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Sunday 7: Coverage of Jimmy Garoppolo missing OTA session was embarrassing

Ryan Hannable
June 18, 2017 - 6:00 am

1. Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t participate in Tuesday’s OTA session with what appeared to be a minor leg/calf injury — a voluntary session in the middle of June. Not a big deal. CSNNE’s Mike Giardi even reported if it were the regular season, the 25-year-old would have fully participated. In what should have been just a note from the session (perhaps the lead note), turned into a week-long dissection of the quarterback and his durability. Is he tough enough to be a starting quarterback? Why did the Patriots have him on the field if he couldn’t practice? Were they trying to send a message to him? Were they trying to send a message to the media? Insane. Did people make a huge deal with Dont’a Hightower and Malcolm Mitchell doing exactly the same thing as Garoppolo? No, but people are obsessed with the backup quarterback and turning a non-story into a story. Take it for it was, a player missing a voluntary workout with a minor injury. Nothing more, nothing less. Carry on, see you at training camp.

2. Are the Patriots in the head's of the Steelers or what? This week was the Steelers’ minicamp and a lot of the talk coming out of Pittsburgh was how will the Steelers be able to compete against the Patriots and Tom Brady. It just seems bizarre for one team to be talking about another team in June — a full two months before the season begins. Yes, the Steelers and the Patriots are two of the top teams in the AFC and if the Steelers want to win the AFC they will likely have to beat the Patriots, but good teams don’t really worry about that stuff until the time comes. To that same point, don’t forget about the Steelers padlocking the visiting locker room at Gillette Stadium before the AFC championship game.

3. It appears in just a short period of time, Brandin Cooks has caught the attention of Bill Belichick. “Brandin’s worked hard,” he said last week before the last OTA. “Definitely, he has some skill. A transition for him [from New Orleans]; he’s working hard to make it. “We’ll see how it goes when we get into a more competitive situation [in training camp], but he learns well. It looks like he’s been able to do some multiple things, but we’ll see how all of that transfers in training camp.” It could be us reading too much into things, but remember his response when asked about Malcolm Butler? “He’s here.”

4. Chris Hogan not only has worked hard on the field this offseason, but off the field as well. He and his fiancée, Ashley Boccio, welcomed twins — a boy and girl, Chase and Parker. With Ashley still in her residency to become a doctor, Hogan made sure he was home as much as he could, so he has driven back to their Long Island home every time the Patriots have had an off-day/weekend. “Any chance I had,” Hogan said to Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. “Wednesdays are our off days, I was home. Friday, Saturday and Sunday [I was home] and then coming back here. My wife went right back to work. We had some help at home, but I needed to be at home as much as possible. It was a grind. I had to get used to it. My body had to get used to it, but it was still worth it getting to spend time with them. I was still getting all the work I needed to get in here. It was fun.”

5. Looking ahead to the regular season, a lot of predictions have centered around Cooks comparing him to Julian Edelman and who will have more receptions/yards. From this viewpoint, it will be very close with Cooks having more yards, but Edelman having more receptions. Cooks runs more deep routes than Edelman, which will increase his yard numbers in a hurry. A rough estimate now would have Cooks totaling 75 receptions for 1,050 yards and Edelman totaling 90 receptions for 950 yards. This is all of course assuming each will play all 16 games, which certainly isn’t a lock for Edelman.

6. Defensive tackle Terrance Knighton was only a member of the Patriots during training camp last summer, but he learned a lot about how Belichick and the organization works. One of the unique things was Belichick keeping win/loss statistics for teams guilty of an excessive celebration penalty. "He didn't really focus on [specific celebrations],” Knighton said via PFT Live this week. "He was just more so about the football thing. Don't do anything detrimental to the team. Abide by the rules. If the rule is you can't do something, just don't do it. Trust me, you didn't want to be the guy to get a 15-yard penalty to affect the kickoff. Bill is one of those guys, he has a whole sheet on statistics on teams that have more penalties after touchdowns and their chances of losing. It's so strategic there. You just always want to do the right thing. You don't want to do anything detrimental to the team."

7. Just like the NFL teams themselves, Sunday 7 will be taking a break for the next few weeks, but will be back in full force leading into training camp in late July.

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