OMF opens the show talking about the specifics of Dont'a Hightower's contract, and the fact that the Pats are not emotional about Malcolm Butler. Fauria talks about his own incentive-laden contracts and how he knew he wasn't reaching most of those goals. The guys also get into the "16-0" narrative, Adrian Peterson, Darrelle Revis, and Malcolm Butler's visit to New Orleans.
HOUR 4 - LaVar Ball is feuding with Charles Barkley, and producing some great sound bites. For this reason alone, we want the Celtics to draft his son, Lonzo, so LaVar can be around town and join the show. Then, around the midpoint of hour 4, news broke about Dont'a Hightower.
HOUR 3 - We play some sound from today's episode of "First Take" where Max Kellerman tries to compare Gronk's "party boy" perception, with Ezekiel Elliott pulling a girls shirt down. He tries to make the case that Elliott's perception is worse because he's black. Later in the hour, LaVar Ball is still talking, and this time addresses some comments directed at him by Charles Barkley. Fauria continues to hone his skills as a radio host by "teasing" a subject, which leads Lou and Christian to reminisce about the one-time midnight airing of MFB, on the night before the show launched.
HOUR 2 - Reports say that the Pats are shopping Malcolm Butler to the Saints. The guys compare his situation to Chris Harris' situation when he was an RFA in Denver. The Patriots always let their free agents test the market. The Jets were all-in on Hightower.
HOUR 1 - Kirk left his email open when he left the studio, so the guys started the show reading off some of his emails. Kirk caught wind, and ran in the studio to put out the fire. He sat down with the guys and used the time to formally invite Christian onto his podcast. MSN tweeted out some fake news about Dont'a Hightower, citing Adam Schefter.
HOUR 4 - The final hour of the show involved Wallethubs poll where Boston ranks as a top college basketball city. Eddy Lacy is the "biggest" back in the NFL and has signed with the Seattle Seahawks. Dale checks in from the opulent Gillette Stadium studios as Christian prepares for the long ride home.
HOUR 3 - The 12 o'clock hour opened with some audio of David Price talking about his injury. John Farrell thinks Price is bound to start the season on the DL. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport breaks news that when Malcolm Butler visits the New Orleans Saints, they will be discussing his contract, is there any chance he is back in New England? Manny Ramirez's Japanese contract comes with unlimited WHAT?
HOUR 2 - At the top of hour 2, The Jets tried to woo Dont'a Hightower with birthday cupcakes, the guys discuss how Hightower is playing the game with free agency. Audio of LaVar Ball with USA Today is played, is he hurting his son's NBA draft stock? News breaks when Malcolm Butler is going to visit the New Orleans Saints this Thursday.
HOUR 1 - SNOW DAY! The guys open the show talking about Winter Storm Stella, and how Pornhub is plowing the streets of Boston. Malcolm Butler's Patriot future, Belichick's final season, and Ezekiel Elliott's St Patrick's Day parade incident are discussed.
HOUR 4 - The final hour of the show involved some "crystal ball" conversation, centered around the idea that if you could know EXACTLY how many years Tom Brady would play, what's the number that would allow the Pats to part with Garoppolo? Conversely, if they DON'T trade Jimmy G, does that mean Brady will be traded someday? Also, Dan Shaughnessy predicts the Pats will go 19-0, and Jay Cutler is visiting the Jets.