Watch: Pedro Martinez returns to mound in Oldtime Baseball Game

Brooks Sutherland
August 17, 2017 - 11:24 pm

Thursday night at St. Peter’s Field in Cambridge, Red Sox fans got to witness No. 45 once again take the mound.

Benefitting ALS and the John Martin Fund, Pedro Martinez stole the show, as he brought in a huge crowd and helped raise money for one of today’s most crippling diseases.

Martinez, though smiling throughout the entire night and seemingly enjoying himself, made it clear why he decided to pitch in the game.

“Remember why we’re here,” he told his teammates in a pre-game speech, according to Boston Herald writer Jason Mastrodonato.

Pedro pitched the first two innings and added in at-bat in the bottom of the first, before meeting with reporters.

He spoke about the game, Martin, and the dominance of Chris Sale, whom pundits have continually compared to the Hall of Famer this season.

“You know it looked a lot better than I thought,” Martinez said. “And I’m really happy I did it. I certainly I think exceeded expectations I had on myself because I got two innings in. It went better than I thought. A lot more command than I thought.”

Martinez spent time with Martin and his family before the game. He alluded to Martin’s smile and how his spirit is unmatched for someone battling ALS.

“Certainly he’s the first one smiling,” Martinez said. “You wouldn’t tell that he’s going through the troubles that he’s going through. It’s amazing (his spirit) and it lift me up to be honest. I was searching myself. I didn’t know what I was gonna find. But as soon as I got off the car. Through the window, I saw that big bright smile. I lifted myself up right away.”

Martinez had very good things to say about Sale, who is inching towards his single-season strikeout record.

“I was always a guy that was searching for greatness,” Martinez said. “For the biggest and toughest challenges. And for him, it’s no exception. I think this a guy that if anybody is gonna do it (record) in any era, let me clarify that, in any era. Chris Sale. Chris Sale is suited to do anything against anybody, in any era.”

Martinez saved most of his good stuff in the charity game. Though he did find his breaking ball after his first landed in the dirt. He liked his overall command.

“One change-up to get a double-play,” the Hall-of-Famer said. “Dead fish fastball, no cutters. A couple of breaking balls including one behind one body. But that was the first one of the game. That was just a do-over. But then after that I threw pretty good ones. Pretty good command. I would say out of all of it, it was pretty good command."

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