Alex and Gerry argue over Donald Trump's hiring of Stephen Bannon.
Gerry, Reimer and Kirk talked about Marc Fucarile and LeBron James in the first hourr.
Callers gave their opinion on the release of Patriots Day.
Fans weigh in on Pete Carroll's comments and headlines with Kirk.
Kirk, Reimer and Meter talked about the Gronk injury and Pete Carroll's comments.
Marc joined the show and said that he was never contacted anyone involved with the making of Patriots Day.
Gerry ripped Kirk's podcast with Thornton and Minihane is not a fan of Ken Laird's new hockey show.
Tim Hasselbeck told the guys that the Patriots missed Jamie Collins on Sunday.

[0:00:50] ... there like. At the door with their obligation is sort of if Tom Brady said today Reynolds is all the trump feud game and in this car security Brigham and a work. You go home every ...
[0:01:22] ... would it would be gone in two weeks reverend our conversation with Tim Hasselbeck is brought you by Norma fat loss Cadillac of nor am by my pillow. Tim joins on the eighteenth he outlined reachable ...
[0:06:03] ... playmakers when is his defense becoming a real concern in September the Super Bowl prospects of this team. Well I would say that's what I think gum. Industries and figure it out there aren't used to ...
[0:07:29] ... ago we thought they were on their way to. To Houston the Super Bowl there was no one in the AFC could rum of them play with a now is like a bunch of seven win ...

The guys talked about Wanda Sykes being booed off stage and Donald Trump made his first appearance on 60 Minutes as President elect.
Gerry, Mut and Kirk talked about the Pats loss and the end of comedy on Saturday Night Live.