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Matt Patricia explains 'special little moment' with son on Gillette Stadium field hours after AFC championship

Ryan Hannable
January 22, 2018 - 2:11 pm

FOXBORO -- Roughly two hours after the Patriots beat the Jaguars 24-20 in the AFC title game, Matt Patricia was back on the field with his wife and young son.

It appeared he was taking in the atmosphere one final time, as it likely was his final game at Gillette Stadium. It seems likely he will be the next head coach of the Lions.

"Well after the game, after the game was kind of over and everything kind of settled down, actually I had my son here at the game," Patricia said on Monday's conference call. "He hasn't really been to a lot of games. He's been to two. So that was kind of his second game and he wanted to go play in the field. So we played a good game of touch football. He beat me four-nothing so he kind of out-ran me there a little bit and made some good plays on me. I couldn't catch him. Just fun to have him out there running around and just seeing the excitement that he had to be out on the field. That's always just kind of a special little moment for myself and him and my wife."

Could there be a rematch after the Super Bowl?

"He's pretty good. He's pretty quick," Patricia said. "I might have to try to get in better shape before that happens. We'll see. We'll see. I might have to take the physical game to him."

If indeed it was Patricia's last home game, it was an impressive run as the Patriots have been to four Super Bowls in six years with a chance to win their third.

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