Patriots QB, Tom Brady announces he will not appeal his four-game suspension to the Supreme Court. Glenn, Lou, and Christian react.
ESPN analyst, Stephen A. Smith joins to the show to defend his comments that Tom Brady shouldn’t be fighting to the Supreme Court. Glenn, Lou, and Christian demand Stephen explain his reasoning behind calling Brady, “uppity.”
Red Sox trade prospect Anderson Espinoza for starting left-hander Drew Pomeranz. Glenn, Lou, and Christian break down the trade and what this means for the future of the season.
Glen, Lou, and Christian discuss Jimmy Garoppolo playing while Tom Brady misses games due to his four game suspension.
Christian feels differently about NASCAR drivers being considered athletes.
The guys discuss potential Celtic’s moves. Is there less risk in Celtics acquiring a superstar or waiting to see if draft pick Jaylen Brown is worth it?
Do politics belong in the world of professional sports? Glen, Lou, and Christian open the show discussing the ESPYS and NBA stars calling on athletes to promote change.
In preparation of their remote broadcast at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the boys discuss the sport of NASCAR and Christian is very opinionated on the subject.

[0:02:10] ... that hung out with a lot of this is not right it's Sterling Marlin he's a drug courts like cart I went to a couple races down North Carolina from. An embarrassment sit down hanging out ...
[0:03:49] ... there it's really going to be pleasant off. Personal is gonna go Carl Edwards because he doesn't think he's an athlete yet again as rapidly and Carl Edwards is driving for the coach. That he has no respect for you. Odds Joseph gives going to be there. Wrong don't hurry ...
[0:08:27] ... meets refrain it makes original sports. But they're not gasoline op with Carl Edwards that got all around us now wars is not. Saying that he might be better athlete but didn't you voice calling mark they might not be what's his knees Sterling Marlin. He's if you got a little bigger pirates. I'll without a NASCAR driver considered an apple explained that and that could be ...
[0:10:37] ... can I can shut up part of the record straight. Okay so Carl Edwards races for Joseph Gibbs racing loans. He owns two other teams as well Karl's team here on stated that it eighteen and ...

The NFL Network's Jamie Dukes comes on the show to defend his comments from earlier in the day. Dukes said that Brady should just accept his suspension due to the current state of the country after the Dallas police shootings.
The OMFers sicuss the latest Celtics rumor out of Bleacher Report, that Russell Westbrook's most likely trade destination is the Boston Celtics