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10/13/2012 - 8:09am
One who knows: Why Clay Buchholz (sort of) feels Stephen Strasburg's pain

Stephen Strasburg could only watch as the Nationals' season came to a crashing halt. (AP)Five years ago, the Red Sox nearly confronted the same horrible two-word counterfactual inquiry that will haunt the 2012 Washington Nationals all offseason: What if?

What if the Nationals hadn’t shut down Stephen Strasburg? What if the dominating right-hander had been the Game 1 and Game 5 starter (relegating Gio Gonzalez to a Game 2 outing)? Or, even if on a restricted workload, could he have come in and impacted the end of a game as David Price did in 2008, when, as a rookie, he closed out the Rays’ Game 7 win in the ALCS against the Sox?

Would Washington have won its first playoff series since 1924? Would Strasburg have avoided the meltdown that Gonzalez endured in a 36-pitch fifth inning on Friday that set in motion the Cardinals...

10/12/2012 - 4:13pm
Gregory, White out for Seahawks game

FOXBORO -- Safety Steve Gregory (hip) and linebacker Tracy White (foot) have both been ruled out for Sunday’s game in Seattle against the Seahawks. In addition, the Patriots listed 14 players as “questionable” for the game, a group that includes tight ends Aaron Hernandez (ankle) and Rob Gronkowski (hip) and wide receiver Wes Welker (ankle). Here’s the complete rundown:



S Steve Gregory (hip)

LB Tracy White (foot)


RB Brandon Bolden (knee)

DE Brandon Deaderick (ankle)

WR Julian Edelman (hand)

DT Justin Francis (ankle)

TE Ron Gronkowski (hip)

TE Aaron Hernandez (ankle)

LB Dont’a Hightower (hamstring)

G Logan Mankins (calf/hip)


10/12/2012 - 1:12pm
Bass: 'Doc will make best decision for team'

WALTHAM -- With all the talk of different starting lineups for the Celtics this season, the reality is that Doc Rivers has eight or nine players who could fit that role depending on the situation. The obvious parallel to that is four players who could start will have to come off the bench. 

Rookie Jared Sullinger has emerged as a potential starter, which would ultimately put Brandon Bass with the second unit. Bass said he had no comment about any of the lineup maneuvering, and added, "We have to get better as a team. I think Doc will make the best decision for the team." 

Pressed further he said, "I've got to keep getting better, everybody’s got to keep getting better." The Celtics next preseason game is Saturday night in Hartford when they play the Knicks. 

For more Celtics news, visit the team page at

10/12/2012 - 12:49pm
Farrell: 'Happy as manager of Blue Jays'

Blue Jays manager John Farrell, in an interview on MLB Network Radio, said that he was unaware if there had been any contact from the Red Sox to the Jays. At a time when Farrell is viewed widely as the first choice of the Red Sox to fill their managerial vacancy, the Toronto manager -- who has one year left on the three-year contract he signed to become the Jays manager after the 2010 season, following a four-year stint as Red Sox pitching coach -- he also described himself as both "challenged" and "happy" in his current job. 

“Well, I'm the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. That's where I've been the last two years. That's where I currently am," said Farrell. "This speculation started to rear its head again, oh, probably the final two months of the season. I can tell you this -- in my conversations with Alex [Anthopoulos] it hasn't distracted me from my job and what the commitment there is. I'm extremely...

10/12/2012 - 11:41am
King on M&M: 'Fired up' Seahawks have edge

Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports made his weekly Patriots Friday appearance on Mut & Merloni to preview Sunday's Patriots-Seahawks game. King is predicting a Seattle victory, and he touched on his reasons why.

"I think the biggest factor in this game, at least early on, is whether [Tom] Brady can take the crowd out of the game and take the speed of the Seattle defense out of the game," King said. "It's something that Aaron Rodgers couldn't do early on [in the Packers' loss on Sept. 24]. … [The Seahawks] ended up totally manhandling and had the eight sacks in the first half. The way I look at this game is I think it's going to be the same thing. I think the Seahawks are going try to use the fact that, my guess is the Patriots are going to have to go silent snap count for a lot of this game. The crowd will be in it early. And I think the way the Patriots will try to neutralize it is keeping substitutions off the...

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Pete Sheppard and Jerry Thornton discuss the possibility of Jimmy Butler coming to Boston in a trade -- 2-19-17

Adrian Wojnarowski has been talking about the possibility of the Celtics making a trade with the Bulls to bring Jimmy Butler to Boston. He actually thinks it may be the the marquee deal to keep an eye on this week heading into the trade deadline. Pete and Jerry discuss and give their thoughts on if they would want Butler. Pete thinks it will happen, Jerry thinks Ainge will stay put. The guys get into more Celtics, present and future and if they can battle with the best of the NBA.

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Rob Bradford is joined by Lou Merloni to talk life in spring training, his toiletries, sleeping arrangements, and facing off with Red Sox personnel that he might have been critical of. Rob and Lou also get into the dynamic of electronic and print media when it comes to ripping the Red Sox.

Hot Stove Show - Initial Spring Training Impressions

Pete, Bradford, and Tomase are talking all about the Boston Red Sox, who opened spring training on Monday with pitchers and catchers reporting. They talk about what the Red Sox approach at the plate will be to replace the loss of David Ortiz bat, the impact of some players participating in the WBC, and of course the pitching rotation.

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Saturday Skate - Bruins and the All-Star break

Guys talk the Bruins season so far and the All-Star Break

Saturday Skate - Firing Claude

Guys discuss if or when the Bruins will fire Coach Julian

SUNDAY SKATE with K&C's Ken Laird, Barstool Sports' Rear Admiral and WEEI's Ty Anderson -- It was a very good week for the Bruins-Are they turning things around? -- 1-15-17

Ken, Rear and Ty get into a very solid week for the B's beating St Louis and the Flyers and losing a hard-fought game against the Predators. Is this team turning things around? Krug and Marchand are kicking things up a notch. The guys also talk about Claude and Sweeney's job security before getting into some big hits around the league this week.

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Lou interviews JBJ, who talks about playing in a young outfield, and why he changed his number.

OMF - Would the Celtics be willing to give up Jae Crowder, to get Jimmy Butler? 2-22-17

David Aldridge appeared on NBA TV to say that the Bulls don't want to trade Jimmy Butler to the Celtics for just picks. They want Jae Crowder, too.

OMF- A blockbuster trade with Jimmy Garoppolo is on the way, 2-22-17

Mike Freeman, Bleacher Report, thinks that the GM's around the league are positioning to make a run at Jimmy Garoppolo.

The rumors make it seem l…

The rumors make it seem like the Patriots can get a king's ransom for Jimmy G

Dale, Michael and Keefe discuss the rumored increase in interest in Jimmy Garropolo and try and figure out what they'll get if they complete a trade for him.

Sounds like Martellus Bennett may be elsewhere next season

Based on this string of tweets and his desire to fully test the free agent waters, it certainly seems logical that Marty Bennett will not remain with the Patriots for next year.

Celtics have to make some move, any move, to help with rebounding

Dale, Keefe and Holley discuss the Celtics needs as the deadline looms. Even a minor move might make the team better.

Ep. 52: Glenn Ordway

Ep. 52: Glenn Ordway

Kirk sits down with the legend Glenn Ordway to talk about when Glenn got fired here at WEEI, his start with the station, the controversial decisions he made when he was the Program Director, and he relationship with Eddie Andelman.

Ep. 51: David Duchovny

Kirk chats with David Duchovny about his current music tour, which takes him to the Wilbur on February 22nd, how David got his start in television, from his first stint on Red Shoe Diaries, becoming a superstar on the X-Files, and his hilarious appearances on the Larry Sanders Show. This is a fascinating discussion about show business and controlling your own career.

Ep. 50: Michael Holley

Kirk Minihane sits down with Michael Holley for the first time on the podcast. Kirk and Michael have hosted shows together in the past but have never had a candid conversation about WEEI. Kirk and Michael talk about Holley's career in radio, his best selling books, and what his assessment of the current WEEI is. There are a lot of interesting behind the scene nuggets for anybody who has listened to WEEI over the years. This episode is brought to you by For Enough About Me listeners go to and use the promo code kirk35 for $35 off your first week of deliveries.

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Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk best and worst movie/TV presidents. Plus the always important "This Week in #DORK" and the Pick of the Podcast.

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Ken Laird is in Boston, Chris Curtis in Ft. Myers and the guys find a way to produce a Tuesday post-show recap of K&C on location at Red Sox camp

Bradfo Sho, Ep. 10: Hanging with Rick Porcello, Joe Kelly

The reigning American Cy Young Award winner (Rick Porcello) and Red Sox set-up man (Joe Kelly) share a meal, some drinks, stories and conversation with Rob Bradford at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Fort Myers.

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K&C- Evan Drellich takes on Kirk and Callahan in an epic brawl

Hour 4. Evan Drellich joins the show. A fight for the ages ensues.

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