is it possibly be that I heard this. Eric possibly do this tonight and carry it there's so many outs there like it or do you know for sure not. 61777979837. Welcome back into your phone calls all the stuff your calls until 2 PM today at our coverage. The big game starts here on WEE islets thought to an insider we come back you would never report rumors he might not know Tommy current from Minnesota next.