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Rob Gronkowski shares never told, 'legendary' story about Tom Brady

Ryan Hannable
August 17, 2017 - 6:53 pm

Pretty much every story about Tom Brady has been told by now, but sitting down with Fox Sports' Jay Glazer this week, Rob Gronkowski had a new one from training camp this year.

The tight end shared a story of how on the first day of training camp this year, Brady sat in on a special teams meeting and took notes.

“I’ll give you a legendary story, this happened the first day of camp, he was in the special teams meeting and he isn’t on special teams, paying full attention writing notes down," Gronkowski said. "There you go. That just shows how hard the guy works. He’s in on special teams meetings, too.”

Even at 40 years old and 17 years in the league, Brady is still working as hard as ever.

Here are a few more tidbits from the eight-minute interview.

On his health after season-ending back surgery: “I’m good. I’ve been doing everything. I’ve been out at every practice just feeling good out there. It’s going good. Just was there all summer and it’s good just to be out on the field with the boys.”

On missing Super Bowl LI: “Oh yeah, all the time. If you are a competitor, of course. You’re always thinking about it. Every time I see the game I am thinking about it that I wasn’t out there, but the only thing I can do is put my foot forward and keep grinding to make sure I am out there this year.”

On Bill Belichick ripping players, even Brady: “He’s murdered everyone before. I’ve been murdered before. Brady has been murdered — a new guy that goes out to practice, he was there for one day and I have seen him get murdered the next day. … This year there was a drill where we weren’t doing so well as a tight end group and he just came in hot. That day he put the film on and ‘boom,’ grilled us right there. And all over just a drill. The next day, you know we got that drill right.”

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