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06/15/2012 - 9:09pm
Pedroia: 'We're not trying to be [expletive]'

CHICAGO -- Frustration was widespread in the Red Sox clubhouse after Friday's 3-0 loss to the Cubs, in which the Sox made solid contact on a number of occasions only to see the Cubs track down a number of potential game-changing line drives. Most notable was a two-out, two-on rocket hit by Dustin Pedroia down the right field line in the bottom of the seventh inning, which was caught by right fielder David DeJesus.

"We hit some balls good, man. We just hit it right to them. It’s frustrating," said Pedroia. "We’re not trying to be [expletive]. Everyone’s trying, man. We’re just not playing good. We scored no runs. You can’t win a game if you score zero runs."

The Red Sox are now 31-33 for the season, and remain in last place in the American League East. Though the team is second in the American League in runs per game with 5.0 per contest, it has struggled recently. The team scored three or...

06/15/2012 - 7:09pm
Sox expect Beckett to miss 1-2 starts

CHICAGO -- According to an industry source, the Red Sox feel confident that by shutting down right-hander Josh Beckett for a start or two, they will be able to keep him healthy for the greater part of the season going forward. The team will re-evaluate the health of the pitcher's right shoulder (which is suffering from what manager Bobby Valentine described as "a little bit of inflammation") on Saturday before making a determination about whether he is more likely to miss one start or two.

If he will be sidelined for two starts, then the team would place him on the disabled list. If he will only miss Sunday’s start, then he will remain on the active roster. For now, the team has not made a determination of the pitcher's availability beyond Sunday, when he will be bypassed in favor of left-hander Franklin Morales.

Beckett is 4-7 with a 4.14 ERA. He is tied for the Red Sox team lead with eight quality starts, and he is tied for...

06/15/2012 - 5:33pm
Beckett (shoulder) scratched, Morales to start

CHICAGO -- Josh Beckett has been scratched from his start on Sunday against the Cubs with what manager Bobby Valentine called "a little inflammation in his right shoulder." Franklin Morales will make the start in his place.

Beckett is 4-7 with a 4.14 ERA in 12 starts this season. He's pitched at least seven innings in each of his last six starts. The Sox will not put Beckett on the disabled list "for now," Valentine said. 

"The training room thinks that it’s best that he’s rested a little," said Valentine. "He didn’t feel it during a side, just in the training room, when they test him, they felt he’s not quite recovering on a five-day rotation right now. ... He'll be pitching again, that's for sure."

Valentine said it was possible that Beckett will be sent for further testing. In the past, the right-hander has consulted with Dr. James Andrews in Alabama when he has...

06/15/2012 - 4:51pm
Daisuke, Red Sox fall to Cubs in Wrigley

CHICAGO -- Early command woes put Daisuke Matsuzaka and the Red Sox in a hole from which a struggling offense could not escape, as the Sox absorbed a 3-0 loss to the Cubs in the opener of a three-game set at Wrigley Field.

Matsuzaka walked the bases loaded in the top of the first inning before Steve Clevenger blooped a two-out, two-run single down the left field line. Then, in the second, Cubs starter Ryan Dempster tripled to right field against his counterpart when Adrian Gonzalez's diving attempt failed to come up with a soft liner to right; Dempster scored when David DeJesus lined a two-out RBI single to give the Cubs a 3-0 advantage that proved all that the team needed.

From that point, Matsuzaka cruised, retiring 13 of the last 14 batters he faced. He finished the day with his first quality start, permitting three runs on three hits and three walks while striking out three in six innings. Still, the right-hander is now 0-2 in his return from...

06/15/2012 - 1:32pm
Red Sox sign first-rounder Pat Light

CHICAGO -- The Red Sox have signed supplemental first-round pick Pat Light, a big right-hander from Monmouth University whose fastball can register in the mid- and high-90s. Light received a $1 million signing bonus, below the slot recommendation of $1.394 million for the No. 37 overall pick. He emerged as an early-round pick during a junior year in which he went 8-3 with a 2.40 ERA while punching out 102 and walking just 16 in 101 1/3 innings while allowing just three homers.

The team also signed second-rounder Jamie Callahan, a hard-throwing high-school right-hander with a four-pitch mix from South Carolina.

For more on both signings, click here.

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