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Tony Romo thinks 'nobody wanted' Bill Belichick when Patriots hired him

Alex Reimer
January 15, 2018 - 1:51 pm

Bill Belichick resigning from the Jets to coach the Patriots is one of the most consequential moments in NFL history. On a napkin, Belichick scribbled, “I resign as HC of the NYJ,” and accepted the job with New England shortly thereafter. The Patriots sent a first-round pick to the Jets for Belichick’s services, because he was so highly coveted. 

But that’s not how Tony Romo remembers things.

In the second half of the Patriots’ drubbing over the Titans Saturday, Romo was lauding Robert Kraft, because every NFL broadcast must contain some hero worship for the billionaires sitting in the owners’ boxes. The problem is, Romo went a bit overboard with his idolization. 

"Outstanding job by (Kraft) to make the decision to hire Bill Belichick when nobody wanted to do that," Romo said


Belichick already had a job when the Patriots hired him. Another team did, in fact, want to hire him. 

It was Romo’s silliest comment of the night, narrowly beating out his effusive praise for the Titans’ offensive line. 

On the whole, Romo remains the sharpest analyst in the booth. He can brilliantly translate the maneuvering on the field, such as when he explained Tom Brady’s apparent thought process on an otherwise uneventful incompletion. 

But he hasn’t entirely shaken his reputation as a postseason choke artist. We’ll see if his Belichick alternate history makes another appearance when he calls the AFC championship Sunday. 

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