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Glenn Ordway: I feel pretty good about Danny Ainge's decision-making

Sam Alberti
June 19, 2017 - 5:45 pm

In the wake of the Celtics sending the No. 1 overall pick to the 76ers for the No. 3 overall pick and a future first-rounder, many are trying to rationalize the decision made by Danny Ainge. On Ordway, Merloni & Fauria, Ordway gave his opinion on the deal, as well as his thoughts on what may be to come for the Celtics. 

The move has proven to be a decisive one, with many fans now questioning Ainge's leadership and decision-making. Ordway, however, belives that Ainge deserves fans' trust, at least for now.

"Danny’s pretty good at this. I do trust him because I think he’s pretty good at this, I really do." Ordway said. "Certain people that you trust and others that you’re a little bit leary of right? … I feel pretty good about Danny Ainge, not to say that he doesn’t make mistakes or whatever. And if this kid Markelle Fultz, we’re talking about him in 15 years from now as being, you know, maybe he’s better than Jordan, then Danny’s legacy is going to be tarnished because people are going to look back at this and say you had him... But Danny didn’t like [Fultz], that’s what this is all about."

If Fultz were to ascend into a superstar, Ainge will have some harder questions to answer down the line in regards to this trade. Ordway went on to discuss this trade only makes sense if Ainge truly believes the talent level and potential amongst the top three to four prospects is equal.

“That’s where you look bad, if Fultz goes out and becomes one of these great players, then you look bad with this deal, there’s no question." Ordway said. "But it’s not, I heard a lot of people say this yesterday, that this move was made for Josh Jackson. It couldn’t have been made for Josh Jackson. … You’re looking at the other guys on there, so you’re looking at Tatum, you might even be looking at Fox, and you’re sitting there going, ‘Any one of those we get at number three, we’re happy with, we’re happy with because they’re all pretty much the same.’”

With many question marks still there heading into free agency, there is no guarantee the Celtics land a major free agent. With that in mind it is important for Ainge to keep all options open and not commit to one path. Ordway discussed his belief that adding another first-round pick is a way of hedging his bets and protecting himself.

"I’ve said it all along, that I don’t think Danny right now, and this is my take on it, I don’t think Danny is sure that he can get Hayward, I don’t think he’s sure he can get him." Ordway went on. "So what he’s trying to do, and he doesn’t like [Fultz], I think he’s trying to put himself into a position where if you can't get Hayward, I’m not sure if there’s anyone else up there, Gallinari? I’m not sure there’s anyone else up there that you lust for when it comes to free agency. He’s protecting himself by getting another pick for next year that he thinks that, you know, he could strike high up in the draft.”

Here are more thoughts from Ordway.

On worries about the trade: “It’s going to be irrelevant, he’s going to trade away that third pick in the draft … He’s going to trade away, I believe he’s going to try to do the Butler deal, I believe they’re going to do the butler deal [for] three and more. There’s going to be more included in that, you’re getting Jimmy Butler. I wouldn’t be surprised, if you look at the numbers, so if you're trying to figure out how, I think Danny is not going to be patient. If you think he’s going to sit around, I think he protected himself by getting himself a future first-round draft pick so he still protects himself with a youth movement … But I think he’s going to be impatient and I think he’s going to jump all over it. Matter of fact, I would not be surprised at all because I think right now they’re worried about Gordon Hayward going to Miami. He looks at is and says we’ve got to make the Butler deal by the draft on Thursday. We make that deal.”

On if Ainge thinks Tatum is the best player in the draft: “Then it’s too dangerous what he did, it’s too dangerous. Because he’s number three, he has to like [Jackson and Tatum]. When you say he likes this one, he likes Tatum, or he likes Jackson. It has to be that he’s looking at it and saying, ‘I like both Jackson and Tatum more than I like Fultz, so I’m going to do something that Red [Auerbach] did back in 1980, he liked McHale better than he liked Joe Barry Carroll, and I’ll get something in return out of it.’ That’s what he’s doing.”

On other ways Danny Ainge may be looking at the trade: “He may be looking at it this way … Number one pick in the draft was going to go seven million dollars to his cap right away. Right away on July 1st, seven million was going to be occupied even whether they signed the kid or not. Now he goes to number three and he’s down to 5.6 million. It’s attached to his cap. He may look at it and say I’ll get rid of the 5.6 entirely, get rid of that draft pick. Now I’m going to add a couple of players’ money, send it to Chicago, get myself a better player in Jimmy Butler that I have total financial control over for the next three years. Matter of fact over the next three years he’s going to make less than Avery Bradley’s going to make. And I’ll deal Avery Bradley as a part of that, because that’s an upgrade. I don’t need Crowder anymore, see you later, Chicago loves Crowder. That apparently was the hold up ... in the previous deal. They love him, so you send him there. Now Danny’s using his flexibility, then you make the run at Gordon Hayward. But I think he’s fearful that he’s not going to get Gordon Hayward right now. I think you’ve got to make the Butler deal this week…”

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