Not Sunday Football Podcast, Ep. 1: Kirk goes in-depth on Tom Brady interviews, Fauria speaks to Bill Belichick after losses, Keefe talks interviewing the coach

September 13, 2017 - 9:53 am

The Not Sunday Football podcast featuring Ryan Hannable with Kirk Minihane, Christian Fauria and Rich Keefe launched this week and touched on a number of different subjects surrounding the Patriots. Kirk went in-depth on what it is like interviewing Tom Brady, Fauria detailed what Bill Belichick is like after losses with the team and Keefe discussed what it is like interviewing Belichick every week.

Here are some of the highlights and check out the full episode by clicking here.

3:23 - Minihane on Brady’s interviews: “I think he’s slowly changed. The thing about Brady is you can really ask him anything you want. You can literally ask him anything you want and he’s going to answer it. He may not give you a full answer. He may not like the question, but he is not going to behave like say Belichick did with Dale & Holley last week. Brady will answer anything and he is pretty polite about it. I think Brady just felt burnt by the entire media’s handling of Deflategate. It just so happened that John, Gerry and I were on Brady’s side — really, I think Brady was wronged in Deflategate. I don’t think Brady discriminates back and forth with who is on his side and who isn’t. I think the whole thing really burned him and I don’t think he’s willing to answer questions as honestly as he would have been maybe six, seven years ago, which is understandable. I really don’t blame him. Even [Monday], we asked him about Kaepernick and he punted on it and there were a couple of stories about how he didn’t answer the Kaepernick question. If he answered it one way he would have gotten drilled, if he answered it another way he really would have gotten drilled. It is kind of a can’t win situation and we ask him a lot of questions that he has no way of looking good when he answers.”

4:45 - Minihane on asking Brady tough followup questions: “You have to kind of pick your spots over the course of the year. Over the course of a season with a guest, like Belichick with the guys — [Monday], Belichick was ridiculous, but what are they going to do, say why are you acting like this? You can’t do that. In a week-long, 20-week interview thing with Tom Brady and Belichick, especially over the course of seven, eight, 10 years, you have to pick your spots. If you are going to go at him about Mayweather and it is going to get ugly and he’s not going to like it, maybe you don’t ask that second or third Kaepernick question, but two or three weeks down the line if Kaepernick becomes a story, then you can ask that second or third question and then the next couple of weeks back to the generic X’s and O’s questions. It really sort of is a roller coaster type of thing.”

11:35 - Fauria on Belichick handling losses next week: “We didn’t have a lot of losses, but when we did, I always thought it was curious when his choice was to really be overly critical. Depending on the situation, what time of year, depending on how big of a loss it was and really what the make up to the team was. I remember when we lost to Buffalo and the whole Laywer Milloy deal, that wasn’t really an ass-chewing. It wasn’t really kicking everybody’s ass. We felt like crap anyway. It was 31-0. He could pile on, but it wasn’t going to make us feel worse. We all felt like crap. A situation like this, it’s a little bit different. I think he went in there hooting and hollering, yelling and screaming and calling people out based on the dynamics of the offseason, the Super Bowl, the buildup, rings, parades, all the 16-0 talk, even though those guys didn’t buy into it. I think Bill kind of gets pissed that he’s forced to diffuse the public perception of the team. He is forced to act a certain way and to downplay it because all the cliches he uses are really true.”

22:35 - Fauria on Brady after early losses: “I remember when we lost to Buffalo 31-0, with Drew Bledsoe, Lawyer Milloy and all that stuff, I remember sitting on the bus next to Brady. I remember talking about it. He was like commending the Bills for their speed. He was looking at what they were doing like he had the answers to the test, like we have to be more like them. We have to play with more tempo, we have to do this. We have to do that. In my head I was like, I don’t think so. It’s Week 1. They had every advantage — causing turnovers, non-offensive touchdowns, you name it they got the breaks. I was like let’s wait. Everything we are doing is fine. What we got is fine. The media analysts, fans, players are no different. They easily can be swayed one way or the other. Trust the process, believe in your system and you should be OK.”

26:50 - Keefe on what it is like interviewing Belichick: “It depends. It is all about his schedule, obviously, but sometimes he will walk in when we are in a commercial break and we will have a couple of minutes to talk to him and see how he is, talk about random stuff and there we go. This most recent interview was an example of we were already on the air for about five minutes during the segment and he sits in and we take him up until a break and then you talk to him for a couple of minutes afterwards. It’s about what I thought it would be. You have to be really prepared. You should be prepared for all interviews, let’s be honest. For that one in particular, you know if you ask him a bad question he is going to make you feel bad about it, where as if you ask somebody else a stupid question they might answer it nicely for you. They might take it, this is what you meant, but Belichick will just give you a two word response. As long as you’re prepared I think the interviews come across alright.”

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