Gerry and Kirk talked about Mut's wild night at Tony C's yesterday in Somerville.
Gerry, Kirk and Mut react to the 40 most hated players in NFL history list and Mut gets praise from Ken and Curtis.
Gerry, Kirk and Mut discuss Jeff Pearlman's story on why America hates Tom Brady and Kirk doesn't believe Kim Kardashian's story.
Mut, Kirk and Gerry opened the show by discussing Buck Showalter's brutal night and Mike Pence's debate victory over Tim Kaine.
Dr. Amy Bass joined Kirk, Gerry and Mut to discuss her comments in Jeff Pearlman's story regarding race and its impact on the hatred of Tom Brady across the country.
We replay some of Belichick's conversation with Dale and Holley and go back over Kirk's appearance with Tanguay on Comcast last night.
The guys talked about the Patriots plan at QB on Sunday and which actress has the hottest voice.
Curtis did not upload the right photo and Kim Kardashian's story is getting more and more difficult to believe.
Gerry, Kirk and Andy Hart discussed Belichick's conversation with Dale & Holley as well as Kirk's appearance with Tanguay on Comcast.
Tim called in and discussed the toughness of Jimmy Garoppolo. Would Tom Brady have played with the same injury?