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Josh McDaniels: 'Absolutely not' any guarantees to become Bill Belichick's successor

Rob Bradford
February 10, 2018 - 10:22 am

When news came out that Josh McDaniels had spurned the opportunity to become the Colts' head coach just before being announced by Indianapolis, speculation ran rampant.

The consensus was that Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick must have offered McDaniels some assurances that when Belichick stepped down the offensive coordinator would slide into the top job. But, appearing on the NFL Network, former Patriot Willie McGinest said he was told by McDaniels that isn't the case.

McGinest said that after talking to McDaniels the impetus for the decision to stay in New England was the assistant coach's desire for stability, adding that there was "absolutely not" any sort of guarantee given to McDaniels regarding taking over for Belichick.

McGinest also noted there is no handshake deal between the parties.

"At some point, Belichick may retire but it’s not gonna be in the contract and you’re not gonna tell him when he’s gonna retire," McGinest said on the NFL Network. (Hat tip to Pro Football Talk.)


How much confidence is there in Josh McDaniels if he's the successor to Bill Belichick?

Mut is talking about Josh McDaniels staying in New England as the Patriots offensive coordinator and presumed successor to Bill Belichick, but how much confidence is there in McDaniels to keep the Patriots at the top.

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