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05/29/2012 - 5:55pm
Doc: 'Have to give Ray a fighting chance'

MIAMI -- Amid a report on ESPN that coach Doc Rivers has considered shutting Ray Allen down, Rivers said on Tuesday that he wasn't ready to do that yet.

"Not yet. We’re good. Ray is Ray. We’re just going to keep rolling him on out there and see what we can get," Rivers said. "If we feel like he can’t give it to us then we’ll go with someone else. Right now you have to give Ray a fighting chance. Every time."

Allen made only one of seven shots in Game 1 and missed four of his seven free throws. Over his last seven games, he's shooting only 30 percent from the floor and is just 6-for-25 from 3-point range.

"I always believe Ray will figure it out," Rivers said. "You clearly never saw me shoot the basketball. What the hell can I tell Ray? I don’t think I’ve ever said a word to Ray in my life about shooting. We do have to try to get him open more to give him time. The one...

05/29/2012 - 5:48pm
Rondo: 'No one's going to punk anybody'

MIAMI -- Not surprisingly, Rajon Rondo's comments following Game 1: "Nothing dirty, but they have to hit the deck, too," have stirred up some controversy between games.

"That’s from you guys really," Rondo said on Tuesday. "You guys take the words and you run with it, but this is basketball. I didn’t say nothing dirty about flagrants. I didn’t say undercut, play dirty, it’s just basketball."

Miami guard Dwyane Wade reacted on Tuesday, as well telling reporters, "We're not going let nobody come in and punk us."

Wade's comment was relayed to Rondo who said, "I don’t think anyone’s going to punk anybody. You get fined. There’s only so much you can do as far as acting like a tough guy. We've just got to play smart basketball try to find a way to win the game."

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05/29/2012 - 5:16pm
Valentine: No diagnosis yet on Pedroia

Manager Bobby Valentine and second baseman Dustin Pedroia both said that there is no update or formal diagnosis yet regarding the right thumb of the Red Sox second baseman, as the MRI Pedroia underwent this afternoon is still being scrutinized.

"I don't know how to classify it. We don't have a diagnosis," said Valentine. "It's weak enough or bruised enough that if something reoccurs, the same situation reoccurs, that maybe then it could get pretty serious. ... It's serious enough for him not to be in the lineup tonight, and maybe more than tonight, I'm not sure."

Valentine did reveal that Pedroia had been dealing with some level of discomfort in his thumb for about three weeks, and that the discomfort became acute during an at-bat when the player's bat jammed into the base of the thumb on Monday.

"The straw that broke the camel's back might have been the last at-bat, which was an inside fastball. But this might...

05/29/2012 - 4:46pm
Report: Rangers sign Oswalt

According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, the Texas Rangers have signed free-agent pitcher Roy Oswalt to a contract. The length and financial details of the contract were not in the report.

Oswalt, 34, went 9-10 with a 3.69 ERA for the Phillies last season and owns a 159-93 record in 11 major-league seasons. The Red Sox were among several clubs rumored to be in the mix to sign Oswalt, who has pitched in the National League during his entire career. Oswalt reportedly worked out for the Sox last week, though it was believed by most that the Rangers and Cardinals were always the favorites to land the right-hander.

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05/29/2012 - 4:04pm
Report: Celtics may sit Allen for a game

In an interview with Jackie MacMullan of, Doc Rivers said that he was thinking about sitting Ray Allen for a game during the Eastern Conference finals series against the Heat.

"It’s a tough call with him,” Rivers said Tuesday. “We’re trying to figure out a different minute rotation for him, maybe that will help him. We’re even considering sitting him for a game, getting him a longer rest and then playing him, and then sitting him for a game. We don’t know what the right thing is."

Allen has bone spurs in both ankles and may need surgery after the season. He has struggled mightily in the postseason, averaging 9.6 points per game while shooting only 39 percent. He scored six points on 1-of-7 shooting in 39 minutes in Monday's loss to Miami.

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