The NHL will add an expansion team to Las Vegas, so Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about how crazy a professional sports team can actually get in Vegas.
Rajon Rondo was on ESPN's NBA Finals pregame, and he apologized for his earlier issue using a gay slur to an NBA referee. Also, he talks about the Kings team chemistry, and the guys discuss whether Cousins is still an option for the Celtics.
The Golden State Warriors will tried to beat LeBron and the Cavs tonight and win the NBA title without Draymond Green. Also, the guys take calls on the shooting in Orlando.
Glenn, Lou and Christian take some time to acknowledge the shooting in Orlando from this weekend, and talk about the somber event.
The Red Sox took 2 of three in Minnesota and are tied with the Orioles for first place. The guys recap their road trip from this weekend.
Draymond Green is suspended for tonight's game for hitting LeBron below the belt. LeBron also wasn't happy with Green calling him a bitch, and Christian joins in the fun of yelling at LeBron.
Glenn, Lou, and Christian look at two very different NFL roster rankings.
Glenn is OK with exploring a trade of Jackie Bradley, Jr.

[0:08:42] ... what are we getting in return. Your talk about one of the best pictures and in you know in baseball today like right now Ed O'Keefe Jackie Bradley junior is on the table but tell me ...
[0:10:44] ... the other starting rotation for the Matt Harvey ground send ignored mats. Bartolo Colon forgot about portola I thought that women there I don't like a recently said nobody would ever match court you know playing ...
[0:13:23] ... five innings Wallace yeah so OK let's. Three for me I'm sure Billy Beane wants the team gall there's 63 or four starts to look like centigrade he does he's gonna Patricio. But how would does ...
[0:16:49] ... now I like him that's just why Americans a play to get AJ Pierzynski. You don't I imagine at QB be part of let all the XYR yet the guy who's hurt now yeah please go ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian discuss Social Media and it's perils.
Glenn, Lou, and Christian react to Emily Austen's Social Media commentary on Kevin Love