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Devin McCourty on OMF praises Cyrus Jones: 'He’s been one of the hardest working guys since April'

Ryan Hannable
August 17, 2017 - 12:34 pm

Patriots safety Devin McCourty joined Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Thursday morning to discuss the joint practices with the Texans and to look ahead to Saturday's second preseason game. To hear the full interview, visit the Ordway, Merloni & Fauria audio on demand page.

One of the biggest topics with the Patriots defense has been the play of second-year cornerback Cyrus Jones. Jones struggled last season as a rookie, but appeared to put that year behind him with a couple of good practices to start the year. In the first preseason game though, he struggled as he allowed two long touchdowns to the Jacksonville offense.

McCourty, a defensive captain, praised Jones for his work ethic and ability to put bad plays behind him.

“I think he’s done a good job of just competing each day," he said. "You play that position every day, it doesn’t go well, it’s a tough position to play in this league. I don’t have to say much to him. His locker is next to mine and we’re always talking football, life, all of those things. I have been happy with him of how upbeat he’s been and keep working. That’s all you can do.

"It’s only his second year in the league. It’s not going to all be smooth and I think he’s been one of the hardest working guys since April when we got back of just trying to have a good year. I think he’s having a good week this week too of just putting what happened in the game behind him and just trying to get better.”

The Patriots practiced for two days with the Texans in West Virginia before Saturday's preseason game in Houston. McCourty acknowledged sometimes the joint practices are more valuable than the games because of the situations that can be created.

“Yeah, the joint practices are good because we go over every situation," he said. "A lot of times in the preseason game the same guys aren’t in who start the game to let’s say a two-minute drive or something like that. Being in the joint practice, we hit a bunch of two-minute drives. We’ve done backup situations, four-minute and you’re down, so you’re able to really hit everything that is going to come up, maybe not in every game during the season, but it is going to come up a bunch during the season. We’ve been able to hit on it against a different opponent.

"Obviously, we hit those things a lot against ourselves, but just to see another opponent and another group of personnel, different skill players is always good. That is what you see week in and week out. Every time you strap up on Sunday you see a different opponent. It’s been really well and good to see Houston and what they do and believe in with how they do things.”

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