Bradfo Sho, Ep. 60: Truth time with Rick Porcello, Joe Kelly

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Thursday, January 25th

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox pitchers Rick Porcello and Joe Kelly in preparation for the trio's second annual remote podcast at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Fort Myers. This time the discussion -- which takes place at the team's Winter Weekend -- encompasses stories of saving lives, the bizarre reality of spring training life, bets on Bradfo's weight loss and, most intriguing, some real honesty when it comes to the Red Sox' clubhouse.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Barbara out of the gate this world apologized no podcast last week. I have meant to happen all kinds of momentum heading in 2018. I thought we did with the brat Fo Sho. Starting with data argue it Dustin Pedroia hit two excellent excellent podcast. That we did the TV Marti is welcome to Boston remote podcast the baseball tavern with a cavalcade of stars which is going to be posted. Live this week but what happened was that I came down with pneumonia as a kid hear my voice still have an up to snuff. Aqib now in the ammonia ended up in the hospital had a heart thing going on. And bought a house back in time to drive on down to win a weekend at foxwoods. Really you know this is that it is bizarre that you have 7000 people. Goat to foxwoods. And take over the plate the Red Sox in the middle the patriots playoff run but that's their base I mean had their base. I did not changing anytime soon so anyway it's always worth going in terms of the media stop and and and I appreciate threats like for setting up podcast scheduled for me as well. And this time around we get two guys who actually had been on the podcast together. Rick where a fellow joked Kelly. They were the first remote like Caspian raided twin peaks were part down in Fort Myers. It was one of my favorite podcast to do we're sort of all over the place in terms of what we are we're talking about. It's still it was one of my favorite to do because this is what it's about it's just about the around eating drinking talking whatever. And good news good news update. Both of those guys have agreed to do need another one the second annual report seller Joseph Kelly twin peaks podcast. When that I guess we. In a few weeks in a few weeks in spring training rolls around our favorite that are close to start vote so it's good tops or you're down four Myers spring training. At twenty great place to catch a game and kept podcasts already where we got these two guys together. But separate. So though though the pike just gonna be with the two guys sort of let the preemptive. To impeach second annual twin peaks podcast but so I get reports fellow Joseph Kelly separate but obviously. You know the dual home we are more offering them together they both of talked a lot about. The twin peaks like Jeff that we had before. When they were on. And including by the way in this of the Goodwin you don't wanna listen to Joseph Kelly reports Phil talks little bit about it but Kelly explained the whole situation. How'd joked Kelly in this podcast after recruits take the podcast. Yeah actually save someone's life. In the bathroom. At twenty it's a pretty good story. I did help. Another human beings from being on his knees to his butt on the on the bottom of the baton Florida helping him up. So are we in this part yet. Marcelo first Kelly sacked him. We cut all over the place at the beginning with the ball of them yeah but that's you know that's what it's about. We talked about France's ports fellows out of spring training it is a bizarre lifestyle these guys live. Down there and you know you work out you run bobbled a throw in which you had argued done by noon. And then you have nothing to do it's all these guys do is play golf. Supports fellow talk a little bit by you Nazis like with this isn't digging ditches. But he met he he goes through exactly how bizarre. This spring training lifestyle it for Major League players. You know a big part of this too is this playing golf and he goes into getting him to joke Kelly's had in. And you know all that stuff so it's it pretty entertaining I see are credit more informative and entertaining. Fight that ball actually because. People don't understand what's pre spring training it's cents a year existence. So Portillo get through that we also. You know we I've just partnered up with the way Q1 navy. So it's mentioning we are talking about that and so he wanted to ball those guys wanted to. Realized that I listen to lose fifty pounds by the end of April well you know. I don't know they believe me or not but that might you wager while another wager that we have a podcast face that I could catch. Five Steven Wright knuckle balls out at ten. Opt out of it out of ten via. I don't think you can catch 55. Well you know I think I can't so that's wager numbered every other like yes you could hear a little bit about you know we're talking. Gambling which is always but as Mike and it goes that's always gold. Call crap on he says all he listens to is crypto currency podcast and listen botnets like crypto currencies Alden. All right. If you're listening to this broadcast right now. And you're doing it and you have listened to it crypto currency part yes I wouldn't be Austria. The U Europe the wrong place through different things and I don't know quite believe him. I certainly don't believe that you never listen to this. I know for the fact that the lie lie lie lie lie. So you buy it but if you're gonna say if you'd have the excuse of not subscribing to Bradford shall not listening to this. Have a better excuse that say well you know what I've listened to crypto currency markets now. You lost you lost brute. Proven to be. And I reminds me subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe. Like reset we touted could start for 2008 team had a good 2017. But next level to death and AT and quiet leaders are the meat and potatoes of all of the the podcast. Which I I got into deeper these guys about the Red Sox clubhouse. We wanted to gain this and we seem effortless and abilities and I sort of got a couple of thousand lifeless you know if it is his club about going to be below function. Is this clubhouse is going to be relieved itself. You don't have you did bring real outreach in here right now you'd bring in any guys that say you know that's the leader that the guy was gonna change anything that's that woke up all my goodness you get the influx of David Ross and Johnny go on the Shane Victorino. Now if it basically the same group. So. I want those guys to explain to me. If this group is actually matured off it if he thought if they thought there was going to be it was good enough last year to lead itself. Without Dave repeated you don't want. They were honest about it I want to yes here that it we're really honest about it and both of Rome here's the here's the weird thing you'll hear this the podcast. Also home. Have identified identified the exact same thing. As maybe the turning point heading in this year's. And they it's a players only meeting to they had after the second game of the playoffs. And as I thought that set them all of that sucks that yet to have that moment Auburn 64 games in the season. But all the homes said that was a a moment they didn't have throughout the entire year. In and that hold me a lot about you don't know only vote that meeting but also told me about how old that clubhouse was so. That is the beat Davis at the clock at that it's the biggest take away the other stuff. You know I've five entertain it's just us talking and that's what that's that's for you to get when you have the twin peaks podcast. In a few weeks so I anyway. I think it's another good one. Appreciate you listening so here it is first off reports fellow than Tokyo. Making his first appearance since. Joseph Kelly. Single handedly saved the man's life in the twin peaks bathroom on the Brett Rochelle reports fellow. Readers talking about the the I think I'd actually rank my favorite podcasts of last year. You rate top five gradually since it's it's nothing different strategies aren't self working on a finalist you know. Which fundamentals. Well I mean you are markets that you're number one but that's what we're aspiring to in 2018. And under Arafat that is already tickets out death. Third 2007 and I've read about an eight team have now but the title. Well that's. And it the next step as a great manager said I can only what you would position to succeed so that was early on in the process and in case people don't know this system is ready twin peaks remote podcaster Kelly reports LO. It was I will say this it was might my favorite podcast to do that was the podcasts that involve the most adult beverages in. The most savings of lives in the bathroom. So by Eddie I think that we it's a great thing to aspire to that can be the beginning of the process. And then now once again 2018 bigger and better I love it. I don't favor a better place to start over and over some data Tutsi and beer. So. So anyway 2008. So it's been. Excruciatingly boring. 2017. Offseason heading in 2018. You've been working out down in Naples. Doubt who actually goes and works out have you done to you you're the house you drive up 75. You do go to jetBlue park who work who else is there. Jacqui there. Jackie's fulltime Naples resident. So he's working on the gym every day. David Price just got a place down there so he's been in that. Jason grown you know first on drafted I think two years ago he's network and out and then. Still comes as well so. We've got Nestle group a chasm Aaron. It's pretty cool for an offseason. To see all those guys that's complex working out together com. On the big fan I think it. You know and grows closer as a group and and it's good stuff so plus program helped a lot better weather than what should have waited. I don't wanna see two months of jetBlue park could be honest you know. That it's isn't always if it now that the case if you do that you have the guys you know that I got for Puerto Ricans like get out of there or Santa hits her head you're the first player ever say that rappers don't have backed out yet archivists say that we got to exclusively fly you up in the Bradford showed jet but. We had to exclusively fly you up to the Bradford Jack we talk about next level. A lot has happened bat since you did that podcast enough February. We've vote the revenue streams are insane. So yes so I'm glad you made it we'd make sure that you made about to go back to the blue the workout facility you have so yeah of the Big Five or whatever I don't. US and obvious answer a fact that. Can you do you make of the T shirts you can credit me up so you you have the Big Five ripped it six or whatever work about it. Is it the knowledge you let this get some other people here that is the age you know. Can we get some fresh races here and those people Cummins like. Let's look at this is. What are we gonna do this go the scope plate I mean you must be sick of seeing each other number one and number two do you do some of you said that having other avenues. To go play golf. It's Sharaud. Thank you. Thank you for your honesty it and I want TS here necessity playing golf price to c.s so that ended it's. I hate asking for strokes. Happens every time we play it's like you know want clip for something announced a lot to end it whack it around and not you know let's put a little friendly wager on it. And then. It turns and to me begging him for you know four strokes to set at three. So I'm looking forward to have some other guys come down really were so lucky golfer and a night and it just took alien and now. It is used by house renovations he's dedicated he has had time to work on his game. I was actually up north for awhile so I haven't had time to work my game we're starting at a nice you know. We're starting you know the same spot so I had a chance and I have to get chokes him it's fair I don't know how to get Joe's head too that's the better part of. You do so at fifth by the way use up next in these you'd be preferential podcast that. Throw. How would accurately you just below that for now. Just one little way you can Joe's has just very coy very dry humor. Joseph tries to draw up all. Off to see if he doesn't he get hit it dead straight 320 yards but if it doesn't drugs test. So if he's playing well it looks like and it you know start talking we'll smack him in his films it's around out here. That a shot and it'll do it perfect little 34 or draw on all club community. Did you try accept that did you track that apple sells good. Countries that we need. About a that have been you can just you we will start Stan and your rent whatever you want tax half of that it's just you know. Terry out of fear epic failure to sift through the Credo for Joseph Kelly the real stars Brendan and then you're a veteran and what you get a goddess. He sees god does not come back from the existence that you guys have it's so bizarre and Inaba saying you guys don't work hard you work hard right. But yeah day yet your day ends and you go play golf like it right and this is definitely taken two seconds to understand like. How bizarre. Of the existence a spring training baseball player lives I have. Very hard working mother father and two Brothers and I talked to every day or every other day in and you know this fight had any outs of complaint and being down inside inside me degree weather in February and and you know we have to run a mile. Have packed up our mind advocate that conversations and him it's he's hanging up run it right there so we have absolutely. Yeah we work hard collectors there's no complaints it's it's really where you have to be. Grateful because how fortunate our ability across an art in our grateful my understanding is bizarre because because there's guys that don't. Seat belt way and that's that's squared. It's necessary it is to mention that. You know when you do understand how good it is to be able to go to the ballpark but just three hours and then gets played golf every day here as frequently if you want. Think he says it's bizarre it's just rare because most people have to grind it out for eight hours and do it every day that we. And that's it. That's how to make money and survive bird left enough that our problems are. Just errors and it degrades it. It and then you know just which also reflect the Chilean miners have him. I always complain about the the lack of Diet Coke in the press box. And instead hitting that slice it. That I realized slave buyers and have to think about this I think that's Lex levels of slain miners reporters. Then baseball players for mortgages on stream updated a number on I'll bet so here's the thing. New sponsorship for the brat for show awaited white eighty weight loss. Fifty pounds in twelve weeks starting tomorrow. Place a bet on it fifty pounds twelve weeks. So when what is that since the end of April and April you got to drop fifty I don't have to love doing it from I mean I know you're saying where's that gonna come from. But so yes so yeah awakened 180 you walk around tomorrow. We start that process. Yet some have no doubt about that. And whether or not like I'm going to do it. OK okay. Opposite what's about what lol. We'll figure that we have we are playing time to figure out because I don't want. Yet about the bets or receive later. Because you open the door for. Awesome segue for me which is Axel as your talk to them like I'm gonna look so pro doing this. So you're you're so you're talking about how surprised or appreciated. And you certainly do appreciate the life and everything else so one of the things that we talked about with the Red Sox and being the young team and everything else is having the guys in there. That can do the pay cut the crap quotient I love that too site I've made that up. The cuts crap auction. Cut the (%expletive) right. Do it this way have you. You came up and you got those guys you're clearly one of these guys who can say cut the (%expletive) cut the crap whatever would no matter what it is. These gives a young team. You guys are getting older guys are getting more mature or are you confident that you. Have enough of that yes OK I had problems. Absolutely I think. That's kind of one of those things. Basically I didn't talk about leadership yes but I I like my term better yet. Crab you can use deficit pick and it. In order of say it but you don't sit right yet and add and. Baseball others. You know started pitching bullpen and position players and everybody kind of gets. Segregated a little bit because of whether it's what you're doing throughout course that they were starting pitchers are content altogether. Relievers are all together and their group them. You have to have. Guys each one of those groups that do it's. You how your team leaders. You're out there you TD obviously used book to lead by example every night. But then within those little groups you know as far as position players pitchers in. Things that you have to have. Guys section. Can lead that and I think we I mean you look at Chris how hard it worsened and that's on top of god given ability and I mean how are you can watch him do things that he does. Buses us every day go out there dominate and not. Demand that yourself justice. You know you like to think that put. You know just to get your foot in the door and a Major League club thus does that fit that should be what's required. And sometimes gets lost a little bit and that's. As a younger player you kind of have to be taught in taught how to beat this Clinton routine and then. Those are all things that pleases him stand policy making thirty starts or whatever it is. Eventually hopefully mean. Post season wins and things like that. So I'm very confident leadership I think. When. You know updated. Ortiz retired it was a little at first time. But it is looking around wait and see. Who's going to be that guy or whatever and and obviously he's been there and one. Rings and is definite are our clubhouse leader. But to find those guys and and those you know. You know leader pitching staffs and and position players and things like that it took a little bit tired but I think guys start a settlement of the rolls in and I understand that so I'm excited. You don't do so in one of the reasons I'm I'd bring this up discuss the guy who's your manager now I covered. Alex Cora. And he was really good that plagued. And you I am with you make you have different course the clubhouse different roles on the team you have the guy like Alex are gonna hit 2:2 morning. But you're gonna say cut the (%expletive) that the players when he needs it right so but that is and Jonny Gomes said this is like. You know as a player who. When a player hears it from the managers like your from your parents a lot of times you know when you hear from your your teammates your body or. When your brother or something. So that's the challenge I think Dallas court gets I think he understands it. Is as I view my onto something and I mean I think that you are beacons. Well it. Would means the most news. And I got to sit next to you hold you accountable obviously you know you're gonna hold him accountable for whatever it is and when somebody you know if you have a teammate that has you know for you got daughters whatever can check that's because like I've not only cares about. The ballclub and him you know doing things the right where it cares about you. And that's you have to have to go through on sixteen game season and came into the post season advance and to all those sort of things. You have to have a feeling of brotherhood and Aaron. That all goes into it. Guys hold and haven't meters home because accountable showing that they care. He might have to you know. Two guys offer something which it doesn't happen. Often at all but. That's not because. It because you care about and expects. A lot of avenues that flight itself you expect the winds start to think that that's what you think it's gonna help fuel along and that's hard to. I think that's hard to do and you've got to make sure that it's. You what is it doesn't happen a lot because you guys who live with each other more than you live with your families need to live with each other if you're gonna give. Create and he sort of conflict in there. Like you've got to make sure it's worth it again in my wrong arm my right out here. Yeah absolutely. Yeah it has to be something that it's gonna send a message really resonate throughout that's club house. So. You know and peaceful partner in him it's not. You know you can't go through the motions and go out there and happens sort of sit there go put up numbers offensively played great defense. You know sleepwalking and then you have to. You have to preparing to carry your own stuff to run and that requires a lot of focus and attention so. It's if it can be hard bounce for the club are sometimes to have guys that are focused on doing their job. But also. Hold other guys accountable and you know vine that aspect of the what you need in an Arab. Do you feel like you. It sits on a professional and bring the microphone over. You feel what you're mention Ortiz and move you said the same thing to me last year probably halfway through the year. Took them awhile you know Ortiz everything had to be filtered through Ortiz like that was I was gone. It's it's there forever and you guys sort of now to figure that out as it went along. Do you figure like as you get to the end of the year obviously you guys had a pretty good year playoffs a year you know basically ten innings away from moving on against team. That won the eventual world championship. Do you figure by the time of the year that that you work you've got through a lot different in terms of figuring that out but you were even in April and may and June. I think we. I had a moment after game two. And I think McConnell all. You know. Everybody settled in their roles I guess that answers your question we'll look better but there is something that happened after the second game where news. As a group. You know I think. We weren't passive. And industry and foreign and we played our best baseball player pardon ended up coming up a little bit short but. That's. All the clubhouse atmosphere and all the culture and and those things he would try to create instant change this course of the year is so that you can go into it. Playoff games and play it back. Late game three thank him for. United backs against the wall and you've got to answer call. And that that's. Well is challenging you know especially when you music islet like David Ortiz and they've won championships with him as as the leaders to find him. That's balance desert some of those roles create that culture and atmosphere. It would have to be comfortable with it and then. Bring that sprint brand of baseball that you want money when it matters most it all leads up. So I think we have about moment after game two it is. I think we'll probably all. Say that we purpose is on the first two games and. But that's what I'm talking about and thus thus the took the (%expletive) moment right there the cut the image is unfortunate that you're talking about vote. In of this 164. Game of the year but if you're talking about 2018. If you don't have that moment you're saying oh yeah you I think we did I think we did at least you have that tangible thing right I guess. Yeah a 100% because. They accuse you. You know. Identity or purpose of the ball club or whatever you want to call it you know for lack a better word. And that's what's gonna drive through its courses you are not yet not to just go out there when by talent. You can get I had house for us in the race season but then when you've got to answer the call you've got to have some type of personality is also where you're gonna fight you know punch back. And we didn't we we definitely obviously came up shorten. That sort of stuff but it. Starts flip there in extreme and I think we showed ourselves a little something that we need to build off of him and you know. For fortunate in the post season this year. And nine postseason dating game one on opening day. Go out there and you know if you get nicked up a little bit in their jobs and opponents who a couple of times and knows them get rid of prospecting and we need that. Now but it's tough division you're gonna go through peaks and valleys in those hours is when you get out there. That chip on the shoulder and you know wanna in the fight. Reserve. But it was you know we don't give specifics but was there was a more full cold was it more like. Guys like what the (%expletive) you know sort of like. I mean that. That's kind of where that it stays in the club thousand effect you know. What we do their classy ought to give examples. So don't give examples of them before fit yeah. Faceless didn't want. Don't think it was because they're at the faceless Davis players say they cut its clip the fact. I mean it is that's knowledge that. Yeah. The problem whatsoever to sneak peak at about medicine and I wanna do well what I wanna do is I wanna do movies like these would be meaningless spring training camp catching in the bullpen. That's what I want to. What you touched Debbie cash vault auction I will broach that with new manager. That's one of the plan's first week occurred prior OB capital and in this. But listen to Elizabeth the food if the president his son to do it like kept at it I wanna. Music that Steven Wright's full time. Not why why why why that's something big global. Pool. Double deficit could repeat it. Yeah we'll go double off him. Pop outfit out of ten idea. I don't think you can catch five. Catch five for Dick Loveland fire. I said Glover earlier but those aren't as accurate both catch. And every out of those out of ten Steven Wright knuckle balls I don't want him thrown like he's 85 mile an hour not like his regular natural. You want to hide that we have or don't go we're going to against a team that's known to be half struggles against softer knuckleball. So. Out case so out of ten catch five Steve right now Apple's. I don't think that. Aren't the students through we have we have about a month ago to figure out some really really good prizes that are gonna go on the Bradford friendly via. Coffers will forget it was just excellent but right now we have a nice little. That is obviously gonna have to talk to writing mission he's on board. OK it's fine if I have no I'd be more than happy catch anyone who doesn't throw break your cups. I'll catch anyone it throws you know. I catch you look at it you want him does play in operate in 85. I guess that. Be more than happy if whatever I just wanna I wanna do it. Instances of words won't suit and it. Listen to it I'm not I can't just sit up in the press parts. And criticized really criticized the skip town and third are good I think that we've we've established that could foundation. For 2008 team number one of most important we will be returning to twenty weeks. For the second and note Rick for sojo Kelly. Podcast number two. IE and going to lose a crap overweight. And I am gonna do it now more than just the the satisfaction of losing weight I'll be getting something. Preferably money and secondly. Title here. Below are yet thirdly thirdly it. Students are always three testified that's right okay it sounds like I'm starting 2018. It didn't. I'm right back Q you lead the brotherhood podcaster watered and just it's perfect thanks for joining us. Making his return appearance. To the breakfast so. And really we sit in the room between rented out paid a lot of money for the podcast you podcast studios. At foxwoods. Problem Joseph Kelly sits here with me and and we're just probably feet away from the moment that you will forever be known as the Boston Red Sox you can leave and have great career year. But you for all or be known as walking over. And me maybe it was the first time ever taught you everything you walked over he said and when the site on those and radio and then you said no I didn't mean yes you were. A small Connecticut radio station I'm on the Cy Young listeners and ever since then I've feel like. You since that moment. You've you've been a friend of the brats or show for no other reason maybe it felt bad for you now do so when you come back YouTube to people say yeah I'd show. You were awesome man. You you you protect the Cy Young. Is charity as an editing pull your heart strings coming back here. Pulling my heart strings you know there's been a couple mentions of it. Today. That's good call by you. I'm trucker yet yeah wanted to finally. That's about it you know it's some elements in an and then also had a lady Selena hope was she yeah she set I hope you win twenty games this year. And I said. That be awesome that would be some kind of a record for sure. But the loud like violence many games likes. Polling well ahead of the pack. Be awesome to look like I'd have to win an award them a clear earlier were probably. What else is there was that the people. Asked me after like. Fifth autograph that autographs at twelve probably onerous and now one Alex 1206. The seventh person in line ask me. Hate dip writer's cramp coast thing. I hope not I mean Evelyn and do ministers you know five minutes. And from there on a probably gut and if I put the over under at seventy people total do you have writers cramp. I might think the other so. But bring things that were in Gore's foxwoods and you know there's no place I'd rather be than you know sitting here in this room with you rump. I idolize her first brought you give the probe moved to grab the microphone. So and even though this I don't know if you know this can pick up a lot to do you wanna do that that's fine it's fine I'll move the microphone. But that's the commitment that I made. So anyway we can have commitments Rick personal it was just in you before you he's committed to its second edition of the the the wildly successful. Twin peaks Bradford show remote podcast. Which congratulations. Was rated as one of the top five Bradford shows of. Year. This alone on the big news report like who's making these buildings meet. Look at first all richt said here and second of all. I don't know who's successful or not third of all I haven't read it so you got about. Fourteen more minutes to try to convince me to come back so. I mean refused. You know free adult beverages targeted but I'm an agent you know. Give me a little more than an incentive to coming back maybe. About our our friend news at down at us. May we bring him on what. It's Mikey. Who MIT he was ago. Who sound the us. The radio yeah are no. Sun so this. Was there who I don't know sub that's also the at twenty meet you Rick someone else look there's 45 you'll hear you right the this took Oregon Ducks gone. That's Erica and the fact this is that you saved the life for no other reason you saved a life in the bathroom right. Okay saving a life might be bending and a little bit but honestly I do story I did help. And another human being from being on his knees to his butt on the on the bottom of about Florida helped Obama. So the story the story goes as you know into the bathroom. You know I'm from Zuma business and end up going to washed my hands. And I saw. You know I don't know what's what's correct and but I saw a gentleman. You know who's probably in his fifties to was overweight. So. He bought you like best buy me a little bit and I lost my and that's fine. And you know I'm not listening ear penitence and it being on Canon's own washing as hands you know my journal falls on trying to really get claim. So then on here is is it isn't is a moment in the underground night. And I don't not really don't think any of it like then there's only two people on the about us in this guy and I still don't think in any other. He doesn't help me. And I'm like I turn around and I am what I see when I turn around. Is does the stall door flung open you know the guys came on the ground and a fairly fairly big gentleman is on the ground like. Like it looks like he's hurt I don't know what happened my item paid like it was intention companies sorts and Sammy helped me he's like Conan might. And so I panicked right clicked and I'm like oh crap so let's spread over their Mohandas still wet and I'm like. Got up and Mike yeah that that's exactly what I came over here to do that without the residue like Emanuel wants Netflix and here now lake. Is exactly an alternative and I go down to pick this gentleman up India's. I'm really happy and I'm like no like I think picking out there like I can help you you just. They'll pick me up like that and has likes certain. Like I did say in it in a nice way because like I I definitely did lift more weight. Didn't you then you are right now and and in a non nice way like really quick as I'm the only one in the light on this guy's only resort and he's like honey on them in that. I'm picking him up the wrong way so as like. Just Olympic you know so is that I am happy and it puts him on the side and and I end up picking them up and I had perfect at the Foreman my squad form was was was good at the end you know activated the pollutes all of it through the hips extended and bam and you know. I mean I picked up with gentlemen and it's not a lie the guy came out and I told the story like no way so the guy comes out. And I mean an S and it probably. For those. It's 400 pounds. 315. He had a team. Look what super slow like he was apparently you didn't want. Right so he was pretty big yet it came so the back story that you dive into that podcast Archie was not podcast. No it was it was yellows it was these shenanigans when you're actually maybe once you're talking about how you won the comedian right as it will W joke. And he's you know why I'm going to tell you judge considered all my jokes so long. Time goes by you go to the bathroom and you come out. And your tone post or sell us the story I'm thinking the I swear to god that the entire time this note this is security he's doing his joke now. Hopefully that would make sense to your right we were talking about Betsy like joneses that got about as you examine those stories right that's what I thought it was and so that you maybe even better. When do you propped the guy comes off and but the aside does guider tonight as part of the joke except that so. Anyway so it will get that you're you're gonna be there so I'll look forward to that Thomas nor the reason under the title this podcast the the twin peaks preemptive strike podcast. Illicit life. To choke artists that could search engine optimization. And don't know would have but wasn't there he might have died you never know it. I've actually told the story before and I use it that way so. Yet. So our rights that we got that we get that the way. How's your offseason but by the way did you want to remember elegant still this story Eric about the deal facilitated Tupper Joseph podcast. Are you ready now. It's hard but. Viewing and I'll be taking your job you wanna you wanna do podcast threats Mondello. And it will be called cup of Joseph. I can't. So now that this is this a safer life or term the regime has turned over in the Red Sox organization. Is there a possibility that you could because listen JJ Redick has podcast he still playing. Could this happened either to tell tales on a stool school if you're play airplane I mean this to happen. It could happen but I don't the end of time I switched from now I'll come back evidence that but I switch from. You know wanting to do podcast to listen to a lot ought deaths so. If I wanna listen in my podcasts that I wanna listen to shuttle Columbia to make my own podcast. So another executive fever all over it. No because the puck is this the united close to a lot of talking to him and listen to podcasts only crypto currencies all day like so I'm not listening. I'm not listened to sports stuff from Allison like an intense the fun stuff so what it what is it what is that. Could appearances. I mean. Like either big recording. That. But I mean obviously we get your free agent next seriously you better assess that throughout this. You never know maybe it's any good investment in in May be not only ever again you know be like the kids one year old from Florida Vietnam. The complexity combat this story go ahead. Love story that does in the story because of the podcast. So you you would not wanna do applied to elect podcaster season. Be it doesn't have to be because when I'm on the run on a listen when it's that I'm I'm trying to learn and indeed just a pennant. Have you ever listen to this podcasts. When. Mitt yet that you did when you have been on. And thought oh let's sort of sudden not at all I wouldn't unlock the link so why not yesterday in the month. Relied bite I remember last year's spring training no I did one and you read references and I can tell you exactly which one was a new residency on the radio they have arisen about us. And that's on incidentally an outline like that on line a mind that really don't know I don't ever listen to August. Okay by you referenced it Dustin Pedroia podcast which by the way we just another one is fantastic. Then. You referenced once you lie. I remember you know listen your pot yes there is a clip on on like maybe WU I but Utley can click the link midnight and have to go to your pockets that's it download. Thank you thank you all and it download the clicked on the tour. Whatever its assault assault credits is wired numbers of sorts is crazy. I don't unity deal and so. Yes something about baseball. You're thinking I was talking to Rick about this elbow. But the clubhouse dynamic the and I called it you know he called it leadership. I called it the cut the (%expletive) about the craft quotient right of light. Having guys do the right thing I understand this is what it takes to win and I understand you 193 win games and everything else. You guys are young team your guys and they're trying to figure out they went along. Do you think that because. That you were you guys went through what you did last year. That this clubhouse is going to be even better in that respect of the cut the chick quotient you know I'm talking about when I say that like they do it this way not that way. Like I was I was wrong yeah. So. Did rare you're saying that we worked on their island no I'm not that I'm saying there can always get better and we go back to you don't regret the Ortiz and right like Nokia said estimates said that as you know Ortiz and Ortiz is that you knew everything ran through Ortiz now you're trying to figured out and and you have younger guys trying to figure out if it's only human nature when you go three years gonna get better better better and he he actually said. That he thought that the moment that was the most tangible moment oath of say hey you know what. This is we have figured out is after game two of the playoffs which as I its ultimate socks and it was on its four games and but you can use it right yet and it demeans. It was weird type of type season you know. Obviously you know that one stand out leader like that very very vocal you know and in. We don't have to be very very like loud big personality guys like they've Ortiz and Ortiz and Ortiz. That being said. You know we we have guys that at least that is on this tractor out there's other guys. But we have a team that is as all of you know very talented players and like you said after game two you know we had. A vision you know player only type thing. You know and focus you know and in Mike's edited does suck up to you. Go through the whole season essentially the whole season and then. It was almost like one of those late last resort type things like why didn't this come anyone's attention like we all thought enlighten me bring this you know. But for the also regulate it but even somewhere around there that Mitt might have been you know. Little different. You know we still won all the games but it just an infielder. You know we won anything in this and we came for a Pleasant Hill east and I swear to god thought else must books. Like. I was like man went on to do not we all should run first. But it just felt that reason I just felt like that Sosa a weird that we win we went like four games in a room like man we're not implying neglect what's going on. And it was like that calling it a whole year and why games like. We haven't even like played our best baseball you know not ever perform to their vesting and I'm informed of the worst like there is like some guys again isn't as it is a ms. Butler. Before does that everyone have their own averages we have for 110 games like you never know com. But so what made C. He's lovely so what made that moment with you guys probably have players only meetings throughout the year I don't know so now now. Not well okay so what made that moment like the singers like oh my god. You know yeah we should get her ass kicked this push back or I don't you know whatever what we're about to go home for the off season you know late given you can say that sort of thing but you can say that yeah I think that. We and have that last resort type feeling like. Hey let's have that lake before but September heads before anything like we should have liked that feeling like Calif. Mr. Romero homeless widget that brought the gun violence that's so maybe Enron so maybe you have like the reason the difference was is that. As a going through the year pay you know. It's it's not as it is a Camby but it's going to be around the course can be or on the yeah exactly that's how well so like yet it's not as good as him first elect. It's right there it's right there and we say it's right there from game one of the game once institute. Like there's not one plane we're like hey there it is like the suspect that the damage could come back winds like. You know I don't know if that was the lesson sorely they would loses in the sort of win now like let's win. Think that's kind of the same thing after like team on me after a buff in my. Or about the lose India out select list looks like it and like what are we don't. Bill when did it feel to feel differently like when you walked out federal. Yeah I mean. It daddy's vote like I. This is the Soviets. Let's go let's go play it like baseball who cares went somewhere to go with it happens gauntlet again my heart. And I mean I don't know that there's obviously a bit agreement today offseason you know we lost but we've also champs that's fun. Mean if you was in when it goes with them that you just. I mean this is one of those things you know now we have guys lease there's and does his middle is that. You know there's some guys have anymore. So it's going to be you know. The whole news you know Regina obviously with the coach Susan and that it. But it's it's kind of young guys but you know youngest at that time you know. Some of them veteran guys you know. No like archaic you know and Willis this movie news I think it I think you know gone this year. And I think they'll do little more time. Throwing. So I used accountability I mean that's that's the big thing you mean that and honestly. In election we talked I know I've covered core for a long long time and he was one of the best but it doesn't doesn't make a difference you know manager. I've said this before and it just so direct. Was Jonny Gomes said they listen when when the manager is telling you it's such apparent brightness but when you do your teammates telling you something different. And and chorus of player he with help holding guys accountable it's. And he is gonna do his best there and I'm not saying that you and you guys from. From walker won the locker whatever wasn't accountable for it in Boston. But that's the thing man it like that that's the biggest thing. I am do you think you've been here awhile. Do you agree with me or ten minutes and we're AMD and you've you've been accountable so when it comes to not admitting that he listens podcast. That no it's it's I mean it's basic. It's and is based human into it knowing there it to keep doing the right thing I mean there was a police Dewey Robinson Lincoln like. The there's there's a reason why this place that'll you'll tell others lost hope you'll Campbell. You know there's fuel rods in both right and wrong like so but you know was still and they hit us wrong in my notes wrong they're gonna do it then on the deal Campbell. So. Same thing with with the sports you know. Yeah like you might be elected waited a little bit more stuff to know Tonya but just on volume up. You know even go to my edited them not there when that time but. But so I feel like we've we've. Coming in this year you know that's that's the so it's gonna build a different sort. And on some I'm looking forward to you know I'm I'm a little lizards so it's not like you know you see Clinton. Were kind of on the same team that we're kind of. Well let's look at the outcasts you know that's why that's where you can't say usually in our eyes and what has got to be multiple debt is going to be the bullpen guys to be the stars is going to be the guys reached to twenty the utility player. You know you get a lot of star guys so hopefully go slow Joseph Kelly predictions Cy Young. And that's going to be a little bit different and podcasts soon coming your way up here and. After 23 months. There are lives at twin peaks that part if I have the civilized Mozilla and then if you're already have verbal agreement from the the president did that with reports all of them mean on the let him hang in Hartford for another reason it's just ago for a OK art art fair enough all right thank you Jim Kelly you Cuba. Also. I heard there's a little bit of it's in Sidon monopoly wanna get on this. And what's your prediction all right so awake or awakened 180s the company. And and I'm starting tomorrow as we tape this podcast. Eight in starting my journey with them. Which is in my in a realistic goal was to lose fifty pounds by the end of April. Rick Purcell was nice enough to put a wage are not that he doesn't believe I can't do it we just want to give you senate roll exactly and yet I think that you on the other hand do not believe I can do it and and what you also wanna get an audit. I mean you know double on so what did they tell you uses by April. The US and that it base and the end of April and every if you really did this whole thing 5050 cops did a rocket tell you. I don't. I'm going to tell you my weight. Up. But I'm but I set a goal weight. And that's where relent don't facilities all IB. Programmer working on food. It. The fifty well. What about so it's an over under or if you don't lose fifty or morally. What deny its resources and he's. You're thirty pounds his frequent. By the end of April yet so you have to lose fifty or more by and the April yes. Uses and you're gonna even harder for us and I'm not. I'm gonna do it listen I've I'm partnered. With this company after the I I'd have to do and I wanted. Yeah I mean a ticket more motivation. Appreciated thank you for motivated me to tell. You want to live a happy and like healthy life.