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01/31/2012 - 2:26pm
Ochocinco: SB win wouldn't save my season

INDIANPOLIS -- Chad Ochocinco drew a large crowd at Media Day on Tuesday, a much larger group than many of the players at podiums. In the middle of a nearly 30-minute session with the media, the receiver was asked if a Super Bowl victory would salvage what has been an admittedly frustrating season.

"No, I don't know, it just wouldn't," Ochocinco said. "I mean it hasn't been tough, it's football. It's football, one abnormal year doesn't negate years of success. ... after a 10-year span, I finally had a year where it didn’t go well."

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01/31/2012 - 1:43pm
Ridley: 'Definitely' expect to play Sunday

INDIANAPOLIS -- Running back Stevan Ridey, inactive for the AFC championship win over the Ravens, was asked by at Media Day on Tuesday if he expects to be active for Super Bowl XLVI.

"Definitely, man," Ridley said. "I don't know how much or what's going on in the mind of Bill Belichick, but I just know I'll be in uniform and be out there and be prepared to play when they call my number." 

Ridley averaged 5.1 yards per carry in his rookie season and appeared to be taking a larger role in the offense late in the season. But fumbles in the regular-season finale against the Bills and the playoff win over the Broncos was likely the reason for the healthy scratch vs. the Ravens.

"I'm not sure what it was, but common sense says two fumbles in two weeks just is not acceptable," said Ridley. "I'm going to work hard on that and do what I have to do to get his respect back."

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01/31/2012 - 11:50am
Cruz on UMass: 'Didn't have a lot of options'

Giants receiver Victor Cruz joined the Dennis & Callahan show on Tuesday to discuss his college career at UMass, his emergence as a top receiver in his second season and the ascent of quarterback Eli Manning. Cruz (who later, while on a podium at Media Day, suggested that Giants receivers were getting "excited" while watching a Patriots seconandary that can be "exploited") described a career trajectory in which he was an overlooked player who wasn't recruited by Division 1-A schools and then went undrafted coming out of college.

"I didn't have a lot of options," Cruz said of how he ended up at UMass. "There were a lot of 1-AA options. UMass, Hofstra offered me a scholarship, Delaware offered me a scholarship. Some 1-As were trickling in there, but no scholarships were being awards, so I just went where I felt like I was at home, where I felt like I was wanted, and that...

01/31/2012 - 10:34am
Evans second-guesses Belichick in SB XLII

Former Patriots running back Heath Evans, now an analyst for the NFL Network, joined the Dennis & Callahan show and reflected on the Patriots' loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII and engaged in what he described as a "stupid" exercise of questioning how New England coach Bill Belichick prepared his team for that game. Evans felt that Belichick may have pushed a tired Patriots team too hard in practice as they were trying to conclude a perfect season.

"I don't think we felt the weight until it was over and done with. Man, we were a fatigued football team. The better team won. I hate to say it, but the better team won that day. So it's not an excuse. But you get done with that season and you reflect back and you're like, 'Man, we were a tired football team,'" Evans said. "I'm going to do something stupid and I'm going to second-guess Bill Belichick. We all agreed with the full pads Thursday, Friday, Saturday in...

01/31/2012 - 8:56am
Mashup: WPS, Breakers cancel 2012 season

Women's Professional Soccer, a league that includes the Boston Breakers, will take the 2012 season off as it attempts to settle a dispute with an ousted team owner. The league indicated it hopes to return in 2013.

Dan Borislow bought the Washington Freedom before last season and moved them to South Florida, renaming them magicJack, after the company he owns. Things quickly turned sour, and Borislow sued WPS in August. The league responded by accusing him of "unprofessional and disparaging treatment of his players to failure to pay his bills."

A Florida judge ruled this month that the league did not follow its own procedures when it terminated Borislow's franchise, and another court hearing is set for Wednesday.

WPS CEO Jennifer O'Sullivan said owners preferred canceling the season to working with Borislow again.

"We have diverted so many resources into litigation," she said. "This is something that needs to be...

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