The Patriots squeezed out a win against Miami...but lost quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the process. Still unsure about the timetable for Jimmy G, Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about what the injury means for the team moving forward, and what they can expect from Jacoby Brissett in his first career start.
Former Red Sox and Patriots team doctor, Dr. Thomas Gill, calls in to talk about the injury that knocked Jimmy Garoppolo out of the Patriots game against Miami, and what he thinks the timetable may be for the young QB.
Hanley Ramirez has proven everybody wrong this year and is leading the charge for the Red Sox as the playoffs near. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk Sox after a big 4-game sweep of the Yankees.
The weekly edition of the Whiner Line.
The Jets put a beating on Rex Ryan and the Bills, who now slip to 0-2.
Gary's wedding anniversary is tonight. After 16 years of marriage, he needs help from Lou and Christian to psych himself up for the inevitable task of having sex with his wife.
Lou listened to the afternoon show's response form yesterday, and realized that they're not worth the time and effort, if they can't even remember the details of a Sox game.
Gary is filling in for Benedict Ordway, so Christian tells Glenn NOT to come back on Monday. Hanley Ramirez hit a walk-off in the bottom of the 9th.
Michael Holley came in for one the most volatile crossovers of the year.
Glenn, Lou, and Christian listen to Skip Bayless' comments on Trent Dilfer's view of the Kaepernick protest, as well as Shannon Sharpe's comments on what it means to be a White Male in America.

[0:02:07] ... of Maria up there on the screen so. At. The thing with Trent dilfer's. What he was trying to bring up. Is that as a back up quarterback. You don't do this because you're supposed to stay out of the limelight to play again and in the preferences OK do we have that lets put Trent Dilfer think first before. We actually get to hear skip Bayliss put it we all agree though Trent Dilfer kind of denied these are not the words of front all hear anybody has in my right. And we're already hearing the ...
[0:03:05] ... public. And it capped demanded more money right. All right so here's Trent dilfer's original come. And the big thing to hit me throw this was this is a back up quarterback whose job is to ...
[0:04:59] ... of that so what does skip Bayless. He went old school. Accusing Trent Dilfer are being date old white guy and made it solves some lipstick. Any had a course bring up the play and Asian ...
[0:05:56] ... rack your your team unity. When you get to the point is Trent Dilfer did. Of saying basically. In this is that the one thing I know obviously I'm not black does is one thing I'd ...