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Bob Ley defends Sergio Dipp in snobby lecture

Alex Reimer
September 13, 2017 - 11:10 am

Two nights ago, Sergio Dipp delivered perhaps the worst sideline report in “Monday Night Football” history. It was funny and everybody had a good laugh. 

Except Bob Ley.

The “Outside the Lines” anchor delivered a haughty lecture at the end of his program Tuesday, chastising those who mocked Dipp’s flub. After talking about the difficulty of doing television in a second language, Ley wagged his finger at the meanies on the Internet who kept sharing the video. 

“The Internet trolling of my colleague Sergio Dipp last night really ticked me off,” Ley said. “Sergio was working the sidelines of our Monday night NFL nightcap in Denver. His first report was not as smooth as he wanted. You’ve probably seen it –– it’s all over today. Enter, the trolls. But Sergio doesn’t need me to say anything today. He said it online.”

Wow. Have a sense of humor, Bob. Dipp was lampooned because his report was hilariously bad. Trying to paint his critics as xenophobic is cheap and unnecessary.

Dipp originally seemed to be in on the joke, too, posting a series of good-natured tweets after the botched segment.

But then Dipp turned sappy Tuesday morning, when he posted a rambling video apologizing for his bad on-air performance. In it, he invoked 9/11.

“It’s been a couple of hours now trying to digest what just happened to a 29-year-old Mexican guy like me,” Dipp said. “It’s 9/11. I’m in Denver, Colo., and this is the NFL. The ‘Monday Night Football’ game between the Broncos and the Chargers. The biggest stage possible. I was starting my elementary school Sept. 11, 2001 in Calexico, Calif. Born in Mexicali … but growing up in the American environment as a minority, a minority like head coaches Vance Joseph and Anthony Lynn. So what I wanted to do was show some respect, making my debut as a minority on American national TV. The biggest stage out there, on the most heartfelt day in this great country made up by immigrants, and on some people’s perspective, it all went wrong. But I truly meant no disrespect, because all I wanted to do was to show some love to these two historical head coaches. Hopefully I’ll have another chance, and be sure, I’ll make the most out of it.”

Boom Goes the Dynamite” guy didn’t record an unintelligible screed after his bungled sports broadcast went viral years ago. It's OK to laugh at yourself, and your colleagues, every once in a while. 

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