Tom Brady via K&C shares connection to Minnesota, including milking cows with grandfather growing up

Ryan Hannable
January 22, 2018 - 7:49 am

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Kirk & Callahan Monday morning to discuss Sunday's 24-20 win over the Jaguars, his hand injury and to look ahead to Super Bowl LII. To hear the complete interview, visit the Kirk & Callahan audio on demand page.

Super Bowl LII will be played in Minnesota, which Brady has a connection to as his grandparents are from there.

“My mom grew up a couple of hours — kind of in central Minnesota in a small town called Browerville," Brady said. "My grandparents lived there and my grandma died of multiple sclerosis quite a few years ago. I was in the nursing home and my grandpa was a farmer. He was a dairy farmer. He had a lot of cows and he farmed corn. Every year we would go back in the summer and spend weeks and we’d go fishing in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. I milked he cows with my grandpa and just kind of tended the farm. It was a great experience for me born in California, but I have always felt a connection to Minnesota.

"It will be fun because my uncles still live there, my cousins. We were just back there last year when my grandpa passed away. It’s a great place. It’s really special to go back there. The last time we played Minnesota I had a lot of people come -- a lot of family and extended family. There will be a lot of great support there in Minnesota, too.”

This will be Brady's eighth Super Bowl appearance and the quarterback said he couldn't do it without all the support from his family, friends, teammates and coaches.

“I don’t even know what to say to that," he said. "It’s been just an incredible football journey and I couldn't do it without a lot of support. I've got my wife and my kids. My wife during football season, like all of our wives, takes care of everything at home. It just frees me up to think about the things that I need to think about at work. My family, my parents, my sisters, friends, and obviously my teammates and coaches, nothing is achieved in this sport, nothing could ever be achieved without everyone’s love and support.

"That is kind of what I reflect on. I am really grateful and am blessed to have the best support and love and caring. I just want to go out there every week and make everyone proud.”

With all the success he and the Patriots have had, much of America seems to be rooting against the Patriots.

“I can understand that because as as fan you’d probably love to see other people in it and other people get chances, but I think every year has been different," Brady said. "Every team is different. Every season is different. This team earned it, so if people don’t like that — it is their prerogative, they can do whatever they want. To make it this far with this team is incredible. An incredible season and whatever people want to do, that is fine with me. That doesn’t matter if they want to cheer for us, or want to root against us. 

“I know at the stadium last night, man they were cheering as loud as I have ever heard. That was an unbelievable experience. The fans were into it. I just think about all the Super Bowl rally’s we’ve left the stadium to, Super Bowl parades and the kind of support we get from our fans. That is all we need. It’s pretty special.”

Following are more highlights from the interview. For more Patriots news, visit the team page.

On still being confident when trailing: “I think there’s always confidence and based on situations in the past. I think you gain confidence on a couple of things: From experience and just from knowing that you believe in the guys you play with. I think our team has had experience this year. We’ve been down. We were down against Houston. We were down 14 against Carolina and came back and tied the game before they went down and kicked a field goal. We’ve been behind. You just gain confidence from being behind. I think all our guys have a lot of confidence in one another and it sucked losing Gronk. He is a big part of our offense, but the other guys just rallied and stepped up. Did what we needed to do and made the plays, made championship-type plays and that is why we were able to move on.”

On Danny Amendola's third-and-18 conversion: “Yeah, that was huge. You need sparks. You need something to ignite you and when you are losing, it is which play are you going to make to really [ignite] everything. That was one of those plays. Kind of got sacked and backed up, and Danny made an incredible catch on that play, as he did all night. Made a bunch of incredible catches, as did Brandin Cooks, and Hogs [Chris Hogan] played great. I thought the line did a great job blocking. Just a great job going up against one of the best fronts we’ve faced all year. We hung in there. We battled and ultimately we came out on top.”

On losing Rob Gronkowski: “I think Gronk is a very unique player. Gronk has size, speed, catch radius. He’s so clutch and it hurts when he goes out. It absolutely does. Dwayne [Allen] did a great job. He came in and played the whole second half. We didn’t have any other tight ends up for the game. He was the only one left. We were out of a lot of personnel groupings. We didn’t even have a goal-line group at that point. It was just one of those games. I am so happy we came out on top and so happy we came out on top in a huge game that allows us to move forward to the Super Bowl."

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