The Real K&C - Natural conversation, porn bots cap an uneven week 1-26-18

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Friday, January 26th

Ken & Curtis recap a strange, uneven week of shows on Kirk and Callahan as the guys wait to take off for the Super Bowl. 


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Swap the sixth of January 2018. Catlett Chris Curtis wheels up in the ninety literally a couple days grilling our dealings wheels up in ninety minutes don't greatest fire up the Richardson's departure next Monday some view on loyal bastards are going to be on their I cannot wait a oldest element of oil there's going to be for dramatic ambassador Robert Bork well I am pumped through. Got the seafood tower ready to go I got that news yesterday picks and if you're going anywhere anywhere and I always knew one day he's very comfortable first class way to fly cholera friends at red tracks it is the most amazing reality three troubling Jerry knows the deal to Richard fly red Turks dot com. Like arguing you're exactly right T are high techs fly record dot com don't have to even go by like an individual's seat for some of these flights. You go would you buddies get like ten guys together it's the greatest you know it is. You know. You'd is I think you're struggling with your own mental illness and a struggle with your inability to talk what did a great records his conversation is supposed to I. Where you're missing the flight I asked the does Richards -- LaGuardia. I think so do they have got a lot of light I would think so they fly by where have you want them to I'm saying if I answer anything or any other availability you can read to me yes they got through effective what is the pitchers the metrics perfect guy perfect you know I was wondering how did you manage convinced McIlroy to come to the trappings and you know the answer this sock puppet. And it's the only time your flying somewhere where your pissed your nearing your destination elegy as cruise around the ice they were over Detroit three to. That's part of flight for me it was related. But Curtis terrific to have him that keep the withdrawal means I've never seen Detroit it's just so excited to put about his lap there's a they want to play stewardess was mad because he had to block gallant little turbulence he ripped off as little he got from the stewards I. Like that you pitch. You'd like to throw at 4 o'clock departure I was looking forward to noon get their bye to. Relax but no we're going to be Monday is going to be wild re Regina and around a quarter of 6 central time and then the got to get our credentials within like fifteen minutes it's got to be on the air Procter and let's got to be on the air. And then after her credentials and drop or ship off and that we have opening night which is the big median where we're trying to get in touch all these he has been people that you don't obesity a front asked for money. But it is a sad day when the great television shows in history is over to Mel hill Michael Smith SE six to Mel hill according to our friend Richard die each. ESPN sports center anchored to Mel who is leaving to 6 PM sports and our ninth the year I was after this ball wasn't right after the felt did not hear here. 22 draw on the staff of the undefeated he is Kim micro site refuses sports racing culture. As well as other additional assignments is believed to hill asked for the assignment change. Biggest Lou reply digest version later to two million bucks right for the undefeated decide nobody's ever read notion. We're going to be talking whoever we can and so that's going to be a show in the morning. Pulled a fly to Minneapolis get there and then start covering as a rule we field where I feel sad desperate and is in the middle I'm gonna have to have from cocktail on the record stripped out. The only thing that sucks mr. of the envelope was on the totem pole flying out so whenever things rephrase the library got him like sixteen of Doug Lane's dad does that bring Whitman and lieutenant Doug Weight. I saw Doug lane in the mix for deeper richer idea port hunted balding man that on while tutors this really wants bizarre. The easier. It is out. Someone's messing with us I looked over the months left in the compute the call string EPO which is tied into one for Jerry the mouse is moving you like and oh. So like point and our computer our line it's usually our phone line has now been taken over by somebody first went to AOL and porn hub dot com and they are literally going looking for seen as we speak. Different world now we usually do military likes those watch that hell is right now to the question a girl the one in the middle there address those questions are now. I'm now known now my dreams. I initially thought it was somebody in this building just (%expletive) but it wasn't. Lou our engineer was dead set that this was dale Lee Arnold. And I have not ruled him out as the pulpit or else I'll drop induces right in front of you he is not a player regale. Or drop it. And but again hindered so it's either dale hauler Keith it's called a womanizer yes and bill too Smart. It's slow march and I would say extreme searchers were you wearing bizarre O world blowouts before the end of the shall find out who was on porn on good morning I don't feel weary land and. I would say Lou despite being here is still on atlas somewhere he seems to know all awful lot about the workings of the certainly he's. Quick to fire the blame and I have some and I've furthered the story by Gerry Callahan spoke with Lou on his way out of the building or we spoke to are more likely by the engineers loan correct Lou the engineer spoke with Jerry in Israel the building and if you get the movie in junior gets the perpetrators Jerry has promised him a fifty dollar. Hard to stop him a card that that I'll always like it registers its act and other. We're doing here stocky and we'll start doctor recently. It's off the bat that the jury is bush in the Roman garrison. News for you. Goes to execute. Supposedly RIT again wolf you can figure this illustrates that the some IP address he did it by six points by Monday at 6 AM we will have a I think people are more anxious for our reveal a group or interpreter as the and the Albert in. That's it it's trouble re girls got major trouble able to column Brady's can't just say it's these kids being an knowing little -- and this incidentally it's. One of those weeks or mr. what we are written all week and I met I mean I've. Mass. Who you don't do that these news that through that. I've fiddled the widower. I you she's watching this the spar with the champ who lives a little that's a little pretzels strong. Yeah no that was an interesting and our third producer market good job fighting that's on fourth and what this can be seen next week because he's got an HDs. These Golan and that intimately get a lot of little morning show plus technically it was out there today we hung up on. I was trying governors or were ten target. For predators. Gary. You Albuquerque Jerry despite Celtics Kirk during notified it's been beaten to Brian Billick tour Brian Billick Willis our safety dot com you're working with them to suggest that Terry Brad judge Jerry like Nevada and office of it that nobody has figured out there anyway Jay corner gain ignorance sport for for lessons are still Las Vegas. Well we have. Mutt is six to 10 PM from radio row. Monday through Friday when no movement there is no but Greg cosell NFL films Darren panic and did Chad Millman the sixth that apple sold. Its unity week of actual money Acura never much at night this is their only way to prevent him from day during the so that's why they're doing that yet at least a short series. Let's have a prayer. Analysts say this the consensus between Kirk Jerry was thrilled with my performance you what Norman Monday. Gotten now a pretty good first hour eighty hour and a half through the offering Peru stuff and you remember any but yesterday at all. Jerry was noodling Kirk a bit today about leaving early and when Kirk regiment was to leave early Jerry realized he was a go to Kelly earlier today. Yeah everything old date. It is so good for ten minutes but you know leaving you may remember last week we had remember comment as to cover whatever that is two weeks ago in Reimer of the commitment over the final two hours of Jerry and yesterday the day before Jerry. Made a comment that Kirk would be happy because she can have his monkey Boyer put the monkey drawn much sound the next day. Tomorrow I'll cook or perhaps because Munson you know mud makes them laugh mom amuses him. And we can talk about how hairy mother is not a drug money is and that's what Kirk likes to do right I think Jerry is hiring even more than normal of the mullet man it's yet he's lashing out for being Turkey S and that's that's. Yeah I think it's interesting really that's not a lot sitting over there he doesn't automatically not sicker you I write and eat right I think he's down or download marketing is technically which used to be is right they flipped they flipped a number one of the point of contention 9 o'clock where jittery gave mud about three nano seconds to tell his travels to warriors went from Minneapolis before it's open and. Habits are you scheduled one on our schedule Saturday harmless. This time and a loser for doing my job that trumpet how most balloons tried to grab a grant from some momentum a I would consider anybody talking about it on the speech go problems too and reports with the Fox News Twitter just grab the first one. Start at eight minute clip. And it's. The bottom lines correctly. Little room and highlights. Here but that's an odd week for a on guys were oral throat mossy Thursday I thought Thursday and Friday were passable should decent to laws he did have the everybody's on steroids. Gerry Callahan I believe. That's every DO greeting soldiers as well yeah I think in the NFL coaches on something yes I think they ally you think so yeah Brady is announced I just wanted to assets one I just say yes yes I think that every football player including our very right there is on something. I would say boost hall of fame talk to ten on Thursday it was a good show the open with all the famous than me that was weird as we are ready to crush in Keith for for talking ultra in the week got a call to run. You think sources all payment Kirk. Export who. Kirk Russell and Taylor could have a habit but it street sound so all your limits canceled that the time is coming on. And then we had. The superstition show which was reacting to Dale Hall program where they did an hour plus on how they are yet it was vicious you know what I do is is like Stan I I I have stood at the end of the last two super walls somewhat because I don't path now hi. Yeah first time it was excitement in all my god what's gonna tap right Jeff you're probably second time but and I felt like okay. This is she had to do the web here that it's good to go. And that's why James White scored a hat at the is still stood unique element catches that ball fails to and no definitely not that's what would it keeps saying he did. He agreed he read rearrange this is Superman. Action figures. What would you consider superstition I mean that some of the ones we what what what are your what are your superstitions for example. I am I don't have the volume on my TV or the radio in the car ever on thirteen. I'll never content on my wife you know that the volume up or sit in your current and dropped its well. I was so interest. Watered down on each do you do any odd numbers. I don't yet odd numbers find just thirteen and Kirk who lost his mind because we had and then have Jason Ross sees superstition story ice. Lugar's public couple first hour up I asked him yesterday just test this morning he came he says come up right. Okay for an and where is it. Where is an hour of sound okay etc. all operate treated the cut up all gestured. I guess you know knowing him so he came in this morning and I asked usage had what did you say that. For the purposes I thought we needed and no no no no no no no why did you say that when I ask you that. Because for the purposes of the short but we have I don't that we wanted Jason Rottweiler to don't think when I say the whole hour that means you hold means and notes went OK and a probable 100% the entire thing entirety. So when I say that and Jerry Bible reference it. That you should have correct me leverage would jurist you know instincts so we say a whole hour we mean a whole hour is up you can. It's just six months and it's already have a diet 7937. Will be right back. Pocket and that set things in a downward spiral lit. Let it later in the show Kirk actually left for a segment. To leave dead bolt who's in with Jerry for a combustible sick or I think it was excellent. The next line from Greg bishop. But that was inside information. Illiterate these cut inside information about the injury which by then was old news described by then it was the game was over the injury was an effect. Yet again I like Harry he takes a shot at you know outside orthopedic physicians who tried to. Guess with the injury right before like texting or emailing them their own prognosis which happens. It's over slow I was trying to get Jerry think I actually get into. All right is that's what was promise that's what got us into its competition previous games bad not Super Bowls new new new. Preview regularly get short Iowa actual literally have to finish is booked for the I James Patterson podcast that Jesus has knew it was like why you guys talk copies I'm actually as of this next segment. So what time my back and 910 I don't okay axle. Kirk's that you what are preview of the game I'll leave you two got two football guys sit together in a room but the mics on Politico so I she thought if they didn't Il brought sleaze x.s and those football segment bulletin Cali it would have been solid and god knows they have all the previews and from jurors got his binder for the Eagles ready to go the Jerry wouldn't do what he was getting into lake what Brady retirement talk pointers while he was commenting on Kirk not being able to sit through the whole show that was sort of humorous talking about Kirk not being there when they had -- that we have predicted it would draw back it lead to one more. Right sock puppet cycle like this and get some music to support. Probably support talk a mug Kirk's not prepared for his podcast east and I candidacy playing have to break away from me define this new. Explain to me how this music or lecturing applies to a starter Mark Kirk not prepared for his podcasts are supposed to be breaking gained as we know we're not we're not we're talking about Kirk on at least Belichick presser pop a few laughs. The sick or at least the rally. And Austin top top quarter right away. A vested you know day lately won't exactly increase revenue rose up to exciting somewhere digger she's Pedro Martinez Jackie Brown came out as an arrow now pointing us to talk aren't aren't based of the teams that potentially weak that I want done with us. Volunteer coach will be immature thinking we're not in the agency's world. We wanna think jewel and grandstands. For Ryan Dempster yeah Jonny Gomes Alex beer rob Bradford Jarrod Saltalamacchia Larry Lucchino. David Rossi Bob Sweeney just passed and Chris medics and Marc spears thanks to Barry Petersen thanks to hunt you obviously like to drink Bedard Boston Globe Darren tank and thanks to Kevin Allard thanks to hairy men and Adrian award genachowski tomorrow and it's. Okay and yeah who. Bone doesn't find this funny and all bullet is just. You know it's more energy he needs more energy he's he's like it did they keep Big Ten minutes with his suitable theory and that was kind of funk was the butt of the joke but it was fighting it like you. We're gonna get into that is is really right dragged me here today yes I got out of bed two hours early story you wrote yesterday. Made me bring my kid in daycare an hour and a half early Reuters and totally embrace the troll involved in. I'm hated it's done wonders for Shaughnessy spiritual bottom is a long career in this town I don't know why doesn't do it yet he has an orderly one of these bad again that much else we stumbled upon a trend with globe les. Join us this is up and went through wash and nice guy no spear mill just are no it's O'Sullivan golf. You know I'm working around the thicker. Like they feel like it into your respectable. American John Henry's. A bomb or did to podcast this week you book the James Patterson he's a huge game. Paterson didn't say a lot but I'm interest in the topic. Yet it was it was point five minutes it was electors got to give it two hours right words are his biggest complaints I was just curious to hear James Patterson as a extolling his skirt and he was like in and out Brea defiant but no he was a close and good book by you in any did one which has aired yet with great hill I don't really good it's really get that adds I think that's where Kirk is at his best getting into in a lot of wants sitting in studio. Into somebody's brains but she really loves that stuff it's so if you mean obviously Iowa radio but Kirk's passion for radio. And when he talks to people were regular differs electric bill I'll write what the value mourning its Segal the get into the deep dive in to howl. He works with his co host how big what they do differently how they compete with the other person those injuries but ought to take a snippet of the Ford Ayers is Kirk assessing it week Kirk Callahan. And it was break time. But we've this week is soaked while I was terrible (%expletive) off you probably think it's an accident does not gonna rose Noah actually saw you know you know it's like you know it's like when you're doing a show it is literally it's die you know if you don't have it was here. The crackling of a. But I think Kirk's ready can all we can all Steelers especially early part of that we were just off this week I don't know how will do ratings wise down the line we'll find that out for a little while. This is obviously big week is because the patriots are Super Bowl maybe we did better than we thought we did but of this was we were off our game this week. It was dog it was not not my best freaking out the best week overall it was a city disjointed I would say is the way to put it to sort of never really got going. He depraved stuff was good Monday I would say the highlight of the week for immunity was stumbling on because Kirk mentioned it the Frank Bruni. Audiotapes from hidden yardage book audiobook. And my Italian had finally progressed from deduce a bow out now. Serviceable it's right around them with the newspapers restaurant critic has significant effect on the fortunes are chefs. Adequate and understandably fought back. I didn't long for that a mandatory program of night after night of ambitious and sometimes excellent food was a risk and we want to take how. Random you know finally got some laughing some people go and it was but yet it was most weeks the majority of our show feels like the Frank Bruni says it did today. And an emblem editor to worry about five minutes segment here there were kind of grinding this week thought we're grinding most the time. And sort of hoping defying those those signals recruitment yeah I agree. And Tuesday his signature low point most would say it was defending Jean-Claude their prodigy fun doing that were to be economists now and I'm just more. Those guys were tortured because of mutually exclusive. You can separate detail separate what I begin tempered saturated posed with the enemy they wanted somebody posing with the crisis in favor chop some up here are some different note she turned it over and we ignored which he mention decades in prison of the ordinary about that you guys. People were paying an area they wanted in disappeared from Iowa's gay is like a pig but it's so he took a stand separate she separate sheet she. But they ho chi men pleaded for it and get out all out war. I adored it. Nine as Kirk said he can really crushed and drugged and out which sort of moved on. Got a big regret that thought Adam Brady's kid sees collectively and before we were just off this week who knows Jerry and Kirk a bit at each other debt. You know you're institutional Albert you're say an hourly 5% between a funny it's the kind of suck to secure podcast it's no problem podcasters and seventh place just a position a pretty well it's close it's it's not. No brush major fires going on there Anthony's been put out but today with the reaction to the training conversation we're paying way. Aren't but you knew it was. Like. I don't have the here's what's. A path I am not happy about wow. Yeah. She said you picture of her private parts. 00 no I didn't get it would have bet they'll Wear. It may not my apartment that. I have and I did the current athletic that they just dumb. Yeah. I've known I happened. The European Jewish deuce and. Hey a little bit going to be that. Not that not quiet talk about how much the better but it did not much. They did not do it could happen in about about the and that. I'm so tired and could not resist just brutal the most horrible. But yeah. The yeah. The tension level can rise almost instantaneously. What your podcast writes Gerri rips the podcast in the tension disclosed right quick time to leave that Turkey. If I did the show. By myself for a book and you do show myself provoke who'd agree if we showed to gather when they had what do you think retiring we're like third in the rigorous Feyerick is put it this course. I'd kick your ass what I convinced I'll be number one I'm convinced you create personal I could do you could like to do it if you could we've played a cart who who's the host when he's wacko. I will focus on the board Richard uniform talk. And it's done but it's a I'm. The interesting dynamic loss of course management waited countless of these guys that email thread last I would email threats that the more we got with all the bombs that did the right thing just ignore it would cut Kirk you can't let it bother you like doing what Jerry aka no conversation does bother or gonna have this comes just because we leads me off. Integrated and put us some very. Easy position. Who is now somehow view it is but that was our decision we can pat their back but it's still you showed that only responses and he's back tees. And you cultural room next week's huge news it. Basically I've got my own room I don't have to look at porn remotely engines. Dot sit back supply and you've already booked for dessert it's going to be a wild day so it's up to be there two hours in advance if you like by Thursday and be so sick of railroad has been my outlook sitting next people selling extends to me electing go to Lou the zip line wait my turn and then seek her about it. Right over and Mississippi River to go to Gila. Chris asked for something before the show and you lied to me so and yesterday a 52 cut in an hour of sound we can sound like the whole thing up and then again. Our show was attacked last night by management in your management at an issue with that. I have an issue that you may not care that's fine. I care to OK I mean I only want to say we're Don Hewitt hired done and that's the way to the toy coast you've sucked. You know you really do I open for my British high Def soon I don't think that that email was that harsh a figure overreact when Jerry luckily I don't give a mr. kooky bullpen what you say about that. The showed to a great number on Friday so. It's like up is applied or have your last deal with modern food court C a couple big. Food court launches with Chris Kirk's and and it just puts puts me in mutt go to ticked away and let me check Barack. Him and dumb we'll have enjoyable time it will be interesting to see the dealers in Minneapolis Kirk is that likes to go to dinner with just Gary. You know Gary doodle gossiping after Dugard is to cherry would rather not be alone with me at any point. Slash your tend to blow up that shoots last year to blow up municipal that was a big takeaways are bottles daughter season. Whatever the party do insurance. I get a secret. Notice out of Europe there of course and pieces of blow off which means you have to do things. Extra thing lots of extra things in the Chris current temperature rises by the day and. You know. Last year it was late Thursday of suitable weed and I was sitting in the of one of the workbook does it will be cold but equally. It's a ninety degrees with sun and waiting outside of at best ones. Undisputed. It was lost sailors. And legislate. Third Derosa there we don't have a lunch you know melding into the wrong ball sonic about there's a mud balls off a torrid producer in the morning show waiting for skip Bayless in the eye contact this momentous the so enjoy that richter played out that would be your last known piece in Austria Monday after the and is currently threat. She's a smoker that's what's trending now on WEEI him WEEI dot com. Could weaken.