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Anthony Scaramucci leaks story of Robert Kraft giving Super Bowl ring to Donald Trump

Alex Reimer
August 21, 2017 - 1:29 pm

Anthony Scaramucci is a leaker!

The loud-mouthed ex-White House communications director, who lasted 10 days in the position, revealed a secret on Twitter about one of Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl rings. A Twitter user named “@rslashpatriots” asked the financier whether President Donald Trump has asked the Russian president to give back Kraft’s stolen ring from Super Bowl XXXIX. The authoritarian leader swiped it during a meeting in 2005. 

In addition to answering the question, Scaramucci revealed that Kraft had given Trump a ring this year. (It’s worth noting that Scaramucci follows more than 180,000 people on Twitter, which probably explains why a random Patriots fan was able to slide into his DM’s.) 

(UPDATE 7:30 p.m.): Some may have assumed Kraft gave his own ring to Trump, but CSNNE's Tom E. Curran says the Patriots owner gave the president a Super Bowl ring (not his own) because the team was the first to visit the White House after a championship win. Trump hoped to put the ring on display.

It makes sense that Kraft would bestow a Super Bowl ring to the commander-in-chief. Their longtime friendship was solidified when Trump called Kraft on a weekly basis following the death of his wife, Myra, in 2011. 

Trump, a vocal cheerleader for the Patriots, hosted the team at the White House in April. Though Tom Brady did not attend, Kraft has been to the White House on multiple occasions. He reportedly advised Trump recently to raise taxes on the wealthy.

Hat tip: CSNNE

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