Hour 2 - Sources are saying Fauria will join Kirk on his podcast, while Fauria says he needs a swagbag if he is going to do it. The guys also talk about how the NFL is fining players for taking part in an arm wrestling contest because it was held at a casino. They also talk about how the NFL contradicts itself about gambling when they are moving a team to Las Vegas.
Hour 1 - As Chris Sale is heading to the mound today Lou reiterates that Sale is more much watch then Tom Brady. The guys also wonder what is going on with the flu as it is ripping through the Red Sox clubhouse. They also talk about Charlie McAvoy getting the call up from Providence and him signing his 3 year entry level deal.
HOUR 2 - LaVar Ball says white people's feet are too slow to win a National Championship. Glenn talks himself into a corner with the phrase "you took the pipe." Chris Simms says he thinks Jim Nantz jettisoned out his father, Phil, in favor of Tony Romo. Lou thinks Chris Sale is more "Must Watch" than Tom Brady.
HOUR 1 - The B's got a point last night in a shootout loss. Brad Marchand doesn't seem contrite about his suspension. Braden Holtby and Capitals have dominated the B's in the past. Has Bruce Cassidy won the job yet? Also, remembering Don Rickles, and the Celtics lost to the Hawks.
HOUR 4 - The final hour kicked off with a call from Lyndon "LB" Byers about Brad Marchand. During that phone call, news broke that Marchand would be suspended for 2 games. Also, Xander Bogaerts was placed on the "Bereavement List." We hear the sound from the NHL Player Safety department, which explains why Marchand was suspended.
HOUR 3 - Despite leading the league in touchdowns last year, LeGarrette Blount is getting squeezed by the Patriots. Would it shock you if Rex Burkhead was the starting RB next year? The guys take a look at the Bruins possible playoff scenarios.
HOUR 2 - Glenn is still not convinced Cleveland can walk through the playoffs. Fauria did NOT find his Super Bowl 38 jersey last night, meaning that photo from yesterday likely proves that it's in Mexico with Mauricio Ortega. Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider is candid about the rumors surrounding Richard Sherman. Ryan Clark says he will quit ESPN if the Pats acquire Sherman.
HOUR 1 - The Celtics were crushed last night. Glenn says Brad Stevens crapped his pants. Lou thinks Avery Bradley is still the key. Stephen A. Smith says the Celtics roster is comprised of construction workers disguised as basketball players. The guys turn to Red Sox talk about halfway through. Chris Sale was lights out.
President of Baseball Ops for the Boston Red Sox, Sam Kennedy, joined the show to discuss the debut of Chris Sale in a Sox uniform, why baseball players aren't as recognizable as other athletes, David Price's struggles, injuries to Dave Dombrowski's pitchers, and what Robert Kraft did to sports in Boston.

[0:04:52] ... we commissioners and a lot of credit is really working hard with Tony Clark and unions trying yet. To a place where the key moves along and that. Or paste are talking about improving the game ...
[0:06:30] ... And I think of apple were done earlier. You might have seen David Ortiz though on that list I'm not sure. But it is a problem to be clear you want to have your stars recognizable. ...
[0:08:13] ... plate guys were fired up and he I don't think he saw Chris Young almost broke his back hug him so hard so. Yet there's emotion there's passion it is important title wind dance repeat what ...
[0:18:35] ... talking about. What's your sense of last year was last year because David Ortiz would have been all over that and we did not want the dirtiest part of that moving on because I did see ...

HOUR 4 - Brad Marchand owes his teammates an apology for a stupid move. Also, Jeff Howe is tweeting about Richard Sherman to the Patriots. The guys take a look at Sherman's contract situation to see if it could work. Also, LeGarrette Blount and Patriots are supposedly still talking. Callers react to Marchand's spear.