Mike Milbury

Ed Mulholland/USA Today Sports

Predators fan heckles NBC's Mike Milbury after Game 6

Ty Anderson
June 12, 2017 - 12:31 am

Even though their run did not end with their first Stanley Cup championship, there's no doubt that Nashville earned their stripes as a hockey city during their six-game war of a Final with the Penguins. 

First, undoubtedly pissed about yet another disallowed goal in the series, Preds fans let NHL commissioner Gary Bettman absolutely have it with some vicious boos, as is NHL tradition. But then came something everybody has done at one point or another in their hockey-viewing career, and that's tell NBC analyst Mike Milbury how they really felt. 

And thank goodness it was picked up by Milbury's mic. 

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The fan's undeniably hostile heckling certainly derailed Milbury's point, and really forced Milbury to find his rhythm on the fly. 


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