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Not the Game reader Chance the Rapper went on Ellen Wednesday to do wonderful things, most notably performing “No Problem” with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. Considering his past television performances (“Sunday Candy” on SNL, the debut of “Blessings” on Fallon), the bar was set incredibly high, yet the performance still managed to exceed expectations.

Here are the five best things from the performance:

5. Chance won’t stop until overalls are back

Chance the Rapper wears a lot of overalls. He’s worn them in performances and he wore them at the VMAs when he freaked out over Beyonce touching him. This performance saw him go with overalls and a henley.


4. Stix

Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment are a major reason as to why Chance the Rapper is what he is. Like Kendrick Lamar, Chance supplements his live tracks with authentic instrumentation, and in this case the drums stole the show by delivering tasty fills without overdoing it.

3. The label guy taking a break

The premise of the performance was that Chance and his dancers were storming a major label’s meeting and making a mess of it. The roles were pretty simple: The dancers danced and made a mess while the label execs scurried to try to clean it up. Lots and lots of scurrying, except when dude in the back took a break while a guy did a dance move on him that I’m definitely going to steal.


2. Chance backing off for Lil Wayne’s Ryan Lochte bar

It’s moments like these that explain why a hysterical Kendrick Lamar would scream for Tunechi to never retire. Chance the Rapper is at the top of the hip-hop mountain right now, and he knew to shut up when Lil Wayne stiff-armed his attempt to sing along to the original lyrics. That’s Chance respecting his elders and Lil Wayne knowing he had something special. They payoff was worth it for both. Look at that elation.


1. The Future Kingz

The aforementioned dancing was provided by Chicago-based dance group The Future Kingz. They turned in the most distracting performance ever, in a good way.


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