HOUR 3 - We play some great audio of LaVar Ball going back-and-forth with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, and react. Glenn, Lou and Christian also get into the idea of whether or not GM's will be scared to draft Lonza Ball due to LaVar's presence.
HOUR 2 - Ian Kinsler rips Puerto Rican and Dominican baseball players for showboating in the WBC. The guys get to talking about pimpin' home runs and we re-visit some comments Goose Gossage made last summer on the topic. At the end of the hour, the guys get into the red-hot Celtics who are only a game out of 1st place.
HOUR 1 - Roger Goodell is sending letters and doing radio interviews to let NFL viewers know that the product could be better. Goodell seems to think it's a "pace of play" issue, and the guys argue whether that's the case. They also get into some discussion about the NFL's ongoing attempts to tamp down touchdown celebrations.
HOUR 4 - The guys get into more talk about the negative ramifications of LaVar Ball's antics, and whether NBA teams will be hesitant to draft Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo. Also, the argue whether or not trading Isaiah Thomas is an option.
The No Fun League will be posting a "Do's and Don'ts" video to help NFL players prevent themselves from getting flagged for excessive penalties. Another Cleveland journalists says the Browns will make a run at Jimmy G next week at the NFL owners meetings. LeBron James fires back at LaVar Ball.
HOUR 2 - The ESPN talking heads think that Colin Kaepernick is getting blackballed. The guys talk about the type of team that he COULD thrive on. Jason Whitlock compares Kaep to a former Patriot QB.
HOUR 1 - Christian got a pop quiz on New England sports stories. K&C took 2 hours to go after John Tomase. The Bruins have lost 3 in a row.
HOUR 4 - In the final hour of the show, Glenn and Lou recap some of the amazing details coming out of the Aaron Hernandez trial.

[0:00:18] ... Ku and mu and Christian but it only metaphor I hate to New England Patriots got him out and no matter who they play I'd like them to lose Tom Brady would probably like expresses gratitude for the FBI's assistance and her parents on some football jerseys audio on his behalf now. Right ...
[0:05:42] ... it Medea. Okay allegedly allegedly. So now. He is planned for the New England Patriots. He is concerned. That Alexander Bradley who know everything about the drive by shootings is either gonna turn imminent war. The two ...
[0:11:48] ... hear it when you listen to. This guy was playing for the New England Patriots. When all this stuff was going on Islam just described. He was probably speaking out of practice a back door trying to ...
[0:13:53] ... Malcolm Butler can't get right now and that's an extension by the New England Patriots. Certainly to his satisfaction it's unbelievable when you think about that and. What are the man with the greatest. The individual to ...

Kirk joined Gary Tanguay for last night's "Early Edition" and went off the rails in the A-block. He likely will never be back.
In HOUR 3 the guys get back into the Colin Kaepernick conversation, and talk about how there is this battle going on between the Kaepernick defenders and detractors, about how bad of a backup he really is.