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Brad Marchand wants to see David Pastrnak signed

Ty Anderson
September 12, 2017 - 4:05 am

You’ve been led to believe that the Bruins could not pay restricted free agent David Pastrnak more than proven veterans such as Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand because that would create a devastating imbalance within the Boston locker room.

But Marchand put that theory to bed on Monday.

“We all want to see each other be successful,” Marchand told the Boston Herald before the Bruins’ charity golf tournament on Monday. “He had a great year last year, so we’ll be very happy for him with whatever he ends up getting. The contract that he signs, Pasta’s going to make a lot of money, he’s a phenomenal player, he’s 21 years old, he’s going to have a long career. We all like to see each other be successful and do well and that’s the way the game goes.”

Marchand’s not far removed from signing the deal on that ‘lot of money’ payday of his own, as it was just last year that Marchand inked an eight-year, $49 million ($6.125 million per season) contract, and then rewarded the Bruins with the best season of his career, scoring a team-leading and career-high 39 goals and 85 points in 80 games.

The 29-year-old Marchand signed when his value was seemingly at its highest thanks to a stellar World Cup of Hockey run on Canada’s top line, and could have commanded a much larger salary on the open market had he chose to test the waters of unrestricted free agency, but ultimately opted to stay in Boston on a 100 percent team-friendly deal.

Of course, it was a bit different than the situation Pastrnak finds himself in as a 21-year-old that scored 34 goals and 70 points this past season. It’s different in the sense that Pastrnak has not put in the time that Marchand has to get to that eight-year payday, and it’s different because Pastrnak’s demands (it’s believed his camp has repeatedly used the eight-year, $68 million contract signed by the Oilers’ Leon Draisaitl as a comparable) haven’t been considered “team friendly” to most observers.

But Marchand himself noted that their situations are entirely different, and that the recent moves around the league should make No. 88 a very rich man.

“The league’s trending upwards and the contracts are getting higher and higher. You look around and some of the deals that were thrown out this summer for young guys, it wasn’t like that three or four years ago and that’s the way it is now,” Marchand acknowledged. “So again, we’re all very happy for one another, and whatever he gets is going to help other guys get more too. So that’s just the way it is.”

With potential bruised egos out of the question, Marchand was honest about his desire to have his on-again, off-again linemate back in the fold as soon as possible.

“Pasta’s a great player, he will be for a long time and a big part of this team, obviously we want to see him around,” Marchand admitted. “We don’t want to see this hang over his head and over the team’s head, and we’d just love to see him back.”

The Bruins will open their main roster training camp on Thursday.

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